Student Executive Board
The responsibilities of BEM are to formulate and accomplish activities programs based on students’ aspirations and needs collected by MPM. BEM membership consists of UPH students who have demonstrated potential for student leadership. They are chosen by the BEM leaders to work together in the cabinet with one academic year or two semesters working period.
As the board of executives who carry out activities in the line of students’ aspiration and needs within university based on “Garis Besar Program Kegiatan mahasiswa”.
Main Task:
  • Set up and carry out student activity plan within the university scope based on “Garis Besar Program Kegiatan mahasiswa” which formulated by UPH SRB.
  • Make an accountability report of activities implementation within the working period to the University Leader through UPH SRB.
BEM Activities:
  1. Community Service: Education Campaign, Blood Donation (2x per year), Seminar, Free medical checkup, etc.
  1. Student Organization Development: LIT (Leadership In-house Training), ALT (Advanced Leadership Training), High School Leadership Training.
  1. Perception & Reasoning Development: Safe Driving Campaign, Go Green Campaign, No Smoking Campaign, Social & Political issues, etc.
  1. Internal Relation: work together with other organizations in UPH.
  1. External Relation: Benchmark, communication forum with Indonesian SEB (BEM) Association.
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