Logo Philosophy

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The theme for the 2017 UPH Festival is Bear Fruit, building upon themes from the past three years (Higher Calling, Growing Deeper and Reach Further), and over the next several days you will notice many images and references to fruit. In biological terms, fruit is the seed-bearing product of a healthy tree or plant that has been cultivated with the correct balance of sunlight, water, and nutrients. Fruit can be eaten as a healthy and delicious part of our daily diets, or planted to regenerate a harvest of even more fruit.

In Biblical terms the meaning of Bear Fruit is quite similar. Jesus tells us in John 15 that He is the vine and we are the branches. When we believe in Him and allow Him to nurture us and cultivate our lives, we will bear fruit as an outward expression of our faith in Him. Galatians 5 describes the “Fruit of the Spirit” as noble character traits that are evidenced in the lives of Christians. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 5 that others will know us by our fruit, because our good works are evidence of our godly character and a public demonstration of our new life in Him.

As students you will have many opportunities at UPH to grow and be nurtured, as a result of which we hope that you will bear much fruit. Of course, the chapel services, Bible studies, and discipling groups will nurture your spiritual faith, but there are many other areas in which you will develop new skills and talents so that you can bear fruit. The academic curriculum will engage your intellect as you gain insight and passion about your chosen field. The co-curricular programs, clubs, and service activities will nurture your personal growth as you hone your leadership skills, build healthy relationships, and develop altruistic behavior patterns. And the athletic and cultural programs will contribute to your physical, mental, artistic and emotional growth as you seek out your calling to be an engaged citizen in society.

We are eager to nurture your growth at UPH and we look forward to seeing the fruit that you bear during your time here--and in the future!