Department Student Council
HMJ/SMF are student organizations established to serve students in a particular academic program of study. The activities organized will be related with the particular academic program of study and are designed to build unity in their faculty/department and address issues related to their academic pursuit. For a faculty that consists of several programs of study the organization is defined as a HMJ. SMF is the name for the same type of student organization where a Faculty has only one program of study.
The development of HMJ/SMF is under the Director of Administration from each faculty.
  • Make plans and implement logical and scientifically activities related to each program study.
  • Give suggestion and opinion to head of department related for achieving national and UPH education activities.
  • Set up activity programs and financial budget for a year.
  • Provide accountability report of the implementation from activity plan within working period to the head of faculty through head of department.