Background UPH Festival 24

Since 2006, OSPEK activities at UPH have been organized around a festival. This event is celebrated by more than 6,000 people per-day including the new students, the parents, alumni, high school students, and the public. Previously, new student orientation programs were held in a simpler way with an introduction and explanation about the campus world. UPH calls this welcoming event a festival because it allows each student to begin his or her educational journey with high enthusiasm and a joyful spirit. The main events that comprise the UPH festival (besides the introduction to campus life itself) are spiritual development activities, seminars, distinguished guest speakers, human configuration (art performance), sport (5K run, campus exploration, and international basket ball exhibition), as well as music performance.

The real value, however, of this festival is not the celebration itself but what represents an educational beginning that inspires students to contribute to the nation of Indonesia. Character building for Indonesian’s young generation is part of UPH’s vision of holistic education. This means that the education process should prove true knowledge based on God’s word that serves to develop a Godly character.



To be a Christ-centered university founded upon and promoting true knowledge, faith in Christ and Godly character aiming to develop God-fearing, competent and professional future leaders through excellent, holistic, and transformational education.



  1. To provide holistic transformational learning rooted in Scripture and a Reformed theological framework
  2. To contribute to the advancement of knowledge and culture guided by a biblical Christian worldview
  3. To participate redemptively in the development of individuals and society for the glory of God


Graduate Profile

  1. Produces graduates as:
    - A scholar exposed to liberal arts education taught from a Biblical Christian Worldview
    - A leader equipped with a vision of transformation
    - A citizen encouraged to served God, his country, and his neighbors
  2. Provides excellence in the academic disciplines and programs of higher education founded upon a biblical Christian worldview.
  3. Publishes research for the development and advancement of human knowledge and culture;
  4. Pursues community services for the development of individuals and society according to God's design.