21 February 2011
FISIP UPH introduce Broadcasting Activities, to High School Students
FISIP UPH conducted a ’Basic Workshop of TV and Radio Broadcasting Production’ specifically for high school students who are interested in the broadcasting industry.
Public Speaking by Roy Rondonuwu Prof. Alexius Jemadu, Ph.D., Dean of FISIP UPH (second from left) with trainers and participants


The growth of broadcasting industry in Indonesia rose sharply, after the reform. PRSSNI data in 2007 report, there were 354 radio stations that already have permission. While the number of TV stations in 2008, there were 10 national TV stations and more than 70 local TV stations.

The broadcasting industry, certainly require workers ready to use, including broadcasting professional and presenter. Therefore, recent years many educational institutions offer majors in the field of broadcasting.

Before deciding to choose studies in the field of communication, especially broadcasting, prospective students need to understand about the broadcasting industry and related professions.

Based on these reasons, the Department of Communication Studies Student Association (HMJ ILKOM) FISIP UPH conducted a ’Basic Workshop of TV and Radio Broadcasting Production’ specifically for high school students who are interested in the broadcasting industry. This activity divided in two sessions (basic level and advance level), and takes place on TV and Radio Lab, Building A. 7th floor, UPH campus. The materials provided include the Radio Broadcasting Production, TV and Radio Presenter, and
TV Broadcasting Production.

The first session, which took place from 16-18 February 2011, followed by 37 students from various high schools, such as SMA Perguruan Cikini, SMAK  Methodist, UPH Collage, SMA Tarsius Viereta, SMA Ketapang 1, Dwiwarna Boarding School, Teknosa Homeschooling, SMA Unggul Setia Bakti, SMA Pahoa, SMAK 4 Penabur, SMAK Ora et labora, SMAN 2 Tangerang, and SMA Tarakanita.

The participants seemed enthusiastic, because in addition getting the theory they can also practice how to make radio and television broadcasts.

"This workshop was very good and interesting, because I was interested in this field. Moreover, taught by theory and practice, it makes me easy to understand about the world of broadcasting, “Said Aurel, student of Teknosa Homeschooling.

The participants, who joined this workshop, can obtain teaching modules, certificates, and also the recording of their own broadcast production.

According to Sigit Pamungkas, Head of TV and Radio Lab. FISIP UPH, the purpose of the workshop is to disseminate the important role of the media for society. Especially for high school students who will choose the communication department, they need to understand the world of broadcasting and career opportunities in the industry. With a correct understanding, students are expected to choose majors that match to their interests.

This training will proceeded to the next level, on 9-11 March 2011. This program is open to new participants and participants from the first session. For registration can contact HMJ Ilkom, FISIP UPH, with Kareene Setiobudi (0878.85856865) or Shena Malsiana (0856.92101720), and provided free of charge.

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