Sport Clubs an Associations (UKM)
Pencinta Alam Asthabrata
Back to nature!!!
That is the way to illustrate UKM Mapala, which is identical with going to outside, feeling the fresh air and climbing. You can come and join this activity on every Thursday at UPH’s Gazebo from 16.30 p.m. until 19.00 p.m. The seniors of this UKM, will explain a lot of things about first aid, how to read a compass, analyze types of plant, make a trap and so on. This information is not just theory because after you know all of that, you will feel closer to the nature. Within this UKM, there are slogans acknowledged by the whole nature’s lover community which is: do not take anything except pictures, never leave any signs except footprints, and do not kill anything but time.
Lacuna (Swimming)
UKM Swimming is a student activity that is intended for everyone. This UKM is not exclusive to expert swimmers, but it is open for everyone. For those who are unable to swim well, this UKM is perfect because there will be exercises that will teach and train these people. For those who are above average in the water, there are also trainings in order to improve their skills.
This student activity also challenges those who want to compete in professional swim events, and there will also be some coaching for these people to help them try and achieve the best possible results.
All of the training involved in this UKM will help us perform in the water, whether it is improving breathing under water, or learning the correct form for different swimming styles.
This UKM is not just about swimming either. There will also be several times where students involved in this UKM can experience the fun in the water by playing water games such as water polo, and other fun activities.
One of UPH’s sport facilities is an Olympic swimming pool, and what better way is there to utilize that facility but to join UKM Swimming?
Board and Card Games
Board and card games student activity, like how it is usually called, is the student activity where each student can play many modern or traditional card and board games. Students may choose his or her games by his or her own interest. The unique side of board and card games is that this is the place for those who want to learn, the place for expert players to get rivals, and the place for students who want to get new friends.
Board and card games are usually held on Wednesday at 5 PM till drop. Students who join board and card games usually gather at MYC to start the activity. Besides providing games every meeting, this student activity also provides tournaments every month. Members are allowed to participate in the tournament. Several games which are usually held in the tournament are: Scrabble, World of Warcraft, Bridge, Monopoly, Chess, Magic The Gathering, and many more. Small games such as Saboteur, Incan Gold, and Bang! are not competitive but are still fun to be played.
Board and card games encourages us to learn outside of classrooms. From the tactics of World of Warcraft, to the communication skills of bridge, to the visions Scrabble, all of them are great ways of learning. Besides, we also get the chance to raise our social ability by playing together with other people. Most of all, this is the only place at campus where students can play card! So, you do not need to wait anymore. Join us!
Want to find an interesting place to play badminton with your friends? Then this student activity is the right one for you. This student activity is the only place where you can practice, relax, or even have fun with your friends by playing badminton. Furthermore, you will get the chance to improve your skill in badminton because your seniors and friends will not only play with you but also pay attention of your skills every time you play.
Every member in this student activity will get chance at least once to play with his or her friends or seniors, either single or double play, in every meeting. Members may choose to play the game with or without scoring. After a game, members can take a rest while watching the others’ game, too.
Badminton student activity is held every Tuesday and Thursday. Therefore, students who want to participate in this student activity may choose whether they want to join on Tuesday or Thursday. Badminton student activity will be held at SPH (Sekolah Pelita Harapan) which is walking distance from UPH. There, students can play badminton with some larger courts. Badminton student activity usually starts from six P.M at evening, so that students who join have time to take a rest first after classes in the campus.
Joining badminton student activity is an exciting experience because members don’t always play with their friends, but also play with new people they don’t know yet, with different play styles and different skills. So, are you in? Don’t be late and contact us!