UPH Choir
CONTACT PERSON :Zefanya 087808646611
INSTRUCTOR : Tutu Sukendro
VENUE : Universitas Pelita Harapan, Building B-360
TIME : 04.30 pm – 06.30 pm
DAY : Monday and Wednesday
CONTACT: Eren 087808646611
The word ‘choir’ originated from the Greek word ‘Choros’ which means a combination of singers where various characteristics of voices are harmonized.
Almost of all of our choirs present songs in a harmony that consists of four parts; soprano (high-pitch female voice), alto (low-pitch female voice), tenor (high-pitch male voice), and bass (low-pitch male voice). Nevertheless, choir pieces could also be written or arranged into more than the aforementioned four parts. Choir pieces could be composed with or without instruments accompaniment. The pieces without instrument are commonly known as acappella.
Two world-renown composers who composed choir pieces are Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederick Handel from German. Bach’s composition, St. Matthew Passion (1729) and Handel’s oratorio, Messiah (1742), are the compositions that are often performed in various countries. In almost all of choir’s music composition by Bach and Handel, either orchestra or solo accompaniments play important parts in every performance.
Under the guidance from Tutu Sukendro, UPH Choir established since 2005 and now has become the ‘University Choir’ that represent UPH in various official events, both internal and external.
The presence of UPH Choir is to become a facility for the students to develop their talents and to pursue achievements together with its members.
  • 2006 ~ Best UKM di UPH Award I
  • 2007 ~ Juara II, Lomba Paduan Suara Universitas Swasta Kopertis III, Jakarta
  • 2008 ~ Juara harapan III, Lomba Natal Mall Ciputra Choir Festival
  • 2009 ~ Album perdana “Many Colours Paint the Rainbow”
  • 2009 ~ Juara I & best performance, Festival Paduan Suara Populer-Kesuma Bangsa, Jakarta
  • 2010 ~ Juara 2, Lomba Pesparawi
  • 2011 ~ Juara 2, Silver Medalion, Bandung International Choir Competition
  • 2012 ~ UPH Choir Concert, D-501 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2012 ~ UPH Graduation, Grand Chapel UPH, Karawaci
  • 2012 ~ Christmas Evening  Concert "The Coming of The Lord', Auditorium HOPE UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ Love Behind The Mask, D-501 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ Kunjungan Gubernur DKI Jaya Joko Widodo, FJ Square UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ Miss UPH, Grand Chapel UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ Choir Theatrical Show, D-501 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ UPH Festival 20, Grand Chapel UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ ART Week ArtVaganza, Cafe of Art UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ UPH Choir Concert, Building B-426 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ Wisuda 24 UPH, Grand Chapel UPH, Karawaci
  • 2013 ~ International Christian Higher Education Conference 2013, D-501 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2014 ~ The Chronicle of Pinocchio & Mulan, Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
  • 2014 ~ I am That I am, School of Arts Singapore, Sota Concert  Hall, Singapore
  • 2015 ~ "Grace Alone" Concert, Heartline Center Building, Karawaci
  • 2015 ~ Hymn of Praise, D-501 UPH, Karawaci
  • 2015 ~ Andrea O. Veneracion Choral Festival, Philipines