Vision and Mission
UPH has defined its organizational vision and mission to emphasize a balanced and integrated education, encompassing the arts, science and technology and strong spiritual values.
To be a Christ-centered university founded upon and promoting true knowledge, faith in Christ and godly character aiming to develop God-fearing, competent and professional future leaders through excellent, holistic and transformational education.

1. To provide holistic transformational learning rooted in Scripture and a Reformed theological framework;

2. To contribute to the advancement of knowledge and culture guided by a biblical Christian worldview;

3. To participate redemptively in the development of individuals and society for the glory of God.


1. Produces graduates as:
    - A scholar exposed to liberal arts education taught from a Biblical Christian Worldview;
    - A leader equipped with a vision of transformation;
    - A citizen encouraged to served God, his country, and his neighbors;
2. Provides excellence in the academic disciplines and programs of higher education founded upon a biblical Christian worldview.
3. Publishes research for the development and advancement of human knowledge and culture;
4. Pursues community services for the development of individuals and society according to God's design.