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Kisah Inspiratif – Cerita Di Balik Kesuksesan Para Alumni UPH

Alumni kami adalah kebanggaan kami! Mereka adalah buah kerja keras kami dan para pemimpin masa depan. Baca sebagian kisah inspiratif mereka!

“Selama saya kuliah di UPH, saya diberikan kesempatan untuk mengikuti beberapa kompetisi matematika di luar kampus. Hal ini memberikan pengalaman yang berharga untuk saya. Selain itu, saya juga merasakan keakraban dan kebersamaan lintas angkatan yang tinggi dengan teman-teman satu jurusan, bahkan satu fakultas.”


Corporate Actuary at PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia


Kecintaannya pada bidang matematika membawa pria dengan nama lengkap Panji Widiarda Rabowo, alumni jurusan Matematika UPH angkatan 2009, menjadi salah satu dari segelintir Corporate Actuary di PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia. Sebagai satu-satunya aktuaris yang memiliki gelar FSAI atau kualifikasi seorang aktuaris, Panji – sebagaimana ia disapa, mengakui bahwa tanggung jawab yang diembannya sebagai aktuaris tidak mudah. Tugasnya termasuk pada menjaga dan meningkatkan kualitas data, melakukan perhitungan cadangan teknis, dan menyusun sekaligus menandatangani Laporan Aktuaris tahunan.

“Tugas aktuaris sebenarnya sangat penting. Dalam hal kualitas data, saya harus memastikan kualitasnya baik dan semakin baik agar keputusan yang diambil manajemen berdampak baik pada profitabilitas dan solvabilitas perusahaan. Dan dalam perhitungan cadangan teknis juga penting, karena besarnya cadangan teknis yang dihitung oleh aktuaris akan mempengaruhi profit perusahaan saat ini dan kemampuan perusahaan untuk membayar kewajiban klaim di masa yang akan datang,” jelas Panji.

Dalam menjalani kariernya sebagai seorang aktuaris, Panji mengakui bahwa banyak tantangan yang harus dilaluinya. Pertama, ia harus mampu menjaga profesionalitas dan etika profesi. Hasil kerja aktuaris yang terkadang tidak sesuai dengan keinginan manajemen perusahaan, baik itu berupa hasil perhitungan maupun saran, mengharuskan Panji untuk harus mampu menjaga konsistensi hasil pekerjaannya serta mampu meyakinkan perusahaan bahwa hasil tersebut sudah tepat dan adalah demi kebaikan perusahaan. Kedua, penyesuaian teori dengan aplikasi industri reasuransi. Perbedaan teori dan metode yang ada untuk bisnis asuransi dan reasuransi sering kali tidak dapat langsung diaplikasikan. Maka dari itu, tak jarang Panji harus menyesuaikan dahulu teori dengan bisnis sebenarnya.

Panji merasa beruntung mendapat kesempatan untuk menjalani pendidikannya di UPH, terutama dengan mata kuliah Matematika Keuangan, Matematika Aktuaria, dan Teori Risiko yang disesuaikan dengan mata ujian PAI sehingga ia dapat mempelajari dan menyelesaikan 10 mata ujian PAI dengan lebih cepat. Ilmu yang didapatkannya dari UPH, ditambah dengan profesionalitas yang diterapkannya dalam pekerjaan, ia percaya bahwa semua fasilitas yang didapatkannya ini membantu mendorong kariernya dalam bidang aktuaria.

“Selama saya kuliah di UPH, kebetulan saya diberikan kesempatan untuk mengikuti beberapa kompetisi matematika di luar kampus, baik tingkat propinsi maupun tingkat nasional. Hal ini memberikan pengalaman yang berharga untuk saya dan teman-teman yang mengikuti kompetisi itu. Selain itu, saya juga merasakan keakraban dan kebersamaan lintas angkatan yang tinggi dengan teman-teman satu jurusan, bahkan satu fakultas,” tutup Panji dengan senyuman.

kisah inspiratif

Our Graduates.

Success stories of our graduates

Mei Lestiorina Nainggolan (Nursing 2009)
Head Division of Nursing Division & Clinical Operations at Siloam Hospital Medan


The Handful Values ​​to Live Life

Love, joy, peace, patience, generosity, kindness, loyalty, gentleness, and self-control – these are the core values ​​that Mei Lestio Rina, Alumnus to UPH’s Faculty of Nursing cohort 2009, has always adhered to. Mei has been entrusted to be Siloam Medan’s Nursing Division & Clinical Operations Head Division since 2015. In her day to day errands, she is responsible in building a strong team of nurses, one of which requires Mei to always push her team’s growth, maximize each of their potential, and remind them to work with humility so that they see each challenge to be processed and grow. “One of the biggest (and I think will always be an ongoing) challenge is on how to make my team of nurses to work with passion. In my particular field of work, especially in providing health services and health education, I realize that we must work with adequate competence and continuously provide the best service so that Siloam Hospital Medan can be the community’s first choice,” said Mei.

Mei’s career today is definitely inseparable from her late mother’s influence, her family’s presence and support, as well as the academic provision she gained. For Mei, the education she’s received at UPH was a determining milesone. “With excellent education, an employee will be able to give their best wherever God entrusts them to be. The same applies to me, thus the decision to continue pursuing a qualified, relevant, and of the highest possible level education at UPH,” Mei confirms. Mei also expresses that she would love to pursue Masters of Nursing at UPH in the future.

Mei’s footsteps in pursuing her career also made her find important values ​​to have, both before and during work. Mei calls it the “5B”, namely: Bersemangat (Be Enthusiastic), Bersukacita (Be Joyful), Belajar keras (Study Hard), Bertekun (Perseverance) and Berdoa (Pray). These values has become a daily reminder for Mei as she face a better tomorrow.

Graduated Year: 15/03/2012
Don't stop contributing back to the campus whatever it takes! Whether we realize it or not, it will shape us into the person we needed to be as we walk through our career paths
Yoseph Wicaksono (Applied Communication Sciences - 2008)
VP of Business Expansion and Regional Sales at DOKU

Initiative, Diligent, Honest, Loyal are Keys to Success

“Don’t stop contributing back to the campus whatever it takes! Whether we realize it or not, it will shape us into the person we needed to be as we walk through our career paths,” says Yoseph Wicaksono, alumnus to UPH’s Applied Communication Science Alumnus 2008. Working in the industry has allowed Yoseph to being DOKU’s VP of Business Expansion and Regional Sales. DOKU, a company that provides solution for local electronic payments as well as offering payment options to its customers requires Yoseph to lead the business division, now focusing especially to assist growth at DOKU Bali’s branch.

Entrusted with such responsibility can not be separated from the role of education. In fact, Yoseph had to go through great trials and tests prior to his current position. Yet, the softskills he’s learnt at UPH has helped him to communicate more effectively in front of an audience, adapting to different situation and circumstances, as well as learning to understand people’s nature and characters. In addition, Yoseph’s active participation in various campus activities – including Student Body (BEM-UPH), student association department (HMJ-Ilkom UPH) and Spiritual Growth for Students (SGS-UPH) – has enrich his knowledge, ones which are useful for his current career. Every hardships that Yoseph has gone through have only made him realize the keys to success: having high initiative, being diligent, honesty, and loyalty in whichever department he is placed. Furthermore, support from his family only adds to his drive to be successful.

COVID-19 favors no one, including Yoseph. Working in a digital company requires Yoseph to strive for cohesiveness and maintain coordination with his teammate. Evenmoreso, the presence of similar competitors is also a challenge that makes Yoseph always have to innovate so that the company can excite the market with even more beneficial products. That being said, Yoseph has always been determined to increase his capacity and is open to changes. This strong determination has enabled Yoseph to always move forward despite the presence of challenges.

Graduated Year: 02/03/2012
Don't be afraid to explore and join the activities available at campus! These activities allows us to meet different people from different backgrounds. And who knows, maybe they will help us open business opportunities in the future.
Wella Christie (Applied Communication Sciences 2009)
CMO & Founder PT Eyelovin Cantika Indonesia


Wella Christie – Courageous to Grow & Build Relations for A Better Future

The opportunity to become a radio announcer and learn things about radio announcing has become one of the stepping stones for Wella Christie, Alumnus to UPH’s Applied Communication Science cohort 2009, Chief Marketing Officer & Founder of PT Eyelovin Cantika Indonesia, the first contact lense marketplace in Indonesia. Established in 2009, Eyelovin is now one of the most trusted contact lens store in Indonesia.

During her studies at UPH, the presence of qualified lecturers played an important role in sharpening and teaching Wella to explore and develop her potential and abilities. Furthermore, the complete campus facilities UPH provides for its students has pushed Wella to be creative, if not the presence of seniors who provide direction and input. All these factors combined has allowed Wella to maximize her capacity and pushed her to use every opportunity that she finds at UPH. This is why Wella always say “don’t be afraid to explore and join the activities available at campus! These activities allows us to meet different people from different backgrounds. And who knows, maybe they will help us open business opportunities in the future”.

Wella’s journey at UPH did not only make her recognize the value of higher education, but also help her understand the value of teamwork, discipline, and honesty. Despite the challenges Wella faced today, the knowledge UPH equipped her has become a very useful provision, especially in envisioning plans for her company as well as processing and executing market plans in order to reach a wider range of customers. In pursuing her career, Wella admits that her family is the main reason she does everything with passion and joy and she hopes that you do too!

Graduated Year: 22/03/2022
UPH is a place I learn and grow. It has prepared me for my career, especially through my time at Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen (HMJM, management major student council). This particular campus-life activity has sharpened my leadership skills, how I manage responsibilities and it has also open up doors to meet great stakeholders. The kinship I experienced at HMJM also teaches me to always lead with humility
Steaven Michael Livan (Management 2010)
VP – Group Corporate Finance & Strategy for Orami


Delivering 1000% in Every Responsibility & Working with Integrity, Steaven M. Livan Plans & Implements Annual Strategy Alongside of Stakeholders from Various Countries


Working with integrity, for many, is as important as working according to the guidelines are values ​​of a company. Integrity – it is exactly what Steaven Michael Livan, UPH’s Management Alumni cohort 2010 lives by when it comes to work. Being entrusted with VP – Group Corporate Finance & Strategy for Orami, a technology-based company to help parents shop and gain insight into parenting, means that he has to assist the company’s fundraising activities; establish relationships with investors; as well as implementing annual strategic plans with cross-border stakeholders (Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore). Other than integrity, Steaven further carries out every responsibility entrusted to him with attitude of excellence.

“Having a plan is important, but there will always be unplanned problems and it is our duty to always determine the best solution so that we can still achieve our goals. In addition to that, I believe that giving your 1000% for every given task is also integral. I mean, I am very fortunate to have been able to practice working under pressure and with integrity, especially when I also have to wisely divide my attention between assignments and organization life, because even now I still have to it too,” Steaven explains, a light laugh accompanies his story.

Indeed, education plays an important role in Steaven’s career today. Apart from the facilities and a strategic location UPH offers, it was through his education at UPH Steaven that Steaven learns to live independently, receive high-quality knowledge, and join his choice of student activities.

“UPH is a place I learn and grow. It has prepared me for my career, especially through my time at Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen (HMJM, management major student council). This particular campus-life activity has sharpened my leadership skills, how I manage responsibilities and it has also open up doors to meet great stakeholders. The kinship I experienced at HMJM also teaches me to always lead with humility,” concluded Steaven.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2014
One of the most unforgettable experience I've had at UPH was the opportunity to participate at the international moot court community. It has introduced me to a new perspective in regards to law school. UPH moot court activity has taught me commitment and has led to a positive impact on the direction of my journey in law school. I admittedly wouldn't be who I am today without moot court. Thank you UPH for a great 3.5-years of education that blasted me off to a life-long journey of serving God and others!
Wynne Prasetyo (Law 2009)
Legal Counsel (Head of Indonesia Operations) for Xendit

Calculating Risks & Legal Aspects, Wynne Prasetyo Builds her Career in Business Law

“The legal team has a unique perspective compared to the other business roles at Xendit. While the business team continues to seek new opportunities and take advantage of the momentum, the legal team plays a role in reviewing and considering various risks and legal aspects of the business steps that are about to be taken. I often hear people say that in Indonesia, the legal team are those always says no: we are the ones that hinders a company to make bold movements. More often than not though, you get where you want to be not only by taking the roads you did, but also by leaving the roads you didn’t take. I think this applies in both acutal life and business as well,” Wynne shares, a light laugh accompanies her story.

She is Wynne Prasetyo, UPH’s Law cohort 2009 alumnus, currently working as Legal Counsel (Head of Indonesia Operations) for Xendit. In her current responsibility, Wynne and her team are expected to be able to build a legal infrastructure to support the company’s development and progress. The company where Wynne works is currently moving very quickly in balancing the needs of the domestic and regional markets. Therefore, sufficient legal support is crucial to provide protection but still adheres to the company’s vision and mission. With all that is going on with the company’s legal aspects, Wynne also wanted every member of her team to personally grow. Her position, title, or rank does not define who she is as a person. Wynne believed that working sincerity, wholeheartedness, and passion in that career will lead her to higher responsibilities.

Wynne admits to be very grateful to have been able to complete her education at UPH. For her, education holds one important keyrole that shapes one’s mindset and personality. Through education, she does not only obtain practical knowledge, but also values that are critical for her career. As a law graduate, Wynne loved her Moot Court experience at UPH, an activity that she’s won even in high school (and then she proceeded in to participate at UPH’s international-scale moot court competition).

“One of the most unforgettable experience I’ve had at UPH was the opportunity to participate at the international moot court community. It has introduced me to a new perspective in regards to law school. UPH moot court activity has taught me commitment and has led to a positive impact on the direction of my journey in law school. I admittedly wouldn’t be who I am today without moot court. Thank you UPH for a great 3.5-years of education that blasted me off to a life-long journey of serving God and others!”

Graduated Year: 22/03/2013
Studying at UPH has shaped who I am today, especially through my organizational experience at BEM-UPH. BEM-UPH has made my days more colorful and exciting, especially through the friends I've made - both on and off campus
Dennis Oswald Tannos (Informatics 2008)
Founder & CEO of Galada.id

Introducing Indonesian Comfort Food Abroad, Dennis Oswald Tannos Develops Galada.id

Dennis Oswald Tannos, alumnus to UPH Informatics Engineering cohort 2008, Founder and CEO of Galada, has succeeded in serving Indonesian food in ready-to-eat packages. Galada has been tried by customers in more than 40 cities in Indonesia in more than 6 countries around the world as its menus are easy to serve anytime anywhere.
Dennis’ successful journey started from his regular errands of sharing food with neighbors and friends. From there, Dennis received meaningful inputs on the flavor as well as the idea to make his homecook food a solution for those who have limited cooking skills or time. “It all started from neighbors and close friends: my wife and I have always loved sharing homecook food. Not long after, our neighbors started ordering our food professionally to share with their extended family. That’s when my wife and I started seeing the need to innovate our packaging so that everyone can enjoy it – even those who are out of town. Through Galada, I want to be a part of the story where people can taste the diversity of Indonesian food. The flavor I aim to bring from Galada is Indonesian comfort food that reminds people of their hometown so that Indonesian cuisine can be recognized worldwide,” Dennis explains.

Starting a business certainly has its own set of challenges. And as Dennis admits, includes menu innovations so that customers will stay curious and reorder from them. Luckily for Dennis, the friendly environment and good spiritual guidance he got at UPH has provided him with great support and resilience to continue striving for Indonesia. Continuous support from his family has also pushed Dennis to grow his business responsibly and be dependent on God.

“Studying at UPH has shaped who I am today, especially through my organizational experience at BEM-UPH. BEM-UPH has made my days more colorful and exciting, especially through the friends I’ve made – both on and off campus. Needless to say, I’m proud to be part of UPH,” Dennis concluded with a light laugh.

Graduated Year: 01/03/2012
I believed that UPH is one of the best private campus choices in Indonesia. I was given the opportunity to learn from a lecturer who eventually became my role model. Although there were struggles, the knowledge he taught us became something I find useful in my career today
Shella Natasha (Applied Communication Science 2009)
Internal Communications & Engagement Lead at DANA

Shella Natasha, Alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH, Menemukan Jalan Tengah Bagi Semua Orang Melalui Komunikasi

Bekerja dibidang komunikasi untuk sebuah perusahaan start up tentu membutuhkan kemampuan untuk beradaptasi yang tinggi. Apalagi dengan tuntutan agar pesan yang ingin disampaikan oleh management dapat diterima oleh seluruh karyawan dengan pemahaman yang benar, kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik dan efektif sangat dibutuhkan oleh Shella Natasha, alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH angkatan 2009. Sebagai Internal Communications & Engagement Lead di DANA, Shella tidak hanya harus mengkomunikasikan pesan dengan baik, namun juga mampu membagi tugas dengan tim agar kegiatan dan aktivitas beragam yang diimplementasikan perusahaan dapat meningkatkan engagement karyawan.

“Karena latar belakang pendidikan saya sejalan dengan karier yang sedang saya jalani, saya tidak memiliki kesulitan tertentu untuk beradaptasi dengan pekerjaan saya saat ini. Namun tentu saja, setiap pekerjaan ada tantangannya. Bagi saya, latar belakang karyawan yang berbeda-beda, juga jumlah karyawan dengan pesebaran yang beragam menjadi tantangan tersendiri menjadi tantangan tersendiri dalam pekerjaan saya. Namun saya percaya, jika saya bekerja dengan integritas dan kegigihan serta mengutamakan teamwork dan menerapkan pola pikir Customer First, saya akan mampu mencapai target apapun yang diberikan oleh perusahaan,” Shella menjelaskan.


Bagi Shella, pendidikan memegang peran penting dalam kariernya hari ini. Melalui pendidikan yang dijalaninya di UPH, ia ditempa untuk memiliki kerangka berpikir yang dibutuhkannya serta terus termotivasi untuk mengembangkan diri sendiri. Shella sendiri juga merasa bersyukur karena telah mendapatkan sosok pendidik yang secara tidak langsung memberikan dampak besar terhadap pola kerja yang dimilikinya saat ini.


“Saat memutuskan untuk berkuliah di UPH, saya jelas melihat bahwa UPH merupakan salah satu dari pilihan kampus swasta terbaik yang ada di Indonesia. Salah satunya termasuk mendapatkan kesempatan untuk diajar oleh seorang dosen yang sampai saat ini masih menjadi panutan saya. Walaupun ada banyak hal yang menjadi pergumulan saat beliau mengajar dulu, tapi ilmu yang beliau sampaikan ternyata dibutuhkan industri kerja saya saat ini,” tutup Shella dengan penuh antusiasme.

Graduated Year: 22/03/2013
The 4 years of studying at UPH have provided me with many interesting and memorable experiences, one of which is the close friendship we've built among students, be it our seniors or juniors - we were all involved as one big family: we collaborate hand in hand to make UPH known amongst Indonesia's higher education
Kariyanto (Management 1995)
Head of Sales Operation and Product Management at Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia

Termotivasi Dari Pengalaman Hidup, Kariyanto Memutuskan Untuk Berjuang dan Meniti Karier di Jakarta

Integritas, rasa hormat, disiplin, memimpin dengan teladan, dan kesediaan untuk bekerja ekstra adalah nilai-nilai yang menjadi pedoman Kariyanto Hardjosemarto, Alumni Management UPH angkatan 1995, dalam menjalani tanggung jawab sebagai Head of Sales Operation and Product Management Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia. Keseharian pria kelahiran Magetan, Jawa Timur, ini dipenuhi dengan tanggung jawab untuk pengambilan keputusan dalam hal penetapan produk-produk yang akan dipasarkan di Indonesia termasuk harganya; merencanakan pemesanan kendaraan baik CBU maupun kits dari kendaraan yang akan dirakit secara local sampai dengan distribusinya kepada seluruh dealer di Indonesia; menentukan strategi penjualan yang tepat agar target yang telah ditetapkan bisa tercapai; memastikan bahwa para konsumen puas dengan pengalaman pembelian kendaraannya; dan juga memastikan business partner atau para dealer beroperasi berdasarkan standar yang telah ditetapkan dan mendapatkan profit.

Kerry – sebagaimana ia biasa dikenal diantara koleganya – tentu sudah terbiasa menghadapi berbagai tantangan dalam hal pekerjaannya, seperti saat ini yang menjadi tantangan utamanya adalah transisi ke digitalisasi dalam proses penjualan, elektrifikasi kendaraan, kondisi pasar pasca pandemi, serta kelangkaan suplai akibat krisis semikonduktor yang terjadi secara global. Keinginan untuk menjadi teladan bukan hanya terjadi saat ini saja saat sudah terjun ke dunia professional, akan tetapi hal itu juga sudah menjadi keinginannya sejak memutuskan untuk kuliah di UPH.

“Saya berasal dari keluarga petani di pelosok kampung di Jawa Timur. Orang tua saya pedagang sayur keliling dari satu pasar ke pasar yang lain dan belum ada keluarga atau tetangga yang meniti karier sebagai pekerja profesional di Jakarta waktu itu, sehingga kondisi itu akhirnya memotivasi saya untuk mendapatkan kesempatan berkuliah di Jakarta dengan harapan suatu saat saya bisa mendapatkan karier yang baik di ibukota. Dan setelah mulai bekerja pun yang menjadi motivasi utama saya adalah bagaimana bisa berhasil di pekerjaan saya serta menjadi contoh yang baik untuk keluarga dan saudara – saudara saya,” kisah Kerry, keteguhan tercermin dalam nada bicaranya.

Kerry yang berhasil mendapatkan beasiswa penuh dari Lippo Group untuk berkuliah di UPH, tidak pernah melupakan kenangan masa ia menempuh pendidikan di UPH. “4 tahun belajar di UPH memberikan banyak sekali pengalaman yang menarik dan berkesan bagi saya, salah satunya adalah eratnya pertemanan dan persahabatan dengan rekan-rekan mahasiswa lain, baik yang satu angkatan maupun dengan kakak kelas dan adik kelas. Karena jumlah murid setiap jurusan yang masih terbatas dan kampus sendiri waktu itu juga baru dalam tahap pengembangan awal, kami semua terlibat sebagai satu keluarga besar yang saling bahu membahu untuk membuat UPH lebih dikenal didunia pendidikan di Indonesia. Pengalaman menarik lainnya yang tidak akan pernah saya lupa adalah bagaimana UPH menjadi tempat saya pertama kali naik lift, pertama kali menerima kue ulang tahun, dan pertama kali naik mobil mewah (yaitu Mercedes-Benz C180) juga milik teman saya di UPH. Saya berharap UPH tetap menjadi center of excellence yang mencetak lulusan yang unggul secara akademis, memiliki karakter yang baik dan cinta kepada tanah air,“ tutup Kerry.

Graduated Year: 30/08/1999
One experience that came up immediately was the opportunity to join UPH Student Executive Board (BEM-UPH) and the UPH Student Representative Council (MPM-UPH). I learned a lot from these two organizational experiences, especially when I had to prioritize my coursework but still had to keep up with my commitment to contribute to these student organizations. Time management is indeed important and I still find it very applicable in my chosen career
Daniel Moeis (Architecture 2005)
Marketing Director of Triniti Land

Mengasah Kemampuan Time-Management Sejak Kuliah, Daniel Moeis Kini Dipercaya Beberapa Proyek Besar Bersamaan

“Satu value yang sampai sekarang tetap saya pegang adalah motto yang saat saya kuliah dulu terpajang dipintu masuk UPH: ‘Responsibility Begins With Me’. Zaman sekarang banyak orang yang memilih-milih pekerjaan, mau yang mudah, mau cepat untung dan lain sebagainya. Namun, bagi saya apapun pekerjaan yang saya hadapi, saya harus mulai bertanggung jawab dari diri saya sendiri. Saya harus bisa menunjukkan bahwa setiap pekerjaan yang diberikan bisa diselesaikan dengan cepat dan juga baik. Selebihnya ditunjang oleh etos kerja yang efektif, efisien, jujur dan terus mau belajar hal – hal yang baru,” ucap Daniel. Ialah Daniel Moeis, alumni Arsitektur UPH angkatan 2005 yang saat ini dipercaya sebagai Marketing Director of Triniti Land, dimana ia bertanggung jawab untuk pengembangan properti dengan luas lebih dari 150 hektar di sejumlah wilayah Indonesia termasuk Jakarta, Tangerang, Batam, Bogor dan juga Lampung. Ia tidak hanya menghidupi prinsip yang dibawanya sejak kuliah tersebut, namun juga tetap mengutamakan Tuhan dan keluarga. Ia mengakui bahwa kerinduannya adalah untuk mempermudah dan membantu hidup orang lain.

“Kendala terbesar saya sebetulnya ada di dua area. Yang pertama adalah bagaimana membagi waktu untuk setiap project agar semua mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal. Project lama atau project baru mempunyai value prioritas yang memerlukan dedikasi yang terbaik, bukan hanya sekedar berjalan saja. Yang kedua adalah bagaimana membawa perusahaan tidak hanya bersaing di pasar offline saja, tetapi juga dapat menjangkau pasar online yang semakin hari semakin berkembang. Keadaan saat ini membuat beberapa aktivitas tatap muka semakin terbatas, sehingga penting untuk perusahaan bisa tetap berjalan walaupun terkendala pada waktu dan tempat,” jelas Daniel.

Daniel percaya bahwa pendidikannya di UPH telah melengkapi dirinya untuk bekerja dengan maksimal dalam bidang yang ditekuninya saat ini. Baginya, UPH telah memberikan ilmu praktis berstandar global, network yang luas, serta kesempatan yang sangat luas untuk mengasah soft-skills yang masih ia pakai dalam pekerjaannya hari ini.

“Banyak sekali pengalaman menarik dan berkesan selama saya berkuliah di UPH, salah satunya adalah kesempatan untuk bisa bergabung satu periode Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa UPH (BEM-UPH) dan satu periode Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa UPH (MPM-UPH). Saya belajar banyak dari hidup berorganisasi, terutama kemampuan untuk membagi waktu antara menyelesaikan tugas kuliah dan berkontribusi di organisasi kemahasiswaan – hal ini masih saya aplikasikan juga di dunia pekerjaan. Maju terus UPH!” tutup Daniel dengan antusias.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2009
When I was about to go to university, there were not a lot of private universities that had Industrial Engineering. Not long after, I heard that UPH have just opened for its very first students and UPH has Industrial Engineering too! I was already interested in joining UPH when I found out that UPH's vision and mission aligned with mine, so going to UPH was definitely an easy choice
Roberto Saputra (Industrial Engineering 1994)
Chief Brand Officer at PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk.

Selalu Bekerja Keras dan Memberikan yang Terbaik, Roberto Saputra Kini Dipercaya Menjadi Chief Brand Officer PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk.

Sebagai alumni angkatan pertama UPH tahun 1994, yang mengambil program studi Teknik Industri, Roberto Saputra memiliki kesan yang mendalam terhadap UPH. Kedekatan antar mahasiswa membuat Roberto amat bersyukur mengambil keputusan untuk berkuliah di UPH.

“Saat saya hendak kuliah dulu, tidak banyak universitas swasta yang membuka jurusan Teknik Industri. Pas sekali saat itu saya dengar UPH baru saja buka, ada jurusan Teknik Industri-nya, dan ditambah juga dengan visi misi UPH yang kuat membuat saya makin tertarik masuk UPH. Menjadi angkatan pertama sebuah universitas mungkin menjadi dilemma bagi banyak orang, namun saya malah sangat terkesan dengan kedekatan mahasiswa dan dosen diangkatan pertama dan kedua, dimana kelasnya kecil sehingga interaksi kita lebih fleksibel. Saat itu, kami juga masih merasakan berkuliah di gedung Dynaplast dan gedung parkir yang disulap jadi kelas (sekarang gedung B), sehingga kami menjadi mudah mengenal teman-teman jurusan lain,” ucap Roberto.

Saat ini Roberto dipercayakan tanggungjawab sebagai Chief Brand Officer di PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk., dimana ia mengemban tugas untuk meningkatkan minat konsumen terhadap produk dan solusi internet (brand building) serta memastikan bahwa produk yang ditawarkan perusahaannya bisa dikenal dan relevan untuk target market yang dibidik (marketing and communication). Termasuk didalam tugas Roberto adalah untuk mencari cara agar dalam era digital saat ini, perusahaan dapat mengantisipasi consumer shift dari offline ke online, selalu up-to-date terhadap tren dan kemajuan teknologi, serta tangkas dalam menghadapi kompetitor.

“Pribadi yang berperan besar dalam memotivasi saya untuk maju dan berkarya adalah ayah saya, dimana beliau juga merupakan salah satu dosen UPH saat saya berkuliah dulu. Kami selalu berangkat bersama ke kampus dan meskipun tidak banyak berbincang, saya melihat apa yang beliau lakukan untuk keluarga. Ayah saya adalah pekerja keras, tidak banyak mengeluh dan selalu ingin memberikan yang terbaik untuk keluarga,” ucap Roberto.

Roberto juga mengatakan bahwa dalam menjalani kariernya, nilai-nilai seperti integritas, keinginan untuk terus belajar, bekerja keras untuk mewujudkan mimpi, dan menjadi berkat bagi tempat kerja kita adalah faktor penting untuk diterapkan. Tanpa nilai-nilai ini, kita tidak akan mampu berkarya dengan maksimal. “Dream high, believe that all things are possible! Kesulitan yang kita hadapi hari ini adalah kesempatan bagi kita untuk menjadi orang yang lebih baik. Kita hanya perlu mengubah mindset dan respon kita terhadap setiap masalah yang datang,” tutupnya dengan semangat.

Graduated Year: 26/11/1998
The education I gained at UPH has provided a strong foundation for my life today. The leadership values ​​and relevant skills taught have shaped me and further helped me to become an impactful coach & teacher
Steven Sutantro (Teacher's College 2007)
Google Certified Coach at REFO & Partner Professional Development Google for Education in Indonesia

Berkolaborasi Untuk Pendidikan yang Lebih Baik di Indonesia, Steven Sutantro Melatih & Mendampingi Komunitas 4.000 Pelatih

Kutipan yang berkata “jika Anda ingin pergi cepat, Anda bisa pergi sendiri. Jika Anda ingin pergi jauh, pergilah bersama-sama”, adalah prinsip yang dipegang teguh oleh Steven Sutantro, Google Certified Coach di REFO, partner professional development Google for Education di Indonesia. Steven, sapaan akrab pria kelahiran Jakarta ini yang merupakan alumni Teacher’s College UPH angkatan 2007, dimana saat ini ia dipercaya untuk mengelola pelatihan, pendampingan serta komunitas 4.000 trainer, innovator & educator bersertifikasi Google for Education pada 34 provinsi di Indonesia.


Steven percaya bahwa kolaborasi berbagai pihak dibutuhkan untuk membangun kualitas manusia Indonesia yang lebih baik, sehingga berkolaborasi dengan Kemendikbudristek menjadi pilihan terbaik Steven saat ini. Steven pun mengakui bahwa perjalanannya bersama REFO untuk mendidik trainer, innovator, dan educator yang berkualitas masih sangat panjang. Ia melihat bahwa masih banyak sumber daya manusia di Indonesia yang belum memiliki pola pikir, pengalaman, dan keahlian digital yang dibutuhkan. Terinspirasi dari passion, karya, dan dampak dalam bidang teknologi yang dibawa oleh pendiri startup digital yang sukses memecahkan masalah lewat aplikasi digital, Steven terus berjuang untuk memberikan pelatihan dan pendampingan agar pendidikan di Indonesia dapat mengalami kemajuan pesat satu dekade mendatang.


Panggilan untuk mentransformasi pendidikan di Indonesia tentu tidak terbentuk dengan sendirinya. Dibutuhkan kurikulum dan kesempatan berkolaborasi dengan dosen dan rekan-rekan mahasiswa dalam melakukan penelitian maupun dalam menyelenggarakan kegiatan untuk memperlengkapi Steven. Baginya, masa-masa kuliah di UPH menjadi batu loncatan penting yang mempertajam panggilan tersebut.


“Pendidikan di UPH memberikan fondasi berupa nilai-nilai kepemimpinan dan keahlian yang relevan yang membentuk saya menjadi coach & pengajar profesional yang berdampak. UPH juga telah memberikan kesempatan pada saya untuk belajar dari dosen yang memberikan teladan hidup, perspektif yang baru, pengalaman nyata inspiratif, serta keahlian yang relevan yang dibutuhkan untuk mentransformasi pendidikan Indonesia,” ucap Steven.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2011
I learnt a lot at UPH, especially in terms of organization and leadership. Taking part in student organization activities available does not only train me to do my best or carry out an event until it is rightfully finished, but also how we help each other to grow, both individually and together as a team, with greater goals in mind
Juventia Vicky (Applied Communication Sciences 2007)
Chief Commercial Officer of Hactiv8 Indonesia

Mengembangkan Potensi & Mendidik Siswa Dibidang Teknologi, Juventia Vicky Responi Panggilan Melalui Hacktiv8

Perkembangan teknologi di Indonesia mengalami lompatan yang sangat besar dua dekade ini. Dan tidak dapat dipungkiri, dengan kemajuan teknologi yang cepat ini, dibutuhkan developer-developer yang memahami sistem back-end dan mampu mengembangkannya dengan baik. Ialah Juventia Vicky, alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH angakatan 2007, yang dipercaya untuk mengkoordinasi admission, marketing, bisnis, operasional, dan departemen sumber daya manusia serta mengembangkan Hacktiv8 Indonesia, sebuah program pendidikan online yang mempersiapkan pemula untuk menjadi developer yang siap kerja dalam bidang teknologi.

Mengembangkan potensi dan mendidik pribadi yang akan menjadi pemimpin masa depan dibidang teknologi merupakan sebuah panggilan yang Vicky responi melalui Hacktiv8. Vicky percaya bahwa salah satu cara untuk berdampak bagi sebuah tempat (atau bahkan negara) adalah dengan fokus terhadap pengembangan kepemimpinan.


“Kalau untuk saya pribadi, sangat penting untuk memahami the ‘why’ dibalik setiap hal yang saya lakukan. Dengan memahami alasan mengapa saya melakukan sesuatu itulah saya dapat terus memotivasi diri, karna saya meyakini dampak yang saya dapat berikan untuk masa depan yang lebih baik. Intinya, the ‘why’ memberikan saya energi untuk mencapai hal-hal yang saat ini menurut orang tidak mungkin. Dalam tanggung jawab yang saya jalani di Hacktiv8, saya dan tim tidak hanya ingin memberikan hard-skill kepada teman-teman supaya mereka menjadi developer yang siap kerja – namun kami juga rindu melihat mereka memiliki mindset yang transformasional sehingga pada akhirnya mereka akan terpacu untuk memaksimalkan potensi yang mereka miliki. Maka dari itu, di Hactiv8 kami memiliki counselor untuk membantu siswa/i untuk mengenal diri mereka juga,” ucap Vicky.


Bagi wanita kelahiran Kalimantan ini, Vicky, menjalani pendidikan di UPH merupakan sebuah keputusan besar yang harus ia ambil. Ia mengakui bahwa keluar dari zona nyaman adalah sebuah hal yang menakutkan bagi banyak orang, apalagi untuk memutuskan merantau pada usia muda. Namun Vicky percaya bahwa pendidikan adalah faktor penting yang akan membantunya untuk berkembang dan memiliki kualitas hidup yang lebih baik sehingga memilih UPH adalah keputusan terbaik yang diambilnya saat itu.


“Saya belajar banyak hal di UPH, terutama dalam hal organisasi dan kepemimpinan. Mengambil bagian dalam kepengurusan sebuah organisasi tidak hanya melatih kita untuk melakukan yang terbaik atau menyelesaikan sebuah kegiatan sampai selesai, tapi juga bagaimana kita saling membantu satu sama lain untuk bertumbuh, baik secara pribadi maupun bersama agar dapat mencapai tujuan yang lebih besar. Kalau untuk saya pribadi, saya waktu itu dipercaya untuk menjadi ketua Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan (HMJ) periode 2009. Awalnya saya menolak ketika senior saya meminta saya untuk mengejar posisi tersebut, soalnya saya bukan tipe orang yang terampil berbicara didepan umum, apalagi untuk menikmati tampil didepan publik. Namun saya bersyukur beliau tidak berhenti meyakinkan saya bahwa saya mampu dan akan diperlengkapi untuk peran ini. Bahkan, dosen-dosen saya ikut mendorong saya. Waktu itu, sembari bercanda, salah satu dosen saya berkata, ‘kalau kamu ga naik jadi ketua HMJ, saya ngga mau lagi ngomong sama kamu’,” kisah Vicky, sebuah tawa mengiringi ceritanya.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2011
I consider myself to be highly blessed to have the opportunity to study and work in an institution that really cares about their vision and mission. Yayasan Pelita Harapan (YPPH)'s vision and mission are in line with my personal vision and mission so I don't have too much difficulty in adjusting them with my ministry at SDH Hollad Village
Heinz Wokas (Magister Teknologi Pendidikan 2008)
Principal of SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village (HV) Manado & Head of School SDH HV

Dimuridkan untuk Memuridkan, Heinz Wokaz Penuhi Panggilan Sebagai Seorang Guru & Mentor Bagi Murid-Muridnya

Menjadi seorang guru, tidak hanya mengajarkan ilmu praktis kepada siswa/i, namun juga harus menjadi teladan sekaligus sahabat bagi anak didik, itulah komitmen yang terus dijalani dengan sepenuh hati, bertanggung jawab dan gigih oleh seorang Heinz Pearly Wokas, Alumni Magister Teknologi Pendidikan UPH angkatan 2008, dalam meresponi panggilan Tuhan dengan maksimal.

“Saya sangat beruntung mendapatkan kesempatan belajar dan bekerja di institusi yang sangat peduli dengan visi dan misinya. Visi dan misi Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (YPPH) sejalan dengan visi dan misi pribadi saya sehingga saya tidak terlalu kesulitan dalam menyesuaikan dua hal tersebut. Selain itu, saya pikir sebagai orang Kristen, kita diberikan hak istimewa untuk menjadi alat Tuhan untuk menjangkau dan mendidik mereka dalam kebenaran. Pekerjaan saya saat ini memungkinkan saya melakukan kedua hal tersebut dengan leluasa,” ucap Heinz yang saat ini menjabat sebagai Kepala SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village (HV) Manado sekaligus sebagai Head of School SDH HV.

Heinz memilih untuk melanjutkan pendidikan magisternya di UPH yang berawal dari tawaran beasiswa penuh. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, ia semakin yakin bahwa bukan kebetulan dirinya dibentuk dan menempuh pendidikan di UPH. “Seiring berjalannya waktu, saya menyadari bahwa saya dibentuk secara intensional untuk menjadi guru Kristen. UPH sebagai universitas Kristen, telah berupaya sedemikian rupa menyiapkan para lulusannya untuk menjadi agen perubahan yang efektif di ladang pelayanan masing-masing. Saya pun merasa sangat beruntung mendapatkan dosen-dosen yang bukan hanya peduli dengan perkembangan kompetensi saya sebagai mahasiswa, tetapi juga keseluruhan hidup saya sebagai murid Kristus yang perlu dimuridkan,” tutup Heinz.

Graduated Year: 07/03/2011
I was fortunate enough to have attained the full scholarship offered by the International Teachers College (ITC) at UPH. At first, I was hesitant to be a teacher, however, the experience that I was enabled to have – including friendship with classmates across continents, mentorship with caring professors, and rich internships – made me fell in love with the high level of meaningful education that was offered. I am proud to have fought the good fight and call myself an alumnus of ITC at UPH
Thomas F Harefa (International Teacher's college 2016)
Life International School Cambodia’s Secondary Principal

A Teacher and A Steward, Thomas F. Harefa Responds to God’s Calling

At such a young age, Thomas Ferdinand Harefa, Alumnus to International Teacher’s College UPH cohort 2016 has been entrusted to be Life International School’s Secondary Principal, a Christian school located at Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This Balikpapan-born principal is responsible to co-lead a diverse international team of Christian educators in creating an optimal learning environment and spiritual climate for their Secondary students, one to which will support the community to meet the school’s vision, mission and expected student outcomes.

“For a Christian school administrator, the most important aspect of leadership is one’s relationship with God. I believe it is important (and to some extent rewarding) to become a ‘Martha’ in handling various things at a time, but the Lord calls us to be a ‘Mary’ — to commune with Him and love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. I aim to exhibit Christ-like authenticity, accountability, and compassion as a school

administrator. This is only possible through my daily commitment to be under His Word,” Thomas, or so is he known in his day-to-day errand, explains.

‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’, so the saying goes. And the same applies for Thomas in his responsibility as a Secondary Principal. He makes use most of his time juggling day-to-day academic and administrative matters that pertains to our school community. Ranges from setting strategic school-wide policies to pastoral care of the teaching staff. Despite the difficulties however, Thomas believed that the Lord works in all things and has provided meaningful milestones throughout the past academic year.

Furthermore, Thomas believes that education has played in important role in his life. And as an administrator that strives to bring Shalom to wherever God calls him to administer, Thomas is humbled and grateful to have been able to attend UPH for his undergraduate education.

“I was fortunate enough to have attained the full scholarship offered by the International Teachers College (ITC) at UPH. At first, I was hesitant to be a teacher, however, the experience that I was enabled to have – including friendship with classmates across continents, mentorship with caring professors, and purposeful internships – made me fell in love with the high level of meaningful education that was offered. I am proud to have fought the good fight and call myself an alumnus of ITC at UPH,” Thomas closes with a smile.

Graduated Year: 28/02/2020
As the first generation to UPH, of course, there were many considerations I had to take prior to choosing UPH as a place to continue my education. But in the end, I believe that going to UPH has been the best decision I've made because I can see now that UPH is a university that really cares about the quality of its graduate. I experienced how my friends and I interacted with my lecturers and how they are qualified in their background knowledge, as well as student-parent inclusion in assessing the quality of educators and educational methods
Ricky Rizky (Industrial Engineering 1994)
Business Development Director at Rayspeed Asia

Ricky Rizky, Business Director Rayspeed Asia Rencanakan, Implementasikan, serta Percepat Proses Akselerasi Perkembangan Human Resource

“Sebagai angkatan pertama di UPH, tentunya banyak pertimbangan saat hendak memilih UPH sebagai tempat studi. Tapi pada akhirnya, saya meyakini bahwa UPH adalah universitas yang sangat memperhatikan kualitas lulusannya. Dimana hal itu tampak pada komitmen UPH dalam dunia pendidikan tinggi, bagaimana interaksi mahasiswa dan dosen, kualifikasi dosen pengajar, serta diikutsertakannya mahasiswa dan orang tua dalam memberikan penilaian terhadap kualitas pendidik serta metode pendidikan yang dirancang dengan baik,” ucap Ricky, salah satu alumni Teknik Industri UPH angkatan 1994.

Saat ini, Ricky – sapaan pria kelahiran Malang ini – menjabat sebagai Business Development Director di Rayspeed Asia, salah satu perusahaan yang menyediakan jasa pengiriman barang secara internasional. Tanggung jawab utama Ricky terletak pada development services, dimana ia dituntut untuk selalu mempelajari perkembangan terbaru dan menyesuaikan jasa yang tersedia dengan cepatnya perkembangan yang terjadi – baik untuk layanan baru maupun yang layanan yang masih berjalan. Dengan dukungan dari orang-orang terdekat, orang tua dan keluarganya, Ricky tetap berpegang untuk bekerja dengan kejujuran, disiplin, dan tanggung jawab.

Bagi Ricky, tantangan terbesar yang harus ia taklukkan di era ini terletak pada Human Capital Development. Kemudahan akses terhadap informasi menghasilkan perubahan besar-besaran, terutama dalam kultur tempat kerja. Lingkup pekerjaan yang dulunya sudah diatur secara berkala kini memaksa Ricky untuk mampu menyesuaikan layanan perusahaan dan bahkan merencanakan, mengimplementasi, serta mempercepat akselerasi proses tersebut. Metode baru dalam pengajaran dan training yang tepat saat ini adalah proses yang tidak bisa dikatakan statis namun harus bersifat dinamis.

Ricky bersyukur bahwa pendidikannya di UPH telah memperlengkapinya untuk menjalani tanggung jawabnya hari ini. Terlebih lagi, ia juga percaya bahwa sampai hari ini pun, UPH masih memberikan kualitas pendidikan yang sangat baik untuk mahasiswa/i-nya.

“Saya yakin bahwa UPH masih tetap pada komitmennya diawal dalam bidang pendidikan ini dengan fasilitas laboratorium, perpustakaan, serta dosen-dosen yang berkualitas yang ada. Sangat sayang sekali apabila mahasiswa yang berkesempatan kuliah di UPH tidak memanfaatkan semua resources yang ada itu dengan maksimal. Terutama dalam proses belajar mengajar, sistem dua arah dari awal sudah dibuktikan oleh UPH, dimana dosen dan mahasiswa bisa berdiskusi dan berdebat dalam hal akademis,” tutup Ricky.

Graduated Year: 26/11/1998
Studying at UPH has given me a lot of memories to share, especially in various events such as UPH Festival and faculty events during the 4 years I was there. But one memory that stood out for me was the chance to run for the senate chairman in the 2006 as well as being entrusted to be the vice chairman of the Student Representative Council (MPM-UPH). This experience has given me an extraordinary provision in terms of organizing and working with people from different backgrounds
Alvin Jufitrick (Architecture 2004)
Director for UOB Asset Management Indonesia

Alvin Jufitrick, Alumni Arsitektur UPH 2004, Menjalani Kehidupan yang Berintegritas dan Unggul

Integritas dan spririt of excellence menjadi etos kerja yang selalu diutamakan oleh Alvin Jufitrick, Alumni Arsitektur UPH Angkatan 2004, dalam menjalani kariernya sebagai sebagai salah satu direktur UOB Asset Management Indonesia. Dalam rangkaian kepercayaan yang diberikan kepadanya, terutama dalam bidang distribusi dan pengembangan produk investasi UOB asset management, Alvin dituntut untuk merencanakan dan memperhatikan perkembangan overseas distribution, digital partnership dan alternative investment – tiga area yang membutuhkan perhatian ekstra seiring dengan pengembangan literasi keuangan dan peningkatan kesadaran investasi terjadi secara eksponensial di Indonesia. Alvin percaya bahwa dua nilai tersebut tidak hanya berlaku dalam kariernya, namun juga dalam menjalani kehidupan diluar dunia kerja. Baginya, dua nilai ini turut menjadi cerminan diri seseorang dalam setiap keputusan yang diambil, karena setiap keputusan akan berdampak bagi lingkungan sekitar.

“Menurut saya, menjaga konsistensi dalam pekerjaan dan karir yang selaras dengan nilai-nilai yang saya pegang sangatlah penting karena saya sedang berjuang untuk keluarga dan menjadi pribadi yang berdampak positif bagi sesama. Secara sadar ataupun tidak, setiap keputusan yang kita ambil akan memiliki dampak bagi lingkungan sekitar kita,” ucap Alvin.

Pendidikan yang berkualitas turut mengambil andil dalam kehidupan Alvin hari ini. Dan menentukan pilihan untuk melanjutkan pendidikan S1 di UPH merupakan pilihan yang tepat baginya. Reputasi dan fasilitas yang ditawarkan oleh UPH tentu menjadi faktor penting selain dari bagaimana pengalaman berorganisasi yang ia jalani di UPH dulu menjadi bekal bagi kariernya hari ini.

“Berkuliah di UPH memberikan banyak kenangan menyenangkan, terutama dalam berbagai macam event seperti UPH Festival maupun acara-acara fakultas selama 4 tahun saya berkuliah. Tetapi hal yang paling berkesan bagi saya adalah menjadi calon ketua senat pada periode 2006 dan bisa aktif bergorganisasi menjadi wakil ketua Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa (MPM-UPH). Pengalaman ini memberikan saya bekal yang luar biasa dalam hal bergorganisasi dan bekerja sama dengan berbagai macam karakter orang,” tutup Alvin

Graduated Year: 13/03/2009
In my opinion, UPH is unique both in terms of environment, its students, and also the way it manages its education modules. I also fell in love with UPH's library and lecturers who are always on-time on campus.
Ni Putu Sri Artati (Informatics 2001)
Vice President of Performance Measurement at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk

Ni Putu Sri Artati, Alumni Teknik Informatika UPH Mengkontribusikan Kemampuannya Untuk Masyarakat Luas

“Perjalanan karir saya hari ini sebetulnya adalah cita-cita sejak remaja. Saya ingin sekali dapat mengkontribusikan kemampuan saya kepada masyarakat luas, terutama setelah saya melihat masih banyak masyarakat yang belum mampu atau belum memiliki akses yang sama untuk pendidikan maupun hal yang lainnya,” kisah Ni Putu Sri Artati, alumni Teknik Informatika UPH angkatan 2001.

Sri, sapaan akrab wanita kelahiran Tabanan, Bali yang kini menjabat sebagai Vice President of Performance Measurement untuk PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, secara khusus untuk bidang Direktorat Keuangan & Strategi. Merupakan tanggung jawab Sri untuk mengelola Corporate Performance Management dan berfokus pada analisa kinerja finansial bank, serta membuat pedoman untuk menilai kontribusi unit business, product, branch, dan electronic channels dalam mendorong peningkatan return Bank.

“Perusahaan saya saat ini adalah perusahaan BUMN dan disana saya mendapat kesempatan untuk berbagi pada masyarakat Indonesia karena BUMN diberi mandat untuk tidak hanya run the business namun juga berkegiatan guna mendorong kemaslahatan masyarakat Indonesia,” Sri melanjutkan.

Tentu, kepercayaan yang diberikan kepada Sri hari ini tidak datang tanpa tantangan. Sebagai Vice President of Performance Measurement, ia dituntut untuk mampu berkolaborasi lintas bidang, mencari dan mengembangkan ide-ide baru agar timeline dan kualitas laporan kinerja keuangan terus meningkat, serta menghasilkan analisa dan strategi yang tajam agar perusahaannya dapat terus bersaing secara sehat. Namun dengan selalu mengingat bahwa belajar merupakan bagian dari proses hidupnya, persisten, belajar dari pengalaman, dan juga menghormati adat istiadat di tempat kerjanya, Sri percaya bahwa ia akan terus berkembang.

Bagi Sri, UPH seperti pelita yang berdayaguna untuk sesama. Fasilitas yang lengkap dan lingkungan yang hijau bukan menjadi fokus utama baginya, namun dalam uniknya persahabatan yang ditemukannya ketika menjalani kuliah.

“UPH menurut saya unik, baik dari sisi lingkungan, mahasiswa-mahasiswanya, dan juga cara mengelola jalannya pendidikan. Selain karena saya senang dengan perpustakaan UPH yang lengkap dan dosen yang selalu available on-time di kampus, saya belajar banyak hal dari teman-teman di UPH, khususnya untuk terus berjuang, pantang menyerah, dan selalu ada jalan untuk survive,” Sri menyimpulkan.

Graduated Year: 18/03/2005
Lecturers who are willing to guide and facilitate students to develop as well as expert in their field are two of the many reasons I decide continue my master's education at UPH. I am interested in understanding HR management because I see that the lecturers have extraordinary experiences and I can assure you that I'm in the right place!
Mariska Makmud (International Relations 2006 & Master of Management 2011)
Regional Human Capital Business Partner (HCBP) at Siloam Hospitals Group

Mariska Makmud, Regional Human Capital Business Partner Siloam Hospitals Group Terus Asah Kemampuan Berpikir Strategis

Bekerja secara jarak jauh tentu memberikan tantangan tersendiri bagi Mariska Makmud, alumni UPH jurusan Hubungan Internasional 2006 & Magister Manajemen 2011. Sejak pertengahan 2007 lalu, Mariska – sapaan wanita kelahiran Jakarta ini – bekerja untuk Siloam Hospitals Group dan saat ini dipercaya sebagai Regional Human Capital Business Partner (HCBP) untuk area Kalimantan dan Sulawesi. Selain dituntut untuk melakukan berbagai improvement dalam human capital agar mencapai Operational Excellence, Mariska juga diharapkan dapat menjadi business partner yang tidak hanya mendukung pimpinan Regional dan pimpinan unit rumah sakit, namun juga memberikan masukan dalam penerapan kebijakan dan prosedur human capital disetiap unit Siloam di area Kalimantan dan Sulawesi. Maka dari itu, Mariska terus mengasah kemampuannya dalam berpikir strategis agar dapat mendukung dan memfasilitasi pimpinan regional serta direktur unit rumah sakit secara maksimal.

“Saya pribadi sangat menjunjung sikap profesionalisme dan integritas dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab yang dipercayakan kepada saya saat ini. Saya yakin bahwa untuk menjadi pribadi yang unggul dalam pekerjaan, saya harus menjadi contoh bagi human capital unit agar apa yang mereka lakukan juga sesuai dengan nilai yang benar. Selain itu, saya percaya empati dan kepedulian juga penting. Saya ingin dapat terus menghargai kelebihan dan kekurangan yang dimiliki oleh setiap orang dan berorientasi pada development mereka agar dimanapun mereka ditempatkan, mereka dapat memberikan layanan yang terbaik terhadap setiap orang yang datang, terlepas dari jabatan kami masing-masing,” kisah Mariska.

Mariska tidak pernah menyesali keputusannya untuk melanjutkan pendidikan di UPH. Baginya, UPH tidak hanya menjadi tempat yang tepat untuk belajar, namun juga untuk bertumbuh. Dengan banyaknya organisasi kemahasiswaan dan kegiatan character building, Mariska merasakan betul karakternya terasah melalui berbagai aktivitas seperti mentoring, tutor, serta program character building. Dan terlebih penting, pengalaman dibimbing oleh dosen-dosen yang ahli dibidangnya menjadi alasan pendidikan Mariska di UPH begitu berkesan.

“Dosen-dosen yang ahli dibidangnya serta kesediaan mereka dalam membimbing dan memfasilitasi mahasiswa/i seperti saya untuk berkembang menjadi salah satu alasan saya kembali melanjutkan pendidikan S2 saya di UPH. Saya tertarik untuk memahami pengelolaan SDM karena saya melihat dosen-dosennya memiliki pengalaman yang luar biasa dan saya merasa berada di tempat yang tepat. Saya berdoa UPH selalu menjadi tempat terbaik untuk belajar dan bertumbuh bagi mahasiswa/i-nya,” tutup Mariska dengan hangat.

Graduated Year: 03/08/2011
For me, UPH is like my second home - or more like my second office because I still spend my time to teach here. And since my education days at UPH, I have witnessed how UPH's vision and mission has given birth to leaders and I have never doubted UPH's ability in this regard
David Widyanto (Product Design 2002 & Master of Industrial Engineering 2009)
Co-Founder of Axocraft & Part-time Lecturer for Product Design UPH

David Widyanto, Alumni Desain Produk UPH yang Terus Menantang Diri Untuk Keluar Dari Zona Nyaman

“Salah satu pengalaman paling berkesan yang saya lalui di UPH adalah selama di workshop Desain Produk (sekarang School of Design), membangun suatu produk dari bahan-bahan mentah, dimana hal itu mempunyai kepuasan sendiri yang sulit dijelaskan dengan kata-kata. Semua keseruan itu harus dibayar dengan baju berlubang karena kena percikan las dan pulang kampus dengan aroma serbuk kayu,” kisah David, diiringi dengan sebuah tawa ringan.

David Widyanto, Alumni Desain Produk UPH angkatan 2002 dan Magister Teknik Industri angkatan 2009, sampai saat ini masih aktif mengajar untuk Desain Produk UPH, ia juga mengisi kesehariannya dalam product development dan operasional workshop Axocraft – sebuah workshop yang menyediakan jasa produksi dalam skala kecil dan konsultasi desain produk yang ia dirikan sejak 2013 bersama rekannya. David mengakui bahwa dengan latar belakang pendidikannya dibidang Desain Produk dan Teknik Industri, ia harus menyesuaikan diri lagi untuk mengurus administrasif, akuntansi, dan pemasaran Axocraft. Namun dengan minat yang besar dan kapabilitas yang ia percaya dapat terus dikembangkan, David tak henti belajar dan berkembang dalam bidang karier yang ditekuninya.

Bagi David, UPH tidak hanya menjadi tempat mengemban ilmu, namun juga ditempa menjadi pemimpin yang berkontribusi bagi sekitarnya. David percaya bahwa dengan support system yang memberikan masukan membangun serta mendukung keputusannya, ia dapat terus berdampak bagi sekitarnya.

“Bagi saya, UPH sebetulnya sudah seperti rumah kedua, atau mungkin lebih tepatnya sekarang adalah kantor kedua karena saya masih aktif mengajar disini. Mulai dari saya berkuliah di UPH, saya melihat bahwa dengan visi misi UPH yang ada telah melahirkan banyak pemimpin-pemimpin baru, dan saya tidak pernah ragu atas kemampuan UPH dalam hal ini. Harapan saya adalah pemimpin-pemimpin tersebut menjadi pemimpin yang berempati dan relevan dengan lingkungannya,” tutup David.

Graduated Year: 07/03/2011
When I joined UPH in 1996, my parents were the ones who encouraged me to take legal education. Their hopes for me to succeed were high at that time. After more than 20 years, I see that their hopes and dreams came to life, one of which is achieved by sending me to UPH
Iqbal Farabi (Magister Hukum 2002)
Director at PT Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Tbk

Direktur PT Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Tbk, Iqbal Farabi, Maksimalkan Peluang Melalui Penggunaan IT

“Waktu saya bergabung, yang pertama kali saya benahi adalah penguatan teknologi informasi – yang kalau kata anak-anak sekarang sih, ‘ngonten’. Saya mulai mengerahkan tim untuk memanfaatkan media sosial, termasuk Instagram, TikTok, podcast, serta kanal-kanal lain yang mengikuti perkembangan jaman. Ternyata hasilnya luar biasa, terutama dalam dua tahun belakangan ini ketika kita semua bergantung sekali dengan IT. Dari sana, perusahaan GMTD justru mendapatkan perhatian dan mendapat respon baik berupa peningkatan jumlah sales,” Kisah Iqbal, ketika diminta untuk menceritakan sedikit mengenai pendekatan yang ia gunakan untuk meningkatkan public awareness terhadap proyek terbaru yang dijalankannya.

Ialah Iqbal Farabi, Alumni UPH jurusan Hukum 1996 dan Magister Hukum 2002, yang saat ini dipercaya untuk mengembangkan PT Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Tbk (GMTD), salah satu proyek properti terbaru Lippo Group di area Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan. Kepercayaan ini tentu tidak mudah untuk siapapun, mengingat banyaknya kompetitor serta melambatnya daya beli masyarakat akibat pandemi yang melanda. Terlebih lagi, Iqbal juga harus beradaptasi dengan pola kerja yang memaksa dirinya untuk bekerja jarak jauh atau harus lebih fleksibel karena lokasi site berada di kawasan Indonesia Timur.

Bagi Iqbal, peran orang tua dan keluarga merupakan kunci baginya untuk terus memberikan yang terbaik dan berkontribusi bagi masyarakat. Ia percaya, bahwa selain menjadi pribadi yang jujur, pekerja keras, keinginan untuk terus belajar, ikhlas, serta mengerjakan segala sesuatu sampai tuntas, orang tua dan keluarga menjadi titik berat fokusnya hari ini.

“Saya masuk UPH tahun 1996, orang tua saya yang mendorong untuk mengambil pendidikan hukum. Harapan mereka saat itu sangat besar supaya saya bisa sukses. Saat ini saya melihat bahwa harapan dan mimpi kedua orang tua saya tercapai, salah satunya dengan menyekolahkan saya di UPH,” lanjut Iqbal. Bagi mahasiswa yang sedang melanjutkan pendidikan, Iqbal berpesan, “Jadilah mahasiswa yang pintar sekali atau aktif sekali berorganisasi karena UPH dengan network yang sudah dibangun sampai detik ini akan memberikan kemudahan bagi siswanya untuk bisa beraktualisasi di masyarakat. Sayang sekali jika ilmu yang kita dapat plus pergaulan yang dijalankan semasa kuliah, tidak bisa dimaksimalkan nilai nilai positifnya baik di kampus maupun saat nanti lulus.”

Graduated Year: 27/02/2004
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be taught by caring lecturers. During my thesis mentorship, my academic advisors are not only very open to academic discussions but also for life advice that are very insightful for my future. They did not only teach, but also providing moral guidance, ethics, as well as inspiring their students to become future leaders
Sandra Rani (Applied Communication Sciences 2007)
VP Sales for PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan

Bekerja Tanpa Mengorbankan Integritas, Sandra Rani Menjalani Tanggung Jawab Sebagai VP Sales PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan

Sandra Rani Juwita, Alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH Angkatan 2003, saat ini menjabat sebagai VP Sales dari PT. Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan yang merupakan pemilik dari merk Artisan Professionnel dan Mercredi Beaute untuk penjualan produk bulumata dan kosmetik lokal ke kota-kota di seluruh Indonesia. Dengan persaingan ketat yang dihadapi Artisan Professionnel dan Mercredi Beaute, Sandra terus mengusahakan pemasaran produk yang kreatif agar produk perusahaannya dapat dipasarkan secara merata dan diterima dengan baik oleh pasar di Indonesia baik melalui jalur online maupun offline.

“Saya sangat bersyukur mendapat kesempatan untuk mengambil bagian dalam membangun perusahaan ini, terutama untuk melihat kemajuan masing-masing individu baik dari segi karier maupun kesejahteraan, baik founder maupun anggota tim lainnya, mengambil bagian untuk mencapai titik dimana kami berada saat ini, yaitu melihat produk kami diterima dan dipakai oleh Makeup Artist ternama baik dalam maupun luar negri. Energi dan semangat merekalah yang memotivasi saya untuk terus memberikan yang terbaik dalam tugas dan tanggung jawab saya ini,” kisah Sandra dengan antusias.

Sandra percaya bahwa keberadaannya saat ini tak lepas dari suatu keputusan penting yang pernah ia ambil dulu, yaitu keputusan untuk menempuh pendidikan di UPH. Baginya, UPH telah memperlengkapinya dengan ilmu praktis, nilai-nilai seperti keinginan untuk terus maju dan bertumbuh tanpa mengorbankan integritas, serta komunitas suportif yang terus mendorong Sandra untuk menjadi pemimpin yang membawa dampak positif bagi sekelilingnya.

“Saya tidak pernah lupa bagaimana saya bertemu dengan teman-teman yang saat ini masih memegang integritas dan nilai-nilai yang baik dalam hidup saat saya bergabung dengan kegiatan kemahasiswaan dulu. Mereka adalah teman-teman sejati yang dulu saling mendukung dan saling menyemangati baik dalam segi akademik, sosial ataupun kerohanian. Di saat satu sibuk membuat tugas sampai kurang tidur, kita saling menyemangati. Saat bersama-sama berjibaku mencari dana yang dibutuhkan untuk pelaksanaan event kampus, kita sama-sama berjuang sekuat tenaga. Saat salah seorang mengalami masalah keluarga, semua mendukung dan memberikan masukan-masukan positif. Belum lagi kakak kelas, dosen yang juga sangat perhatian. Kadang ketika bimbingan di FISIP dengan dosen pembimbing, tidak hanya melulu soal akademik yang dibahas tapi dosen juga memberikan banyak nasehat yang berguna sebagai bekal hidup. Mereka tidak hanya mengajarkan akademik tapi moral, etika, teladan dan terus menginspirasi para mahasiswanya untuk menjadi pemimpin masa depan,” kenang Sandra sambil tersenyum.

Graduated Year: 01/03/2007
Studying at UPH was an exciting time for me. I've had the opportunity to meet amazing friends and be taught by dedicated educators. Amongst the many lecture styles my lecturers had, I enjoyed learning from my lecturers who are also practitioners. They provided real case examples that occur in their work as the course progresses.
Naomi Michelle (Applied Communication Science 2013)
Industry Lead, Brand Partnership at Indonesia's Renowned Ride-hailing Company

Young and Professional, Naomi Michelle is Entrusted To Grow Industry Lead, Brand Partnership at Indonesia’s Renowned Ride-hailing Company

Age does not define what one achieves if they rely on God, work hard, work smart and always gives their best. And for Naomi Michelle, UPH’s Applied Communication Science alumnus cohort 2013, being as young as 26 does not hinder her to be an Industry Lead & Brand Partnership for Indonesia’s well-known ride-hailing company. In her day to day responsibilities, Naomi is required to be able to create blueprint and go-to market strategies for collaborative purposes, lead her team in achieving common goals, as well as work together across division to create business strategies and developing or innovate new products.

Naomi’s education at UPH has indeed become an important stepping stone in her career. UPH’s strategic location, complete facilities and also availability of international classes have provided Naomi more assurance to choose UPH. And more importantly, UPH has opened opportunities for her to develop spiritually, contribute to society and eagerness for high achievement in all aspects of her life.

“My undergraduate years at UPH was few of the most exciting years for me. I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing friends and be taught by dedicated lecturers. Amongst the many lecture styles my lecturers had, I enjoyed learning from my lecturers who are also practitioners. They provided real case examples that occur in their work as the course progresses,” Naomi concluded.

Graduated Year: 28/02/2017
The most enjoyable part of studying at UPH is the friends I made as I still get to collaborate with them on a number of projects until this very day
Kezia Amelia (Conservatory of Music 2008)
Indonesian Solo-Violinist

Kezia Amelia, an Indonesian Solo-Violinist Indonesia who is Consistent and Creative in Uploading Social Media Content

Playing music is almost like breathing for Kezia Amelia, Alumnus to UPH’s Conservatory of Music cohort 2008. She and her violin are two inseparable unit, as she aims to convey music through her own colors like Vanessa Mae, David Garrett, and Ayasa. To develop her violin solo career, Kezia does not only covers popular songs regularly on her social media page but also by collaborating with fellow musicians.

“I picked up the violin at 14 years old. At that time, I took private lessons at my hometown, Surabaya. It’s a bit late, but luckily I’ve been learning the piano since I was 6, so I already understand quite a lot of music theory by then. After graduating high school, I decided to study at UPH Conservatory of Music because I like playing music and have also participated in a number of orchestra, marsterclass, and music event at Surabaya. At first, I went with piano as my major instrument, but after a year I decided to switch violin. Honestly speaking, my ability to play the violin was still under-qualified for college students, but late Dr. Tomislav Dimov was willing to guide me and we work together to catch,” said Kezia enthusiastically.

Consistency, creativity, as well as good emotional management are three out of the many obstacles Kezia struggles the most when it comes to pursuing her career in the entertainment industry. Not to mention having to be away from her family, Kezia continues to stay productive in more or less favorable situations. Furthermore, Kezia is grateful that at UPH she was able to meet educators and colleagues who actively collaborate, support, and encourage her to stay true to her colors, being excellent in whatever she does, and continuously give her best.

“For me, the most enjoyable part of studying at UPH is the friends I’ve made as I still get to collaborate with them on a number of projects until this very day. In addition, being guided by late Dr. Tomislav Dimov, my violin instrument-major lecturer to the point I was able to hold 3 classical concerts for UPH’s graduation project is something I will always remember,” Kezia concluded.

Graduated Year: 05/03/2012
Education at UPH has taught me a lot about how to work together with other people, the importance of having structured targets and plans, training me to be a diligent and responsible person, and opening up opportunities for acquaintances with great people
Janice Malinda (Applied Communication Science 2014)
Product Marketing Manager at Gojek

Implementing “Observe, Find Solutions and Readjust” Work Pattern, Janice Malinda Increases Mobile Traffic for GoFresh

Doing the best in every duty and responsibility entrusted to her is a value that Janice Malinda upholds in her daily life, UPH Applied Communication Science Alumni cohort 2014, who is currently the Product Marketing Manager at Gojek, especially for GoFresh products. It is Janice’s main responsibility to think, prepare and implement campaigns as well as communication plans to raise business owners’ awareness towards the platform, increase traffic in applications, and turn that traffic into permanent customers for GoFresh. Furthermore, Janice collaborates with people across divisions to ensure that everyone is ready to face the upcoming campaign.

“Technically speaking, achieving the targets that we’ve set as a team is a challenge in itself,” Janice says. “My colleagues in product marketing and I observes if things didn’t go well, find out what went wrong, and then readjust some more to determine the next step,” Janice explains, when asked about the most difficult challenge she had to face.

For Janice, education plays an important role in her journey of self-actualization and self-improvement. The knowledge she’s gained during her studies at UPH has not only strengthened the foundation of her Christian faith, but also formed the mindset needed for her current career.

“My current job might seem to be not aligned with the minor I’m taking at Communication Science (which was journalism), but there are indeed a lot that I find useful at my current job. In terms of knowledge, public speaking class was the most memorable one. We were required to speak in front of everyone during class – and small practice like these is what I find really helpful in my job today. From the organizational experience point of view, PHASED debate club played an important role for me. PHASED opens the opportunity for me to meet many people from various backgrounds and provides a space to discuss real and relevant topics in a structured manner. Moreover, education at UPH has taught me a lot about how to work together with other people, the importance of having structured targets and plans, training me to be a diligent and responsible person, and opening up opportunities for acquaintances with great people,” Janice concluded.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2019
My interest in audio engineering started when I studied at COM UPH. Understanding the science behind music, is a very interesting thing for me. Doing assignments and meeting friends who have similar interests have played an important role in shaping me into who I am today. In fact, our friendship continues to this day and progresses well into the professional world
Ivan Gojaya (Conservatory of Music 2007)
Founder of ROEMAHIPONK & Music Producer/Audio Engineer

Producing World Class Work, Ivan Christian’s Journey Starts From Zero

Students and Alumni of UPH Conservatory of Music (COM UPH) must be familiar with ROEMAHIPONK, a music and audio production studio located in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang. ROEMAHIPONK, initiated by Music Producer and Audio Engineer, Ivan Gojaya, Alumni to UPH’s Conservatory of Music cohort 2007 have become “home” for many COM students since 2009 to fulfill their recording needs. ROEMAHIPONK has not only witnessed hundreds of songs being produced, but has also sharpened Ivan’s skills, or as he is commonly known as Iponk among his colleagues, as a sound design student in practicing the knowledge he has received. In 2011, ROEMAHIPONK expanded to a proper studio, as it develop again into a commercial studio and now, Iponk is entrusted to handle music and post audio production needs, both for independent artists, record labels, as well as for advertising, film, and other motion picture needs.

“I discovered an interest in rhythmic musical instruments, especially drums, when I was 7 years old. However, because it was not possible for me to have a drumset at the time, I finally got into guitar and realized that what I love is music as a whole, not particularly to any one musical instrument. It was in high school when I started to produce music in my bedroom with whatever equipment was available and when my parents saw my passion for music, they fully supported and convinced me to take formal education in music. So, I can say that my love for music is what motivated me to pursue my career,” said Iponk enthusiastically.

Hard work, willingness to learn, understanding and working on every project whole-heartedly, and sincerity are the values ​​that Iponk holds when it comes to building trust with his clients who have different taste and preferences. According to Iponk, in the field that he is in, a lot of things are determined by taste and taste can’t be forced on everyone, so it is very important for him to build trust. In addition, communication is also a challenge for Iponk. Different technical understanding and terminologies used in the music industry is still very common, thus affecting the work culture, mindset, and client expectations of the role of producer/audio engineer. Yet, Iponk believed that UPH has equipped him with a lot of knowledge and networking which has now become a support system for him in the music industry.

“My interest in audio engineering started when I studied at COM UPH. Understanding the science behind music, is a very interesting thing for me. Doing assignments and meeting friends who have similar interests have played an important role in shaping me into who I am today. In fact, our friendship continues to this day and progresses well into the professional world,” Iponk concluded.

Graduated Year: 15/09/2014
UPH's Masters of International Relations education is beyond my expectation. In fact, the lecturers are very competent and critical. With their extraordinary track record and professional background, they provided very adequate experience of political, economic, social, anthropological and theoretical knowledge for me. Furthermore, the strategic location of the UPH postgraduate campus and the appropriate lecture hours in adapting to my work activities have become an added values​​for me to continue my education.
Abhiram Singh Yadav (Masters of International Relations 2018)
Special Staff for the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives for Political Affairs and Security, Founder & CEO of PT. Arya Sinergy Yadavas (Yadavas Group), Commissioner at Archean Group Indonesia, and Observer & Researcher in International Relations Politics

Making the Most out of Time, Abhiram Singh Yadav Contributes to Indonesia Through His Career and Thoughts

The saying that goes “do it with passion or not at all” really does describe Abhiram Singh Yadav, UPH’s Masters of International Relations Alumni cohort 2018. Currently, Abhi – as he is usually known amongst his colleague – is not only active as a Special Staff for the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives for Political Affairs and Security, but also takes hold of the responsibility as PT. Arya Sinergy Yadavas’ (Yadavas Group) Founder & CEO, Commissioner at Archean Group Indonesia, Observer & Researcher in International Relations Politics, and also Chairman for IKA-UPH (Alumni Association) Masters in International Relations. From a young age, Abhi has enjoyed organizational activities and it is through this experience that he has been equipped with extensive network and knowledge. One of the ways Abhi manages his busy schedule is to optimize his activities from early mornings, followed by setting his meeting rhythm so that agendas can be carried out according to plan.

Having various activities, of course, does not hinder Abhi from challenges, especially in the face of a pandemic that have slowed down growth in various industries as it would require creativity in managing business investment and a new way of working to optimize governmental performance. With the support of his parents and wife, Abhi continues to race against time, moving with efficiency and contributing intellectually in form of opinions published through various national media. Some of Abhi’s published titles include “Indonesia Dalam Diskursus Indo-Pasifik”; “Gotong Royong Melawan Pandemi“; and “HAM dan Inklusivitas Indo-Pasifik”.

Studying International Relations has equipped Abhi in his journey to take part in national and international organizations. In addition, he is further sharpened to have a constructive perspective on various global issues that continue to occur, as well as the values ​​he always holds, namely honesty, thirst for knowledge, and helping others selflessly.

“UPH’s Masters of International Relations education is beyond my expectation. In fact, the lecturers’ extraordinary track record and professional background made them very competent and critical as they provided us with adequate experience of political, economic, social, anthropological and theoretical knowledge. And they are all very humanist and understanding of the needs of each student. As a result, while studying at MHI UPH, the lecturers have encouraged and inspired me to write two journals with a wide range of scopes. Furthermore, the strategic location of UPH postgraduate campus and the appropriate lecture hours are very suitable to my work activities – this became an added value for me to continue my education,” Abhi closes.

Graduated Year: 14/09/2020
There are two things that really impressed me in pursuing my Masters in Hospital Administration: the first is getting used to a tight target time. The amount of tasks, combined with limited deadlines really trained me for my current position. The second aspect is case studies' discussion with fellow teammates. This provides opportunities and challenges for me to think broader and more systematic thinking
Abedneju G W Sangkaeng (Hospital Administration Management 2014)
President Director of PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk

Abedneju G W Sangkaeng, A Life-Long Learner In Every Areas of Life

Undertaking Masters in Hospital Administration Management at UPH 2014 has left a deep impression on Abedneju G W Sangkaeng, often called Argo. For the man who was born in Manado, education is not only an entry point for knowledge, but moreover in forming a systematic way of thinking and providing a foundation for developing analytical skills and critical thinking.

“There are two things that really impressed me in pursuing my Masters in Hospital Administration: the first is getting used to a tight target time. The amount of tasks, combined with limited deadlines really trained me for my current position. The second aspect is case studies’ discussion with fellow teammates. This provides opportunities and challenges for me to think broader and more systematic thinking. As a result, I am now more open to working as a team,” said Argo.

Argo’s role and responsibility as the President Director to PT Raja Gunung Paksi Tbk is to ensure that all operational activities of the company run in accordance with the established vision and mission. In recent years, Argo and other Board of Directors at PT Raja Gunung Paksi Tbk have acted together as a team to reform 3 things: transformation of organizational governance from a company based on family management to a professional company; implementing ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) as is required by the Green Initiative implemented by the International Green Market as one of the criteria required of all steel products they buy; and also adapting to industry 4.0 where PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk continues its transformation towards digitizing all aspects of the organization.

In undergoing the ups and downs of his career, Argo found many extraordinary mentor figures who have provided inspiration and set good standards for him. Two of them are Mr. Charlo Mamora, a mentor who helps Argo to understand that Human Resources is a division that inevitably requires critical, holistic, and strategic thinking skills and Mr. Paulus Bambang Widjanarko, a person who inspires Argo – as a professional who is also a father – to prioritize his time for God, family, and work. Even more so, Argo also believes that it is important for him to be able to apply humility, trustworthiness, and resilience in his work. If we realize that everything is a gift from God – not on human strength, being responsible and transparent in every decision we make, and be solution-based, then we will succeed in every responsibility entrusted to us.

“This year has been a very challenging year for job seekers. First because there are so many new jobs that can be done remotely, and second because the labor market is increasingly producing graduates from the best schools from all over the world. Therefore, it is very important for young people to find their passion. Second, develop a good character. Because knowledge without character, will lead to destruction. On the other hand, character without knowledge will lead you to nowhere,” Argo suggests for fresh graduates.

Graduated Year: 07/10/2016
The best and most memorable experience while at UPH's Food Technology was when I had the opportunity to take the Dual Degree program at the University of Newcastle, Australia. That experience brings out the best in me, one to which helped me when I first applied for a job in a company after I graduated from college
Veliana Lim (Food Technology 2010)
Brand Manager at PT Mayora Indah, Tbk

Veliana Lim, The Lady With Creative Ideas in Product Marketing & Collaborating With Various Teams

Being someone who generates creative ideas, how to market products differently, observant in seeing market opportunities, conduct research on what the consumers need, and determine what marketing treatment is right to do to increase market share is a challenge Veliana Lim, UPH Food Technology Alumni cohort 2010 have to face daily. Currently entrusted with the responsibility as the Brand Manager for PT Mayora Indah Tbk, Veliana must be able to collaborate with various teams in creating, monitoring, and evaluating marketing activities to support predetermined strategies as well as collaborate with various teams related to product and marketing.

Veliana’s responsibilities certainly sound too easy if only summarized in one short story, but building brand equity with the best strategy based on good consumer and market research is actually a big task that requires time and carefulness to carry out.Despite the various challenges that Veliana has encountered throughout her career, she continues to walk with integrity, a high sense of responsibility, wholeheartedness, and a strong desire to keep learning. Veliana believes that by applying these four values, she will become a better person and continue to see progress in many ways. Moreover, Veliana also believes that the technical and moral support given by her superiors, colleagues, friends and family is the encouragement that God has provided to strengthen her during her journey of being the best.

For Veliana, education is an important asset that must be owned by everyone, regardless of their current field of work. Velana believed that through education, she is not only equipped with hard-skills and soft-skills, but also attitude. For her, these three things are crucial supporting factors to open opportunities for her career and future networking.

“The best and most memorable experience while at UPH’s Food Technology was when I had the opportunity to take the Dual Degree program at the University of Newcastle, Australia. That experience brings out the best in me, one to which helped me when I first applied for a job in a company after I graduated from college,” Veliana closes.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2014
UPH opens the door for me to enter the music industry. The formal education I've received made me understand that music is very broad and complex, both in terms of practice and knowledge. COM taught me not only to play guitar/music but also philosophy, history, and so much more. All of these equips me ​​to be a musician that has character, open mindset, and professional
Nathania Jualim (Conservatory of Music 2014)
Indonesian Female Guitarist

Just As A Butterfly Undergoing A Metamorphosis, so Does Nathania Jualim’s Career as An Indonesian Female Guitarist

“Considering that female musicians in Indonesia are a minority compared to men, especially in the world of performing, it is still true that female musicians/guitarists are underestimated. Our public assumes that female musicians only use ‘physical’ and visuals to survive in the music industry, when in fact there are female musicians who does have musical abilities that are equal to or even more than men,” said Nathania Jualim, a female musician and guitarist graduated from UPH’s Conservatory of Music cohort 2014.

The music journey of this Bandung-born lady is not as easy as most would imagine. She was introduced to piano at the age of 9, followed by drums at the age of 11, and finally choosing her own instrument – which is obviously the guitar – at the age of 12. As a butterfly evolving from a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and then into a beautiful butterfly, is the philosophy behind Nathania’s album “Metamorfosa”.

“Metamorfosa is my first mini album which was released back in 2019. I see my journey as a musician/guitarist as the process that a caterpillar has to go through to become a butterfly. It became a work of art that introduces my musicality which metamorphosed as I pursue my career in the music industry. Metamorfosa contains 5 songs (4 instrumental and 1 vocal song), all in which composed and arranged by me,” Nathania explains.

With full support from her father, mother, and sister, Nathania then decided to wholeheartedly pursue her career in the music industry and decided to continue her undergraduate education at UPH since graduating high school. With humility, integrity, professionalism, Nathania continues to sharpen her guitar skills in order to be able to ‘live’ from music and grow in the industry. For her, a person who is willing to work together, communicative, and has good time management will prove the struggle they are currently fighting.

“UPH opens the door for me to enter the music industry. The formal education I’ve received made me understand that music is very broad and complex, both in terms of practice and knowledge. COM taught me not only to play guitar/music but also philosophy, history, and so much more. All of these equips me ​​to be a musician that has character, open mindset, and professional,” Nathania closes.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2018
I learnt a lot during my education at UPH Electrical Engineering. My lecturers have guided me to become a graduate that gained scholarship from Germany. It was a life changing experience for which I will always be grateful about
Wandi Susanto (Electrical Engineering 2004)
Senior Manager, Data Science at Lazada South East Asia

Contributing to the Development of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Wandi Susanto Answers His Life Calling as Senior Manager, Data Science Lazada South-East Asia

In this rapidly digitalized era, the role of a data scientist has become even more important for big companies. The role that Wandi Susanto, UPH Electrical Engineering Alumni cohort 2004, bore, is just exactly that: to develop data science projects such as recommendation systems and competitive intelligence using AI (Machine Learning/Deep Learning). As Senior Manager, Data Science for Lazada South East Asia, the challenges Wandi face is no easy responsibility to tackle. The rapid growth of data science and artificial intelligence has required Wandi to always keep up with technological developments and new research papers.

In carrying out his career as a data scientist, the support of his parents have anchored Wandi to keep striving to be better than who he was yesterday. He believes that apart from having a strong drive to progress from within, education is also central in growing his career. Education, according to Wandi, is a crucial factor as education provides foundational knowledge as much as it prepares him to be a professional.

“I learnt a lot during my education at UPH Electrical Engineering. My lecturers have guided me to become a graduate that gained scholarship from Germany. It was a life changing experience for which I will always be grateful about,” Wandi says.

For those who are starting their career in the professional industry, Wandi advised to keep being open-minded and recognize opportunities. Our situation today has changed and now is the time to create a post-pandemic world along with the rapidly evolving technology & industry.

Graduated Year: 17/03/2008
UPH Tourism Business Management has taught me many things, including how to be patient and smile when facing various types of customers. I think these two element is very important in developing my business
Ansela Astrid Bayudi (Tourism Business Management 1997)
Owner of Toko Teguh Mas and TM Diamond

Following Current Developments, Ansela Astrid Bayudi Shifted to Selling Gold Jewelry Online

Shopping online has become like second nature to many Indonesians. All products, from clothing, household appliances, to jewelry can now be purchased in just a few taps on our smart phone. This opportunity is utilized by Ansela Astrid Bayudi, UPH Tourism Business Management Alumni cohort 1997, in shifting the sales of Toko Teguh Mas and TM Diamond, her gold jewelry, precious metals and diamond business from offline to online. Astrid sees that the high public interest in online shopping will highly be impactful on jewelry shopping as well.

Toko Teguh Mas dan TM Diamond are jewelry stores that Astrid’s father started in the 1980s. With perseverance and hard work, he managed to grow Toko Teguh Mas together with his wife. Now, when her father’s business is entrusted to her, Astrid continues to innovate and provide competitive prices for Teguh Mas’ customers. Astrid believes that the honesty and hard work that she gives out in running her business will help her facing various kinds of challenges.

“The point is, don’t be afraid to start a new business. Ups and downs in starting a business are normal. The most valuable experience we can get is getting up again when we fall,” Astrid says.

The innovation that Astrid has successfully implemented in her business definitely can not be separated from the education she’s received at UPH. Even though the business she is currently running is different from her education background, Astrid believes that education has played a role in shaping her into the person she is today, to become one who is able to think and solve problems in a systematic and efficient manner. According to Astrid, the provision of a good education facilitates one’s path to success.

“UPH Tourism Business Management has taught me many things, including how to be patient and smile when facing various types of customers. I think these two element is very important in developing my business,” Astrid closes.

Graduated Year: 14/09/2000
The most memorable experience while going through my graduate education at UPH is being able to meet different kind of human characters as well as discussing topics freely and openly. Lecturers provide space so that we can share our experiences, provide each other with ideas and new ways of thinking – this develops my basic thoughts about how we can approach a problem.
Aji Aditra Perdana (Masters of Communications 2017)
Head of Marketing at Mandalika Grand Prix Association

Collaborating and Synergizing, Aji Aditra Perdana Manages Mandalika Grand Prix Association Commercial Area

Aji Aditra Perdana, UPH’s Masters of Communication Alumni cohort 2017, currently serving as Head of Marketing at Mandalika Grand Prix Association, is in charge of all commercial areas for Mandalika Grand Prix Association Grand Prix event, a premier class motorcycle racing championship series held on street circuits, including sponsorship, ticketing, events, intellectual property, and brand development. Not only that, he also has to establish good relationship with various parties involved, coordinating and synergizing an annual international event in order to develop intellectual property, where monetization is a challenge in itself.

In carrying out his responsibilites as the Head of Marketing, Aji believes that the support from his family provides encouragement and the extra kick he needed. He aims to have stories and experiences to later be told to his children. Thus, he always strive for his best in the work he is doing, added with integrity and willingness to make his work a work, which are crucial values ​​that he upholds in carrying out the trust that has been given to him.

“Currently the professional world is experiencing a huge shift, creative penetration is needed to change the world in the future. Work no longer requires physical presence, and it can maximize our work efficiency. Make sure you go the extra mile and initiate new breakthroughs in the midst of this adapting world,” Aji says, especially for young people who are about to enter the professional world.

Aji believes that education play an important role for everyone. Through education, one will be able to gain new insights and also a scientific basis for thinking. Based on this understanding, Aji then chooses to pursue his graduate education at UPH.

“In my opinion, the most memorable experience while going through my graduate education at UPH is being able to meet different kind of human characters as well as discussing topics freely and openly. Lecturers provide space so that we can share our experiences, provide each other with ideas and new ways of thinking – this develops my basic thoughts about how we can approach a problem. What is no less important is how studying at UPH has opens up new networks that play a role in our development in the future,” Aji closes.

Graduated Year: 09/09/2019
My education at UPH's Masters of Communication Science is very memorable because the discussion and interaction I've had with my lecturers went both ways and went very effectively. Not only was I given the space to present arguments from various perspectives, but also understood the importance of media and communication from lecturers who are professionals in their fields. Relevant concepts and theories from our discussions have become an inspiration for my daily work as a practitioner in the communication field,
Vicky Dwi Saputra (Masters of Communication Science 2016)
Internal Communications Lead at Unilever Indonesia

Implementing Servant Leader as His Personal Value, Vicky Dwi Saputra Takes On The Responsibility as Internal Communications Lead at Unilever Indonesia

Being given the responsibility of an Internal Communications Lead for Unilever Indonesia is not an easy job – it requires effective, relevant, and creative communication skills so that the message conveyed by the corporation can be well received by all employees from various backgrounds. It is the responsibility of Vicky Dwi Saputra, Alumnus to UPH’s Master of Communication Science cohort 2016, to lead the internal communications division at Unilever Indonesia, where he is required to live up to Unilever Indonesia’s values ​​and ensure that every employee knows and understands internal dynamics. Through this responsibility, Vicky expects to be able to encourage active team participation and build an inclusive organizational culture. For Vicky, the people around him are crucial for him to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

With the support of his parents, family, and colleagues, Vicky continues to pursue his purpose in life. Vicky believes that the task entrusted to him gives him has given him the opportunity to make others feel recognized and empowered. The value that Vicky holds, being a servant leader, has shaped him to become wiser who is able to hold back his ego, tolerate, and empathize when interacting with others with different characteristics and cultural background.Vicky’s hope in developing his potential has led him to a Masters in Communication Studies at UPH. Vicky believes that education is an important asset for him to be able to maximize his potential and strengthen his purpose in life.

“My education at UPH’s Masters of Communication Science is very memorable because the discussion and interaction I’ve had with my lecturers went both ways and went very effectively. Not only was I given the space to present arguments from various perspectives, but also understood the importance of media and communication from lecturers who are professionals in their fields. Relevant concepts and theories from our discussions have become an inspiration for my daily work as a practitioner in the communication field,” says Vicky.

For those who are just starting their journey in university, Vicky advised to enjoy and go through the process whole-heartedly. Furthermore, Vicky also remind us to always remember the purpose of your education, escpecially when facing difficult times and keep the commitment to graduate on time with the best results.

“Believe that behind your hard work, you are bringing joy to your loved ones. Good luck!” Vicky closes.

Graduated Year: 14/09/2018
The most memorable experience I've had at UPH was joining campus organizations, as it allows me to meet individuals from different major from mine. From them, I learn different perspectives from my own as well as build relationships with others. I also learn to build connections with campus leaders and other parties too. This experience really prepares me to enter the real world of professionals
Christine Go (Management 2008)
Project Manager at RefillMyBottle

Erradicating Indonesia’s Environmental Issue, Christine Go and RefillMyBottle builds RefillStations Across Indonesia

Environmental issues that occurred in Indonesia attracted Christine Go’s the attention, UPH’s Management Alumni cohort 2008, to join RefillMyBottle, a non-profit community that aims to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. RefillMyBottle is a movement that started in Bali, Indonesia’s highest tourists-visited island, to which has an impact on the number of single-use plastic drinking bottles. Tap water in Bali aren’t drinkable, thus, tourists are left with no choice but to buy bottled mineral water. Furthermore, inadequate waste management in Indonesia left millions of plastic bottle waste thrown into sea or burned, producing toxic gases. RefillMyBottle tried building a network and creates a refill map that shows where anyone can fill their water bottle, eliminating the need to buy single-used bottled water. Currently, Christine and her community partner have succeeded in building more than 4,000 RefillStation point collaborating with shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and other public places that are willing to become RefillStations.

It all started from Christine’s concern regarding plastic waste problem she sees in one of her diving sessions in one of Indonesia’s open ocean. From then, Christine decided to provide education to coastal children about marine sustainability and also continuing her education in the field of Climate Change and Development. It was during her education when Christine conducted a research on what factors contributed to the use of single-use, plastic items, one of which is drinking bottles and her research results show that infrastructure factors such as the availability of refill machines are one of the main reasons why Indonesians choose to not bring water bottles during their travels. Soon after this research, Christine decided to join RefillMyBottle and build a drinking water refill network as a solution to the problem she wants to help resolve in Indonesia. Together with RefillMyBottle community, Christine hopes that she can increase public awareness regarding sustainability issues and provide access to live in harmony with mother earth, because Christine believed that sustainability is an ultimate goal that all must pursue as a unit.

Christine believes that education is an important asset that everyone should have, whether it be formal or informal. In addition to being involved in on-campus or off-campus communities and independent online learning, Christine believes that quality in formal education opens up even more career opportunities. And through the education she’s gained at UPH, Christine learns the importance of community and even more so to see an issue from other perspectives.

“The most memorable experience I’ve had at UPH was joining campus organizations, as it allows me to meet individuals from different major from mine. From them, I learn different perspectives from my own as well as build relationships with others. I also learn to build connections with campus leaders and other parties too. This experience really prepares me to enter the real world of professionals,” Christine closes.

Graduated Year: 05/03/2012
The education I gained at UPH has taught me a lot of things. UPH taught its students to always put God First and pushes us to have Godly Character. I think that these values is what makes UPH different from other campus. UPH did not only guide us to achieve physical success, but also directing students to have correct understanding of God
Rachel Angela (Law 2017)
Indonesian Christian Music Singer and Songwriter

Being a Blessing Through Her Social Media, Rachel Angela Shares Her Covers Singing Christian Songs

Bringing an impact for the younger generation has been on everyone’s dream, including Rachel Angela, an Alumni of UPH’s Faculty of Law class 2017. With the sweet voice that God gave her, she is now pursuing her career in singing, sharing Christian songs she sings through social media. With prayers and extraordinary support from her closest family members, Rachel made up her mind to focus on sharing spiritual content after praying for some time about the kind of content God wants her to share.

“That particular decision is a miracle for me, because I believe it would be impossible if it wasn’t God that changed my heart and dreams. The dreams that I keep since I was little changed 180 degrees without any disappointment nor regret up to this very day. I did once try to go with my friends’ suggestion and focus only to use my social media as a platform to produce money (I focused on singing secular songs), thinking that giving back to God doesn’t have to always be through my social media, but there was no peace in my heart and I could only focus on ‘work‘ for 2 days. From that moment, I pray some more and one morning, God directed my foot and I called my mom. I told her: ‘Mom, I know what I’m going to choose. I choose to wholefully serve God. And as of work, I believe that God has prepared great things for me. It’s easy for Him to bless me any way He wants’,” Rachel retells.

Rachel admits that there are challenges she has to face, even in serving God. But with discipline, consistency, and creativity, Rachel fights her weariness. She perseveres in order to create a relatable content for young people in Indonesia. Rachel believes that when she depended on God, serve with love, and build a close relationship with God, whatever she does will bear fruit in its time. Furthermore, Rachel also believed that education holds an important role in her career. She believes that through the education she’s gained at UPH, she has become more resilient, more disciplined, consistent, and creative.

“The education I gained at UPH has taught me a lot of things. UPH taught its students to always put God First and pushes us to have Godly Character. I think that these values is what makes UPH different from other campus. UPH did not only guide us to achieve physical success, but also directing students to have correct understanding of God” Rachel closes with a smile.

Graduated Year: 17/07/2021
Studying at UPH really impresses me because I was exposed to many experience and knowledge that made me who I am today. In my opinion, apart from experience, the most useful thing so far is our social skills, as it becomes an investment in networking in the future
Elrica Sofridia (DKV 2004 & MTI 2009)
Chief Operating Officer at Creative Nest Indonesia

Facilitating Creative Industry Activists to Collaborate, Elrica Sofridia Takes Responsibility as Chief Operating Officer for Creative Nest Indonesia

The saying that goes “there is no power equal to a woman who is determined to rise up” – is a saying that perfectly describes Elrica Sofridia, UPH’s Visual Communication Design Alumni cohort 2004 as well as UPH’s Master of Industrial Engineering Alumni cohort 2009. As the Chief Operating Officer for Creative Nest Indonesia, it is Elrica’s responsibility to ensure that each division functions properly in carrying out its duties, directing the company, and also looking for more innovative opportunities to develop the company. Creative Nest Indonesia, a creative hub and a training center that has been Elrica’s second home since 2019 envisions to provide a forum as well as facilitate creative industry activists. She hopes that through Creative Nest, many creative artists can collaborate, complement, and continues to grow in making quality works.

In carrying out her responsibilities, Elrica upholds integrity, critical thinking, and adaptability. She believes that in these three values is crucial in times like this, especially being in the industry that always requires her to always be up on her feet, looking out for the society’s needs, shifting, and growth. Elrica further acknowledge the support she’s gained from her family, partners, and team. They have given her great courage to face every challenge.

Elrica believes that education is a very important asset for everyone to have. A good education will form good framework and mindset for someone, where this framework will produce solutive life-skills useful for any field of work. What’s more, education has also helped Elrica to be more open-minded and to process information and knowledge more effectively in order to apply them in her field of work.

“Studying at UPH really impresses me because I was exposed to many experience and knowledge that made me who I am today. In my opinion, apart from experience, the most useful thing so far is our social skills, as it becomes an investment in networking in the future,“ Elrica closes.

Graduated Year: 23/01/2008
UPH's Faculty of Psychology has equipped me not only in terms of education, but also character development. I have been more confident when I meet people in both business and personal matters. For example, when there is a conflict between my employees, the provisions I received from my college days can be used to help resolve the conflict
Aviana Nastasia (Psychology 2006)
Director of Operations at I Can Read Indonesia - Solo

Relying on God and Not Afraid to Fail, Aviana Nastasia Lives Her Calling As Director of Operations I Can Read Indonesia – Solo

English has become a very important asset in this era of globalization. And especially for Aviana Nastasia, UPH Psychology Alumni cohort 2006, Director of Operations I Can Read Indonesia, Solo branch, it has her calling in life to be able to help Indonesian children understand English more effectively and efficiently. In mid-2020, Aviana joined I Can Read, one of the leading English Language Course Institutions in Asia, especially in Indonesia. As Director of Operations at one of their centers in Solo, Aviana manages all operational activities of the center, including the planning process to operational implementation. Through learning methods that combine various learning styles such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, Aviana believes that English will be easier and faster for children to understand.

In carrying out her tasks as a Director of Operations, Aviana admits that the biggest challenge she faces is having to transforming the marketing ideas she’s received from I Can Read Jakarta with the conditions she’s facing at Solo, a small city in Central Java, both in terms of price and marketing. However, it is through this challenge that Aviana learns to depend more on God, unafraid of failure, and also takes time to rest and spend time with her family. She believes that when she involves God in everything she does, God will move and help her to be able to rise and learn from her failure.

Aviana believes that education is an important asset that everyone just have, including herself. The continuous support given by her father has inspired her to pursue education and achieve her dreams as high as possible, which is in line with Aviana’s education at UPH Psychology. Aviana admits that UPH has not only equipped it with practical knowledge, but also character development.

“UPH’s Faculty of Psychology has equipped me not only in terms of education, but also character development. I have been more confident when I meet people in both business and personal matters. For example, when there is a conflict between my employees, the provisions I received from my college days can be used to help resolve the conflict,” Aviana closes.

Graduated Year: 07/09/2010
Everything I've learnt at UPH's Conservatory of Music UPH is very important and useful in my field of work. My lecturers were amazing people and they are definitely of high experience in their respective field
Joshua Setiawan (Conservatory of Music 2010)
Founder of Joshua Setiawan Entertainment

Providing Quality Music for Weddings, UPH Conservatory of Music Alumnus Creates Joshua Setiawan Entertainment

Providing and performing quality music in events, especially weddings, is the Joshua Setiawan’s aim, Alumnus to UPH’s Conservatory of Music UPH cohort 2010, in establishing Joshua Setiawan Entertainment, a Music Entertainment for Indonesian weddings. With perseverance, mental strength, and persistence in work, Joshua started this business shortly after he finished his education at the UPH Conservatory of Music, spring 2018.

Joshua, so is he known amongst his collagues, admitted that starting a Music Entertainment in Indonesia is not an easy matter. As an artist who was born with a family who also does music, Joshua understood thoroughly that his rivals out there are those who doesn’t understand music but offers music entertainment services at very affordable prices. With that said, a lot of weddings have, if not already minimal services, also plays low quality music. Thus, Joshua aims to fix the situation: he wanted to give quality music with affordable prices for each wedding entruted to him.

Joshua believes that education is an important asset to have, especially in starting his business, Joshua Setiawan Entertainment. Joshua knew that he had to first understand the kind of product he’s selling to his consumers, so that they would feel that their decision is choosing Joshua’s entertainment service is the best decision they’ve taken. And one of the way to know what to give is through the right and professional education.

“Everything I’ve learnt at UPH’s Conservatory of Music UPH is very important and useful in my field of work. My lecturers were amazing people and they are definitely of high experience in their respective field,” tutup Joshua.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2014
Many people think that education can only be obtained through in-class studying, but in my opinion education can also be obtained through campus organization activities. I still carry the experience and lessons I received while participating in those organization activities
Fadi Filip Anugerah (International Relations 2012)
Junior Communication Expert in Water Supply and Sanitation, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas)

Fadi Filip Anugerah, International Relations Cohort 2012 Contributes To Raising Indonesia’s Water and Sanitation Sector Profile

Another UPH alumni who graduated from International Relations cohort 2012 contributed to Indonesia’s welfare in the form of thoughts. He is Fadi Filip Anugerah, who is currently entrusted to be a Junior Communication Expert in Water Supply and Sanitation, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas). In his daily responsibilities, Fadi, is entrusted to find ways to improve Indonesia’s water and sanitation sector profile so that it can become a priority issue both at the national and regional levels. Moreover, Fadi and his team is also working on National Water and Sanitation Conference (KSAN), happening in November 2021, the largest forum for collaboration and advocacy in the water and sanitation sector.

In carrying out his role as a junior communication expert, Fadi admits that the biggest challenge he faced today is to package the right communication and advocacy strategy in order for it to be understood by all levels of the Indonesian society. Based on the data Fadi collected, the access to safe sanitation in Indonesian households is only 7.6% and safe drinking water is mere 11.9% – both numbers are still far below the national target, so extra work is needed. But Fadi believed the saying that goes, ‘an outcome will never betray its process’’. He believes that with hard work, willingness to go with the process, and perseverance, whatever result we gain will be good.

The trust given to Fadi at Bappenas certainly cannot be separated from the education he’s received at UPH. Fadi, who always takes the time to learn from great people in his environment, both older and younger, believes that education is not only obtained through in-class lessons, but also from other activities he participated in while on campus, including committee activities, organizations, and internship at the Indonesian Embassy (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia) in the Philippines.

“Many people think that education can only be obtained through in-class studying, but in my opinion education can also be obtained through campus organization activities. I still carry the experience and lessons I received while participating in those organization activities. Furthermore, my internship experience at the Indonesian Embassy at the Phillipines in 2014 – there are a lot of things I learnt firsthand as I dive in to the industry, from working with others, building relationshiop with people with different background, to give positive reults when working under pressure.” Fadi closes.

Graduated Year: 03/03/2016
I clearly remembered the day I first stepped on to UPH's lobby. There was a big engraving that says, ‘Responsibility Begins With Me’. This slogan becomes my compass, whether it be studying or interacting with fellow students at UPH. This slogan helped change my very academic-striving self into more open to business and investing knowledge through my friendship with these friends I made
William O. Mamudi (Physics 2003)
Senior Technical Analyst at PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia

Working With Discipline and Optimism, William O. Mamudi Is Entrusted As A Senior Technical Analyst At PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia

Investing in capital market is rising amongst Indonesians. The Indonesian’s awareness of good financial planning to fulfill their future needs has become like their primary need. Behind PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia’s analysis that can be accessed by their clients, is William Oktafbipian Mamudi’s main duty, Alumnus to UPH Physics cohort 2003, to provide capital market latest updates as well as recommending stocks with interesting dynamic for clients. With William’s responsibilities as a Senior Technical Analyst, he had to must be observant to opportunities, be it from stocks in traditional economic driving sectors as well as stocks that might have slipped these investor’s radar but has the opportunity to give high returns in the future.

Since undergoing his education at UPH, William holds firm unto discipline and optimism. He believed that by staying disciplined to the strategies built, a proven investment will work in the long run. William further believed that optimism has to be built within ourselves and through good networking. When he discussed with fellow students at UPH, William learns that Chinese-Indonesians believes that crisis brings danger as well as opportunity, one to which will let younger investors to take lead for they are brave enough to take the risk. With that said, William always try his best to remain optimistic in the Indonesian investing.

In pursuing his career, William have had obstacles in his way. As a professional chartist, William has to be able to maintain his objectivity, especially when facing clients. Furthermore, William also have to be able to explain his chart analysis wisely if his recommendation is against the investor’s personal bias. William believed that Indonesia will lead to a better future.William’s success in stocks analysis definitely did not fall far from the education he’s gained from UPH. William, who at the time had the opportunity to receive an education scholarship and been educated directly by Prof. Yohanes Surya admits that responsibility begins with himself and he has kept this direction when building his career.

“I clearly remembered the day I first stepped on to UPH’s lobby. There was a big engraving that says, ‘Responsibility Begins With Me’. This slogan becomes my compass, whether it be studying or interacting with fellow students at UPH. This slogan helped change my very academic-striving self into more open to business and investing knowledge through my friendship with these friends I made,” William closes.

Graduated Year: 08/03/2007
At UPH's Master of Management, I'm very much helped by our group presentations where our lecturers gave us real case studies and not based on books. I learnt to analyze these cases comprehensively while also practicing to present a project with well, one in which is very useful in my role at work, which is to convince professionals
Yoselin Indrawati (Master of Management 2018)
Senior Research Executive & Creative Expert

Changing Numbers Into Stories, Yoselin Indrawati Pursues A Career As A Senior Research Executive and Creative Expert

In recent years, the advertisement we see becomes more intriguing and convincing. When combined with the emergence of online shopping platforms that provides convenience for customers, we are prone to more shopping. The changes we experience today makes Yoselin Indrawati, alumnus to UPH’s Master of Management cohort 2018, duty even more challenging. As a Senior Research Executive as well as creative expert for one of Indonesia’s leading firm providing companies with consumer behavior data and report, it has been Yoselin’s responsibility to understand audience reaction when exposed to different advertisement and then convert the data in form of a report based on the combination of human understanding and big data.

Furthermore, Yoselin is also expected to be able to give credible presentation, workshops, and write articles related to big data learning based on the report she’s written.In being a Senior Research Executive that is also entrusted to be a creative expert, Yoselin finds obstacles in her way. Presenting her analysis reports to clients has been her greatest obstacle to overcome.

“Making a report is one thing, but presenting them in front of professionals – when combined with a big stage – that’s the real challenge. I used to think that presenting these numbers are merely as it is: bad or good. Apparently, presenting these numbers would require me to rehearse an interrelated story and how to change them into a decision we can take action upon. It has to be adjusted with human understanding,” Yoselin says, while always holding to humility and willingness to learn.

Curiosity and her observant nature makes Yoselin more enthusiastic when doing her job in consumer-behavior research and creative. For her, analyzing human reaction towards commercial advertising is an interesting thing to observe. For Yoselin, there is a certain fascination when she sees a neat advertisement and especially to those that can bring consumer’s emotion into the story.

Yoselin believes that education is an important asset for everyone to have, regardless of their career. Besides equipping her with basic communication strategies and understanding people’s reaction based on their needs, the master’s education Yoselin went through have sharpened her skills when it comes to analyzing cases comprehensively.

“At UPH’s Master of Management, I’m very much helped by our group presentations. On those presentations, we were given real study cases and not based on books. I learnt to analyze these cases comprehensively while also practicing to present a project with well, one in which is very useful in my role at work,” Yoselin closes.

Graduated Year: 17/07/2021
The most memorable experience I had during my studies at UPH was the many choices we have as students to participate in student organizations. Participating in student organizations have taught me time management and project management - two things I still utilize in my work today
Karnika Grikanandini (Applied Communication Science 2012)
Brand Manager at Unilever Indonesia

Through Continuous Learning and Perseverance, Karnika Grikanandini Pushes Herself to Bring Added Value for Her Company

Behind every brand’s effective promotion, there are great minds behind the scene working on each product’s marketing strategy. Karnika Grikanandini, UPH’s Applied Communication Science cohort 2012 is amongst them. As a Brand Manager at Unilever Indonesia, Nika – as she is usually known – is responsible to develop Unilever’s products marketing strategy from end to end, meaning, she had to be able to find out what the consumer needs and come up with solutions to those needs so that each Unilever product can be the answer to the insights she’s collected.

As a Brand Manager, there are definitely challenges for Nika to solve. One of the most challenging ones, Nika admit, is having to understand both the marketing as well as the company’s overall business chain of process. She had to learn to understand about the machines available, how the packaging works, and even how the product is made. This challenge is necessary for Nika to be able to provide more effective solutions so that her company can develop each brand better, from end to end. Through each challenge and failure, Nika persevere and does not give up. She believes that these experiences will be useful stepping stones in the future.

Nika further admits that education is an important asset for her career today. She believes that the education she’s gained at UPH has equipped her with practical knowledge and soft-skill, including problem solving, time management, and fighting spirit. With the combination of these knowledge, Nika aims to be a someone who adds value to the company, people around her, and Indonesia.

“The most memorable experience I had during my studies at UPH was the many choices we have as students to participate in student organizations – all from student body to TV and Radio Club. Participating in these organizations have taught me time management and project management – the very two things I still utilize in my work today,” tutup Nika.

Graduated Year: 03/03/2016
I'm grateful that at UPH, I gained positive experiences including those that are outside of my academic field, such as leadership and spiritual
Iven Kawi (Accounting 2004)
Founder & Baker of IVENOVEN

Baking With Love, Iven Kawi, Founder of Ivenoven Aims to Always Give The Best for Her Customers

Cake – a cake usually represents a person (or a family)’s special day in Indonesia. That special day wouldn’t feel right if there is no cake. Besides being tasty, a pretty cake that can be custom-designed has been on demand these past years. She is Iven Kawi, UPH Accounting alumnus cohort 2004, founder of IVENOVEN that makes all Indonesian birthday cake desires come true: not only is she excellent at creating cake decoration based on customer’s request with buttercream, she further invents cake flavors and icing between layers to make a delicious, if not already balanced, flavor combination.

Iven’s baking story started in 2014 when her firstborn enters toddler age and asked for a cake to eat during snack time. Iven, who have loved cakes since young and is used to help her mom to make her own cake, finally decided to do the same for her daughter since making the cake herself would mean less preservatives and more natural ingredients including free range eggs in her cake batter. Iven then tried creating different cakes and share them with her church community friends. Later, one of these friends ordered a cake professionaly to Iven for her birthday and voilla IVENOVEN was born. With the help of her husband to handle IVENOVEN’s social media marketing, Iven now is supvervises 20 professional pastry graduates to help her decorate her cakes.In developing IVENOVEN, Iven is determined to always give her best.

“Bake with love; to bake as if it is for my own family,” Iven says – this is her first and foremost principles when it comes to creating and baking. Iven believes that the support given by her mom, friends, and husband has given her the passion to keep on creating. And it’s true: what started from one to two cakes a week grows into ten to fifteen cakes, and it is still growing to sixty-seventy cakes weekly. Furthermore, Iven has been fulfilling invitations to share her knowledge in cake decorating in neighboring countries before the pandemic hits.

Iven’s success today definitely does not fall too far away from the education she’s gained at UPH. Iven believes that education does not only open academic opportunities, but also self-development and networking too.

“A few of the most important things I’ve learnt during college, that is very applicable to my business today, was to make financial reports no matter how small my business came from. It is very important to make those reports, budgeting and cost management, production cost, how much my cakes are sold for, counting inventory, and much more. I’m grateful that at UPH, I gained positive experiences including those that are outside of my academic field, such as leadership and spiritual,” Iven shares.

For everyone out there who is trying out on their first business, Iven would love to remind you to always start to what you have now – no matter how small. The digital era has given everyone the access to information and this will help everyone to get inspiration and learn whenever wherever. Thus, keep learning, adjust, develop, apply, repeat. The world keeps spinning and so do we need to keep to learn to be able to grow.

Graduated Year: 28/03/2008
UPH's education has taught me to be resilient and persevere, to stay grounded and give my best amid challenges
Natalia M. Christina (Medicine 2004)
General Surgeon at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village

Fulfilling Life Calling by Being an Excellent and Skillful Doctor

A lot of Indonesian children wanted to be a doctor when they’re asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. dr. Natalia M. Christina Sp.B, general surgeon at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, Alumnus to UPH Medicine cohort 2004 is amongst the many. For her, being a doctor does not only become her goal, but also a life calling that she is pursuing to not only provide medication for her family members, but also the general public. Being brought up in a family that has no medical education background, dr. Natalia once felt helpless when she had to see a family member suffer from a chronic disease because nobody in her family understood enough to help, nor did her family had much access to medical help at the time.

dr. Natalia understood wholefully that being a doctor is a huge responsibility. It requires equal love, joy, and sincerity when she first met a patient and when she had to find the best solution to help them. According to her, the biggest challenge she had to deal with is when she had to face limited medicine, equipment, as well as finance so that she couldn’t move as flexible to help her patients. Before being called back to serve at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, dr. Natalia worked at other hospitals and it was there and then when she saw a huge number of helpless patients: these people needed immediate action, yet they were met with limited resources. But when she remembered her education days at UPH, dr. Natalia kept serving with apt and with joy.

According to dr. Natalia, education is an important asset for anyone to pursue a career, especially a doctor. She’s grateful that UPH did not only emphasize on science itself, but also on skill and attitude as well. Furthermore, the experience she’s gained on Hospital Exposure during her first year of university helped her understood the life of a doctor better, from time demands, challenges, as well as good and bad. These things helped her prepare herself better and become a responsible doctor today.

“UPH’s education has taught me to be resilient and persevere, to stay grounded and give my best amid challenges. The Covid pandemic has tempt us to remain silent and do nothing, but my education at UPH has motivated me to keep holding on in attendance, and even to stand up for social service so that the society can have the best chance of living a healthy life,” close dr. Natalia with a smile.

Graduated Year: 23/01/2008
At UPH's Visual Design Communication, I learn to persevere, especially in the assignments given. I was taught to be precise, neat, fast, and produce the best results all at the same time. All these values combined, applied to the work I'm doing, proves to be very helpful and effective.
Glory Josephine Immanuela (DKV 2016)
Founder & Designer of Rupa Cerita

Sending Out Positive Message While Channeling Her Talent, Glory Josephine Immanuela Creates Rupa Cerita

Behind Rupa Cerita’s colorful designs, an artwear apparel initiated in 2018, is Glory Josephine Immanuela, UPH’s Visual Design Communication Alumnus cohort 2016. Various designs poured onto denim jackets made by Rupa Cerita has been used at Indonesian Idol season eleven. The names that stepped onto stage that night loved the positive message Rupa Cerita voice and today, Rupa Cerita has caught the attention of the wider society – including the Indonesian Bank governor at Singapore as well as Indonesia’s 7th President’s grandson.

“When Rupa Cerita first launched its designs in August 2018, my church community is very supportive. A lot of our friends bought our product and use them in various events – they became Rupa Cerita’s living breathing billboard. Besides, I’ve always believed that God is my main access to opened doors. So if Rupa Cerita has come this far, I will say that God is my helper,” Glory retells, as she also longs to make her parents happy and proud.

Glory’s journey on building Rupa Cerita as a custom artwear that bears positive values to the young generation is no easy path. As a start-up business, all Rupa Cerita’s designing process is done by Glory and her small team. She admits that with the growing order, she’s felt overwhelmed to sempat untuk define the team’s workflow. Even more so, finding the right painting partner who has an excellent skill to transfer the designes to denim jackets is another challenge Glory has to tackle. Yet still, Glory believes that if she is faithful in little things, be it project or client, one day she will be entrusted big things. Therefore, Glory keeps persevering, hard working, and depending on God in whatever step she takes.

Glory also believes that the education she’s gained at UPH is an important asset she has as a designer. According to her, the graphic design knowledge taught at Visual Design Communication is more than basic information about building a brand, presenting an artwork, or how to market a product, but preparing her mentality as a designer.

“At UPH’s Visual Design Communication, I learn to persevere, especially in the assignments given. I was taught to be precise, neat, fast, and produce the best results all at the same time. All these values combined, applied to the work I’m doing, proves to be very helpful and effective,” Glory closes.

Graduated Year: 17/07/2021
One of the most memorable experience I've had at UPH was admittedly the practicum because we get to directly apply the theories we learn in-class to those who needed them
Jessica Hariwijaya (Conservatory of Music 2013)
Medical Music Therapist at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village

Helping Rehabilitate Patients’ Motoric needs, Jessica Hariwijaya Lived Her Calling As A Medical Music Therapist

Music – an element to life that is inseparable from our daily motion as humans. In the history of its development, music does not only become a media for human to express their feelings, but also for healing. It is Jessica Hariwijaya’s main task as a Medial Music Therapist at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, UPH’s Conservatory of Music Alumni cohort 2013, to help patient’s motoric, speech, cognition, socio-psychology, and reduce anxiety during their hospitalization period. After finishing her internship in the same hospital last 2017, Jessica’s satisfactory performance resulted in her residency in Medical Rehabilitation department. Since then, the department has grown and helped hundreds of patients during their recovery.

Being a Medical Music Therapist surely needed toughness, determination, and intuition when handling different patients. Jessica admits that parallel physical and psychological pressure has shaped her to be more tolerant and emphatic.

“Physically, we’re expected to be ready on-foot for 6 days a week. While psychologically, we have to always be ready to help patients as they came with their own problems and stress. As a Medical Music Therapist, I would have to face the stress projected by my patients while still having to help them reach the purpose of their rehabilitation,” says Jessica, who has loved music since young.

The life calling Jessica finds to serve as a Medical Music Therapist definitely does not part far from the education she’s gained at UPH. She believes that her education becomes a cornerstone that brings her to who she is today, as much as she believes that making an impact is as important as making an income.

“One of the most memorable experience I’ve had at UPH was admittedly the practicum, because we get to directly apply the theories we learn in-class to those who needed them,” Jessica closes.

Graduated Year: 15/09/2017
UPH's Industrial Engineering has prepared me to enter the working force. Organizational logic, procedures, ergonomics, working effective and efficiently are some of the unique things learnt only at Industrial Engineering. I believe as a graduate I am given the benefit from these principles because it helped me to be able to adapt quickly across various working disciplines.
Mendi Susanto (Industrial Engineering 1996)
President Director of PT Data Labs Analytics

Mendi Susanto, UPH Industrial Engineer Graduate Who Leads With Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, and Right Living

Honesty, loyalty, integrity, and living right in God’s eyes are some core values Mendi Susanto, President Director of PT Data Labs Analytics as well as UPH’s Industrial Engineering Alumnus cohort 1996 holds in his professional life. In his career, Mendi, so is this Bengkulu born man usually known in his daily life, has been required to walk based on these values, especially in making important and/or strategic decisions within the company, managing operational activities or the company’s resources, in ensuring the stakeholder and consumer’s satisfaction towards the company’s performance, as well as ensuring the company’s cashflow healthy. Mendi believes that thoughts and actions made based on these values can be seen from it’s results, quality and the work standards he does – a good tree produces good fruit, afterall.

As one of those who has lived through technological changes from analog to digital, being adaptive is nothing new to Mendi. Nevertheless, he believed that everyone including himself would have to keep adapting to new changes and think of new ways to be applied to life in general. Having to manage finances, while having to sort through the underskilled human resources in Indonesia makes Mendi’s work even more challenging. But being within the support of his family, mentor, and great people, Mendi pushes to always give his best.

Mendi’s success also comes from the education he’s gained from UPH 20 years ago. As one of the early residents of UPH, Mendi believed that education is one of the determining factors of his life. Education has taught him how to think, how to act, how to cope within the society and how to bring positive changes in his surroundings.

“UPH’s Industrial Engineering has prepared me to enter the working force. Organizational logic, procedures, ergonomics, working effective and efficiently are some of the unique things learnt only at Industrial Engineering. I believe as a graduate I am given the benefit from these principles because it helped me to be able to adapt quickly across various working disciplines. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see industrial engineer graduates in different careers from manufacture to property, designer, culinary, banker, IT, startups, Venture Capital Stakeholders, and even politics as well as officials at the National Investment Management Institute,” Mendi closes.

Graduated Year: 19/12/2000
UPH becomes a stepping stone for my career because at UPH I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. My character was shaped and my capacity is further sharpened. All of these became important supplies as I walk into the professional world.
Cindy Lim (DKV 2009)
Founder of Fortelin Creative Studio

UPH’s DKV Alumnus Offers Design with Character and Innovation at Fortelin Creative Studio

The rapid growth of business sector, technology, as well as social media in Indonesia has demanded designs to be more powerful and impactful. Seeing the opportunity within the growth, Cindy Lim, Alumnus to UPH’s Visual Communication Design cohort 2009 initiates Fortelin Creative Studio – a graphic design studio based in Jakarta with a vision to provide a creative and innovative solution for brands to grow through integrated branding. Originating from the word “Fortælling” meaning story or narrative, Fortelin aims to help brands build their identity and tell their story through design and attractive visuals.

Cindy admits that working in the graphic design industry started with her love with drawing. Since her childhood, Cindy loves translating her imagination into a piece of paper and soon as she grows up, she decided to continue her education at UPH and took Visual Communication Design to further explore her passion in arts. The designer life is filled with challenges, including hers: demands of knowledge renewal, adapting and keeping up with technology updates and market taste are a few of the many criteria that Cindy has to keep sharpening in order to compete in the creative industry. She hopes that through her excellence, she will be able to give the best service alongside of providing high quality designs.

“The trust my client gave me to work on their designs and help their business grow is my main motivation in Fortelin. I usually feel at contentment when I can contribute and provide solution for their business through my designs or visual work. At the end of the day, design is not only work for me – it’s who I am. It pushes me to keep being creative, to keep giving my best work and creating the best designs,” Cindy says with enthusiasm.

Cindy’s success in developing a creative studio can’t be separated from her education at UPH. Holding tight to honesty, integrity, consistency, respect, and humility, Cindy did not only grab the opportunity to be on the scholarship program UPH provided, but also participating in various organizational and committee activities. Cindy believes that through her academic and non-academic experiences during her education at UPH has shaped her into the person she is today and is an important process in her life.

“I’m convinced by the values, curriculum, and facilities that UPH has. UPH becomes a stepping stone for my career because at UPH I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. My character was shaped and my capacity is further sharpened. All of these became important supplies as I walk into the professional world,” Cindy closes.

Graduated Year: 28/08/2013
I'm blessed to have a sincere friendship built within UPH, be it from the same major or different ones, that was born out of the same love of art and passion to build a healthy arts ecosystem in Indonesia.
Nina Sari Ishak (Conservatory of Music 2006)
Indonesian Music Producer/Composer/Arranger

Music For Sleeping: Lelap, A Portable Speaker By UPH’s CoM Alumnus for the World

“A good artwork is a one that helps others, because whatever comes from one’s heart will deliver to other hearts,” says Nina Sari Ishak’s principles in creating her art.

This one alumnus to UPH’s Conservatory of Music cohort 2006 have just released her newest opus, a music album in form of a portable speaker completed with a sleep lamp aimed to help people fall asleep easier. Entitled “Music for Sleeping: Lelap”, this album has been officially released digitally on World Sleep Day 2021 and has received good feedback from its listeners. Eversince it’s release, almost 1,000 Lelap Speaker Lamp have been sold around Indonesia as well as Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and even the United States.

“The idea behind Lelap’s musical composisition are people’s trouble sleeping. They were coping with stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness and these problems inspired me to provide relief through music. Based on human’s sleeping cycle, which started from relaxed, sleepy, falling asleep, to having dreams, I intentionally write Lelap’s title in Bahasa Indonesia so that Bahasa Indonesia will be renowned in the international music market,” says Nina, who turns out to starting her career as a music teacher at UPH College.

Amidst the hardships, Nina kept her consistency to write music with innovation and creativity. Through Stretta Music Production, a music production house she initiated, Nina shifted her music performances from on stage to back stage: she now helps clients writes music for advertising, jingle, as well as movies.

“Stretta was actually my recital title for my final project exam during my undergraduate studies at UPH. The idea then grows into Stretta Chamber Orchestra, a music community with fellow undergraduates to collaborate. Sretta’s first project was to actually play for 2011’s UPH Awards and as much as I was thrilled, it was a huge achievement for us that time. Since then, Stretta Music goes on performing from wedding events to jazz festival jazz like Java Jazz International Festival held in Jakarta. Stretta Music has been invited to Taiwan to represent Indonesian music there, too,” Nina says, reminiscing her career.

Nina’s career achievements can’t be separated from the sincere friendship she’s built during her education at UPH. Through campus organization program she participated in, Nina met friends who has the same passion and spirit to build a healthy arts ecosystem in Indonesia.

“I believe in doing whatever God has entrusted us with with honor as well as learning from whoever we meet along the way with respect. I believe our future is more or less determined from who we talk to and learn from today,” close Nina with a smile.

Graduated Year: 02/03/2011
UPH's DKV is supported by lecturers who are practitioners in their field. I believe that experienced lecturers will help me gain practical knowledge throughout my learning process. Furthermore, the campus' green environment and character development classes convinced me even more
Anastasia Callista, Visual Communication Design 2006
Co-founder of ‘Takita by Fusion Art Studio

Activating Creative Designs Through ‘Takita Fusion Art Studio Creative Studio

What makes someone decided to buy a product and/or use a brand’s services? Boldly speaking, the influence of a company’s brand image, including their personal brand, is one of the most determining factor for consumers to trust their product. In building a brand identity — Anastasia Callista or who is usually called Anast in her day to day, Alumni to UPH’s Communication Visual Design cohort 2006 admits that visual role is an inseperable part that could create an alluring aesthetics, but also to communicate and create a solution.

Anast, the co-founder and creative director of ‘Takita by Fusion Art Studio, shares her undergraduate experiences at ‘Liburan Bareng Yuk,’ an online webinar for high school students held by Pelita Harapan University (UPH). This webinar is held to inspire these high school students who are soon to embark on their undergraduate studies. Anast starts her story from how she chooses the major according to her interest up tp how she starts her career in the design industry. Inspired from Walt Disney’s animatied movies she watched, young Anast was intrigued about how these movies were made, all from changing abstract imagination to real visual, drawing, making those drawings move, to the process of making it into a full animation movie. The process was the reason she chooses DKV and also being interested to arts and design.

For Anast, choosing DKV also lies in the fact that UPH’s DKV is accredited A and is supported by lecturers who are practitioners in their field. She believes that experienced lecturer will help her gain practical knowledge throughout her learning process. Furthermore, the campus’ green environment and character development classes convinced her even more.

“Knowledge and character are two fundamental things to have. All of us will need good character in both work and our social life,” Anastasia added.

After graduating from college, Anast works in a creative studio located in Jakarta and then started her own studio called ‘Takita by Fusion Art Studio in 2013. Started in a small studio and peer to peer conversations, Anast worked on designs for family and friends’ business until she is entrusted to work with renowned brands for both national and international brands.

Being a DKV graduate, Anast admits to have a lot of things to learn and do, including to build a brand’s identity, designing Point of Purchase (POP)— to help consumers choose which brand’s product/service to choose, designing packaging, illustrating, and even to become website, social media and apps designer, a promising field of work in this digital era.

Besides focusing on building her own creative studio, Anast is also participating in practical knowledge by being guest lecturer at UPH’s DKV major. Having practitioners like Anast gives DKV its plus point to create competitive graphic designers in the neighborhood.

Graduated Year: 01/09/2010
During my studies at UPH, I was given the opportunity to join a number of competition held by other campuses. These experiences gave valuable lessons for me. Furthermore, I also feel the solidarity and togetherness across cohorts, both in my major and one faculty
Panji Widiarda Rabowo (Mathematics, 2009)
Corporate Actuary at PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia

Panji Widiarda Rabowo, An Corporate Actuary Working Integrity and Professionalism

His love for mathematics brought Panji Widiarda Rabowo, UPH’s Mathematics Alumni cohort 2009, to be one of the few Corporate Actuary at PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia. As the only Actuary with FSAI degree (qualitfication tests for actuarists), Panji – how he is known among his colleague, admits that the responsibilities he carries ain’t an easy load. His job includes maintaining and increasing data quality, calculating technical reserves, as well as compiling and signing yearly Actuary Reports.

“An actuarist’s job is pivotal in a company. In regarding to data quality, I have to ensure that it is good and keeps getting better in order for the governing body to take beneficial desicions for the company. And it comes twice as important when it comes to calculating technical reserves because the stockpile I calculated will impact the company’s current profit and it’s capability to pay claim obligations in the future,” Panji explained.

In carrying out his job as an actuarist, Panji admits that a lot of hurdles were on his way. Firstly, he had to maintain professionality and actuary professional ethics. Actuarist’s work results that sometimes didn’t quite meet the company’s expectation, be it calculation or suggestions, required Panji to be able to keep his work consistent and convinced the management that the results were right and is for the company’s well-being. Second, having to be able to align theory and practice in the reinsurance industry. A lot of times, available theory and method for insurance business aren’t directly applicable for reinsurance – thus, it is not uncommon for Panji to adjust align theory and it’s actual business.

Panji feels extremely lucky to have gained the opportunity to take his undergraduate education at UPH. Especially when it comes to classes like Accounting Mathematics, Actuary Mathematics, and Risk Theory that has been adjusted accordingly for PAI tests, a 10-set certification test Actuarists had to take, Panji was able to learn and finish these PAI tests faster. The knowledge he’s gained at UPH, combined with the profesionality he applies at work, Panji believes that it will help boost his career amongst actuarists.

“During my studies at UPH, I was given the opportunity to join a number of competition held by other campuses, both in provincial level and national level. These experiences gave valuable lessons for my friends and I. Furthermore, I also feel the solidarity and togetherness across cohorts, both in my major and one faculty,” Panji closes with a smile.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2013
I believe that studying at UPH has given me a good community and connection. My lecturers were also very constructive - the kinship is very thick between us students and lecturers. Furthermore, UPH provides us with various choices of organizational extras that have equipped me with useful soft skills for my career
Agata Verencia (Applied Communication Sciences 2015)
Singer for Impact Music Indonesia

For Agata Verencia, Every Opportunity to Sing is A Blessing

This beautiful Jember-born lady’s voice must be familiar to our ears. Not only has she sang with Mike Mohede on the song titled “Terlalu Besar” in 2010, she is also the voice behind the single “Anugerah Terindah” in her very own album, “Ku Berserah” in 2016. She is Agata Verencia, UPH’s Applied Communication Sciences alumnus cohort 2015 who started her singing career at her young age through a singing competition. Later at 7 years old, she started going to vocal classes and is equipped with the right vocal techniques. The rest was history.

“I was 12 years old when I first stepped foot in Impact Music Indonesia. Accompanied by the Producer on the piano, I was asked to sing a song. At the time, Impact Music was working on Jason Irawan’s ‘Tuhan Selalu Punya Cara’ album and after the Producer think that I was fit, he gave me a song to learn and later be recorded for the album. Praise be to God, that song made a good impression on the public. It extended my partnership with Impact Music in the future,” Veren shares enthusiastically.

Just like the title of her single, ‘Anugerah Terindah,’ Veren admits that a lot of things in her life has been a blessing for her. In every opportunity she’s entrusted with, Veren wanted to use it to glorify God through her talent. Her family and mentors are also a blessing in order for her to keep growing and be a blessing for her surroundings. Furthermore, Veren believed that choosing Communication Science at UPH is also a blessing that does not miss God’s plan for her life.

Veren believed that Communication Science, the major she picked, has taught her much and is very useful in her career. Public Speaking, one of the many classes students had to take on their first year, had especially been useful when she had to sing and share her life story in front of the public. The insights she’s gained in regards to adapt with who and how large her audience is, the culture and situation of the place, as well as building her character through her dress of choice and uniqueness to deliver her message are learnt through that one class. Not only that – Veren further learns how to build her social media image during college. The most memorable experience in college though, is the feeling of kinship, whether it be from her lecturers and also new family from her organization life.

“I believe that studying at UPH has given me a good community and connection. My lecturers were also very constructive – the kinship is very thick between us students and lecturers. Furthermore, UPH provides us with various choices of organizational extras that have equipped me with useful soft skills for my career,” Veren closes.

Graduated Year: 10/09/2019
During my studies at UPH, I'm throroughly impressed by the education my lecturers bring forth. The materials taught are very informative and useful for both business and daily life
Eveline Wirawan (Management 2012)
Founder of Kitakita

Eveline Wirawan, UPH Management Alumnus, Produces Comfortable and Stylish Pajamas

“The first step is always the hardest. When I started Kitakita in 2018, social media and online shop weren’t as big as it is now – thus, our brand are a bit harder to be found and get to be known by the society,” Eveline Wirawan, the founder of Kitakita, tells us when asked about the most challenging thing she’s faced when she first started her clothing business.

As a clothing line that sells pajamas as its main focus, Eveline – alumnus to UPH’s Management major cohort 2012 – admits that social media and the public interest towards fashion has helped her tremenduously in developing a comfortable and stylish pajamas to wear. Eveline takes up do date designs seriously as she aims to make pajamas not only good and comfy when worn at home, but also a fashion item to wear. By applying “quality over quantity” as their main production value at Kitakita, Eveline hopes that her brand would be able to keep contributing local workers in creating creative results to be passed down to generations below.

According to Eveline, UPH has helped her grow emotionally and in character to be a better person. She also believed that education is a key asset she has when it comes to work on her business. Through her education at UPH, she’s gained insights, overviews, and business motivation before she even dive into the business she’s in today

“During my studies at UPH, I’m throroughly impressed by the education my lecturers bring forth. The materials taught are very informative and useful for both business and daily life,” Eveline closes.

Graduated Year: 08/03/2017
My learning journey at UPH has shaped me to be tough and resilient. Besides in-class knowledge, I am further equipped with relational and communication skills and becoming a much more professional person and overcoming challenges better through the different organizational experiences
Kevin Addy Sjahputra (Manajemen Perhotelan 2011)
Head Chef at William's Casual Dining

Kevin Addy Sjahputra, William’s Casual Dining Head Chef, Takes Up Creativity and Consistency to the Next Level

Indonesia’s Food and Beverage industry is one of the business that grows at a huge amount of number yearly. With intriguing menu and restaurant concepts innovation emerging, it is no surprise that Kevin Addy Sjahputra, alumni to UPH’s Hotel Management cohort 2011, finds his pulse in the culinary industry.

This Head Chef to William’s Casual Dining, a restaurant serving homely Western-Asian comfort food at South Jakarta, who is commonly known as Kevin among his colleague, enjoys a dynamic kitchen life that is fast-paced and full of challenges.

“Being a Head Chef requires me to be up-to-date and innovative when it comes to food so that our customers at William’s always have a pleasant dining experience. Far more importantly, I enjoyed taking up the responsibility to keep our customers satisfied when it comes to our food quality,” Kevin says.

For Kevin, being creative and consistent in keeping the quality on par is a journey he enjoys doing. The culinary life that has no time-limit to a chef’s career drives Kevin to continuously learn and grow to be a better person from time to time.

In carrying out his calling, Kevin admits that the education journey at UPH has shaped him to be tough and resilient. Besides being equipped with in-class knowledge, he’s learnt how to relate and communicate better, how to be professional in his responsibilities and overcoming challenges better through the different organizational experiences UPH provides. These positive lessons, plus Kevin’s honesty and drive to be a better person in skills and spiritual, make his steps even steadier to grow his career in the culinary industry.

“For those of you who is seeking to try out the FnB industry, I strongly recommend you to be creative and innovative! Don’t be afraid to fail in our youth. The FnB industry will always require us to produce different products and there is nothing wrong in trying to present the ideas you have,” Kevin closes with a smile.

Graduated Year: 15/03/2015
The high standards I was expected of during my studies at UPH has pushed me to give back to the society with the same intensity
Rieke Caroline (Hukum 2006)
Founder & CEO of kontrakhukum.com

Rieke Caroline’s Childhood Adversity Is A Trigger to Create Kontrakhukum.com

Kontrak Hukum, a digital platform providing trusted, easy, and affordable legal services for business is proof of Rieke Caroline’s determination, alumnus to UPH’s Law cohort 2006, to give equal access to information and legal services for all Indonesian. memberikan akses kepada informasi dan layanan legal secara merata kepada seluruh masyarakat Indonesia.

Rieke’s childhood adversity, which has led her father to a business loss because of his lack of understanding in legal aspects, Rieke decides that she’s going to learn the law and promises to protect her family from similar events in the future. Years later, Rieke finds a greater calling from her decision: she aims to increase the society’s awareness prior to a business’ legal side, so whatever happened to her family in the past didn’t have to be experienced by others.

Developing the first digital-based legal service in Indonesia is indeed a challenge for anyone, including for Rieke. One of the major ones include having to change the society’s belief from a complicated, expensive, and time consuming legal process to a simple, affordable, and fast process thanks to the help of technology. Rieke believes that technological advancements, Rieke could give her A game from time to time.

Rieke’s achievements did not fall off too far from the education she’s received at UPH. This best graduate from Law in 2010’s graduation admits that the high standards she’s received has influenced her success.

“The high standards I was expected of during my studies at UPH has pushed me to give back to the society with the same intensity,” she admits.

For those who are going through their online education, Rieke would remind you to be grateful that you donthis age, we didn’t have to waste time in traffic merely for education. We are privileged to be able to purposefully allocate the energy for self-development and many other useful activities. Evenmoreso, please remember to be responsible, disciplined in finishing our assignments, have fun, and stay healthy!

Graduated Year: 07/09/2010
The 4 years I've spent studying at UPH and living in Lippo Karawaci's environment has given me the experience and positive lifestyle I practice up to this very day
M. Noor Sutrisno (Teknik Sipil 2005)
CEO of Wehelpyou.id

Wehelpyou.id, A Door to Door On Demand Delivery Service Initiated By M. Noor Sutrisno, UPH’s Civil Engineering Alumni

Online shopping only gets easier every day – with all that convenience available in our hand, a delivery service that provides efficient and a service of integrity is integral for consumer’s shopping experience. This efficiency and integrity are the two determining factor provided by Wehelpyou.id through Wehelpyou-Delivery, a digital platform providing an on-demand door to door delivery as well as out of town and out of country services. Initiated by M. Noor Sutrisno, alumnus to UPH’s Civil Engineering cohort 2005, Wehelpyou.id orchestrates consumer service platforms available in Indonesia. In such a short period of time, Wehelpyou-Delivery have orchestrated 1.000.000 first mile fleet and more than 14.000 drop points across Indonesia.

In developing Wehelpyou.id, Ino – as he is usually called, came across few unique challenges along the way. With the different background education he has compared to what he does now, the first challenge Ino has to deal with is in finding a qualified and experienced IT resources to build the mobile app. After that first challenge is resolved and Wehelpyou app is ready for market use, the next challenge is finding and applying the right strategy so that the society gets to understand and trust Wehelpyou as a delivery service. The third and not the least of the challenges, is fundraising. Ino admits that in the fundraising process, good coordination and unity between involved parties within the company is crucial.

Other than valuing integrity, willingness to keep growing, innovation, and synergy in his career, Ino admits that education holds a central piece in his success.

“Education teaches us to have the work pattern that will be useful for us in our career. I believe that everyone needs to learn the method we can use in our troubleshooting process. The 4 years I’ve spent studying at UPH and living in Lippo Karawaci’s environment has given me the experience and positive lifestyle I practice up to this very day,” he says.

One of Ino’s memory of his studies at UPH is in his effort – alongside of his friends in Civil Engineering – to initiate a soccer team for his major so that they can compete at UPH’s sports events.

“When I joined Civil Engineering in 2005, our major didn’t even have a soccer team to join UPH’s sports events. With what humble vision we have, we slowly build a soccer team that thankfully becomes a notable soccer team 2007 onwards. This process taught me to always be brave to start from nothing,” Ino closes.

Graduated Year: 13/10/2009
Studying at UPH has impacted me and my career. Besides being able to learn from experienced and reliable lecturers, UPH has given me the opportunity to expand my friendship and connection, one to which has become my business partners until this very day
Dea Tunggaesti (Ilmu Hukum 2000)
General Secretary for PSI, Partner at Tungga Ramli, Counselor for Assegaf & Kawilarang Law Firm, Arbitror for BAORI, and Lecturer at Universitas Pancasila

Dea Tunggaesti, UPH Law Alumnus Participates Actively for Better Law Enforcement

For Dea Tunggaesti, alumnus to UPH’s Law cohort 2000, fulfilling her calling to dive into the field of law is an honor in itself. Her hustle becomes her way to contribute to enforce law in Indonesia, including by being the General Secretary for PSI, Partner for Tungga Ramli, Counselor at Assegaf & Kawilarang Law Firm, Arbitrer for BAORI, as well as a lecturer at a private university in Jakarta. With all these activities at hand, Dea admits that she wanted to make use of her time wisely and carry out her job’s responsibilities as good as possible.

According to Dea, her career in being a female lawyer in Indonesia is takes up no trouble at all. She believes that in the eye of the law, both male and female lawyers have equal voices to defend the truth, although the fact that lawyers are demanded to argue and defend their clients might be an uncomfortable setting for most female. The greatest challenge for Dea rather comes from the human resources in Indonesia, to which a lot of the public still has low awareness of the law, combined with unclean law enforcers. That being said, Dea’s active participation in various law enforcing activities to better law enforcements in Indonesia.

“I’m doing everything I do now genuinely. I’m sure this is the path God opens for me, thus it’s my job to do it wholeheartedly and to be of no greedy intentions,” Dea says.

In doing her job, Dea admits that her education at UPH holds a central role. During her studies, Dea was shaped by lecturers who were assertive and is always loaded with knowledge. Through those classes, she learnt to not only prepare herself by reading the materials thoroughly, but also to bond better with her classmates during in-class brainstorming.

“Studying at UPH has impacted me and my career. Besides being able to learn from experienced and reliable lecturers, UPH has given me the opportunity to expand my friendship and connection, one to which has become my business partners until this very day,” Dea closes.

Graduated Year: 12/03/2004
I believe that True Knowledge, Faith in Christ and Godly Character, the values that UPH has taught me is applicable in every aspect of my life. With healthy spiritual life, positive character, added with good knowledge, I will be able to keep being a blessing for others
Desiree M. Roring (International Relations 2015)
Puteri Indonesia Intelegensia & Puteri Indonesia Favorit Sosial Media

Puteri Indonesia Intelegensia 2020, Alumni International Relations Alumni Indonesia, Engages In Social Welfare Projects

2020 was a monumental year for this sweet Manadonese born Indonesian. Not long after her undergraduate education graduation, she is crowned Puteri Indonesia Intelegensia and Puteri Indonesia Favorit Sosial Media in Puteri Indonesia 2020, a renowned nation-wide beauty pageant. She is Desiree Magdalena Roring, Alumni to Universitas Pelita Harapan’s International Relations cohort 2015, who now carries out as Puteri Indonesia’s speaker for various education events, creates LEBIH DARI MIMPI, and also continuing her double degree in business and social welfare.

The lady who in her daily life is called Esi admits that her decision to join Puteri Indonesia is the right thing to do and has impacted her life deeply. Through this pageant, Esi has been able to challenge herself to achieve higher, gain wide and strategic connection, and open doors for her to contribute larger for Indonesia.

Esi believed that her education background is highly aligned with the pageant. For her, being a child issue ambassador is a part of her responsibility – one she wanted to achieve through LEBIH DARI MIMPI, a non-profit organization that equips 6-12 year olds around Tangerang area with softskill. Esi’s passion in regards to child issues makes her aim to reach out and see them achieve their dreams, especially through their self-esteem. She believes that having good self-esteem is a fundamental value in the process of reaching one’s dream.

During her education at UPH, Esi admits to be extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity to join various campus activities. “I believe that True Knowledge, Faith in Christ and Godly Character, the values that UPH has taught me is applicable in every aspect of my life. With healthy spiritual life, positive character, added with good knowledge, I will be able to keep being a blessing for others,” Esi closes.

Graduated Year: 22/03/2019
Networking is the most impressive thing during my studies at UPH. Meeting friends & great people is always fun for me. They gave me a lot of input, insight, & knowledge.
Antakirana (Masters of Educational Technology, 2010)
Founder and CEO of ANTAKIRANA Learning & Development Center

Commitment to Use Time Wisely is Key to Antakirana’s Effective Working Ethics

Fajar menyingsing, elang menyongsong, an Indonesian saying that suits Antakirana perfectly, alumnus to UPH’s Master of Education cohort 2010. Anta, as he is usually known as, is a father, founder and CEO of PT. Komunika Cipta Performa, and also an author of five motivational books. How does he have time to do everything?

“The key here is to have commitment to use time wisely and not delay (what you wanted to do). I apply John C. Maxwell’s teaching, called Energy Management, in which required me to break down my time and allocate my best energy to work. The same applies in writing – my last book – Success Guides from A to Z, was written for 2 years long. It took discipline to write a few pages every day,” he says with enthusiasm.

Anta further admits that in his daily life, he is used to divide his time for work, family, self-improvement, and acts of service. Contrary to popular beliefs, Anta’s greatest challenge is in finding ways to keep growing as a person. As a coach and trainer, up-to-date knowledge and relevant skills are paramount for his clients. Thus, he always makes time for certification programs, reading books, as well as going for higher education.

“At the time, my mentor who was also an UPH Masters of Education graduate inspire me to follow his footsteps. I further remembered that UPH have always had good accreditation and education quality I looked for in a masters’ degree. Yet, networking is the most impressive quality I received during my studies at UPH. Meeting friends & great people is always fun for me. They gave me a lot of input, insight, & knowledge,” Anta says.

For students and young people in Indonesia, Anta advises to apply ABC principles in life. A for Accepting yourself and the changes that is happening; B for Believing your own potential and strengths to respond correctly to life; and C for Connect with people and build relationship with others for greater achievements. By applying the ABC, Anta believes that each individual will be a part of the vision whereby we could create more meaningful life.

Graduated Year: 26/03/2013
UPH mesmerizes me personally from orientation day to graduation. That impression inspires me to serve at UPH through the available student organizations as well as strengthen the connection I've been given with fellow colleagues and alumni.
Samuel C. Tjahyadi (Information Systems 2012)
Chief Marketing Officer at SOC Financial

From Passion to Purpose, Samuel C. Tjahyadi Builds His Career As A Financial Advisor

Being a Financial Advisor at such a young age is not an easy responsibility. Moreso in serving as a Chief Marketing Officer at a financial firm, it takes more than just skill to achieve such title. That particular guy is Samuel Christian Tjahyadi, UPH’s Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science Alumni cohort 2012 is now working at SOC Financial since 2017. With the passion he’s had for finance since elementary school, Samuel then decided to turn it into his purpose that he had also made it to Global Premier Association of Financial Professionals: Million Dollar Round Table® ranks as well as the Most Respected Advisor (MRA): Top 1000 Financial Advisor in Asia. As a finance advisor, Samuel believed that the accumulation of wealth did not lie on mere income, but rather the keyrole of an accountable financial advisor. Whether it be short term or long term finance, accompanied by the right financial plan, the wealth one build will last and multiplied by two. With such paradigm, Samuel is used to making each day his biggest challenge to make sure that he is always ready to face each change coming his way. All successes that he’s been granted does not fall far from the establishment UPH has paved during Samuel’s undergrad education. Critial, analytical, and mathematical thinking he’s practiced during his computer science education has helped shape who he is in his work environment today. He believed that UPH’s mission, being Faith in Christ, True Knowledge and Godly Character are the foundation and accelerator in his career life. “UPH mesmerizes me personally from orientation day to graduation. That impression inspires me to serve at UPH through the available student organizations as well as strengthen the connection I’ve been given with fellow colleagues and alumni. I won’t forget the most important thing, which is learning with thirst and neccesity. UPH’s lecturers are very supportive and up to date with what’s going on in the world today,” he closes.

Graduated Year: 08/03/2016
I believe that as human beings we learn the most from our failures. Thus, don't be afraid to fail when suggesting ideas. Instead, we have to be resilient in order to produce the best. And of course, being humble also adds to our value too!
Pradhana Harsaputera (Applied Communication Sciences 2005)
Managing Director at Magnus Digital Agency & Consultancy

Resilience and Humility, Two Important Values Pradhana Harsaputera, Managing Director of Magnus Digital Holds Throughout His Career

“I believe that as human beings we learn the most from our failures. Thus, don’t be afraid to fail when suggesting ideas. Instead, we have to be resilient in order to produce the best. And of course, being humble also adds to our value too! We should not give in. But rather, we should help those who needed our help,” Pradhana confidently delivers when asked about the values he holds during his university and career.

As a Managing Director to Magnus Digital Agency & Consultancy, perseverance and humility are the two values Pradhana Harsaputera, UPH’s Applied Communication Sciences alumni cohort 2005 hold close to his heart. With the responsibility he carried, he has got to be on his A gam 24/7, including understanding how digital marketing optimizations and how brand activation works, being an active listener to better understand the clients’ needs, as well as be adaptive to new strategies and techniques in the digital world. It is no surprise to him that the digital updates tomorrow are different from today – every businessman had to adapt and change to selling their products online, especially with the uncertainties such as the pandemic bring. Pradhana believes that education became a key pillar in the fast-changing era. Education, he proposed, is a capital for one to practice in the professional world, especially regarding values, theories, and ethics of running a business. Based on that belief, Pradhana who chooses to work his undergrad at UPH admits that one of the most memorable moments he’s had at UPH was competing with fellow students to reach their best grades. As a person, he is challenged to be able to both understand concepts taught in class as well as create the best ideas to make UPH proud.

For fellow students who are now learning online, Pradhana hopes that you will determine your goal at the beginning of the semester and update regularly if you are on track, to adjust yourself to make a good time-schedule (including a daily, weekly, and time-blocking schedule) so you’ll know which you should prioritize, make your study room as comfortable as you can to support your online learning, actively participate in your online classes – including forming communities and ask questions, and don’t forget to be ready to fail and share your ideas because that is when you’ll gain knowledge.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2009
At UPH I was given the opportunity and is in fact encouraged to be an active student. This experience has help sharpened my softskill and hardskills, which both has become the foundation of my success my career and business.
Karmela Christy (Management 2005)
Co-Founder of Sagensie Corporation

Sagensie Corp., Advertising Agency Co-Founded By Karmela Christy

“Go the extra mile, consistency, trustworthy and excellent services” are the principles held by Karmela Christy, co-founder of Sagensie Corporation, Alumni of UPH’s Faculty of Business, majoring in Management, cohort 2005. These principles has brought her to give birth to the best projects clients entrusted to Sagensie Corporation. One of the many is Astra International, whose virtual Independence Day event became Sagensie’s best breakthrough amidst the 2020 pandemic to celebrate independence alongside Indonesian artists such as Jerome Polin, Raffi Ahmad and Enzy Storia. Sagensie Corporation aims to always provide its clients with excellent services, especially in forms of full-service marketing, digital and entertainment which involves branding, social media and ads management, digital commercial, and many more.

Karmela Christy’s interest in Integrated Marketing Communication, alumnus to Pelita Harapan University’s Management School cohort 2005, when combined with her dream to start her own Advertising & Digital Agency that helps others build creative, innovative, and competitive ideas, is now what the society knows as Sagensie Corporation. Combining the word ‘Sage’ meaning wisdom in reflection and experience with the word ‘Agency’, Karmela hopes that her team are able to synergize and create an excellent work as well as mold God-fearing, wise generation.

For Karmela, the most valuable experience she’s gained during her studies at UPH is throug organization and part-time work. These two factors has pushed her to be both active and innovatice as a student. She believes that those experiences gave her the opportunity to sharpen the softskill and hardskills she needed for her success in career and business.

Graduated Year: 17/09/2009
The knowledge I gained from my studies at UPH has helped me from the start of my career up til this very day, especially to be a strong, independent, and active person.
Ayudya Paramitha (Architecture 2006)
Founder of Hlaii

Architect and Desinger Ayudya Paramita Creates Hlaii, A Zero-Waste Pattern Fashion Brand

Everything happens for a reason, so a wise man says. Departing from her childhood dream of being both an architect and a fashion designer, Ayudya Paramitha or is usually known as Mitha, Alumnus to UPH’s Architecture cohort 2006 has achieved both, being an architect at Andramatin – one of Indonesia’s best Architecture bureau as well as bringing up Hlaii, a fashion entrepreneurship which brings forth zero waste pattern technique. With all limitations she’s dealt with in regards to human resource, funding, and knowledge in fashion, Mitha believes that these challenges became Hlaii’s unique selling point. Created based on made by order system, Hlaii did not only creates exclusive dresses for its clients, but more importantly, contributing to less textile waste the fashion industry left.

Initiated in 2016, Hlaii – or is read as “Helai” in Bahasa, meant “a piece of fabric processed in such a way that let it to be returned to its original form” – started as Mitha’s effort to create an outfit for her to wear during an office gathering. Having her intuition, folding and draping technique, an some help from her regular tailor as capital, Mitha transformed that one piece of fabric into a masterpiece she wore. More impressively, Mitha’s colleagues liked her design and asked if she could make more of her handmade clothes and sell them a piece each. Since then, Mitha gathered her courage to sell clothes to the bigger market with the help of social media. The trust given from Hlaii’s customers boost Mitha’s confidence to keep developing her skills in fabric processing for various occasions, especially for wedding dresses. With her sensitivity towards the environment, combined with her sense of responsibility to manage what waste we produce and the effort to create original and creative patterns, Mitha pushes forward and produces her best work day by day.

Mitha’s success can not be separated from the education she’s gained at UPH. Architecture Studio she went through has shaped her creativity and sharpen her sensitivity towards proportion and composition, even when designing her clothes. Mitha’s final paperwork, which talks about scavenger settlements’ revitalization as topic has further contributed to her awareness in waste production as she strives to minimize fabric waste at Hlaii. Mitha believes that if one continues to give their best, practiced good work ethics, and work wholeheartedly, life will definitely lead us to a more prospective future.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to study architecture at UPH. Every knowledge I’ve gained has helped me from the start of my career, especially in becoming an independent, strong, and active person. All my lecturers, both UPH’s and guest lecturers has shared insurmountable insight as we establish good relationship for the future,” Mitha closes.

Graduated Year: 12/09/2011
The most valuable experience during college is being Interior Design's Student Chairman, where I learnt to communicate and bring myself further than the concepts I've learnt in class, but how to integrate and structure my thoughts.
Michael Handojo (Interior Design 2013)
Partner at Fuze Collective

Working with Creativity and Integrity, Michael Handojo, Interior Design UPH Alumni Establishes Fuze Collective

As communication medium continues to develop, so does design and style to keep up with the generation that is growing in the digital era. So does Fuze Collective, a design studio based in Bali, initiated by Michael Handojo, UPH’s Interior Design Alumni cohort 2013 with his partner, Francisca Simon, since early 2020. Fuze puts forward time flexibility as well as place far before the pandemic took place, integrating composition and context to express oneself.

Fuze’s vision, “an integrated design studio”, has led it to be entrusted by clients, especially by foreign investors interested to build a haven in Bali. Villa Massilia, one which gained attention, is one of Fuze’s masterpiece. With a modern and unpretentious interior design concept, Villa Massilia became one of Bali’s hotels with a contemporary and natural design. Backed-up with great interest for each project, Fuze aims to create the best as well as discretion for each client to bring their dream designs into reality. Values such as creativity, open-mindedness, communication, flexibility in professional terms Michael hold does not stream far from the education he’s gained at UPH.

Michael admits that his education has shaped him mentally for the professional world, especially to be imaginative in his work, determine when and where he will work, and to put forward professionalism at all project. Furthermore, the trust he has been given as Interior Design’s Head of Student Association helped integrate and structure his mindset.

“For most design students, our overtime sessions and hardwork during university are precious stories to retell. One of them is in being entrusted as Interior Design’s Head of Student Associaton. I learn to communicate and bring myself further and not limit myself to my design skills, but how to think in an integrative and structured way through the experience,” Michael closes.

Graduated Year: 29/08/2018
The knowledge I studied, including but not limited to understanding architecture paradigm and concepts, circulation flows to detailed room finishings in buildings and it's utilities has supported my career today.
Lenny Pariyanto (Architecture 1995)
Founder & Principal at Lito Lighting Consultant

Lenny Pariyanto, UPH Architecture Alumni Channels Her Love for Buildings and Utilities Through LITO LIGHTING

Providing premium lighting design services that combines aesthetic and technology to architecture, design, and landscape with an economic budget is what Lito Lighting provides, a company that engages in lighting lead by Lenny Pariyanto, UPH’s Architecture Alumni cohort 1995. Lito’s vision of providing high quality special lighting combined with competitive price has led Lenny and team to be entrusted with lighting projects for various buildings including hotels in Surabaya and Bandung, commercial buildings in Jakarta as well as shops in shopping centers.

Started in March 2004, Lenny has kept up to her client’s diverse expectations as well as adapting to develop Lito’s work as a company. Ever since young, Lenny enjoyed activities like drawing and collecting flashlights. More than that, she has admired how lighting improves the appearance of buildings. Through her father’s support, Lenny gained confidence to work in the special lighting design industry. He has not only inspire her to keep learning, but also to do the things she loves and give her best without leaving her values and morale in life.

Lenny’s success in developing Lito is not separated from the education she’s gained at UPH. The knowledge she’s gained about buildings and it’s utilities enhanced her career today, including but not limited to architecture concepts and paradigm, circulation flow and detailed room finishing gives Lenny the upperhand to do lighting designs. Lenny believes that all the hard work she’s poured into Lito will produce good results if she work with sincere heart, integrity, and harmonious relationship with both her team and colleagues.

“The most unforgettable moment throughout my education at UPH were the moments when my friends and I stayed up late to draw, finish mockups, and prepare presentation for the following morning as the dateline comes. Especially when you do it with friends, it felt like we are all in the same boat as future architects,” Lenny closes.

Graduated Year: 09/11/1999
Education at UPH amplifies the knowledge I have, especially in marketing.
Harta Sungana (Master of Management 2001)
Business Director at Generali Indonesia Young and Dynamic

Harta Sungana, Business Director Of Generali Indonesia, Continues To Gain New Achievements

Like many others, Harta Sungana, Business Director Generali Indonesia Young and Dynamic, dreams of achieving financial freedom and attaining enough wealth to retire early. Beyond this dream, though, Harta is also on a mission to bring widespread impact to others. His aspirations to create job opportunities, bring his team to success, and help clients, family, and friends to avoid financial risk, led him to pursue a career at Generali, one of the top 10 global insurance firms with unique investment securities. Although Harta has successfully received a series of awards, he remains highly driven and, therefore, decided to complete his Master’s degree early. Harta is an alumni of UPH’s Class of 2001 Master’s in Management program. He admits that his UPH education has equipped him, especially with knowledge of marketing. Harta also advises insurance agents today to become reliable, motivated, and humble individuals. He believes that any agent who possesses these three qualities will always be able to overcome any problems and achieve an optimal performance at a young age.  

Graduated Year: 26/09/2003
Studying at UPH is an amazing opportunity. You are learning the best from the best, with the best of the best. Use this chance to help us be a blessing for others.
Sandiaga Uno (Doctor of Research in Management)
Social Enterpreneur for Oke Oce, Rumah Kerja, and Sembapur

Sembapur, A Startup by Sandiaga Uno, A Doctor of Research in Management

Sembapur, a startup short for ‘Sembako dan Bahan Dapur’ (basic needs and kitchen ingredients), is the embodimbent of Dr. H. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, B.B.A., M.B.A.’s social enterpreneurship program. This enterpreneur who now holds Doctor of Research in Manajemen (DRM) degree from UPH stated that although the startup has just been launched in August this year, it has had hundreds of partners, including micro and medium businesses as well as distributor companies. As an enterprise born of Sandi’s concern for the less fortunate communities, Sembapur is also expected to encourage the birth of food entrepreneurs and thus boost these micro to medium businesses’ sales to a larger audience with the support from efficient and accessible information technology.

By just one click to www.sembapur.com, basic needs such as rice, cooking oil, instant noodles, and eggs are accessible with a fair and stable price.   With ‘Oke Oce’ and ‘Rumah Siap Kerja’ as its’ predecessor, Sembapur is Sandi’s third program to provide solution for Indonesians. Alongside of innovation, proactivity, as well as bravery to take risks, Sandi presents a solution to provide basic kitchen needs with affordable prices as well ensuring product availability. As of the end of 2020, Sembapur is still the only online market focusing on basic kitchen needs in Indonesia. In the near future, Sembapur is expected to expand to other areas in Java and thus being able to reach a wider range of society that needs help.

During his education at DRM UPH, Sandi takes up enterpreneurship valus that he further applies at Sembapur, such as the motivation to solve problems in one’s surrounding and carve out achievements, cares for another, as well as have entrepreneurial orientation. With these values, Sandi marches forward to give a wider impact and impart entrepreneurial spirit to Indonesian young adults. Sandi advices, “The chance to study at UPH is a golden opportunity. You are learning the best from the best, with the best of the best. Use this chance to be a blessing for others. In the end, our knowledge has to be of a good use for others. Be the best of the best”.

Graduated Year:
Learning at Informatics UPH has supported me to build this business, especially through algorithm, database, and statistics class.
Arvan Kusniawan (Informatics 2007)
Founder of Popkon Teknologi Indonesia

Arvan Kusniawan: UPH Informatics Graduate Initiates A Revenue Optimization Company

“The education I gained from UPH’s Informatics supports my team and I to build this business, especially through algorithm, database, mathematics, statistics and even through thesis. I believe that UPH’s environment and the up to date educations has become this major’s vocal point,” Arvan opens.

The person behind IT Solusi Digital’s success is Arvan Kusniawan, UPH’s Informatics cohort 2007 alumni. Besides providing complete and up to date website initiation for online shop, company, or mobile application services, Arvan’s digital-based company started 2011 can also be accessed by businessman to develop their business, whether it be micro, medium, or professional enterprises. With “solution” and “digital” as their vision and mission, Arvan believes in understanding the customer’s difficulty and journey is key to better and expand the business he started.

Since 2018, Arvan embarks on another startup business named Popkon Teknologi Indonesia. Arvan is entrusted to optimize his clients’ revenue through Popkon’s product, PopCorn Technology, for a handful of renowned FnB companies in Indonesia including Kopi Soe, DumDum Group, Pick Cup, Wake Cup, and S2 Group (Seroeni restaurant, Merah Jambu, Tiger & Crane). According to Arvan, understanding his client’s hardships is essential, thus the exclusive application for each customer so that a far more effective solution is presented to fix his clients’ needs.

Far more importantly, Arvan applies humility, willingness to learn, and gave his best behind every application he creates. Arvan admits that his education at UPH has equipped him with the knowledge he needed. In fact, he has further hired a few other UPH alumnus to develop PopCorn Technology with him, some of the most diligent and hardworking people in their job so that the result they give is always top notch. Arvan hopes that there will be more people with such working drive in their job.

Graduated Year: 09/09/2011
UPH equipped me with critical mindset and wide perspective - these are what I hold dear up to my journalistic career today.
Retna Pramestiningrum (Applied Communication Science 2010)
Associate Producer at KompasTV

Another Communication Graduate Became A Competent Journalist

If you’ve stumbled the history semi-documenter titled “SINGKAP” or the culinary show “FOOD STORY” on one of Indonesia’s private television network, then you have just seen one of UPH’s Communication Sciences‘ masterpiece, Retna Pramestiningrum of cohort 2010. As an Associate Producer at KompasTV, Retna’s interest to the communication world has been since Senior High School. She admits that being the person behind the message sent through either print, electronic, or social media is a privilege that has a magnet of its own.

What intrigued Retna was the fact that UPH has complete facilities to support its journalist-to-be students, and especially the opportunity to learn from experienced and competent lecturers. Through this learning process, Retna is encouraged to open her mind and understand journalism theories within the classroom walls. Most importantly, Retna feels that UPH offers a family relationship between lecturers and students, so that she becomes more confident to create and pour out her creativity.

“The most important lesson I learnt at UPH was to think critically when I approach a problem and to see it from different angles. These two things are what I practice as a journalist I am today. If I gain information from different informants, it is required of us to criticize it. Especially with the rampant information in social media, multiple perspectives are present to be researched and explored before we can publish them to the public to read,” Retna answers enthusiastically.

The high competition in the media industry has shaped Retna to become a persion of creativity, discipline, and responsibility. She believes that her experience in attending various organizations during university has help shape those positive personality of hers. Through UPH Radio and UPH TV, Retna sharpens her skills from finding news, script writing, to presenting . From those two organizations, Retna admits to have find her confidence as she walks in the the television industry as she found out that her experience is not far off from what she finds in her career. She believes that with her academic background, she will be of a greater impact to the society, including the opportunity to share her knowledge in the years she’s spent working in the television industry.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2014
I gained a lot of valuable life skills during my education at UPH's Industrial Engineering
Fanny Murhayati (Industrial Engineering 1999)
Marketing Director at Kantar Indonesia

Industrial Engineering Graduate Succeeds In Industrial Consultancy Field

Learning Industrial Engineering isn’t only speaking about engineering. In Universitas Pelita Harapan’s Industrial Engineering (TI UPH), students will also gain valuable life skills. This notion is supported Fanny Murhayati, TI UPH Alumni cohort 1999, who now Kantar Indonesia hires as their Marketing Director. Kantar is fundamentally a multinational company working on research and consultation, headquartered at the United Kingdom. Fanny’s 15 years experience in Industrial consultancy has given her the eye for company’s strategic or business plan. From local to multi-national, from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to finance – you mention it. She will be able to tell how that one particular business runs.

According to Fanny, the knowledge she’s gained from UPH’s Industrial Engineering are applicative across industries. Among them, lessons about how the overall workflow in the factory or is commonly known as “supply chain” is the most advantageous.

“These lessons taught me the overall process, beginning with procurement to marketing the end product,” Fanny, who started her career at The Nielsen Company Indonesia, says.

Fanny further gain various life skills including how to prioritize work, create project management, and skills to organize work. Furthermore, she also learns how to motivate others, working in harmony, speaking, independence, prioritizing, and time management both individually and through group setting through non-akademic activities. What started at TI UPH now transforms into a skillset Fanny keeps up her sleeve, especially in market research and competitive analysis field. Enhanced by quality academic education, the aforementioned life skills are applied in her day-to-day work.

Graduated Year: 26/02/2003
Education at UPH has shaped me to be creative, tolerant, and perseverance especially in my role as a therapist.
Kezia Karnila Putri (Conservatory of Music 2012)
UPH Music Lecturer & Ethics & Research Team at World Federation of Music Therapy

UPH Music Graduate is the Only Indonesian to Hold MMT, MTA, MT-BC Certification

The only person in Indonesia to hold the MMT, MTA, MT-BC certification is Kezia Karnila Putri, alumni as well as lecturer at Universitas Pelita Harapan’s Conservatory of Music (CoM UPH) cohort 2012. This certification is granted to her after she fulfills 1,000 hours of field clinical practice for helping elderly people with Alzheimer’s as well as adults with mental issues such as PTSD, Borderline, and Bipolar in Canada. After completing her undergraduate education at  UPH in 2015, Kezia directly embarks on her graduate education in Canada where she fulfills her field clinical practice and is granted the certificate from Certification Board of Music Therapy (America) as well as the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (Canada), a world-recognized certificate for music therapists.

Kezia, who is now also trusted to serve as Ethics & Research Team at World Federation of Music Therapy admits that her education at UPH has shape her into a creative, tolerant, and persistent person when facing challenges in her therapist career. Through her music education she further understood how music affects human deeply, how God has created each human unique and multilayered, and how it is helpful to know herself too.

“I suggest that you be open to learning. You yourself decided what you want to learn. No matter how nice the lecturer is, you will only gain a little if you limit yourself to knowledge and vice versa. Make sure whatever you do is beneficial for yourself and others and not only one party involved – with that, you will get equal satisfaction,” Kezia says during her Alumni Homecoming session for UPH Festival 2020.

Graduated Year: 09/09/2020
Lecturers at UPH are very helpful, caring, and passionate in teaching
Jessica Ariela (Psikologi 2007)
Head of Psycology Study Program at UPH

UPH’s Psychology Alumni Fulfills Her Calling to Become Head of Study Program

Being a person who brings an impact on their surrounding is something everyone wants to be, including Jessica Ariela, Universitas Pelita Harapan’s (UPH) Faculty of Psychology alumni cohort 2007. The longing Jessica has to impact a greater group of people at a time made her took a commitment to becoming the Head of UPH’s Faculty of Psychology. Jessica believes that to train future counselors and psychologists, higher education gives her a wider space to have a bigger impact. Through UPH Festival’s Alumni Homecoming session last August 2020, Jessica further admits that besides giving her energy, teaching becomes a place for her to share goodness, especially in advancing mental and psychological health in Indonesia through UPH’s Faculty of Psychology graduates.

The positive experience she’s gained during her studies at UPH, especially the care and sincerity of her lecturers has become the deciding factor when she was searching the place to contribute her knowledge. “UPH lecturers did not trouble you when you needed help – I am witness to how UPH lecturers have taught with caring and sincerity as long as students know the boundaries. At UPH, we have a good relationship between lecturers and students,” Jessica says. “Don’t forget to always ask God how your knowledge in psychology should be used so that you can be an impact for others,” she closes.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2011
Back in university, I learnt to analyze space, now I analyze an area or even an island. Back then, I design space - but now I design work programs. I'm grateful I was equipped with design thinking methods taught at UPH. This one knowledge proves to be highly useful in my current job.
Dewie Anggraini Putri (Interior Design 2013)
Bali Water Protection (BWP) Officer at IDEP Foundation

Designn Interior Alumni  Excels in Designing Community Development Program

Joining a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) activity, especially in an environment and cultural area, has caught the attention of Dewie Anggaraini Putri, or is usually called Dewie, alumni to UPH’s Interior Design cohort 2013. Dewie, who has been learning design, decided to join Bali Water Protection (BWP) team, a profession related to humanity services initiated by IDEP Foundation. In doing her work, Dewie admits that a lot of the skills she’s gained during her studies years at UPH’s School of Design are applicable to her job at the NGO. Amongst the many are analytic method and data gathering to solve problems raising at a community.

“Back in university, I learnt to analyze space, now I analyze an area or even an island. Back then, I design space – but now I design work programs. I’m grateful I was equipped with design thinking methods taught at UPH. This one knowledge proves to be highly useful in my current job,” Dewie admits.

Therefore, she is very humbled to be part of IDEP Foundation, an organization that focuses on permaculture, where she learns to understand how anthropology and culture weave the native people’s way of life, a field Dewie is passionate about. Furthermore, she has the opportunity to give positive contributions to not only the local community’s growth, but also the general public through BWP. Being a part of Bali Water Protection team at IDEP, Dewie’s main task is to build a relationship with the govenrment, donor, partnership, alliance, as well as local community in order to create sustainable balance between supply and demand of fresh water. Dewie’s expertise in design comes in handy as she create and develop activity programs that focuses on conserving ground water, making a proposal, and proposal reports to support BWP’s main program.

For Dewie, as an Interior Design graduate, the knowledge and skills she’s gained has helped her to be involved in various field of work. She hold on to these principles along the way: not being afraid to learn new things because it will bring us fresh perspective, find new opportunities, and undeniably bring us to new experiences.

Graduated Year: 29/08/2018
UPH Med School has a lot of assistance work such as surgical operation. We directly deal with patients, unlike other universities that didn't offer this opportunity.
Niken Ageng Rizki (School of Medicine 2007)
Siloam Hospitals' ENT Specialist

UPH Med Students has Many Hands-On Learning Opportunities and Soft Skills to Support Their Professional Career

Professional demands made medical school students prepared both academically and in practice to help patients under any situation. Fortunately for medical students at UPH School of Medicine (FK UPH), FK UPH provides a university system that provides students with opportunities for hands-on learning experiences as well as soft skills to support them professionally. The benefits of going to college at FK UPH is affirmed by dr. Niken Ageng Rizki, Sp.THTKL, as she shares her experience during college and career as an ENT specialist and head and neck surgery to hundreds of high school students during ‘Ceritaku’ webinar held by UPH on Saturday, June 20th, 2020.

“What makes me happy about going to FK UPH is the fact that FK UPH has a lot of surgery assistance, including surgeries. We students are given the chance to have hands-on experiences with patients, unlike other universities that didn’t have the opportunity to do so,” recalls dr. Niken, FK UPH alumni, cohort 2007.

Besides gaining in-depth knowledge about medicine, FK UPH students are further equipped with soft skills, useful for her career. Among the many, through non-academic classes and student activities in the university, national, as well as international scopes.

“During my studies at Med School, I was further equipped with non-academic lectures including leadership, critical thinking, and comprehensive English lessons which are now steppingstones for my career. I was also participating in the student senate as well as the Asian Medical Student Association UPH (AMSA-UPH) during those days, where I was entrusted to be Indonesia’s delegate for international conferences. I was also lucky enough to be able to take part in Miss UPH Scholar 2009,” dr. Niken says, admitting that these events have shaped her to be a doctor who gives her best in everything she does.

Dr. Niken proves her heart in serving people by being a specialist doctor on duty during the pandemic both at Siloam Hospitals and RSU Cipto Mangun Kusumo. She is further known as kind and thorough for each patients’ checkup. For her, it is her duty and responsibility to help patients in whatever situation, all started when she started her education at FK UPH.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2011
Be brave in being myself, hold on to your principles, and don't tolerate those principles for others' acceptance.
Han Yoo Ra (Applied Communication Science 2010)
YouTuber and Content Creator

UPH Helps Han Yoo Ra Find Her Identity

Finding her identity becomes a central turning point in Han Yoo Ra’s life, a South Korean-born Youtuber and Content Creator who also happens to be UPH Communication Science cohort 2010’s alumni. For this popular Instagram celebrity amongst Indonesian youth, studying at UPH did not only gave Han Yoo Ra the opportunity to join various organizational activities that are beneficial but also equipped her with applicable, integrated Christian values. All these values she’s gained at UPH helped Yoo Ra to find her identity. Yoo Ra – so is she usually called, admits finding her identity and purpose in Christ. Thus, whatever others say about her did not shake her – even about the beauty that is seen. What is more important, is the beauty that radiates from within.

“During college, I took part in Miss UPH Scholar (MUS) 2011 pageant. Although I never felt as beautiful or as smart as those who competed against me, I rather use this opportunity to challenge myself,” Yoo Ra admits.

The struggle came for Yoo Ra after she is crowned Miss UPH Scholar 2011. The different lifestyle she’s had outside her activities during her time as Miss UPH Scholar made her question whether she is worthy and whether is she representing UPH well. In plain view, Yoo Ra has everything every woman wants: fame, title, and to impact those around her. But rather than being satisfied, Yoo Ra feels that her achievements that day aren’t something she wanted in life. She was too busy being someone everybody else expected. When she is alone, Yoo Ra felt lonely and didn’t know who she really is.

Looking beautiful is something very ordinary for Yoo Ra. A lot of people gave her compliments in regard to her looks. But this South Korean Youtuber, raised in Indonesia, had a hard time accepting the compliment.

Her journey of defining beauty is often shared to inspire younger girls, including her contribution to UPH’s Summer Virtual Program entitled “Beauty Tamed the Beast” on June 30th, 2020 for high school students across Indonesia.

“There is no one definite way to define beauty. Beauty is a compilation of qualities that someone or something holds. If I don’t know who myself, how am I supposed to know whether or not I’m beautiful? We must ask God who we really are. God, our creator, is the one who knows how we should grow,” Yoo Ra further explains.

Through her life story, Han Yoo Ra emphasizes the importance of finding one’s identity and invites every person to be brave enough to be themselves, hold on to their principles, and not tolerate those principles for the sake of acceptance. This is what differs Yoo Ra from other YouTubers and gave her a positive characteristic.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2014
Our key to success lies in 3C: Commitment, Consistency, and Care. We learn this during our education at UPH.
Franky Tanzil (Industrial Engineering 1995) & Yunita Wellistya (DKV 1995)
Founder and CEO of Siomay LeeLoo

UPH Industrial Engineering and Visual Communication Design Graduate Couple Succeeds Bringing 5 Award for ‘Siomay LeeLoo’

Beginning from a passion to build a business in Food and Beverage (F&B), UPH alumni – who also happens to be a husband and wife – Franky and Yunita, succeeded in creating a local Siomay product into a brand called SIOMAY LEELOO and has gained 5 achievement awards. The 5 awards are namely Indonesia Most Admired Award 2020, Indonesia Excellent Quality Award 2018, Indonesian Best Quality Award 2017, Anugerah Wirausaha Indonesia 2016, and The Most Enjoyable QuickBites 2016 by GoFood. This business’s key to success, as admitted by both, lies in 3C: Commitment, Consistency, and Care. Slowly but surely, Siomay LeeLoo grows and develops because it gained trust from its customers. The ability to run 3C is aligned with what they gain during their studies at UPH.

“The knowledge from Industrial Engineering helped me to run the business, especially under the fact that this business is run on my own – all from production to selling. So, all information I learned is applicable to production, stock management, sales management, and so on,” Franky, alumnus to UPH Industrial Engineering cohort 1995 explained.

Meanwhile, Yunita, his wife, UPH Visual Communication Design cohort 1995, applies what she learned into design concept to support Siomay LeeLoo’s marketing – all from packaging designs, logo/brand design, to all shop displays and marketing. The two’s success is not apart of their persistence to continue their first counter in 2007 until Siomay LeeLoo opens their 30th outlet ranging from Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, and Depok. Siomay LeeLoo’s predominance lies in the unique siomay’s flavor, one that still has hints of the fish flavor as it is made from quality mackerel, no preservatives added, and highly likable peanut sauce. Supported by Didukung carefulness in doing their business, Franky and Yunita are able to bring Siomay LeeLoo to become the society’s favorite product.

Graduated Year:
Studying at UPH does not only develop my designing skills but also shape my character to become a reliable designer.
Greta Elsa (Interior Design 2014)
Winner of "Asia Young Designer of The Year" Award

UPH Interior Design Graduate, the First From Indonesia to Receive “Asia Young Designer of The Year” Award

‘Rumah Kopi’, a communal house concept to accommodate the local culture of Buni Kasih village in West Java, created by Greta Elsa, UPH Interior Design cohort 2014 alumni, succeeded in winning the international award, Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2019/2020 for Interior Design category. Greta’s achievement becomes both Universitas Pelita Harapan School of Design (SoD UPH) and Indonesia’s pride as she is the first from Indonesia to win Asia Young Designer of The Year at this AYDA international Summit 2020. Greta succeeded to surpass 700 other contestants from 15 countries during this competition. Greta admits that her achievement is owing to all knowledge and character she’s learnt from SoD UPH.

“Studying at UPH does not only develop my designing skills that I already have, but also shapes my character to become a reliable designer through experiments, exploration, the bravery to fail, the bravery to try new things, and the perseverance to keep striving for betterment,” says Greta enthusiastically.

Greta manages to show the extraordinary strength and character of Indonesia’s culture through the design she produced. This further proves the educational excellence at UPH School of Design, which are strong in design discipline aspects as well as in character building to become a reliable designer. Rumah Kopi’s concept started as a noble goal of a youth group at Buni Kasih village for the welfare of their society, by utilizing the agricultural potential that grows in the area, which is coffee. The communal house concept Greta has designed is aimed to conserve local culture by using local materials as well as minimalizing its environmental impact. By the existence of Rumah Kopi, the sustainability cycle at Buni Kasih village is expected to not only survive, but also develop culturally, socially, environmentally, and economically.

The principles of becoming a reliable designer taught at SoD UPH supports Greta to create ‘Rumah Kopi’ a creation admitted by the judges to show the extraordinary strength and character of Indonesia’s culture. Furthermore, she receives praise from the judges as a work that exceeded their expectations with the level of detail and vision and design Greta presented in her work. As a reward of her achievement, Greta is granted a scholarship worth of USD 10.000 at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2019
A lot of skills I learned at UPH that are applied for my business today, starting from making a widely liked product from test panels and many more.
Martin (Hospitality Management 2015)
Owner of @ceritakoffie.id

Cerita Koffie Succeeded in Utilizing Urban Coffee Business


When we talk about coffee, we would describe them differently. Some would say that coffee is their productivity companion while others would say that coffee is art. In Liburan Bareng Yuk (LBY) virtual event held by UPH on May 28th, 2020 to fill high school students’ summer vacation, a young coffee start-up businessman is invited as a guest. Yes, he is Martin, owner of Cerita Koffie, who also happens to be UPH’s Hotel Management alumni cohort 2015.

Starting his own coffee business surprisingly started because Martin did not make it into UPH’s Gastronomy club during his study years. His failure did not discourage him from participating in other cooking competitions until he finally gained the opportunity to be a part-time barista at a coffee shop in Gading Serpong area. From then on, Martin found out that coffee is fun to learn.

November 2019 – it is the marking date of Martin’s very own coffee shop named Cerita Koffie. Located at Alam Sutera, Cerita Koffie carry “Every Cup Tells A Story” as its tagline. His experience in being a barista gave Martin the capability of making a specialty coffee, coffees with original flavors, which include Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and Manual Brew. Martin acquires this vantage point where he sees the decreasing demand in specialty coffee due to its higher selling price. With that knowledge in hand, Martin thought about how he could create coffee with a relatively economic price, as it is trending in Indonesia. As a result, Martin’s coffee chain succeeded in opening 8 shops across Indonesia.

Martin’s success in expanding his business is not separated from the knowledge he gained from learning at UPH’s Hospitality Management. A lot of skills he learned at university are applied for his business today, starting from making a widely liked product from test panels and many more. Up to this very day, Martin uses this panel test to develop his menu.

As an alumnus and one who has started his own business, Martin further gives tips and tricks for those who wanted to start their own business. First, what kind of business do you want to open? Do you want a high-end coffee shop with grand décor and nice seating or do you want a coffee shop with a takeaway model like Cerita Koffie? Second, one has got to have their signature menu, a unique dish that differs their coffeeshop from others. Third, get your capital – you can get 50:50 capital from an investor for starters.

Through his experience, Martin hoped that his story can inspire these webinar participants as well as youth, in general, to not be afraid to have a dream. Of course, building a business requires knowledge, starting from choosing the right major like UPH’s Faculty of Tourism that has generated hundreds of successful graduates participating in culinary. Find out more at www.uph.edu!

Graduated Year:
A lot of my education process was the first-hand experience where we became a part of the experiment of the education, always bearing Indonesia as our general context in mind.
Bondan Petra Diponegoro (Architecture 2011)
Architect & Author of “The Extraordinary of the Ordinary Gurusina”



Bondan Petra Dipenegoro, UPH’s Architect alumni cohort 2011 is one of the architect representatives commissioned by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture to supervise a traditional village called Gurusina’s revitalization. Gurusina, located at Ngada district, East Nusa Tenggara, was devastated during a wildfire in summer 2018. 27 out of 33 traditional houses and 6 other traditional structures are gone by the fire.

The help provided by the government did not only serve to revitalize the community’s living area but also to keep the cultural values shared through those houses that don’t just disappear. With that said, Bondan’s role in this task is not limited to monitoring progress developments, but more so in planning for adaptation and disaster mitigation to minimize the impact of similar disasters in the future.

During the process of rebuilding Gurusina, Bondan admits having learned many valuable lessons, especially to respect the building materials provided by nature. While also reminding the community to value their tradition and culture, Bondan shared his experience in a book he wrote with his colleague, called “The Extraordinary of the Ordinary Gurusina”.

Although this is not the first project trusted to him, the process of rebuilding Gurusina felt right for Bondan to be able to implement the knowledge he’s gained during his studies at UPH. As a collaborator at Fomologix lab, Bondan believed that going to UPH was has an interesting story of its own.

“A lot of my education process was the first-hand experience where we became a part of the experiment of the education, always bearing Indonesia as our general context in mind,” he says.

Up till this very day, Bondan maintained a good relationship with his colleagues and lecturers. They have motivated Bondan to keep learning and not be easily satisfied with one project or activity.

Bondan advised current students at UPH to be more independent in determining their future according to each goal without having to be burdened with limitations in developing themselves. Bondan believed that not only is those formed in a good education environment will have a good impact on the community and environment but also that nothing is impossible, whether it be continuing a current project or restarting in a new career.

Graduated Year: 10/09/2015
At UPH, I was equipped to do in-depth research in analyzing a problem so that the solutions taken were not only good for the company, but also for all employees and the product to be consumed by the community.
Michael Susanto Pardi (Master of Manajemen 2017)
Chairman to AKIDA and Director of PT. Dunia Kimia Utama, PT. Indonesian Acids Industry, PT. Liku Telaga, PT. Mahkota Indonesia, PT. PKG Lautan & PT. Pacinesia Chemical Industry



Michael Susanto Pardi, alumnus to UPH Master of Management cohort 2017 is now the leader to six companies at once. He has an interesting career experience to share with the public. Being a director of six different companies has its own responsibilities – one in Sales & Marketing, Procurement, HR, Manufacturing, Business Development, and even in IT! The companies he led are no small companies – 5 are moving in manufacture and 1 in chemical manufacture in water purification for Indonesian drinking water companies, at which most of the products have been exported to over 40 countries. Other than drinking water, Michael’s companies target market is downstream industries such as food and beverage, ceramics, detergent, biodiesel, textile, cooking oil, and many more. Therefore, production during this pandemic has been important to be kept going smoothly.

For Michael, leading six companies requires a healthy mind and body to juggle all the requirements. Not only did these six companies had different strategies, management, operational problems, technology, to different sub-cultures. Michael used these five cultures to build his company: People First, Kindness, Teamwork, Autonomy, dan Trust. “Through these five cultures, team management is able to do their job and accept direction from the Directors with creativity, freedom, and accountability,” Michael explained.

Michael gained these insights when he studied at UPH. He was further equipped to do in-depth research when analyzing a problem in order to create a solution that does not only benefit the company, but also the employees as well as end-product to later be consumed by the society. “Learning is the keyword in this Covid-19 crisis. We need to be active learners as a person or organization so that we have high adaptability as well as bravery to try new things. One can learn from anywhere – not only books, rules, or theories, but also podcasts and Youtube. When one has enough knowledge to handle uncertainties, they can act quickly. And if they act quickly, they are more likely to succeed,” Michael added.

His activities in the business industry do not make Michael forget to give back his knowledge for the good of society. Besides being the head for Asosiasi Kimia Dasar Anorganik Indonesia (AIKIDA), Michael also frequents being a guest lecturer for engineering students in different universities across Indonesia. Keep learning and contributing to Indonesia, Michael!

Graduated Year: 10/09/2019
UPH's Lecturers really support me in my study while having a career.
Mikha Tambayong (Law 2013)
Public Figure, Entrepreneur and Founder of Sisters & Co. Advocacy


Prior to being beautiful and multitalented, public figure Mikha Tambayong prioritizes her education. This Alumni to UPH’s Faculty of Law cohort 2013’s thirst for knowledge is expressed through her desire to continue her master’s degree at Harvard University. Mikha has finished her higher education at UPH’s International Executive Master of Management (IEMM) program. Through this program, Mikha has had the opportunity to attend the short course in June 2020 as well as a professional certificate from Harvard University. Mikha admits that the opportunity to study at Harvard University comes after she enrolls and finishes her tests at IEMM UPH for the management program. Therefore, she will be doing her studies at both universities, UPH and Harvard University, with a year’s time range at each.

“I decided to take IEMM at UPH because I took my undergraduate studies at UPH. The experience I had with both supportive lecturers and a comfortable environment to study makes my decision so much easier to make. Furthermore, the knowledge I have becomes more relevant now that I have my very own business,” Mikha admits.

During her master’s degree, Mikha chooses very different studies from her undergraduate. This results in an extra background study she has to do about basic management knowledge. Apparently, the tall order does not make her wither, but rather more persistent and challenged to get out of her comfort zone. The program became more relatable as she runs her own business.

“I took other classes prior to my master’s degree in management because I had my own business line and that I have no basic knowledge prior to this. But more than that, I was intrigued by how good this program offers are – it even lets me get classes outside,” she further explains.

Mikha also gives advice to the younger generation with dreams that are yet to be fulfilled. “To those of you who have dreams that seemed impossible, have the courage to start small. Most importantly, respect, and love your parents at all times – their prayers will boost you to your desired future,” closes Mikha.

Graduated Year: 10/03/2017
Mercy Widjaja (International Relations 2014)
Journalist at Metro TV

HI Opens Pathway To Journalism


As it turns out, International Relations (HI) graduates have many career opportunities in various fields. The communication skills and knowledge taught at International Relations culminates a pathway for Mercy Widjaja, UPH’s International Relations alumni cohort 2014, to work as a journalist. Being a journalist or a reporter is young Mercy’s dream job. She was really grateful to have the opportunity to directly work at Metro TV, one of Indonesia’s trusted private television channels as soon as she graduated from university. Although she finds roadblocks during her first month as she was entrusted to be a field reporter, it doesn’t make her hopeless. Within a month’s time, Mercy was asked to work inside the studio.

As a fresh graduate from UPH’s International Relations as well as a young reporter, Mercy admitted that before being given the opportunity to work in the studio, she had to understand and master the knowledge on the field in order to be able to communicate the news clearly. She admits that it is easy for her to adapt, as she is well equipped with that knowledge during college. The one thing that convinced Mercy to work in the media industry – especially journalism – is its dynamic work system. To her, there is always something she could learn, meet new people of different backgrounds, and new topics to cover every new day dawning. As of right now, Mercy is responsible not only to analyze, predict, and report stock movements on Business and News line Business zone, but also reports the latest national and international economic news.

Graduated Year: 16/03/2018
A lot of renowned law firms in Indonesia are constantly giving slots for UPH graduates.
Hendra Ong (Law 2000)
Lawyer at Dentons HPRP

Starting Off at UPH’s Faculty of Law Helps Become A Successful Lawyer

As any common teenager would, Hendra Ong, Alumnus to UPH’s Faculty of Law cohort 2000 has been dreaming about being a successful lawyer since high school. His dreams became stronger after he graduated from UPH in 2004. After working for more than 14 years in the legal industry, leading key projects for international and multinational companies in regards to the airline’s industry, Hendra is the most prospective lawyer in Indonesia for HPRP Dentons, a renowned law firm, to team up with as their Corporate and Commercial and Resources Infrastructure partner. In pursuing his career, Hendra mentions three important values to his success, which are to work smart, to build a good relationship with everyone, as well as give the best service possible. Each element from these three is applied with responsibility, starting from finding the right person for the job and forming the best team for each project. According to Hendra, it is his responsibility as a team leader to see the big picture and place people in the best place for them so that the project can be done not only efficiently, but also effectively. Hendra admits that the career he’s having now has been his dream since Junior High. His views on how a lawyer has to be a smart and successful individual in their social life became a catalyst for him to work hard and achieve the milestones in his career today. His dreams of being a famous lawyer and hard work to solve every case his clients entrusted him have brought him to where he is today. Furthermore, Hendra holds on to responsibility, trustworthiness, and discipline throughout his career. Having ground knowledge is indeed important, but in the continuous process of self-development, Hendra believed that these three things are central for everyone in order to be successful in their career. In his way to success, choosing to attend his undergraduate studies at UPH is an integral decision he’s made. Hendra believes that UPH did not only have experienced lecturers, but also a positive environment for education. Good networking with his colleague in UPH is no less important, especially for future endeavors. According to Hendra, UPH has also become one of the universities that produce qualified graduates that are appealing to the renowned law firm in Indonesia. “Especially in the law industry – a lot of renowned law firms in Indonesia are constantly giving slots for UPH graduates,” Hendra says. Speaking from his experience, Hendra advised those who are still in university to finish their education and be a person of responsibility, integrity, and discipline at work. The saying ‘your process will not deceive your results’ has been proven by Hendra, when one gives their very best in everything they do.

Graduated Year: 12/03/2004
I believe I can do a duet with Andrea Bocelli because I have a bachelor's degree that I got from UPH Conservatory of Music.
Dira Sugandi (Music 2000)
International Pop and Jazz Singer



Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) declared that music as an industry has a promising potential for those of you interested to dive into this particular creative industry. Take an achieved ‘superstar’ as a dream – why would you doubt? Dira Sugandi, UPH Conservatory of Music alumni cohort 2000 is one of Indonesia’s Jazz singers whose quality does not need to be questioned, even to the eyes of international musicians. A few international artists have sung a duet with this Bandung-born lady, including Jason Mraz, David Foster, and many others.

Having a good quality and excellent track record did not make Dira reluctant to share her experience and tips on ‘How to Sing Like a Superstar’ webinar, a web seminar attended predominantly by high school students from different regions in Indonesia under UPH’s Featuring The Expert #dirumahajatetapseru, Juni 10th 2020 through ZOOM Meeting. According to Dira, being a superstar equals to being a professional. Her experience in working with international musicians has made her realize how a professional should be. Amongst the many criteria, humility, maximum preparation, and having practical as well as theoretical knowledge in music are in fact important – especially the formal education experience she gained from UPH Conservatory of Music. This is proven through Dira’s experience when she was chosen to do a duet with Andrea Bocelli. Other than her talent, one of the reasons she was chosen was due to the bachelor’s degree she holds from CoM UPH.

Dira also shares a few basic tips to become a professional singer. Firstly, passion – passion will make one comfortable in their own skin during their performance on stage other than applying the basic singing techniques. Second is mastery of the material. Mastery of material is not only about memorizing lyrics and melody, but also in understanding the message we’re supposed to send. Mastering the materials makes one able to have good stage control, sing from the heart, as well as grab the audience’s attention through the story-telling ability. “And oh, don’t forget eye contact and to just have fun!”

Through this Webinar, Dira encouraged the participants to keep practicing and apply techniques that were taught. “The easy way to start is by imitating your favorite singer,” Dira says. Through CoM UPH, each graduate is equipped to be a reliable and professional musician and artists alongside the good character, and able to answer the music industry needs, whether it be in Indonesia or international.

Graduated Year: 28/08/2006
The organizational experience and the alumni relations at UPH are very constructive.
Frebriansyah Hermawan (Food Technology 2009)
Co-founder of Namazake & Managing Director of Sabda Indonesia



“Building Brands, Telling Stories” is the value Frebriansyah Hermawan holds when making final decisions in his career and business. The leadership position entrusted to this 2009 UPH Food Technology graduate requires him to move wisely – especially in regards to his life mission, which was to enlarge the capacity of a small and medium micro business in Indonesia. He wanted these businesses to have access to big brands’ branding strategies. He further hoped to help these businesses to not only survive this era but also have big brands’ level of competition.

As for now, Frebriansyah works in all marketing, branding, advertising field. A couple of companies that he leads include Namakaze’s co-founder as well as the Managing Director for Sabda Indonesia. His attention is occupied by Sabda Indonesia lately, a branding company that has helped renowned clients such as Danone, Lumix, Sosro, and Mayora. As a company that is relatively young, Frebriansyah believed that Sabda Indonesia has an exponential growth capacity therefore all efforts and focus will be worth the time.

Although he has a very different background to what job he works with today, Frebriansyah feels that the knowledge he gains from university isn’t completely useless. His sharpened skill in writing reports became a knowledge that sets him apart as a marketer. Through writing up to 5 papers weekly and reading hundreds of journals manifests in sharpened analytical and strategic thinking skills. As a result, Frebriansyah is able to understand a problem faster and proper, followed by a clearer and structured solution.

Other than that, organization experiences and good alumni relationship becomes a key differentiator for Frebriansyah. He believes that organization experience becomes an ignition for his career choice today. From those activities, he learned to work with different people, how to “sell” an event to sponsors, and ways to successful events. Frebriansyah also praises the good relationships between alumni at UPH so that he obtains the opportunity to work at Nutrifood after graduating.

In finding his calling, Frebriansyah implements “Ikigai” framework based on the Sakura country. After exploring as much as possible under the age of 25, he focused himself to the jobs he is currently tackling now based of the three Ikigai framework; (1) is there a market for the product he is selling, (2) is he good at what he is doing, (3) what does he have in that area? He believes that everyone could make it if they answered ‘yes’ in each of the three components.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2013
Yuni Priskila Ginting (Doctor of Law 2018)
Legal Advisor at PT. Wahana Kreator Nusantara & PT. Meprofarm

UPH Graduates Are Competent Contenders and Leaders in the Society


At a considerably young age – only 25 years young – Yuni Priskila Ginting has not only been a legal advisor at 2 big companies but also managed to finish her studies up to Doctor of Law. Her desire to be a leader who imparts blessing to her surroundings drives her to finish her doctoral studies as fast as she can.

As a law practitioner, Yuni’s daily workload is relatively packed. Other than her main task of being the legal advisor for PT. Wahana Kreator Nusantara and PT. Meprofarm, she is also active in being a guest lecturer and interviewee on topics like criminal law and copyright law. For her, handling various projects in regards to the pharmacy and creative – such as to permit processing and trademark, film/series making with PT. KHARISMA STARVISION PLUS and PT. DUNIA VISITAMA PRODUKSI (fremantlemedia), makes her feel alive as she enjoys every process, targets, and different achievements in each project.

Amidst of her workload, Yuni kept her studying spirit intact, thus her achievement in being the youngest doctor of law in Indonesia. Her dissertation entitled ”Tindak Pidana Pencucian Uang Sebagai Tindak Pidana Lanjutan Dari Perdagangan Narkotika” becomes a reflection to her concern towards all efforts to enforce the law in Indonesia.

Firmly Yuni emphasizes the fact that rampant narcotics trade in Indonesia is proof to the country’s law enforcement to a penalty that has deterrent effects, thus the nation being a loss in every line. Yuni offers a solution, that as for the related individual to be given 2 penalties at the same time, being the narcotics law and money laundering law. Based on her dissertation as well Yuni often offers anti-narcotics socialization and acts as a reminder for her students to stay away from narcotics. She aimed to change the society’s mindset in regards to the development of narcotics crime-related offense.

Yuni’s law for the law does not fall far from her alma mater, UPH’s law school, that has equipped her with knowledge, character, and critical thinking, ensuring her confidence to handle public issues. Yuni admits that UPH is able to meet her studying needs as her tiers rise. With that being said, she consistently chose FH UPH for each of her studies, whether it is undergrad, graduate, or doctorate. She even has time to join advocacy studies UPH organizes and passed her Peradi test.

Finishing her studies on time is crucial for Yuni. That’s why, while juggling through her work, Yuni was able to finish her studies in Graduate and Doctorate degree in UPH on time. Yuni admits that it was none other than the fact that UPH has very well prepared graduate programs, time choices, strategic place, and competent lecturers.

Furthermore, she also adheres to the fact that UPH enables her to have the large connection she needs for her job. Yuni proofs that UPH graduates are able to compete and become a leader whichever field they are placed; becoming an agent of change as they give a positive contribution in the society as align to UPH’s vision and mission.

Graduated Year: 13/06/2020
Saya mendapatkan sudut pandang yang baru dari kelas-kelas yang diajarkan oleh dosen-dosen selama perkuliahan, yang akhirnya dapat saya pakai dalam menghadapi masalah yang ada di dunia kerja dan mengatur pola pikir saya dalam mengambil keputusan.
Noviana Ong (Management 2010)
Portfolio Manager at Salim Group


Give the best, never stop learning, and be grateful are the three principles into Noviana’s success. She is UPH’s Management cohort 2010 alumni, entrusted as Portfolio Manager at Salim Group – Indonesia’s biggest conglomerate company. By holding those principles Noviana was able to overcome each challenge in her career. As a Portfolio Manager, Noviana is in charge of investments, including on how to expand and strategize all companies owned and/or collaborating with Salim Group. In Noviana’s point of view, her job is highly appealing. Not only has she been able to manage 20 companies, but also to establish a standardized financial statement. Through her career, Noviana gains even more knowledge about various industries and meet company owners, whether it be for collaborating purposes, professional interaction, idea sharing, and even new vantage points for troubleshooting so that the solution is more efficient.

The knowledge Noviana gains from UPH Business School prepared her as she dives into the world of finance and management. She believes that her assignments during her university years have trained her to manage her time and learn to prioritize better. Furthermore, the campus’ green environment, good community, as well as qualified lecturers have shaped her to grow even better as an individual. “I gained fresh perspectives from lectures during college, ones that I can actually use to handle problems during work. It has shaped my mindset when coming into decision making,” says Noviana. Before coming into Salim Group,

Noviana started her career at PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur as a Risk Analyst for almost 3 years. There, she was able to handle the company’s standard operational procedure refinement in Risk Management. In 2016, she moved to a startup FnB Company for 2 years as the Head of Financial and Administration. Going from 1 brand to 5, from managing under 10 people to 60 – Noviana’s career path is not far from the principles she holds, saying “always give the best in everything, never stop learning and be grateful”. Through those principles was she able to face each obstacle in her career, especially now in Salim Group where she is expected to have good management skills and thorough financial accounting. Through those two qualities, she believed that the startups entrusted to her will be able to grow and promotes the country’s micro-economic sector, which will undeniably impact on macro-economic growth.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2014
Collaboration is the key to achieve our mutual purpose. We believe that the impact that comes from the collaboration will be bigger, too.
Dyandrastra Mairavida (Architecture 2013)
Co-founder & Creative Director at Copa de Flores



Design isn’t always about beauty, but rather to create a better life – a philosophy design Dyandrastra Mairavida, UPH’s Architecture Alumni Cohort 2013 gains through her learning at UPH. Dyandrastra is a professional architect as well as the co-founder and creative director of Copa de Flores fashion, a social enterprise in the fashion industry. Although still rather new, Dyandra is interested to invest and learn the business. Alongside 7 partners who have the same interest in the culture, they walk the venture together in hopes of introducing Indonesia’s cultural heritage to the society, starting from their community.

Copa de Flores is a purposeful textile catalyst with a mission to integrate fashionable-humanist value to their customers by cultivating Flores’ traditional hand-woven products in order to empower Flores ladies’ weaver Inspired by a mother’s love for her children, Dyandra and her partners name their creation as “faithful companion”, in hope that their products can be accountable friends for everyone.

“We dedicate each and every Copa de Flores creations to honor equality, to protect the existence of Indonesian cultural and literary heritage, and to fulfill a responsible fashion movement for a better life by which can be achieved if we create a good economy circulation. With that said, each published collection has an aligned storyline to our theme with the hope to increase awareness in regards to different historical events that have valuable lessons to take in. And as for the weave, each has a specific message from mothers who weave, sending their hearts out in each motive. The points above, we mix with each collection’s theme so that the message is effectively given,” Dyandra explained.

Originality and quality of the fabric used becomes Copa de Flores’ unique selling point. These fabrics are directly woven by female villagers in Flores using weaving looms, natural ingredients, processed into a timeless with a twist and versatile design. Each post-production material is used for derivative products so nothing is wasted as well as minimizing the negative impacts they would have on the environment.

Through Copa de Flores Dyandra and her partners collaborate with various parties to fulfill economic needs and more importantly gender equality in Flores by raising these women’s potential. Working with a non-governmental organization to collaborate with village artisans, indigenous women’s community, women with post-psychological syndrome due to human rights violations and sexual harassment, and community of people with disability is an example of the communities Copa de Flores worked with. Together, they create weaving activities together as a visual-meditation medium to heal.

“For us, collaboration is the key to achieve our mutual purpose. We believe that the impact that comes from the collaboration will be bigger, too,” says Dyandra. Although having an Architecture background, Dyandra feels like she got what she needed for this business, one of those being how design is used to create a better life. Through other courses at UPH did Dyandra learn to be more aware of her surroundings and practice social values.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2017
Eliza Aristanto (Product Design 2014)
Founder of Pakai Lagi

‘Pakai Lagi’ – A Product Born From Environmental Awareness


Who would’ve guessed – the awareness of utilizing disposable plastic waste can result in business? An eye-catching but powerful brand name, Pakai Lagi (@_pakailagi) was initiated by Eliza Aristanto, UPH’s Product Design cohort 2014 alumni. Problems caused by plastic waste are indeed a world problem. One data published by The Asian Post in June 2018 shows that Indonesia is in fact the number two plastic waste contributor in the world – not an achievement we can be proud of, right? With concerns for this condition as a starting point, Eliza learns how to turn plastic waste into a valuable product that can be used repetitively by everyone. There is no concise process, as Eliza is doing are many plastic explorations.

As of right now, Pakai Lagi predominantly uses conventional plastic used by society to shop at supermarkets to produce her products. The used-up plastics are transformed into a pencil case, clutch, multifunction pouch, bags, and card wallet. Pakai Lagi also tries to reduce using new material in their business, thus using used paper or boxes for packaging purposes. “Pakai Lagi aspires to use 100% plastic waste material. But if we have to, if we really need to combine with other material, we tried our best to use eco-friendly ones so it’s sustainable,” Eliza says.

Other than being occupied of growing Pakai Lagi, Eliza is also juggling 2 other jobs namely junior designer at a design studio and a lecturer assistant at UPH Product Design. The design skills she gains from university are admittedly useful for her current business and job. Take the process of designing and technical drawing as an example, or making a 3D model with an application or prototype for another – those are crucial parts of her daily job. With the skills Eliza’s gained, she tries to explore more in her job. She believes that the key is to keep practicing, persevere, willingness to share, setting her priorities right, and smart time management.

Graduated Year: 29/08/2018
I really want to encourage my juniors to make use of their time in university. These university years for them are important to find their passion, work hard, and build a network. One day, the network they build will open doors for opportunity.
Masayu Octora (International Relations 2011)
Commercial Advisor on Food and Agriculture at Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia



Working at the Embassy was an extraordinary opportunity for Masayu Octoria, UPH’s International Relations cohort 2011 alumni. After going through multiple jobs since her graduation, Masayu now obtains the chance she’s dreamt of, the world of international diplomacy. As a food and agriculture Commercial Advisor for the Denmark Embassy in Indonesia, her job requires her to interact with both parties’ regulator. Together, Masayu promotes Indonesia’s agriculture with the aim of fixing the Indonesian farmer’s life quality. With her diplomacy skills combined with economic-politics knowledge gained during her university years at UPH, navigating through Indonesia’s political and economical face nothing new to her. With the mission she carries, Masayu aimed to help build and encourage the relationship of two countries by promoting both parties’ interests and profits. Not only that, but she is also entrusted to give input in regards to high-level decision making from both countries’ regulators, which is an honor for her.

No wonder if she gave excellent outputs in every project she leads, both in the developmental project and commercial ones. For developmental projects, Masayu’s main focus is to work with Indonesian regulators to identify different sectors that needed cultivation and the potential framework to establish those projects. Meanwhile, in the commercial ones, her task is to promote and adjust Denmark’s potential with the Indonesian business sector, wherein both projects are related to food and agriculture.

Behind her success, Masayu learned to find meaning in each of her duties, whether it is for the benefit of the society or for the regulators. ”My working principles are as follows: diligence, willingness to grow, and humility. Don’t compare yourself to others, just continue and making your own path,” says Masayu.

Masayu’s career path can’t be separated from her lecturers’ support and guidance during her university years, for they have ignited her interest in the political economy. Their guidance has usher Masayu the opportunity to gain an offer from the world-famous university, London School of Economics and Social Science, to continue her studies in International Political Economics. UPH’s environment has also contributed to enhancing her potentials in diplomacy.

“I learned from my experience, and I really want to encourage my juniors to make use of their time in university. These university years for them are important to find their passion, work hard, and build a network. One day, the network they build will open doors for opportunity,” Masayu says.

Graduated Year: 10/03/2015
I think the interview is the most strict out of all processes in the pageant. That is actually where my analysis skill is tested and what I learned on campus is very much applicable to the situation.
Yolanda Luciana Tuasela (Management 2015)
5th Runner Up of Miss Indonesia 2019



Representing Maluku province in Miss Indonesia 2019 is Yolanda Luciana Tuasela, who managed to lay aside 34 other finalists as she becomes the 5th Runner-Up of Miss Indonesia 2019. Not only is she beautiful, this UPH Surabaya Management alumni also have an aptitude in karate. She admits that she has been doing karate since the 3rd grade of elementary school – something she did up to her university years.

“I still did karate when I entered university. In fact, I get to go to college because of karate,” Yolanda admits. Yolanda further recalls how her university years helped broaden her relationship to other people as much as she enlarges perspective so that her paradigm is more critical, detailed, and perfected when it comes to making a decision. Yolanda also shows that education is the main asset in this pageant for she has no modeling background.

“I think the interview is the most strict out of all processes in the pageant. That is actually where my analysis skill is tested and what I learned on campus is very much applicable to the situation,” says Yolanda. Through this Pageant, Yolanda admits that she has to get out of her comfort zone and take a bold step into doing something new. It ain’t easy, but Yolanda didn’t give up. During her quarantine, she was not only able to develop her skills, but also her character so that in the end she did not only make Maluku province proud but also UPH.

Graduated Year: 23/10/2018
The most important thing is to be brave enough to explore your interest and talent. Also, don’t constrain yourself in a box.
Galih Sakti (Interior Design 2002)
Founder of Kelas Gambar



For some, drawing might just be another everyday sight. Apparently, not so for Galih Wismoyo, UPH’s Interior Design Alumni cohort 2002, founder of Kelas Gambar, a social community for marginal children. Starting from a small act of teaching children at an orphanage during Ramadan back in 2017, Galih and his partner Teddy Afif managed to make the drawing as an impactful activity for many marginal children in Jakarta. Drawing, so it became obvious to Galih and his partner, has build confidence and a hopeful paradigm for these kids. This became more prominent as enthusiasm was caught in the picture from intisari.grid.id as 6-12-year-olds come and join Kelas Gambar. Furthermore, Galih and 10 kids who lived under Kampung Melayu’s bridge, East Jakarta was able to hold an exhibition called “Krayon Kami Karya Kami” (our crayon, our creation) at Plaza Indonesia Mall Atrium, Central Jakarta, with 43 pictures from February 23rd to March 3rd, 2019.

What does drawing impart to these children? Galih believed that drawing increases these children’s ability to see, observe, and empathize better. These observations are then transformed into a drawing, drawn using their crayons. Kelas Gambar’s activities are now held weekly, for free, at multiple places in Jakarta and even multiple areas in Indonesia. Interestingly enough, Galih kept his vision straight to reach marginal kids and disaster victims only. This is not far apart from his belief that all parts of the society are worthy of decent art education or in other words, that art is an activity for all.

The spirit of this art activity has again been proved to build confidence and hope. And as for these kids who might’ve experienced trauma, Galih made arts as a therapy. Just like the one he did in Lombok 2019, he invited these kids to shift their focus from the earthquake trauma that happened to them and/or any negative events in their surroundings. Kelas Gambar was also held for kids who experienced sexual abuse due to child trafficking in Batam. Galih did not tell these kids what to do – they are in fact free to draw anything they see.

Besides his activities in Kelas Gambar, Galih also works as an artist/muralist and as a weekly lecturer at UPH Visual Communication Design for Supporting Studio subject where he taught basic storytelling and screenwriting. Galih is not only working based on his designing skills, but also his family business in culinary, Proklamasi Catering. Galih always makes use of his time wisely. He was trained as early as his days back in UPH campus. During those days in Interior Design was Galih trained in working under pressure, organizing workload, and delivering his products within the timed deadline. The design discipline he learned could be applied to almost every aspect of his life, including socially.

“The most important thing is to be brave enough to explore your interest and talent. Also, don’t constrain yourself in a box. If you implement those things, you’ll surprise yourself with the great and positive things you can do,” Galih requests for his juniors at UPH to remember.

Graduated Year: 24/03/2006
Meaningful design is a design that is useful according to the clients’ needs functionally and aesthetically.
Levina Putri Limanjaya (Interior Design 2009)
Principal Interior Designer of Studio Talk

Pouring Talent into Meaningful Designs


Diving into design science in UPH Interior Design 2009 became the start for Levina Putri Limanjaya to later hop into her interior design career. Her experience in designing for famous retail and restaurants has given her a good name for doing out of the box works. In 2016, Levina and 4 of her partners started studio.talk, a consultant studio based on collaborative architecture, interior design, and product design. “Our main motivation in this business is not to gain profit, but as means of sharing our talents in creating the meaningful and satisfying layout,” Levina admits. Meaningful design, as Levina believes, is a design that is useful according to the clients’ needs functionally and aesthetically. Therefore when she works, she does not treat the project as a mere project, but rather an opportunity to expand her talent and personal self-growth.

The aforementioned motivation is what differentiates studio.talk to other designers – that bond between each member of the team, their love for experimenting, and the exchanging process of ideas. Let’s not forget to mention the spirit of collaborating not only in-team but also with their client – that too becomes a focal point of studio.talk’s work. Through discussion, studio.talk was able to both achieve a harmonious and unique design.

As an interior designer, Levina has completed a few projects including hotels, houses, restaurants, offices, as well as furniture and room installation. There were also a few projects that are exclusive to Levina’s lead, which is Mass Rapid Transit’s (MRT) office at Depo Lebak Bulus and furniture design made out of rattan that was successfully showcased at Maison Objet, Paris 2019 under BEKRAF. Every project has a different side to it. As Levina explains it, in every part that they do, they would always go all out accompanied by a positive, diligent, discipline, and passion-driven mindset. With that basis, when hurdles come, one shall not be deterred as long as the design quality remains to each unique request – especially in technicalities and execution.

Levina’s presence in interior design business does not stand apart from her education in UPH. A lot of what she did today was taught to her during her in-class studies at UPH. One crucial point was mindset formation when laying down a floor plan. Levina has proved how aligned education and profession creates better productivity and creativity. Keep being enthusiastic about creating meaningful designs, Levina!

Graduated Year: 28/08/2013
Beruntung sekali saya bisa masuk UPH, banyak yang saya dapatkan dan mendukung pekerjaan saya.
Aulia Mahariza (Electrical Engineering 1999)
Director at PT. Dyandra Global Edutainment & Founder of TMC (The Creative Producing Company)

To do Something New is Always Exciting


Lulusan Teknik Elektro tidak selalu terjun ke bidang yang serius. Aulia Mahariza, alumni Teknik Elektro UPH 1999 yang satu ini ternyata sukses di bisnis industry kreatif. Selama 15 tahun menjalankan bisnis di industry kreatif dengan membuat event, iklan dan film mengantarkan Aulia menjadi bagian dalam event besar Indonesia yakni Asian Para Games 2018. Menjadi Director of Ceremony dari INAPGOC (Indonesia Asian Para Games Organizing Committee) saat Opening dan Closing Ceremony Asian Para Games 2018 merupakan project paling berkesan bagi Aulia. Hal ini juga yang menjadi kontribusi terbesarnya untuk bangsa Indonesia.

“I’m part of history in the making. Mulai dari mengurus, mengatur dan menjalankan Opening dan Closing Ceremony ini – ya tentunya bersama dengan semua tim yang terlibat. Mungkin kalau di Asian Games ada Wisnutama – di Asian Paragames ada saya lah,” ungkapnya dengan bangga.

Dalam berbisnis, khususnya di industri kreatif, tentu ada banyak sekali tantangan yang dihadapi salah satunya yakni dituntut untuk selalu mengerti perkembangan zaman. Aulia juga memiliki kiat khusus untuk tetap eksis, diantaranya aktif mencari referensi perkembangan zaman, rajin nonton film, dan jalan-jalan. Kedepannya, Aulia ingin mengembangkan sayap untuk mencoba sesuatu yang baru yang menjadi passionnya yakni berbisnis kuliner. Karena baginya, to do something new is always exciting.

Selain Asian Para Games, ada beberapa proyek yang juga sukses di tangannya, dan banyak diantaranya menuntut kreativitas serta perhitungan yang berani, yakni: Musikal Lutung Kasarung sebagai produser (Bersama Didi Petet sebagai sutradara); 7 film layar lebar sebagai Produser dan produser eksekutif (Bersama Rudi Soedjarwo); Synchronize Festival sebagai tim awal dari Dyandra.

“Beruntung sekali saya bisa masuk UPH, banyak yang saya dapatkan dan mendukung pekerjaan saya. Mulai dari pelajaran di Elektro yang bermanfaat untuk diaplikasikan, khususnya dalam hitung-hitungan saya lumayan tajam dan yang utama adalah logika berfikir yang sangat berguna dalam kehidupan sebenernya. Selain itu, lingkungannya juga sangat kondusif karena dulu tahun 1998/1999 kan banyak banget demo-demo,” kenangnya.

Oleh karenanya dia berharap mahasiswa/I UPH bisa lebih kreatif, perbanyak sosialisasi dengan teman-teman kuliah karena itu berguna di kehidupan setelah kampus.

Graduated Year: 01/09/2003
Dengan fasilitas yang sudah jauh lebih memadai dibanding tahun saya dulu kuliah, harusnya mahasiswa/i UPH lebih berhasil. Manfaatkan kesempatan yang ada dan gunakan fasilitas yang disediakan lebih maksimal untuk menunjang pendidikan.
Tritan Saputra (Industrial Engineering 1994)
President Director of Lima Benua

Berawal Mencari Solusi Kini Sukses Membangun Beragam Bisnis


Berawal dari ide untuk menjual 100 produk terbaik IT saja, jadi tidak banyak produk atau bahkan ribuan atau jutaan item di website, Tritan Saputra, Alumni Teknik Industri UPH 1994, direktur utama limabenua.com, akhirnya berkembang membangun beragam anak perusahaan, diantaranya www.vcloudpointindonesia.com, www.primeresto.com, www.meeberpos.com , www.meeberian.com, www.makanabis.com.

Siapa sangka, bisnisnya dari satu menjadi lima dan terus berkembang. Bidang bisnis yang dikembangkan juga beragam, beberapa diantaranya ada yang berkaitan dengan pengelolaan lingkungan dan kebersihan kota yakni www.mazabuta.com, dengan beberapa group nya www.groen-indonesia.com, www.sewatoilet.com, www.reksoratan-indonesia.com. Ada juga yang berkecimpung di bidang property dan management property seperti www.marketingproperti.com, dan www.menaramannamulia.com.

Selain sibuk dengan bisnis-bisnisnya, ternyata Tritan juga aktif berkontribusi dalam berbagai organisasi bisnis dan organisasi profesi, seperti menjadi Wakil Ketua Umum Kamar Dagang dan Industri (Kadin) Jawa Timur, Ketua Bidang Industri Kreatif DPP Aosiasi Pengusaha Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK) Nasional (APTIKNAS), Ketua Bidang Industri Kreatif DPP Asosiasi Pengusaha Komputer Indonesia (Apkomindo), Ketua Bidang DPD Asosiasi Real Estate Broker Indonesia Jatim (AREBI), serta Pengurus Ikatan Alumni Lemhannas. Luar biasa!

Kepiawaiannya untuk membangun bisnis berbasis teknologi tidak terlepas dari ilmu yang diperolehnya selama di bangku kuliah. Tidak hanya bertangan dingin dalam bisnis, dia juga memiliki hati untuk berdampak bagi banyak orang.

“Semua profesi tentu ada tantangannya masing-masing. Namun harus tetap bersemangat di dalam setiap tantangan dan harus terus belajar untuk lebih baik lagi serta berupaya menjadi pemimpin yang mempunyai dampak sosial bagi banyak orang,” jelas Tritan.

Menariknya, Tritan selalu ingat apa yang disampaikan dosennya saat kuliah dulu untuk terus mencari solusi lebih efisien dan lebih efektif dalam memecahkan masalah. Pesan itu diterjemahkan Tritan sebagai falsafah hidupnya yaitu menjadi terus kreatif. “bahasa kerennya sekarang agile,” ungkapnya.

Saat awal berdiri di tahun 1994, menurut Tritan, UPH masih sangat minim fasilitas dibanding saat ini, namun pendirinya sejak awal memiliki komitmen yang sangat luar biasa, yaitu menghadirkan pendidikan berkualitas, serta mendorong lulusannya terus maju dan berkarya. Pendidik memberikan ilmu dengan lugas dan keakraban antar mahasiswa yang masih terasa karena jumlah mahasiswanya yang sangat sedikit. Lingkungan yang memadai, dulu masih sepi yang membuat suasana kampus menjadi sangat berkesan.

“Jadi saat ini, dengan fasilitas yang sudah jauh lebih memadai dibanding tahun saya dulu kuliah, harusnya mahasiswa/i UPH lebih berhasil. Manfaatkan kesempatan yang ada dan gunakan fasilitas yang disediakan lebih maksimal untuk menunjang pendidikan. Seperti ungkapan yang saya pegang ini: Orang awam menunggu kesempatan, orang pintar meraih kesempatan, orang cerdik menciptakan kesempatan,” pesan Tritan.

Graduated Year: 26/11/1998
If you are working something exciting, you don’t have to be pushed but the vision pulls you.
Jonathan Satryautama (Medicine 2007 & Master of Hospital Management 2016)
General Practicioner at Private Hospital in Jakarta Utara

UPH Kampus Inovatif dan Visioner


Dunia medis merupakan dunia yang terus berkembang. Ini juga yang membuat dr. Jonathan Satryautama, MMRS, alumni FK UPH 2007 dan Magister Manajemen Rumah Sakit 2016 UPH, yang berprofesi sebagai dokter umum di salah satu rumah sakit swasta di daerah Jakarta Utara, tak pernah berhenti untuk terus mendalami dan berencana melanjutkan ke jenjang pendidikan yang lebih tinggi. Ia pun mengakui bidang kedokteran sesuai dengan passionnya. Dan itu dibangun sejak dia kuliah di FK UPH.

Baginya, medicine is an art dan juga long-life learning karena banyak hal baru yang terjadi dan perkembangan dari waktu ke waktu mengenai dunia kedokteran juga bervariasi. Karenanya dalam mengedukasi pasien, ia selalu menggunakan pendekatan yang berbeda, sesuai dengan kondisi setiap pasien. Misalnya, dalam menyampaikan pesan kesehatan perlu komunikasi yang baik agar pesan yang disampaikan dapat diterima dengan baik tanpa mengesampingkan nilai kejujuran dan manusiawi.

Sebagai Alumni UPH, Jonathan selalu berusaha untuk mengimplementasikan ilmu yang ia peroleh dalam menjalankan tugasnya di RS untuk memberikan pelayanan yang optimal terhadap pasien, baik dalam memberikan pelayanan jasa medis dan managerial di RS. Berusaha mewujudkan pelayanan medis yang profesional, strategis dan humanity dalam sisi pelayanan, merupakan mottonya.

Sikap terhadap profesinya ini diakui ditanamkan sejak kuliah di FK UPH. Karenanya ia sangat tidak ragu mengakui UPH sebagai sebagai kampus yang memiliki visi sangat inovatif dan visioner. Semua itu diimplementasikan lewat kurikulum pendidikannya, didukung fasilitas dan teknologi yang modern serta tenaga pengajar yang profesional dan berkualitas, sehingga mendukung perkembangan dalam ilmu pengetahuan dan proses belajar. Kepercayaannya pada UPH dibuktikan saat memutuskan studi lanjut S2nya.

Ilmu manajemen yang diperolehnya pun diabdikan untuk mendukung tugas dalam menjalankan profesinya. Berkat keterampilan yang dimiliki Ia dapat dipercaya sebagai salah satu asisten Prof.DR.dr.Satyanegara Sp.BS sehingga dapat mengembangkan keilmuan yang dimilikinya.

If you are working something exciting, you don’t have to be pushed but the vision pulls you,” pesannya.

Graduated Year: 14/09/2018
Saya sangat bersyukur karena tanpa berkuliah di UPH saya tidak mendapatkan pengalaman-pengalaman berharga yang membuka begitu banyak kesempatan untuk saya di dunia kerja, termasuk mengembangkan KliniCard.
Aldoni Hubertus Lucas Latumahina (Medicine 2003)
Founder of KliniCard

KliniCard, Medical Reference ID Card Praktis Untuk Aktivitas Klinis Sehari-Hari


Para praktisi medis, baik itu dokter, calon dokter dan atau perawat, saat ini dapat dipermudah dengan Klinicard. Klinicard merupakan kartu referensi yang berisikan informasi rujukan medis. Sebagai contoh, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), kartu yang berisi informasi algoritma atau langkah-langkah penanganan yang perlu dilakukan seorang dokter pada saat terjadi kasus kedaruratan medis jantung. Terobosan menarik ini merupakan yang pertama di Indonesia, oleh Aldoni Latumahina, alumni Fakultas Kedokteran UPH 2003.

“Sebelum KliniCard dikeluarkan pertama kali tahun 2016, saya belum pernah menemukan item dengan ide serupa dipasarkan ke kalangan praktisi medis di Indonesia,” ungkap Aldoni. Ide awal pembuatan produk ini bermula saat Ia mencari ECG ruler atau kartu yang bisa digunakan untuk membantu pembacaan hasil rekam jantung. Barang ini memang jarang dijumpai dan Aldoni kesulitan untuk menemukan penjual di Indonesia, sehingga akhirnya Ia memutuskan untuk membuat sendiri. Beberapa teman sejawat lalu ikut tertarik untuk memiliki sehingga Ia memutuskan untuk membuat ‘line of product’ yang mencakup topik-topik yang lazim dijumpai atau digunakan dalam aktivitas klinis sehari-hari.

Tujuan utama dari produk ini tentu untuk memudahkan dokter saat memberikan referensi medis yang bisa diakses dengan cepat pada saat bekerja, memastikan terapi yang diberikan tepat dan ‘patient safety’ terjaga. Sejak mulai dipasarkan pada pertengahan 2016, KliniCard sudah digunakan oleh lebih dari 700 dokter, mahasiswa kedokteran dan praktisi medis lainnya di berbagai kota di Indonesia mulai dari Aceh hingga Jayapura. Strategi marketing yang digunakan saat ini menggunakan platform sosial media (@klinicard), berbagai platform marketplace Indonesia maupun pemasaran dari mulut ke mulut.

Apa yang dilakukan Aldoni tidak terlepas dari bekal pendidikan di FK UPH. Ia mengakui FK UPH tidak hanya memberikan pengetahuan akademis, tetapi juga membuka wawasan dunia kedokteran yang sangat berguna untuk karirnya. Dan yang membanggakan, sebagai lulusan FK UPH, ia merasa siap bersaing di dunia kedokteran Indonesia. “Bagi saya pribadi, saya sangat bersyukur karena tanpa berkuliah di UPH saya tidak mendapatkan pengalaman-pengalaman berharga yang membuka begitu banyak kesempatan untuk saya di dunia kerja, termasuk mengembangkan KliniCard,” tutup Aldoni.

Graduated Year: 09/03/2010
Saya sangat bangga jika ada banyak mahasiswa/i UPH mempunyai kecendrungan untuk berwirausaha sendiri dan menciptakan lapangan kerja bukan sebagai pencari kerja.
Suryadi Oentara (Travel Industry Management 2006)
Director of PT. Saung Bulian Tour & Travel, IndoTravelStore Wholesaler, Sales Touch For Trip Korea - Korea Land Operator

Pengalaman Kuliah Membuka Jalan Sukses Berbisnis di Industri Tour & Travel


Berawal dari ketertarikan dalam bidang Tour & Travel dan Manajemen airlines, mengantar Suryadi alumni UPH program studi Usaha Perjalanan Wisata 2006 ini, semakin eksis berbisnis di bidang yang sama. Tidak tanggung-tanggung, saat ini memimpin di beberapa bidang bisnis Tour & Travel, diantaranya PT. Saung Bulian Tour & Travel (2013), IndoTravelStore Wholesaler (2017), dan Sales Touch For Trip Korea – Korea Land Operator (2018). Ternyata, kesuksesan bisnis Suryadi berawal dari jurusan yang dipilihnya saat kuliah di UPH. Ia mengakui kariernya sangat relevan dengan apa yang dia dapat saat kuliah. Tidak heran bila pertama kali terjun ke dalam industri ini, dia dapat beradaptasi dengan cepat.

“Hampir 70% pelajaran adalah praktek. Ditambah saat kuliah dulu, waktu masih duduk di Semester 2, saya terpilih sebagai Ketua HMJ Usaha Wisata Periode 2007-2008. Saat itu saya menjabat Ketua HMJ paling muda dalam sejarah organisasi di UPH. Kesempatan itu semakin menambah peluang untuk belajar bersosialisasi, meningkatkan leadership, membuat keputusan, dan memperkuat jaringan,” kenang Suryadi. Lewat pengalaman kuliah dan bekarier di industri tour & travel, kemampuan leadershipnya semakin terasah. Ia juga mempunyai sejumlah kiat yang menjadikannya berhasil memimpin di industri ini, diantaranya menciptakan loyalitas konsumen, inovasi produk yang berkesinambungan sesuai trend pasar, serta integritas dan kepercayaan.

“Tidak kalah penting, kita juga harus memperhatikan nilai-nilai kejujuran serta kualitas pelayanan yang kita berikan. Karena bisnis di bidang tour & travel dengan produk yang sama sangat banyak diluaran sana namun hal tersebut jangan dianggap sebagai suatu ancaman atau tantangan melainkan menjadi motivasi untuk meningkatkan mutu pelayanan yang terbaik bagi konsumen. Ibaratnya satu konsumen puas maka dia akan membawa minimal 10 konsumen baru untuk kita,” jelasnya. Suryadi menyakini industri usaha wisata di Indonesia mempunyai peluang yang sangat besar. Untuk berhasil di industri ini butuh spesialisasi dan profesionalitas. “Dengan begitu kita bisa mendapatkan kepercayaan konsumen maupun supplier. Walaupun bisnis usaha wisata juga sangat dipengaruhi dengan faktor eksternal situasi dan kondisi seperti keamanan, suhu politik maupun seperti disaat pandemi COVID-19 ini, kita harus yakin bahwa faktor eksternal bersifat sementara dan akan kembali normal pada saatnya,” ungkap Suryadi optimis.

Sebagai lulusan UPH, Suryadi berharap mahasiswa/i UPH yang masa kini disebut milenial, agar terus mengikuti perkembangan dunia dari segala aspek termasuk teknologi dan lain-lain, agar mampu menciptakan peluang kerja baru (berwirausaha) walaupun jenis usaha tersebut mungkin belum terpikirkan oleh orang banyak. “Saya sangat bangga jika ada banyak mahasiswa/i UPH mempunyai kecendrungan untuk berwirausaha sendiri dan menciptakan lapangan kerja bukan sebagai pencari kerja,” serunya dengan antusias.

Graduated Year: 02/09/2010
Mengadopsi sistem pembelajaran Harvard Business School, UPH membantu saya dalam mempertajam cara berpikir dan mempersiapkan saya untuk menjadi pemimpin yang tranformasional di masa depan.
Lydia Setiawan (Accounting 2010)
Monetization Promotion Platform Analytics Manager at GOJEK

Berkarir Tak Hanya dari Prestasi, Namun Juga dari Interpersonal Skill yang Diasah di UPH


Berawal dari kesempatan yang diberikan UPH menjadi salah satu Scholarship Grantee, Outstanding Freshman of the Year di UPH Award dan menjadi Resident Assistant termuda di UPH Dormitory, menjadi langkah awal bagi Lydia, alumni Akuntansi UPH 2010 dalam memulai perjalanan kariernya sebagai Auditor di salah satu Kantor Akuntan Publik Big Four, Deloitte. Bekerja sebagai Auditor, Lydia didorong untuk bekerja dengan time management yang bagus sehubungan dengan deadline yang ketat dan pipeline yang banyak. Di Deloitte, Ia bekerja dekat dengan top level management dan klien perusahaan Jepang. Sekarang Ia dipercayakan untuk berpartisipasi dalam memberikan social impact di salah satu perusahaan startup Decacorn, Gojek, sebagai Analyst. “Di Gojek saya bekerja dengan lingkungan multicultural yang mengasah cara berpikir, cara menyelesaikan masalah, sampai dengan cara berinteraksi dengan orang yang berbeda culture, background, dan experience”, ungkap Lydia menceritakan perjalanan kariernya hingga di posisinya saat ini.

Sebagai layanan berbasis teknologi, Gojek bukan hanya menjadi on-demand multi service platform dan teknologi pembayaran digital, akan tetapi juga telah menjadi bagian dari lifestyle masyarakat. Dengan hadirnya Gojek, kini masyarakat dengan mobilitas yang tinggi dan jadwal yang padat dapat mempunyai efisiensi waktu yang lebih maksimal. Dengan demikian setiap solusi yang diberikan oleh Lydia dan tim di Gojek akan secara langsung atau tidak langsung berdampak kepada masyarakat. Misalnya dengan inovasi baru untuk menjawab kebutuhan masyarakat, dengan kata lain, mengisi gap antara supply yang minim dengan demand yang tinggi. Di Gojek, Lydia pernah sekaligus merangkap sebagai Analyst, Marketing Strategist dan Auditor yang berhasil meluncurkan dan mengembangkan unit bisnis baru dari nol di bidang food dengan ~6K transaksi, senilai IDR 300 juta sebulan, hanya dalam waktu 1,5 bulan. Tak berhenti sampai di sini, sebagai Analyst, Ia juga berhasil menerapkan strategi pricing yang tepat dan analisis customer demand, yang mampu meningkatkan transaksi ~4x selama 3 bulan setelah brand diluncurkan. Saat berperan sebagai Marketing Strategist, Lydia berhasil menerapkan multiple channels marketing strategy, yang berhasil meningkatkan pertumbuhan user sebanyak ~3.5x selama 3 bulan setelah brand diluncurkan. Dan saat berperan sebagai Auditor, Ia juga berhasil meningkatan efisiensi waktu sebanyak ~40% dan cost saving sebanyak ~20% dengan meningkatkan business improvement processes dan membuat rencana turn-around.

Ia mengakui, prestasi dan kariernya tidak terlepas dari pendidikan yang diperoleh di UPH. Dimulai dari karirnya sebagai Auditor. Teori-teori yang didapatkan selama kuliah dapat diterapkan secara real di dunia kerja. Tak kalah penting, ia menggunakan kesempatan saat kuliah untuk meningkatkan interpersonal skill dan menjalin koneksi yang berguna. “Mengadopsi sistem pembelajaran Harvard Business School, UPH membantu saya dalam mempertajam cara berpikir dan mempersiapkan saya untuk menjadi pemimpin yang tranformasional di masa depan. Harapannya kiranya UPH terus berkarya dalam memberikan pendidikan yang holistic dan menghasilkan lulusan yang menginspirasi dan memberikan dampak positif bagi lingkungan”, tuturnya.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2014
Mari kita bersama membangun rasa cinta produk lokal.
Michael Chrisyanto (Visual Communication Design 2006)

Lulusan DKV Sukses Bangun Brand Lokal Bercitarasa Global


Anda pernah mendengar brand EATLAH? Brand produk makanan dan minuman siap saji ini ternyata dibangun dari ide sekelompok anak muda yang ingin mengangkat produk lokal yang baik secara branding. Ide ini digagas Michael Chrisyanto, alumni DKV UPH 2006, Founder sekaligus Chief Branding and Design EATLAH, bersama kedua partnernya. EATLAH diperkenalkan pada pertengahan tahun 2016, berawal dari sebuah resto di lokasi Pantai Indah Kapuk, dan dalam 3 tahun sudah memiliki lebih dari 26 cabang di dalam dan di luar Jakarta.

Michael meyakini pentingnya sebuah brand untuk memperkuat posisi produk di pasar. Dari hasil riset bersama rekannya, Ia melihat peluang di bisnis makanan cepat saji yang baik secara branding. Dan tentunya dengan produk yang juga baik. EATLAH bukan bisnis pertama Michael, sebelumnya ia sudah membangun dua bisnis lainnya yaitu DRINKLAH dan CHIPSLAH. EATLAH menjadi booming dimulai dengan menu makanan Indonesia yaitu nasi, telur goreng dan ayam goreng yang dibalut dengan saus salted egg. Brand EATLAH sendiri terinspirasi dari cara Singaporean mengajak orang makan dengan kata-kata “EATLAH”. “Saya kebetulan bertemu dengan kedua partner yakni Charina sebagai Marketing dan Riesky sebagai Products Development. Mereka tinggal di Singapore dan terbiasa memakan salted egg chicken dari resto cepat saji. Sementara saya juga sedang banyak mengerjakan restoran di Indonesia. Kemudian kami bersinergi membuat produk makanan siap saji dengan menu utama salted egg chicken ala Indonesia. Dari sana muncullah EATLAH,” lanjutnya.

Selain unsur branding dan produk, packaging juga menjadi salah satu keunikan EATLAH. Awalnya EATLAH menggunakan kertas putih, karena saat itu sempat sulit mencari produsen craft paper. Namun Michael yang sejak awal memiliki visi untuk menggunakan craft paper sebagai packaging produknya, berhasil menggandeng salah satu produsen craft paper, yang waktu itu sempat mau tutup karena pasarnya sepi, hingga sekarang menjadi supplier untuk packaging EATLAH. “Saya senang bisa membantu produsen craft paper ini, yang hingga kini permintaannya melonjak tinggi,” tutur Michael.

Michael menegaskan motivasi bisnis yang dia bangun bukan untuk mencari keuntungan pribadi, lebih utama dapat membuka lapangan kerja seluas-luasnya bagi banyak orang. Dan keinginan untuk mengangkat brand lokal yang bisa diterima luas. Produk inipun dapat berkompetisi di era digital dengan system pesan antara menggunakan ojek online (ojol). Pesan yang dibangun dari produk EATLAH adalah makanan siap saji yang lezat, direpresentasikan dari logo yang BOLD, SIMPLE, and FAST. Tentu ini related dengan background pendidikan Michael yaitu Desain Komunikasi Visual. Semua yang Ia pelajari di DKV UPH sangat aplikatif di dunia bisnis yang dia tekuni. Ia pun bersyukur selama kuliah dapat mengakses koleksi buku-buku desain yang baik di perpustakaan UPH. Hingga kini Ia terus belajar, mengikuti perkembangan teknologi, dan peluang bisnis untuk dapat menciptakan sebuah bisnis yang sesuai perkembangan jaman. Yang terpenting bagi Michael bukanlah untuk menjadi pemenang di pasar, tapi mengangkat produk lokal bersaing di pangsa global. “Mari kita bersama membangun rasa cinta produk lokal, instead makanan luar, sehingga brand Indonesialah yang menang,” ajak Michael.

Graduated Year: 01/09/2010
UPH memberikan dasar yang kuat, menjadi tempat untuk mengekspresikan diri dan mengoptimalkan potensi.
Christian Edo Yuwono (Music 2013)
Founder of L.ed's Production

Mengangkat Industri Musik Indonesia Lewat Profesi Sound Designer


Perkembangan industri kreatif di Indonesia menyuburkan profesi-profesi baru di bidang musik. Salah satunya profesi sound designer. Karya-karya musik hasil olahan sound designer semakin tumbuh subur dan diminati. Kontribusi seorang sound designer diperlukan dalam sebuah live performance maupun dalam proses produksi rekaman. Ternyata, ada proses panjang yang harus dilalui untuk menghasilkan sebuah sebuah karya musik yang dapat dinikmati oleh kita sebagai audience dan juga oleh musisi itu sendiri.

Terbukti, kontribusi sound designer mampu mengangkat industri musik Indonesia. Hal ini diakui salah seorang profesional sound design, yang ikut meramaikan dunia musik Indonesia yaitu Christian Edo Yuwono – Founder of Led’s Production, lulusan Seni Musik UPH 2013. Menurut Edo, peran sound designer sangat penting dalam pembuatan sebuah karya musik. Musisi tentunya akan melalui proses perekaman, proses mixing, dan penguasaan perangkat teknis (technical stuff) dan mengangkat nilai estetik dari musik yang dihasilkan, sehingga menjadi sebuah karya musik bisa dinikmati oleh semua orang.

Sejak awal berkuliah, Edo sangat tertarik pada bidang music art dan teknologi. Karenanya, Ia merasa bisa mendapatkan keduanya dalam program peminatan sound design di Fakultas Seni Musik UPH. Menjadi lulusan seni musik – sound designer, tentunya ada banyak sekali peluang bisnis yang dapat ditekuni. Beberapa contoh, dalam industri musik (music production) bisa menjadi Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, dan Live Sound Engineer. Lalu dalam industri Film, sebagai Foley Artist, Editor Audio dan Mix Engineer tentunya. “Prinsipnya, maksimalkan potensi diri dengan memberikan seluruh potensi dalam setiap acara dan dengan tetap rendah hati. Karena disaat kita memberikan yang terbaik dari versi kita, maka kita akan bisa memberikan energi positive untuk sekitar kita,” ungkap Edo.

Saat ini, Edo sedang fokus dalam mengembangkan Live Production Facilities (@ledsproduction), yang bergerak dibidang jasa rental dengan menyediakan semua kebutuhan produksi seperti sound system, audio production pencahayaan, dan dekorasi. Selain itu, Edo juga bekerja sebagai freelance engineer, untuk beberapa acara konser dan musical, dan bekerja di salah satu audio post di Jakarta sebagai mixing engineer. Semua ini diakuinya tidak terlepas dari bekal yang diperoleh saat kuliah di UPH. “UPH memberikan dasar yang kuat, menjadi tempat untuk mengekspresikan diri dan mengoptimalkan potensi,” tutup Edo.

Graduated Year: 15/09/2017
Mengambil ujian sambil kuliah bukan hal yang mudah tapi juga bukan tidak mungkin. Kita harus melakukannya dengan ketekunan dan dengan mengandalkan Tuhan dalam segala hal yang kita kerjakan.
Earlitha Olivia Lionel (Actuarial & Applied Mathematics 2015)
Actuarial Analyst at AIA

Earlitha, Kecintaan Pada Bidang Matematika Mengantarnya Ke Profesi Aktuaris


Matematika merupakan sebuah bidang yang bersifat sangat kuantitatif. Sebagai sebuah pelajaran, Matematika memerlukan jawaban yang eksak untuk setiap pertanyaannya. Earlitha, biasa Ia disapa, sejak SD mengakui sudah mulai menyukai bidang Matematika. Ia sangat menyukai tantangan soal Matematika berapapun sulitnya. Bagi alumni Matematika UPH 2015 ini, terdapat sebuah kesenangan tersendiri ketika sebuah soal berhasil diselesaikan. Karenanya sejak SMA Earlitha memang berniat untuk masuk bidang Matematika.

Setelah mencari banyak universitas, Earlitha merasa UPH paling sesuai karena Ia melihat UPH sangat konsen dengan bidang Matematika aktuaria. Menurutnya, selama studi mahasiswa dipersiapkan sangat matang untuk menjadi Aktuaris terbaik. Ini diikuti dengan pembekalan baik berupa sertifikasi maupun keahlian yang dibutuhkan di dunia karir. Selain itu, UPH adalah satu-satunya universitas yang memiliki penyetaraan ke sertifikasi SOA (Society of Actuaries), poin ini membuat Earlitha sangat yakin bisa berkembang di bidang aktuaria.

Setelah lulus S1 Matematika, Earlitha ternyata sudah memiliki 11 sertifikasi SOA dan PAI (Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia). Di usia yang masih muda, Ia telah mendapatkan gelar FSAI setengah tahun setelah itu. Ujian tersebut telah Ia ikuti bahkan sejak Ia masih kuliah di tingkat awal. Earlitha bersyukur UPH sudah memfasilitasi mahasiswanya dengan penyetaraan SOA, ini adalah salah satu nilai plus yang luar biasa bagi mahasiswa UPH, penyetaraan ini hanya ada di UPH. Dengan mengikuti beberapa mata kuliah yang sudah ditentukan, mahasiswa sudah mendapatkan 3 penyetaraan SOA VEE. Selain itu kurikulum di Matematika UPH sangat sesuai dengan sertifikasi, hal ini sangat mempermudah mahasiswa untuk mengikuti ujian profesionalisme tersebut.

Bidang Aktuaris saat ini masih sangat diperlukan dan menjanjikan di Indonesia. Saat ini masih banyak tenaga Aktuaris luar yang berkontribusi di Indonesia. Untuk menjadi Aktuaris, sertifikasi profesional menjadi tiket. Oleh karenanya, Earlitha mendorong dan berbagi tips, untuk bisa berhasil dalam ujian sertifikasi, dimulai dari niat dari diri sendiri dan usaha yang besar untuk belajar mandiri.

“Mengambil ujian sambil kuliah bukan hal yang mudah tapi juga bukan tidak mungkin. Kita harus melakukannya dengan ketekunan dan dengan mengandalkan Tuhan dalam segala hal yang kita kerjakan. Ketika terjun di karir juga, tentu yang dinilai perusahaan tidak hanya pencapaian-pencapaian akademik, namun lebih kepada hasil kerja dan kontribusi yang bisa diberikan kepada perusahaan,” ungkap Earlitha yang berhasil mendapatkan apresiasi dari perusahaan tempatnya bekerja.

Selain berkarir sebagai Aktuaris, Ia juga rajin menulis di blog post di www.actuaryinreality.com, Earlitha juga memiliki online shop di bidang calligraphy, baik jasa tulis, live events maupun produk-produknya. Ternyata waktu dan semangatnya masih bisa dimanfaatkan untuk menghasilkan aktivitas yang bermanfaat bagi dirinya dan orang lain serta memberikan keuntungan tambahan.

Graduated Year: 06/03/2019
Saya pengen bisa menghibur dan mendidik anak-anak Indonesia lewat animasi dan karakter-karakter asal Indonesia bisa berjaya di dunia adalah impian saya.
Andi Martin Suryana (Visual Communication Design 1997)
CEO of Kratoon Channel

Andi Martin, Kreator Animasi Superhero Indonesia


Saat ini, industri konten di dunia sedang sangat menggairahkan karena makin banyaknya platform penyedia konten seperti Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon Prime Video, dsb. Animasi merupakan salah satu konten yang sangat digemari untuk semua umur. Di Indonesia sendiri tahun 2020 ada 4 film animasi layar lebar. Serial animasi di platform youtube pun mulai bermunculan dengan jumlah subscriber yang makin banyak.

Andi Martin, CEO Kratoon Channel, awalnya bergerak di bidang game developer, menggembangkan game online pertama buatan Indonesia bernama Inspirit: Arena. Game atau film hanya salah satu media, passion-nya terletak di story telling, universe creation dan intellectual property creation. Dengan visi ingin menghadirkan Disney-nya Indonesia, Andi pun berevolusi dari sekedar studio menjadi perusahaan bergerak di character producing dan licensing.

Untuk menghasilkan produk animasi ini, Andi mengaku tidak cukup hanya dibekali teori tetapi juga wawasan yang tentunya dari pelaku industri kreatif yang kian dinamis dan bergerak sangat cepat.

Sebelum meneruskan pendidikannya di Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Andi sempat kuliah di Savannah College of Art and Design, jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual. Tahun 1996, Ia memulai perkuliahannya, namun kemudian terpaksa berhenti dan pulang ke Indonesia dikarenakan krisis ekonomi. Tahun 1997, Andi pun melanjutkan studinya ke jurusan yang sama di UPH. Saat itu, hanya UPH yang bersedia menerima kredit perkuliahannya dari Amerika Serikat.

“Semua saya belajar sendiri diluar pendidikan resmi untuk siap di industri kreatif, apalagi saat saya mulai belum banyak perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang game,” ungkap Andi.

Prinsipnya, jangan mudah menyerah. Justru bagi Andi, sering gagal itu bagus untuk kesehatan. Melalui animasinya, Andi berkontribusi terhadap Indonesia dengan membuat sosok jagoan super Indonesia bernama Hebring dan berhasil mendapatkan penghargaan 2nd prize dari Asean-Japan Centre dalam ajang Asean Character award 2014. Kemudian awal tahun 2019 dipercaya membantu membuat cerita hidup bapak Jokowi dalam bentuk animasi adalah salah satu kebanggaan buat Andi.

“Untuk jangka panjang, saya pengen bisa menghibur dan mendidik anak-anak Indonesia lewat animasi dan karakter-karakter asal Indonesia bisa berjaya di dunia adalah impian saya,” tutup Andi Martin.

Graduated Year: 19/08/2002
Kami berharap agar pengrajin-pengrajin mulai bisa melihat bahwa pekerjaan mereka dihargai, berani menaikkan jasa mereka, dan berani membuat workshop sendiri di rumah mereka.
Michellie Danara Tantyo (Product Design 2014)
Founder of Titian Jewelry

Titian Jewelry: Perhiasan hand-made Unik dari Material Alam


Siapa sangka, Titian Jewelry terlahir dari tugas akhir 2 perempuan muda lulusan Desain Produk UPH. Tugas akhir ini merupakan persyaratan kelulusan saat mereka kuliah di UPH dan kemudian terus dikembangkan hingga saat ini. Mereka adalah Michellie Danara dan partnernya Merlyn Awang.

Menurut Michellie, selling point dari brand Titian Jewelry adalah keunikan produknya yang menggunakan material tulang sapi, mother of pearl, dan batu-batuan. Inilah, katanya, yang memaksimalkan craftsmanship dari pengrajin. Disamping itu, desainnya sangat cocok untuk wanita Indonesia yang berusia 20 tahun ke atas.

“Bisnis perhiasan ini sebenarnya memiliki potensi yang luar biasa dengan meningkatnya pendapatan perkapita Indonesia serta semakin tingginya awareness target market mengenai perhiasan hand-made. Oleh karenanya berharap tidak hanya di Indonesia, tapi dapat menjangkau pasar internasional juga,” ungkap Michellie.

Selain keunggulan produk, bagi Michellie, yang diperlukan dalam memulai suatu bisnis adalah tujuan dari bisnis itu sendiri. Hal ini yang menjadi spirit dari hadirnya Titian Jewelry, yaitu bertujuan untuk mempertahankan dan mengembangkan pengrajin yang masih ada di Bali. Mulai dari mengedukasi pengrajin mengenai value yang mereka punya, memberikan rate yang lebih tinggi kepada pengrajin, dan memperkenalkan kepada target market akan craftsmanship yang dimiliki oleh pengrajin-pengrajin ini.

Michellie bercerita, memutuskan membuat produk di Bali berawal dari perjumpaan dengan pengrajin-pengrajin yang luar biasa pada saat internship di Bali. Dari hasil pengamatan, turunnya daya tarik usaha perhiasan dikarenakan hancurnya harga jasa yang ditawarkan, persaingan dengan barang impor dari China, dan alat-alat yang kurang mengikuti jaman. Akhirnya banyak dari para pengrajin memutuskan bahwa menjadi pengrajin bukanlah pekerjaan yang memiliki masa depan yang cerah. Mereka berhenti mengajarkan keterampilan ini kepada anak-anak mereka dan mulai mencari alternatif pekerjaan lain.

“Dari situ kami memutuskan untuk membuat Titian Jewelry, dengan memberikan timbal balik yang adil kepada pengrajin, kami berharap agar pengrajin-pengrajin mulai bisa melihat bahwa pekerjaan mereka dihargai, berani menaikkan jasa mereka, dan berani membuat workshop sendiri di rumah mereka,” ungkap Michellie.

Semakin berkembangnya suatu bisnis, hadirnya kompetitor menjadi hal yang biasa. Menyikapi hadirnya kompetitor, Titian Jewelry punya kiat sendiri, diantaranya terus mengikuti perubahan, melakukan hal-hal baru, seperti mengeluarkan desain baru, atau ikut mempelajari teknik marketing yang dilakukan kompetitor.

Sedangkan untuk tantangan terbesar yang saat ini dihadapi oleh Titian Jewelry, Michellie mengungkapkan, dengan cara mempertahankan standar dan kualitas produk, dikarenakan banyaknya step dan pihak yang terlibat untuk menghasilkan sebuah produk Titian Jewelry ini. Selain itu, konsistensi juga harus terus dijaga.

Hal yang tidak boleh diabaikan dalam menjalankan bisnisnya, kata Michellie, adalah dukungan dan dorongan dari keluarga, teman-teman, dosen dan staf UPH, yang memberikan banyak insight kepada Titian Jewelry. Selama berkuliah di UPH, pelajaran baik yang didapat dikelas maupun pengalaman di luar kelas sangat membantu Michellie dalam mengembangkan bisnisnya. Mulai dari membentuk etika kerja, hingga hal-hal teknis seperti efisiensi dalam sistem produksi produk.

Graduated Year: 29/08/2018
Orang yang mendapat segala sesuatunya dengan instan akan berbeda dengan orang yang mendapatkan sesuatu melewati sebuah proses.
Nency Patricia Pical (Law 2007)
Notary and Land Titles Registrar at Tangerang

Menjadi notaris dan PPAT merupakan sebuah anugerah dan berkat juga tanggung jawab bagi Nency, alumni Ilmu Hukum UPH 2007. Proses panjang menjadi notaris dan PPAT tentu bukan hal yang mudah bagi Nency. Ada banyak lelah dan peluh yang mungkin orang lain tidak tahu, tapi Nency tidak menyerah, dan menikmati setiap proses.

“Ada sebuah kutipan yang mengatakan semakin kamu mendekati puncak gunung, semakin berat jalan dan alur yang kamu hadapi, tingkat kecuraman, kadar oksigen, cuaca yang ekstrem, dan banyak hal lainnya. Tetapi saat kamu berhasil sampai di puncak, kamu tidak akan pernah berhenti bersyukur, bukan hanya bersyukur karena akhirnya sudah tiba di puncak tetapi bersyukur karena kamu pernah melewati step by step untuk sampai di puncak. Orang yang mendapat segala sesuatunya dengan instan akan berbeda dengan orang yang mendapatkan sesuatu melewati sebuah proses. Karena proses itulah yang membentuk karakter seseorang saat dia dibenturkan oleh keadaan di sekelilingnya yang negative, dia tetap bisa positive,” ceritanya.

Saat ini Nency juga aktif di dalam organisasi Ikatan Notaris Indonesia untuk mendukung segala langkah yang ditempuh pemerintah dalam bidang hukum. Menjalani profesi ini, Nency punya kiat yakni berusaha melakukan dan menjadi yang terbaik. Mendisiplinkan diri untuk bersikap jujur, baik, sopan, rendah hati, sehingga kehadirannya dalam memangku jabatan profesi maupun dalam kehidupan sehari-hari dapat diterima dan menjadi berkat bagi masyarakat. Oleh karenanya, motto UPH selalu menjadi dasar ketika Ia bekerja. Bagi Nency, UPH bukan hanya sebagai Universitas tempat Ia berkuliah. UPH adalah sebuah tempat yang sudah berhasil membentuk Ia menjadi seorang wanita yang memiliki ilmu yang dapat menunjang profesinya saat ini, seorang wanita yang memiliki keyakinan kuat akan kuasa dan kehadiran Tuhan dalam setiap tindakan yang Ia lakukan dalam profesinya saat ini, serta menjadikan Ia notaris yang berilmu dan beretika.

Graduated Year: 12/09/2011
Di UPH ini aku selalu diajarkan untuk selalu bersyukur pada Tuhan Yesus dalam setiap proses yang dialami baik di dalam maupun di luar kelas.
Agnesia Cahaya (Product Design 2015)
Founder of Caleo

Diproses Menjadi Perancang Produk Ramah Lingkungan sejak Kuliah


Selain membekali mahasiswa dengan kemampuan akademik dan non-akademik, UPH berupaya menghasilkan lulusan yang memberikan sumbangsi yang baik bagi masyarakat. Karenanya, School of Design UPH seperti program studi Desain Produk berupaya menghasilkan desain yang inovatif, kreatif, fungsional dan estetis menggunakan bahan ramah lingkungan dan berdampak baik bagi masyarakat. Inilah salah satu dasar yang diajarkan program studi Desain Produk UPH.

Ini menjadi nilai dasar yang juga diterapkan oleh lulusan Desain Produk UPH angkatan 2015 yakni Agnesia Cahaya, seorang freelance designer dan perintis brand Caleo dalam menekuni karirnya saat ini. Selama kuliah di UPH, Agnesia mengaku banyak terlibat dalam pengalaman kerja yang membantunya menemukan passionnya yaitu merancang tas. Ia mulai benar-benar menekuni passionnya saat mengerjakan tugas akhir dan kemudian Ia teruskan menjadi bisnis tas yang laris hingga saat ini. Bisnisnya ini dapat ditemukan melalui akun Instagram @caleoofficial.

Agnesia yang saat ini tengah menjalin kerjasama dan meningkatkan craftmanship dengan pengrajin dari Cirebon dan Tangerang, mengaku bahwa setiap pembelajaran yang Ia dapatkan di UPH masih terus ia pakai. Pembelajaran seperti skill tangan, teknik menggambar, proses rendering, mengakses desain ke komputer, hingga proses pembuatan produk dan kerjasama dengan pengrajin merupakan proses yang saling berkesinambungan satu sama lain dan tidak bisa lepas dari dunia desain. Tentunya semua ini diusahakan dengan bahan ramah lingkungan. Bagi Agnesia, merancang produk dengan kualitas baik tidak harus merusak lingkungan.

Proses ini juga yang membuatnya tekun dalam menjalankan karirnya. Bagi Agnesia, ini bukan semata-mata hanya untuk meraih keuntungan namun bagaimana mengembalikannya untuk kemuliaan Tuhan. Inilah salah satu nilai yang selalu ditekankan di UPH yang masih terus Ia pegang sampai saat ini. Agnesia percaya, segala sesuatu yang dilakukan untuk kemuliaan Tuhan akan memberi hasil yang baik pula.

“Di UPH ini aku selalu diajarkan untuk selalu bersyukur pada Tuhan Yesus dalam setiap proses yang dialami baik di dalam maupun di luar kelas. Karena itu, aku selalu berpikir apakah yang aku lakukan ini terbaik untuk kemuliaan nama Tuhan? Bagaimana dampaknya pada perkembangan diri aku? Aku percaya kalo memang ini hal yang baik Tuhan percayakan, kedepannya pasti dapat berjalan dengan lancar,” tutur Agnesia.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2019
Karakter saya terbangun dengan signifikan saat saya menjadi student athlete UPH, dan hal ini yang menjadi bekal buat saya ketika masuk ke dunia karier dan bisnis.
Thea Magdalena Koe (Management 2008)
Founder & CEO of Jam(u)an, Kana Catering, Kana Petite, Althea Memoirs

Jam(u)an, Bisnis Kuliner Kekinian yang Berdampak Untuk Anak Indonesia


Sociopreneur atau Wirausaha Sosial sekarang ini menjadi tren dikalangan milenial. Mendirikan bisnis tidak hanya soal keuntungan tetapi juga bagaimana dampak dan kontribusinya terhadap masyarakat. Thea Magdalena merupakan salah satu millennial perempuan yang menjadi penggagas wirausaha sosial bagi anak-anak. Mottonya ialah “A business should not only be profitable but also positively impactful for all stakeholders.”

Thea, yang merupakan alumni Manajemen UPH 2008, berkeyakinan kuat bahwa nasib bangsa berkaitan erat dengan kualitas generasi muda. Setiap anak berhak memiliki impian dan kesempatan untuk mengejar impian tersebut. Untuk dapat mencapai apa yang di cita-citakan, setiap anak harus sehat secara tubuh dan jiwa. Keyakinan tersebut yang menjadi ide dibalik bisnis kuliner yang saat ini Ia kembangkan. Melalui pembelian bowl Jam(u)an, Thea ingin mengajak setiap konsumennya untuk bisa menjadi dampak bagi anak Indoneisa dengan berpartisipasi membantu angka perbaikan gizi di tempat-tempat yang saat ini masih memiliki angka kecukupan gizi rendah (malnutrisi) khususnya desa-desa di Flores NTT bersama sociopreneur Duanyam.

“Jadi kalo membeli menu Jam(u)an, bukan hanya sekedar makan enak dan kenyang tapi ajak pembeli untuk turut beramal. Kita salurkan sebagian pendapatan dari setiap bowl yang dijual untuk membantu anak-anak malnutrisi di Indonesia,” ungkap Thea.

Sekilas tentang Jam(u)an, ada cerita yang ingin disampaikan oleh Thea melalui gambar yang terlukis di setiap bowl. Thea mengungkapkan cerita tentang masa kecilnya dalam produknya, yaitu mengenai hati seorang keturunan Jawa-Manado yang ingin membawa dampak bagi Indonesia. Thea percaya setiap usaha harus berdampak positif tidak hanya bagi perusahaan itu sendiri namun juga untuk orang lain, khususnya tempat Ia berada, Indonesia.

Jam(u)an : Jawa Manado, karena Thea keturunan Jawa Manado.
(u) : hashtag/ campaign purpose #jamuanuntukindonesia

Selain Jam(u)an, Thea juga mengembangkan beberapa bisnis lainnya yakni Kana Catering, Kana Petite, dan Althea Memoirs. Baginya, prinsip berbisnis sama halnya dengan kehidupan, seperti berlari marathon. Lakukan hal-hal yang akan berdampak baik kepada sustainability perusahaan dan endurance kita dengan integritas, keadilan, kerja keras dan keikhlasan untuk hal-hal yang diluar kuasa / otoritas kita.

Diakui Thea, kuliah di UPH merupakan bagian positif yang besar dalam kehidupannya. Tidak hanya kuliah, dulu Thea juga aktif sebagai student athlete basket di kampus. Thea belajar banyak hal termasuk bagaimana untuk hidup disiplin, taat kepada otoritas, dan seimbang dalam bertanggung jawab kepada Tuhan, tugas kuliah, dan team. Thea juga belajar bahwa apapun yang kita lakukan, baik belajar, berlatih ataupun bertanding basket, bertujuan untuk menjadikan kita sebagai pribadi yang lebih baik, bukan untuk earthly achievement, tetapi lebih kepada divine purpose of life.

“Karakter saya terbangun dengan signifikan saat saya menjadi student athlete UPH, dan hal ini yang menjadi bekal buat saya ketika masuk ke dunia karier dan bisnis. Saya sangat bersyukur bahwa saya memiliki musim hidup itu,” tutup Thea.

Graduated Year: 05/03/2012
Di UPH, keterampilan komunikasi saya diasah, sehingga dapat berkomunikasi dengan benar dan baik kepada pelanggan, bahkan dengan rekan pengusaha (vendor), juga tim.
Teddy Darmaja (English Language Education 2006)
Owner of Red Hat Organizer

Temukan Passion dalam Industri Event Organizer yang Menjanjikan


Dilansir dari Ekonomi.bisnis.com dan mix.co.id dikatakan bahwa tren industri Event Organizer (EO) terus memiliki pertumbuhan sekitar 15% hingga 20% tiap tahunnya. Peluang bisnis yang menjanjikan ini juga yang dilihat Teddy Darmaja, Alumni Sastra Inggris Universitas Pelita Harapan, 2006. Tidak hanya mengejar profit, bagi Teddy bekerja di industri ini merupakan passion dan berkat baginya. Baik Teddy dan kedua partner yang berbekal pengalaman karier di bidang MICE, banquet, event and promotions, ketiganya merintis Red Hat Organizer- Event Organizer sekaligus Wedding Planner. Terus fokus pada ‘kualitas pelayanan terbaik’, membuahkan hasil bagi Red Hat yang sebelumnya dikenal dengan Star Management, resmi menjadi anggota dari Asosiasi Pengusaha Pernikahan dan Gaun Indonesia (APPGINDO) pada Desember 2015.

Usaha Teddy bersama tim untuk diakui kinerjanya oleh APPGINDO tidak terlepas dari kesungguhan bekerja dan membuahkan review-review positif baik secara online seperti google review maupun secara personal yang kerap merekomendasikan Red Hat.
“Visi Red Hat Organizer yaitu berkomitmen dalam memberikan pengalaman acara lebih dari yang pelanggan impikan. Kami tuangkan dalam misi yang jelas, yaitu memberikan solusi layanan terbaik, memberikan keterampilan dan layanan manajemen acara yang terbaik untuk memastikan hasil yang diinginkan pelanggan tercapai, dan menjadi mitra strategis untuk para rekan pengusaha (vendor) pernikahan. Kami adalah perpanjangan tangan, representative, sekaligus advokat pelanggan kami,” ungkap Teddy.

Uniknya, Teddy bersama Red Hat tidak hanya sekadar menjalankan bisnis demi profit. Prinsipnya Ia melihat pekerjaan sebagai berkat Tuhan, karenanya Red Hat Organizer harus berdampak bagi komunitas. Hal ini dituangkannya ke dalam bentuk CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) sederhana yaitu memberikan pelayanan jasa tidak berbayar kepada gereja-gereja yang ingin menyelenggarakan perayaan hari besar Kristiani ataupun perayaan lainnya. Lebih lanjut, pria yang mengaku enjoy bekerja di bidang ini juga selalu melihat seluruh pengalamannya di Red Hat unik, berkesan, dan bermanfaat bagi kemajuan timnya. “Semua pengalaman buruk atau baik dapat membentuk saya dan teman-teman di Red Hat untuk mengasah kualitas. Segala pengalaman kami evaluasi dan tuangkan menjadi standar operasional yang baru untuk memperlengkapi dan terus memperbaiki kerja tim dari yang sudah ada sebelumnya,” jelas Teddy. Industri yang telah digeluti lebih dari 13 tahun ini, diyakini masih memiliki peluang yang sangat menjanjikan. Tidak heran bisnis di bidang ini terus bermunculan. Untuk memenangkan pasar, Red Hat terus memastikan standar kerja yang diberikan konsisten dan terus ditingkatkan.

Kemampuan manajemen bisnis ini diakui Teddy tidak terlepas dari apa yang didapatnya selama studi di UPH. “Di UPH, keterampilan komunikasi saya diasah, sehingga dapat berkomunikasi dengan benar dan baik kepada pelanggan, bahkan dengan rekan pengusaha (vendor), juga tim. Selain itu, studi di UPH juga memudahkan saya menangani pelanggan yang merupakan warga negara asing, yang hanya dapat berbahasa Bahasa Inggris. Tidak hanya secara lisan, kemampuan menulis dengan baik, dalam Bahasa Indonesia maupun Inggris, juga telah terasah sejak berkuliah,” cerita Teddy. Baginya UPH juga telah membentuk karakternya untuk berintegritas dalam menjalankan bisnis. Lebih lanjut Ia juga berpegang pada nilai yang telah ditanamkan sejak Ia di UPH, yaitu bertanggung jawab, jujur, dan berusaha untuk dapat memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik bagi pelanggan, baik dalam pengawasan maupun di luar pengawasan pelanggan.

Kedepannya Teddy bersama Red Hat akan terus berfokus pada strategi pemasaran terutama melalui media social. Tentunya beragam strategi yang telah dilakukannya saat ini juga akan dilanjutkan dan dikembangkan dengan networking marketing strategy, maupun mengikuti beragam pameran pernikahan bergengsi seperti Weddingku dan Bridestory.

Graduated Year: 01/09/2010
Andhini Puteri Lestari (Applied Communication Sciences 2004)
Indonesian Content Director at GetCraft

Siap Berubah dan Menjadi Bagian dari Sejarah Perubahan


Pengalaman bekerja di media, di era yang berbeda, menuntut kesiapan untuk berubah. Seperti cerita yang dialami Andhini Puteri Lestari, alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH 2004, yang shifting dari profesi wartawan ke direktur konten di sebuah marketplace yang menaungi para content creator. Bagi Dhini, biasa ia dipanggil, perubahan ini bukan hanya untuk mengembangkan karier saja, tetapi memiliki kenikmatan tersendiri, karena memiliki waktu kerja yang fleksibel, dan output-nya luar biasa. Ini diakui Dhini, yang sudah 4 tahun belakangan ini bekerja sebagai Content Director Indonesia di GetCraft, sebuah perusahaan startup yang memberikan layanan marketplace untuk membantu pelaku bisnis kreatif/marketers bertemu dan berkolaborasi dengan para content creator di Asia Tenggara.

Tugas Dhini di GetCraft Indonesia, bertanggung jawab atas seluruh kegiatan konten, sekaligus merancang strategi konten untuk lingkup regional (Filipina, Malaysia, Singapura, Indonesia). Selain itu Dhini juga berperan sebagai Editor in Chief di media kreatif kita; Crafters dan media marketing keluaran GetCraft; Academy. Disamping kesibukannya sebagai content creator, Dhini mengaku masih sempat melakukan aktifitas hobinya di dunia teater.

Tentu saja karier Dhini saat ini merupakan pengembangan dari kariernya terdahulu di media, meniti karier sebagai wartawan lifestyle selama kurang lebih 9 tahun, mulai dari majalah GoGirl, Playboy Indonesia, dan Tamasya, 3 tahun di Cosmopolitan Indonesia dan 5 tahun di Her World Indonesia.

Ketika ditanya mengenai kehadiran content creator yang baru saja meniti karier/ fresh graduate, Dhini mengaku sangat welcome. Menurutnya, di era digital, ini menjadi karir yang bagus untuk mereka. Di GetCraft sendiri 30% karyawannya merupakan para fresh graduate – yang tentunya dekat dengan era digitalisasi. Jika ditanya seputar persyaratan untuk menekuni karier seperti yang Dhini jalani, “Tentu saja harus punya kompetensi dalam bidang yang akan dijalani, untuk karier seperti saya, tentu berhubungan dengan copy dan konten. Mulai dari strategi kontennya, teknik editing artikel, copy sosial media, intinya produksi konten mulai dari tahap ideation, produksi, sampai report/apakah konten tersebut performanya mencapai objektif atau tidak. Selain harus bisa membuat strategi konten dan bagaimana manajemen produksinya, tentu haru selalu memperkaya pengetahuan juga dan paham betul isu dan tren apa yang sedang marak,” ujarnya.

Karena pekerjaan ini harus up to date, tentu harus siap dengan perubahan, dalam sistem kerja dan sebagainya. Namun bagi Dhini perubahan tersebut bukan sebagai “pekerjaan rumah baru” tetapi ubah mindset menjadi “berubah untuk lebih baik, dan jadilah bagian dari sejarah yang membuat perubahan ini”. Hal ini menjadi tidak asing karena dulu sewaktu kuliah jurusan Jurnalistik di UPH, ada beberapa mata kuliah seperti Penulisan Feature, Pengantar Ilmu Jurnalistik, juga semua yang berhubungan dengan Broadcast sangat berguna di pekerjaan Dhini saat ini. “Percaya atau tidak, Statistik juga berguna! Kita harus jago bermain Excel dan hitungan lainnya,” tutup Dhini.

Graduated Year: 27/03/2008
Ini sangat relevan dengan ilmu yang telah dipelajari sewaktu kuliah di UPH, hanya medianya saja yang berbeda.
Vina Jafar (Product Design 2001) & Irvan Nurhalim (Informatics 2001)
Owner of Mionette Cakes, Mionette Privee, Mionette Cakes & Dining

Mionette Cakes, Eksis Berkat Konsistensi dan Otentitas


Mionette Cakes (@mionettecakes), salah satu toko kue di Jakarta, yang dikategorikan spesialis kue klasik dan otentik, mampu eksis karena konsistensinya. Didirikan tahun 2011 oleh Vina Jafar, alumni Desain Produk 2001, dan suaminya, Irvan Nurhalim, alumni Teknik Informatika UPH 2001. Awalnya, Mionette hanya berbasis online dan menjual produk regular cakes dan custom cake serta mensupply cake ke salah satu japanese chain restaurant terbesar di Jakarta, Sushi Tei, sampai tahun 2018.

Seiring meningkatnya permintaan custom cake, Vina dan Irvan, membuat line khusus untuk custom cake dengan nama Mionette Privee (@mionetteprivee), yang sepenuhnya dihandle oleh Vina sendiri. Kemudian di tahun 2014, mereka membuka gerai cake shop pertama, di PX Pavilion kawasan Puri Jakarta Barat, dan tahun 2017 berkembang menjadi restaurant (@mionette.id), di Lippo Puri Mall, yang tidak hanya menjual cakes dan tea/coffee tetapi juga menyediakan makanan. Irvan sepenuhnya berkontribusi pada bagian system operasional, pemilihan menu, R&D makanan dan coffee.

Konsistensi dan otentitas menjadi kekuatan bisnis yang dirintis Vina dan Irvan. Mionette cakes sangat mengutamakan keoriginalan cake-cake internasional yang sudah populer dan dikemas dengan gaya modern, dengan pemilihan bahan berkualitas, tanpa artificial flavoring dan pengawet. Mionette Privee, custom cake yang dibuat dengan konsep berbeda dengan custom cake pada umumnya. Sedangkan Mionette Cakes & Dining, memberikan pengalaman kuliner yang nyaman dengan penyajian makanan yang menggunakan bahan-bahan natural terbaik, halal dan tanpa MSG.

Keduanya mengaku tidak pernah putus asa, walaupun pernah gagal, dalam menjalani bisnis ini. Alhasil, Mionette kini mengembangkan bisnis ke school decorating, berupa kursus-kursus kecil. Bagi Vina, bidang ini bukan hal baru, karena basic ilmunya sudah didapat saat kuliah di Design Produk UPH. Sejak tahun 2016, Vina memutuskan berbagi ilmu dekorasi cake yaitu 3D sculpted cake dan hand painted cake dalam kursus-kursus kecil dan private class.

“Ini sangat relevan dengan ilmu yang telah dipelajari sewaktu kuliah di UPH, hanya medianya saja yang berbeda,” ungkap Vina.

Ketika kuliah, kayu atau bahan sintesis sebagai media untuk di pahat. Namun pada dasarnya, dalam membuat cake pun menggunakan teknik yang sama. Begitu juga dengan platform ilustrasi digital yang pernah didapatkan waktu kuliah dulu juga sangat membantu Vina dalam membuat sculpted cake dengan proporsi yang sangat baik dan keperluan materi digital yang dibutuhkan. Irvan pun, merasakan hal yang sama. Walaupun latar belakang pendidikannya IT, dan kini bergelut di bisnis kulinari, tetapi justru ilmu kuliahnya sangat berguna untuk membangun system operasional yang baik di restaurant yang mereka kembangkan.

Graduated Year:
Segala sesuatu dapat kita kerjakan dan selesaikan selama kita yakin untuk bisa dan mau berusaha untuk menyelesaikannya.
Herrieck Mulya Yangdinata (Informatics 2009)
CEO of PT Planet Sinema Indonesia & Founder of Planet Cinema Bone

Planet Cinema Bone, Kawasan Hiburan Terpadu dan Terbesar di Indonesia Timur


Satu lagi alumni UPH yang memberikan kontribusi membanggakan untuk masyarakat, khususnya di wilayah Timur Indonesia. Lewat gagasannya, Herrieck Mulya Yangdinata, CEO PT Planet Sinema Indonesia, membangun Planet Cinema Bone, sebuah kawasan hiburan terpadu dan terbesar di wilayah timur Indonesia, berlokasi di Jl Dr Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Kota Watampone, Kabupaten Bone. Fasilitas ini diresmikan langsung oleh Bupati Bone, Dr HA Fahsar M. Padjalangi, pada 7 Februari 2020.

Dikutip dari Tribun News, Bupati Bone, dalam sambutannya, mengaku bangga dan sangat mengapresiasi kehadiran Planet Cinema Bone sehingga warga Bone tidak perlu jauh-jauh ke Makassar atau Sengkang untuk menikmati bioskop. Selain bioskop, ada pula food court dan retail shop yang sudah memiliki nama cukup besar di kota-kota. Dan tempat bermain atau playground untuk anak-anak.

Menurut Herrieck, alumni Teknik Informatika UPH 2009, alasan membangun di kabupaten Bone, karena masyarakat masih merasa minim fasilitas hiburan di kawasan dekat mereka. Sebelumnya, mereka harus pergi jauh ke kota untuk menikmati hiburan. Herrieck melanjutkan bahwa konsep entertainment terpadu yang hadir di Kabupaten Bone ini siap menjadi percontohan nasional. Dan tentunya fasilitas ini dapat menambah kontribusi ke Kabupaten melalui sumber Pendapatan Asli Daerah (PAD) dan juga 90% karyawannya adalah orang Bone.

“Selain itu, konsep yang diusung Planet Cinema Bone, seperti model planet ala star wars, interiornya dan eksteriornya bagaikan sebuah meteor yang jatuh dari langit. Ini konsep yang mungkin pertama di Indonesia Timur. Konsep ini tentunya dapat menarik perhatian pengunjung untuk mendapatkan spot foto yang menarik untuk di pamerkan di media social,” ungkap Herrieck.

Herrieck mengakui apa yang dia lakukan tidak terlepas dari ilmu yang didapat di Teknik Informatika UPH saat kuliah dulu. Keahliannya di bidang IT diimplementasikan dalam system IT yang kompleks agar dapat menjalankan bisnis ini dengan autopilot.

Terlepas dari itu semua, ia memegang prinsip ‘selalu berkata BISA’ untuk melakukan semua hal. Meskipun kegagalan bisa saja terjadi, namun dalam menjalankan sebuah bisnis, Ia berprinsip harus optimis dan kerja keras. “Segala sesuatu dapat kita kerjakan dan selesaikan selama kita yakin untuk bisa dan mau berusaha untuk menyelesaikannya,” tutup Herrieck.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2014
Woro Windrati (Applied Communication Sciences 1999 & Master of Communication Sciences 2015)
News Anchor at Kompas TV

Komunikasi ibarat Lifeblood


Komunikasi itu ibarat lifeblood dari sebuah organisasi, individu dan masyarakat. Demikian dikatakan Woro Windrati, Presenter Kompas TV, alumni Ilmu komuniksi UPH. Karenanya menarik untuk didalami apalagi saat ini industry broadcasting sedang berkembang pesat. Masyakarakat tidak hanya mendapat informasi dari media konvensional seperti televisi dan radio tapi online melalui jaringan internet/ internet broadcast.

Dengan komunikasi yang baik diharapkan pesan mampu tersampaikan dengan baik ke masyarakat. Ditambah dengan kode etik jurnalistik, yang mengharuskan informasi berimbang, sehingga penerima pesan mendapat informasi yang cover both side. Lebih lanjut Woro mengungkapkan, untuk mampu bersaing di bidang broadcasting, diperlukan kreatifitas tanpa batas. Melihat apa yang menjadi kebutuhan masyakarat sekaligus keresahan dalam masyakarakat.

Apa yang ia lakukan melalui profesinya, tidak terlepas dari bekal belajar di Ilmu Komunikasi UPH. Woro merasa bangga karena berkesempatan menempuh pendidikan S1 dan S2 nya di UPH. Ia merupakan alumni UPH untuk program studi Ilmu Komunikasi 1999 dan Magister Ilmu Komunikasi UPH 2015. Bagi Woro, saat S1 tentu masih lebih banyak dasar dan teori yang Ia pelajari. Namun saat S2 tahun 2015-2018, materi yang diberikan oleh pengajar lebih mudah untuk langsung diaplikasikan ke dalam industrinya saat ini.

Selain menjadi presenter, moderator dan MC, Woro juga bertanggung jawab sebagai Produser Program Buletin News Kompas TV. Beberapa program yang pernah Ia jalani, seperti Kompas Siang, Kompas Petang, Sapa Indonesia Siang dan Kompas Pagi. Kegiatan lainnya yang rutin Ia lakukan adalah menjadi dosen di STIKOM Interstudi, untuk konsentrasi Broadcasting dengan mata kuliah yang berhubungan dengan Presenting dan Produksi Televisi.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2018
Banyak hal yang dulu saya pelajari, di antaranya membuat visi-misi, strategi marketing, konsep bisnis, finansial, business positioning, target market, promotion plan, hingga ke development plan.
Jessica Novia
Owner of La Madame Florist

Pola Pikir yang Positif, Modal Kuat Memulai Bisnis


Berawal dari kesukaan pada bunga, lama kelamaan menjadi passion, sehingga akhirnya memunculkan ide untuk memulai mengembangkan bisnis florist. “Saya tuh senang kalo dikasi bunga untuk berbagai macam occasion seperti birthday atau valentine. Juga kalo lagi travelling keluar Indonesia, suka kunjungi florist shop”, ungkap Jessica Novia, Alumni Manajemen UPH 2007.

Bagi Jessica, pola pikir yang positif menjadi modal kuat untuk memulai sebuah bisnis. Hal itu yang menjadi acuan Jessica dalam mengembangkan usahanya, La Madame Florist, hingga masuk dalam rekomendasi florist terbaik di Jakarta. “Secara konkrit, business plan harus dipersiapkan dengan matang untuk mewujudkan bisnis yang akan kita mulai,” ungkap Jessica yang mengaku sudah mempelajari ilmu ini ketika kuliah di Business School UPH – Management Entrepreneur.

Ia mengaku, materi yang diajarkan dan juga diterapkan, secara kalkulasi yang real dan sangat relatable dengan real business yang saat ini Ia jalani.

“Banyak hal sih yang dulu saya pelajari, diantaranya membuat visi-misi, strategi marketing, konsep bisnis, finansial, business positioning, target market, promotion plan, hingga ke development plan, dll.,” ungkapnya.

Dalam aplikasinya, setiap bisnis tentu ada tantangannya. Secara internal, bunga yang digunakan adalah fresh flower jadi life timenya tidak terlalu panjang. Sehingga segala sesuatu yang dipersiapkan harus terukur secara matang berdasarkan perhitungan dan antisipasi, untuk menghindari atau mengurangi kerugian. Termasuk didalamnya quality control mulai dari order-produksi-hasil akhir. Sedangkan secara eksternal, yakni competitor, bisnis yang terlihat fancy banyak diminati pemain baru, sehingga sekarang ramai muncul florist baru baik itu online maupun offline store.

Namun munculnya kompetitor menjadi hal yang alami bagi Jessica. Karenanya, untuk dapat bertahan dalam bisnis ini diperlukan inovasi, dan tetap mengutamakan standard quality control yang baik. Dengan terus berinovasi, La Madame Florist mampu menghasilkan produk-produk baru yang tidak membosankan, mengikuti permintaan pasar, dan menjadi trend setter untuk bisnis florist.

Graduated Year: 26/08/2011
Apakah bisa kita berinovasi tanpa tahu rules dasar atau fondasi yang kuat secara akademik di filmmaking itu sendiri? Saya rasa tidak mungkin. Untuk itu sangatlah penting pendidikan formal.
Giovanni Junius Rustanto

Jebolan DKV UPH Sukses Sebagai Filmmaker Hingga di Mancanegara


Memiliki banyak prestasi di bidang produksi film merupakan suatu kebanggaan tersendiri bagi Giovanni Junius Rustanto, alumni Desain Komunikasi Visual UPH 1999. Bagaimana tidak, di industri film yang sedang Ia jalani, penolakan-penolakan seringkali terjadi. Namun Gio, biasa Ia dipanggil, tetap konsisten dan tidak menyerah serta kuat secara mental. Baginya, penolakan dan kesalahan dalam filmmaking adalah guru no 1 untuk Ia lebih berkembang.

Sederet nominasi dan penghargaan diraih Gio, seperti Top Indie Film Awards, European Film Festival Mainstream and Underground, Go Debut Film Festival, Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest, Asia South East-Short Film Festival, dan lain-lain. Gio mengungkapkan prestasi yang paling berkesan yakni ketika filmnya mendapatkan nominasi dalam ajang Go Debut Film Festival 2018, di Lithuania. Film berjudul ‘Maria’ Ia buat dengan budget kecil, dari hasil mengikuti workshop kecil selama sebulan di Praha, Ceko. Saat itu, Gio masih belum belajar secara detail tentang filmmaking, jadi masih berstatus mahasiswa S2 di FIOFA, Ohrid, Macedonia yaitu sekolah film kecil di bawah naungan FAMU Prague. Tetapi sayangnya sekolah itu tutup karena kondisi politik di sana tetapi Gio tidak menyerah dan lalu Ia diterima di salah satu universitas prestigious yaitu Columbia University School Of The Arts, New York, America untuk S2 Film specialized Scriptwriting and Directing.

Selain aktif sebagai Writer & Director Film Maker, Gio juga mempunyai kelas kecil bernama Sinema5 yang mengkhususkan bagi orang-orang yang ingin membuat film mulai dari ide cerita, menulis scenario, sampai menghasilkan film yang berfokus pada skala film pendek dengan budget kecil. Selain itu, saat ini Ia juga sedang menyiapkan untuk menulis film pendek selanjutnya dan menulis film Panjang. Lily Of The Valley yang merupakan film pendek indie Indonesia pertamanya. Filmnya sekarang sedang didistribusikan ke festival luar negeri dan Indonesia sendiri.

Sebagai profesional filmmaking, Gio mengungkapkan pentingnya pendidikan formal untuk mempersiapkan masuk ke dunia profesional, termasuk bersikap profesional seperti, melakukan pitching untuk ide supaya bisa mendapatkan investor, atau untuk menulis scenario dalam format atau narasi yang sudah works atau enjoyable di mata penonton orang awam, yang mana itu semua sangat diajarkan secara akademik.

“Intinya, boleh saja kita sebagai filmmaker, atau seniman, untuk breaking the rule atau istilahnya berinovasi dalam filmmaking, tetapi apakah bisa kita berinovasi tanpa tahu rules dasar atau fondasi yang kuat secara akademik di filmmaking itu sendiri? Saya rasa tidak mungkin. Untuk itu sangatlah penting pendidikan formal,” tegasnya.

Ia bersyukur pernah merasakan kuliah di DKV UPH. Satu-satunya universitas yang memberikan kenyamanan untuk belajar baik itu di perpustakaan, lingkungan, pengajar, dan staff yang menurutnya sudah memenuhi standard international sebagai sebuah Universitas yang sangat credible. UPH juga mengajari untuk berkomitmen dalam mengerjakan sesuatu seperti waktu dulu kuliah DKV yang dihadapkan dengan deadline-deadline tugas yang secara tidak langsung akan kita hadapi nanti di dunia perindustrian kreatif itu sendiri, bukan hanya film saja tapi juga industry kreatif lainnya. Dan yang terpenting bagi Gio, UPH membekalinya untuk berpikir sebagai innovator bukan hanya pekerja saja. Pemikiran ini yang Ia butuhkan untuk menjadi seorang filmmaker yang lebih berpotensi.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2007
Kuncinya syukur. Karena dengan bersyukur, semua hal yang baik maupun yang kita anggap yang buruk dapat dijalani dengan baik.
Stefanie Hartanto (Law 2003, Doctor of Law 2014)
Notary and Land Titles Registrar at Tangerang

Gali Diri dan Temui Passionmu

Diusia muda yakni 32 tahun, Stefanie Hartanto, berhasil menyandang gelar Doktor Hukum. Lulus Ilmu Hukum UPH 2007, dan langsung kembali melanjutkan studi hingga berhasil menyelesaikan studi doktoral di program Doktor Hukum UPH pada tahun 2018. Saat ini Stefanie berprofesi sebagai Notaris dan PPAT di Kabupaten Tangerang, yang mana salah satu tugasnya adalah membuat akta otentik. Menjadi Notaris dan PPAT merupakan cita-cita Stefanie yang sudah dicita-citakan sejak SMA. Walaupun profesi ini berat, harus dijalankan dengan penuh kehati-hatian berdasarkan pada ketentuan hukum yang berlaku, namun Stefanie meyakini profesi ini sangat mulia. Karena Notaris dan PPAT memegang kepercayaan yang diberikan klien serta harus dapat bertindak netral dan tidak memihak. Untuk sampai menjadi Notaris dan PPAT, bukanlah perjalanan yang singkat. Harus melalui beberapa tahapan. Setelah lulus dari UPH, Stefanie harus mengambil Magister Kenotariatan, menjalani magang, mengikuti ujian kode etik, dan beberapa tahapan lainnya. “Oleh karena itu, sebelum memutuskan menjadi Notaris dan PPAT, harus terlebih dahulu mengetahui passion dari diri sendiri. Jika sesuai passion, maka sepanjang apapun perjuangan yang harus ditempuh akan terasa pendek dan ringan. Kuncinya syukur. Karena dengan bersyukur, semua hal yang baik maupun yang kita anggap yang buruk dapat dijalani dengan baik,” Ungkap Stefanie, merujuk quotes favoritenya “A grateful heart is magnet for miracles”. Melalui profesinya, Stefanie bersyukur bisa memberikan kontribusi terhadap masyarakat dan juga untuk Indonesia. Salah satunya berkontribusi memajukan perekonomian negara, melalui pembuatan akta pendirian badan hukum untuk pendirian PT. Sebagai PPAT, Stefanie juga berkontribusi membantu pemerintah dalam hal tertib administrasi pertanahan, yaitu dengan membuat akta peralihan hak dan melakukan proses balik nama. Karenanya Stefanie bersyukur memiliki kesempatan untuk berkuliah di UPH yang banyak mengajarkan hal-hal practical. UPH juga sangat mendukung kegiatan berorganisasi mahasiswa, yang membawa dampak positif saat memasuki dunia kerja, ungkap Stefanie.

Graduated Year: 12/09/2018
Kita harus menyelesaikan apapun yang kita lakukan dengan hasil dan kualitas yang terbaik.
Timothy Joseph Inkiriwang (Law 2002)
Senior Associate at Dentons HPRP

Pembentukan Karakter di UPH Berperan Penting dalam Karier


Timothy Inkiriwang, alumni Ilmu Hukum UPH 2002, hadir sebagai narasumber dalam acara Alumni Sharing di rangkaian UPH Festival 2019 lalu. Di depan seluruh mahasiswa baru Fakultas Hukum Angkatan 2019 selain berbagi perjalanan kariernya yang kini menjadi Senior Associate di Dentons HPRP, Timothy juga menekankan bahwa pembentukan nilai (value) diri yang Ia peroleh di UPH berperan penting dalam kehidupan dan kariernya.

Timothy, yang juga student athlete UPH Eagles ketika berkuliah, mengakui bahwa pembentukan value pribadi selama di UPH menjadi hal yang sangat penting dan jarang bisa didapatkan di tempat-tempat lain. Ia merasa UPH berperan dalam membentuk karakter dan mentalnya melalui seluruh proses yang ia alami selama berkuliah, termasuk didalamnya para dosen, staf, maupun personil lainnya yang melayani di UPH. Salah satu sosok yang paling berpengaruh dalam perjalanan ini adalah pelatih basket Stephen Metcalfe, yang hingga sekarang masih setia melayani di UPH sebagai Direktur dari UPH Sports and Wellness Center serta pelatih tim basket UPH Eagles.

Pelatihnya selalu mengingatkannya untuk do everything in excellence. “Mengerjakan segala sesuatu itu fokusnya bukan untuk dapat uang atau benefit lainnya, melainkan kita bekerja karena kita memang pekerjaan itu sudah merupakan tanggung jawab kita. Kita harus menyelesaikan apapun yang kita lakukan dengan hasil dan kualitas yang terbaik,” katanya. Prinsip inilah yang dia pegang hingga sekarang, dan menurutnya, klien dan rekan-rekan kerja dapat melihat perbedaan antara orang yang mengerjakan segala sesuatu dengan sepenuh hati atau tidak.

Dosen pembimbingnya saat berkuliah di Fakultas Hukum UPH juga mengajarkan Timothy value penting, yaitu bagaimana cara mengatur prioritas. Sebagai student athlete, Timothy sempat hampir menunda kelulusannya selama satu tahun agar dapat ikut membela tim UPH di Libamanas (Liga Basket Mahasiswa Nasional) pada tahun berikutnya. Namun, berkat arahan dosen pembimbingnya, Ia akhirnya memilih lulus tepat waktu sebagai prioritas.

Dengan pengalaman ini, Timothy berharap kepada seluruh mahasiswa baru yang hadir untuk mampu menikmati masa perkuliahan sambil tetap mengutamakan tugasnya yaitu belajar dan mengatur prioritas dengan baik. Bagi Timothy, kehadiran alumni-alumni setelah sekian lama telah lulus, dan kemudian membagikan cerita tentang bagaimana UPH mengubah hidup mereka menjadi bukti nyata akan kontribusi UPH terhadap insan-insan penerus bangsa.

Graduated Year: 24/10/2007
Melalui profesi saya saat ini saya juga ingin berdampak bagi masyarakat dengan cara memberikan informasi yang layak, valid, dan benar kepada masyarakat.
Raden Mas Panji Suryono (Applied Communication Sciences 2005)
News Anchor & Sport Producer at NET TV

Semangat Berdampak bagi Masyarakat Jadi kekuatan Ilkom UPH


Godly Character dan semangat memberikan dampak terhadap masyarakat merupakan value UPH yang masih dipegang hingga saat ini oleh Raden Mas Panji Suryono, Alumni Ilmu Komunikasi – Broadcasting UPH, 2005. Panji, begitu biasa dia dipanggil, saat ini sedang meniti karirnya sebagai Sport Produser sekaligus News Anchor di salah satu stasiun TV ternama Indonesia yaitu, Net TV.

“Godly Character membuat saya sadar bahwa meskipun kita sudah berusaha penuh untuk mencapai kesuksesan, jika tidak ada campur tangan dari Tuhan maka kesuksesan itu tidak akan terjadi. Melalui profesi saya saat ini, selain untuk mengejar kesuksesan, saya juga ingin berdampak bagi masyarakat dengan cara memberikan informasi yang layak, valid, dan benar kepada masyarakat,” ungkap Panji. Selain value yang ditanamkan UPH, Panji juga mengakui bahwa teori-teori yang dipelajari selama kuliah juga turut berperan dalam karirnya saat ini. Seperti mata kuliah dasar Jurnalistik yang mengajarkan cara mencari berita, bertemu dengan narasumber, dan cara berkomunikasi dengan setiap orang yang berbeda. Tidak hanya itu, seluruh proses kuliah yang ia alami juga mengajarkannya untuk memiliki daya kompetitif yang kuat namun tetap dengan cara sehat dan profesional. Seluruh hal ini sangat berguna bagi Panji untuk bertahan di dunia kerjanya hingga saat ini.

Meskipun sudah sukses berkarier di bidang Jurnalistik, nyatanya Panji masih menghadapi berbagai tantangan. Salah satu yang terbesar adalah dalam menghadapi generasi millennial yang ingin mendapatkan segalanya dengan serba cepat dan mudah. “Sejak menjadi Produser, saya memiliki junior-junior yang berasal dari generasi millennial dan ternyata sangat sulit untuk memahami generasi ini. Mereka suka tidak fokus dalam bekerja, dan ingin semuanya serba instan. Namun, saat ini saya sedang belajar untuk mendekati mereka, sekaligus menjadi lebih fleksibel agar dapat sesuai dengan mereka,” tutur Panji. Diakhir interview, Panji tidak lupa memberikan pesan kepada para mahasiswa-mahasiswa UPH bahwa Setiap orang memiliki waktunya masing-masing untuk berada diatas atau dibawah. Jangan selalu ingin yang serba instan, nikmati saja prosesnya.

Graduated Year: 04/03/2012
Di UPH, saya banyak belajar terutama mengenai hukum tata negara. Dan saat ini ilmu tersebut cukup membantu saya dalam memahami struktur pemerintahan dan hubungan antara pemerintah daerah dan pemerintah pusat.
Anthony Winza Probowo (Law 2007)
PSI's Regional People's Representative Assembly Member in DKI Jakarta

Bekerja dengan Integritas Walau Banyak Tekanan


Namanya masuk sebagai Anggota DPRD DKI Jakarta 2019-2024 mewakili Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI). Anthony Winza Probowo, alumni Fakultas Hukum UPH 2007, dipercaya sebagai Anggota Komisi C DPRD DKI Jakarta, dan Anggota Badan Pembentukan Peraturan Daerah (Bappemperda DPRD DKI Jakarta). Aktifitas kesehariannya, menyerap aspirasi masyarakat dan menerjemahkannya kedalam bentuk Peraturan Daerah, pengawasan terhadap eksekusi dari program pemerintah daerah, dan pengawasan terhadap kinerja perangkat daerah serta BUMD-BUMD terkait di DKI Jakarta.

Bekerja di pemerintahan, diakuinya, sudah menjadi visinya sejak sekolah di bangku Sekolah Dasar. Bahkan visi tersebut Ia yakini diberikan Tuhan, dan percaya bahwa memang ini jalan yang harus Ia tempuh. Walau banyak celaan dan tekanan diantaranya karena Ia juga merupakan double minority (keturunan Tionghoa dan Kristiani), namun alumni Sarjana Ilmu Hukum UPH 2007 ini tidak pantang mundur. Ia tetap semangat melangkah maju untuk melayani masyarakat, menjadi terang dan tentunya memberikan dampak yang besar dalam kancah perpolitikan.

Berbekal pendidikan Sarjana Hukum di UPH dan studi Master Hukum di Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, Amerika Serikat melalui beasiswa penuh dari Pemerintah RI, Anthony meyakini mampu menjalankan perannya di lembaga legislatif. “Di UPH, saya banyak belajar terutama mengenai hukum tata negara. Dan saat ini ilmu tersebut cukup membantu saya dalam memahami struktur pemerintahan dan hubungan antara pemerintah daerah dan pemerintah pusat,” Ungkapnya. Anthony Winza cukup aktif dalam lomba debat di UPH, Ia sempat menjadi Juara 1 di berbagai Kompetisi Debat Hukum, diantaranya Kompetisi Debat Hukum di Mahkamah Konstitusi RI dan Di UNPAD serta Debat Hukum di Universitas Indonesia.

Dalam menjalankan tugas sebagai wakil rakyat, satu values yang terus Ia pegang adalah integritas. Baginya, semakin kita mencoba untuk bekerja dengan integritas, kita akan sering menemukan tekanan. “Bagaikan ikan salmon yang melawan arus, tidaklah mudah, namun kita harus tetap bertahan sampai akhir. Jangan sampai tekanan dan arus membuat kita pesimis dan takut bahkan berbelok mengikut arus, Iman tidak cukup dengan keyakinan semata namun harus ada bagian atau peran kita untuk dikerjakan. Sama halnya ketika Daud mengalahkan Goliat. Daud tetap harus mengambil perannya dalam melemparkan batu kecil itu kepada Goliath. Perkara apakah batu kecil mampu membunuh Goliath itu urusan Tuhan, namun Daud tetap perlu mengambil perannya dalam iman untuk melemparkan batu kecil tersebut,” ungkap Anthony.

Graduated Year: 21/03/2011
Hal yang paling penting adalah tidak jumawa akan keberhasilan, karena bisa saja ada orang yang melakukan hal tersebut dengan lebih baik. Bersikaplah rendah hati dan mau terus belajar.
Abe Gracia Vallerian (Actuarial & Applied Mathematics 2011)
Senior Data Scientist at Tokopedia

Tingkatkan Pelayanan Customer Dengan Pengolahan Data

Saat ini data merupakan salah satu hal yang penting dalam keberlangsungan hidup suatu perusahaan, terutama bagi perusahaan berbasis online. Data sangat diandalkan oleh Perusahaan e-commerce dalam meningkatkan pelayanannya dan memberikan kemudahan bagi customer. Contohnya, pencarian dan pembelian yang dilakukan oleh customer, memiliki jumlah yang sangat banyak dan tidak memungkinkan untuk mencari polanya secara manual. Untuk mengolah data dan mencari pola dalam kapasitas yang sangat besar, diperlukan model matematika, karena itu peran seorang Data Scientist sangat diperlukan.

Abe Vallerian, Alumni Matematika Terapan UPH 2011, yang berkiprah di bidang riset dan pengolahan data menceritakan tugasnya sebagai seorang Data Scientist. “Tugas saya adalah memberikan kemudahan bagi customer dalam menemukan produk yang mereka inginkan atau butuhkan. Caranya dengan membuat model matematika yang berdasarkan pada data untuk meningkatkan pelayanan kepada customer,” tutur Abe – Senior Data Scientist di Tokopedia.

Abe menceritakan tugas utamanya di Tokopedia, lebih mengarah pada riset. Pekerjaan ini tidak mudah, bahkan terkadang tidak berjalan dengan yang diharapkan. Selain itu, karena pengetahuan berkembang cepat, ketekunan sangat diperlukan untuk aktif mengikuti perkembangan pengetahuan dan teknologi. Baik lewat jurnal atau artikel akademik, mencari model yang lebih efektif serta mengaplikasikan model tersebut. “Saya juga banyak berdiskusi dengan tim bisnis atau produk untuk membahas hal yang dapat meningkatkan performa model ataupun inisiatif-inisiatif baru yang dapat membantu customer,” tambah Abe, yang pernah meraih medali emas bidang Matematika pada Olimpiade Nasional MIPA 2014.

Soft skills dan ilmu matematika merupakan dua hal penting bagi Abe dalam perjalanan kariernya. Ilmu matematika yang diperoleh selama menempuh studi di UPH merupakan fondasi utama dalam profesinya. Matematika sangat dibutuhkan dalam memahami cara kerja metode, model, dan cara untuk mengaplikasikannya.

Melalui perjalanan kariernya ini, Abe mengaku mendapatkan banyak pelajaran yang berguna bagi hidup dan kariernya. “Hal yang paling penting adalah tidak jumawa akan keberhasilan, karena bisa saja ada orang yang melakukan hal tersebut dengan lebih baik. Bersikaplah rendah hati dan mau terus belajar,” tandas Abe.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2015
Di UPH saya belajar soal integrity. Culture dan value yang bagus yang ditanamkan UPH dari awal, terus saya terapkan.
Cynthia Tenggara
CEO and co-Founder of Berry Kitchen & Head of Orami Parenting

Mengubah Masalah Jadi Peluang


Berry Kitchen bermula dari kesulitan Cynthia, alumni UPH Ilmu Komunikasi 2003, setiap kali mencari makan siang saat masih bekerja di kantoran. Cynthia yang picky eater, kebiasaan pilih-pilih makanan, mengaku harus mencari alternatif katering yang sesuai dengan seleranya. Namun saat itu pilihannya terbatas dan cenderung mahal. Belum lagi dulu ia pernah survey ke pasar-pasar dan mendapati bahwa 90% produk tahu/ mie/ bakso/ teri itu kebanyakan mengandung formalin. Berangkat dari pengalaman itu, ia mencoba untuk menghadirkan solusi. Hingga lahirlah ide katering online dengan budget terjangkau, praktis (menu bisa di mix and match), mudah dan food safetynya terjamin. Berry Kitchen berkembang pesat dan eksis sejak tahun 2012 hingga saat ini dan pada tahun 2019 resmi berganti nama menjadi Yummy Box, dengan jangkauan dan produksi yang lebih besar. Hingga saat ini Berry Kitchen sudah dikenal dan dipercaya oleh banyak startup besar, diantaranya yaitu tokopedia, tiket dan traveloka. Selain mengelola dan mengembangkan Berry Kitchen, Cynthia juga berkarir di Orami (parenting).

Menjadi sukses seperti saat ini tentu ada tantangan tersendiri yang ia hadapi. Apalagi, menurutnya, di dunia teknologi ini pemain wanitanya sedikit. “Kuncinya kita harus keeping the integrity in business world,” tegasnya. Integritas merupakan karakter yang ditanamkan saat ia kuliah dan terus dipegang sampai di dunia kerja dan bisnis. “Di UPH saya belajar soal integrity. Saya mendapat beasiswa dan nilai bagus bukan karena memberikan sogokan ke dosen. Culture dan value yang bagus yang ditanamkan UPH dari awal, terus saya terapkan,” ungkap Cyntia.

Graduated Year: 09/03/2007
Bertanggungjawab dan always learning something new from everyone around you.
Nadia Saphira Ganie
Lawyer and Associate at Bayuputra Ganie and Partners

Meninggalkan Dunia Keartisan, Fokus sebagai Pengacara dan Pengusaha


Jika melihat perempuan cantik satu ini, tentu sudah tidak asing lagi karena dulu sering muncul di layar televisi. Meninggalkan dunia keartisan, Nadia Saphira Ganie, alumni Ilmu Hukum UPH 2006, kini menekuni dua profesi sekaligus yakni pengacara dan pengusaha. Ia menjadi partner dalam firma hukum Bayuputra Ganie and Partners serta menjalankan beberapa bisnis yakni tempat olahraga Breathe Studio dan klinik kecantikan ID Beauty Clinic Indonesia. Untuk studio olahraga dan beauty clinic adalah hal yang sangat Nadia sukai. Karenanya Ia senang setiap kali kunjungan ke kantor untuk meeting mingguan. Hal yang sama juga Ia rasakan ketika mendampingi beberapa klien yang Ia pegang sebagai seorang pengacara.

Awal tahun 2019, Breathe Studio sering mengadakan charity events, dalam bentuk sumbangan barang-barang kepada korban bencana alam yang ada di Indonesia. “Dulu waktu awal kerja dikantor hukum, banyak orang meremehkan karena masa lalu saya sebagai artis terus sekarang merubah karirnya ke dunia hukum. Menyikapinya, saya percaya bahwa semua pelajaran hidup akan menyiapkan saya kepada apa yang saya berikan di masa depan. Bertanggungjawab dan always learning something new from everyone around you”, ungkap Nadia.

Menjadi seperti saat ini, Nadia tak lantas berpuas diri. Ia merasa masih perlu untuk belajar lagi. Sebagaimana pembelajaran yang Ia dapatkan ketika kuliah di UPH, belajar hukum itu merupakan perjalanan yang panjang dan kadang berliku. Namun Nadia tidak lelah untuk melakukannya dengan tekun.

Graduated Year: 21/03/2011
UPH jadi tempat ‘life changing’ bagi saya, karena saya mendapat beragam nilai-nilai kehidupan, pendidikan, pengalaman keorganisasian, leadership skill, dan kerohanian.
Ryo S. Limijaya
Head of Sales and Marketing at Anomali Coffee

Perlu Berkontribusi, Karena UPH Menjadi Tempat yang Merubah Saya


Ryo Saputra Limijaya, Alumni Hubungan Internasional UPH 2008, yang kini berkarier di jalur profesional sebagai Head of Sales and Marketing di Anomali Coffee menyatakan pentingnya mengetahui potensi utama dan bidang yang disukai sebelum bekerja. Menurut Ryo, ketika 2 hal ini diketahui, maka pekerjaan itu akan menjadi kesenangan dan kontribusi yang diberikan juga lebih besar. “Selain saya tahu saya ingin bekerja di bidang food and beverages, saya juga tahu saya suka semua tentang Indonesia. Ini alasan saya pilih HI ketika berkuliah, cita-cita awal saya ingin jadi diplomat negara. Tapi ketika saya berkarier di Anomali, saya pun jadi seorang diplomat. Diplomat kopi tepatnya – mempromosikan kopi Indonesia ke dunia,” papar Ryo.

Tak kalah penting, menurut Ryo, ketika ingin berkarier setiap orang seharusnya punya growth mindset. Artinya tidak hanya sekedar bekerja dan mengerjakan jobdesk yang ada. Namun harus punya kemauan menerima tantangan dan pekerjaan yang diberikan dengan sebaik mungkin, bekerja dengan maksimal. Modal ini yang harus ada ketika seseorang ingin berada di jajaran top of management. Selain itu, Ryo yang pernah menjadi ketua Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa tahun 2010/2011, merasa senang karena bisa kembali ke UPH dan membagikan sesuatu kepada juniornya sebagai pembicara atau dalam sharing session.

“Saya senang masih bisa berkontribusi untuk UPH. UPH jadi tempat ‘life changing’ bagi saya, karena saya mendapat beragam nilai-nilai kehidupan, pendidikan, pengalaman keorganisasian, leadership skill, dan kerohanian. Saat itu kampus jadi tempat saya menghabiskan waktu terbanyak. Jadi It’s a good thing to share pengalaman dan apa yang saya punya kepada teman-teman yang masih kuliah serta menjalin relasi baik dengan para dosen dan staff di UPH,” ungkap Ryo.

Graduated Year: 02/03/2012
Arsitektur bukan sekadar ilmu, tapi ilmu yang dipraktikkan.
Yogi Ferdinand
Founder of Magi Design Studio

Arsitektur Bukan Sekadar Ilmu, Tapi Ilmu yang Dipraktikkan

Tumbuh dan berkembang di dunia arsitektur membuat Yogi Ferdinand menyadari bahwa ilmu ini harus dipraktikkan bagi kepentingan orang banyak. Alumni Arsitektur UPH 2003 ini, sudah berpengalaman mengerjakan berbagai proyek di bidang arsitektur. Banyak di antaranya mengangkat tema tentang ruang publik yang berdampak bagi orang lain. “Prinsip saya dalam arsitektur adalah membuat sebuah bangunan atau ruang publik yang sustainable, baik secara lingkungan maupun ekonomi. Jangan sekadar terlihat keren, tapi juga bisa berfungsi,” ungkap Yogi.

Karena passion yang kuat di bidang rancang bangunan, akhirnya Yogi memutuskan untuk membuat biro sendiri. Ia pun diajak bekerja sama dengan perusahaan Jerman dan Belanda yang melakukan ekspansi ke Indonesia. Mereka berfokus pada proyek-proyek pemerintahan. Perusahaan bernama SHAU ini berhasil memenangkan penghargaan internasional dengan proyek Microlibrary di Bandung. Dalam proyek Microlibrary, mengusung konsep perpustakaan sebagai ruang publik bersama yang menyenangkan dan berfungsi bagi masyarakat. Proyek ini dibangun menggunakan material kotak es krim bekas. Material ini dipilih salah satunya karena bisa memendarkan sekaligus memantulkan cahaya.

Kemudian tahun 2015, Yogi fokus mengembangkan biro arsitektur pribadi bernama Magi Design Studio bersama dengan istrinya. 5 tahun berikutnya, Magi Design Studio sudah sangat membanggakan. “Kami sudah beberapa kali mendapat penghargaan diantaranya American Architecture Prize 2017 di New York, World Architecture Festival 2017 di Berlin, European Healthcare Design Award 2018 di London, dan World Architecture Festival 2018 di Amsterdam. Di Indonesia sendiri, Magi Design Studio masuk 100+ Indonesia Architecture Firms & Emergings selain saya pribadi diberi kehormatan untuk menjuri di World Architecture Festival Amsterdam 2019 dan World Architecture News di London 2020 walaupun harus secara online dikarenakan pandemi,” ungkap Yogi.

Semua pencapaian tersebut menurut Yogi, merupakan sebuah realisasi dari semua hal yang ia pelajari saat berkuliah di UPH. “Ketika saya masih mahasiswa, sering sekali kedatangan dosen tamu, baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri, salah satunya dari Harvard. Saat itu beliau mengajarkan tentang kepekaan menjadi seorang arsitek. Contohnya, kami diajak untuk merancang bangunan dari sebuah puisi,” kenang Yogi.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2007
Kegagalan merupakan guru terbaik kesuksesan.
Author, Academic Tutor, Communication Practitioner, International Student Ambassador, Public Speaker

Kegagalan Merupakan Guru Terbaik Kesuksesan


“Saya tidak pernah malu mengakui kegagalan saya. Kegagalan tersebut saya anggap sebagai multivitamin dan juga guru terbaik. Saya percaya dibalik kegagalan tersebut selalu ada cerita sukses yang tertunda. Dan semua itu untuk membentuk dan mempersiapkan saya dimasa depan,” ungkap William, alumni Ilmu Komunikasi UPH 2008, yang berhasil menjadi penulis setelah tujuh kali ditolak oleh tujuh penerbit sebelum buku pertamanya diterbitkan. Perjuangan William tak hanya saat menulis buku, tetapi Ia juga pernah gagal sebanyak empat kali dalam upaya mendapatkan beasiswa studi lanjut di luar negeri. Hingga akhirnya mendapatkan beasiswa dari LPDP untuk studi lanjut di Perth, Australia Barat.

William mengungkapkan, tiga hal yang menjadi inti dari semua topik yang ia tuliskan dalam bukunya. Pertama, setiap dari kita berhak atas masa depan yang lebih baik. Kedua, kita berdaya untuk membuat perubahan positif di lingkungan sekitar kita asalkan kita mau mulai dari diri sendiri. Dan ketiga, kegagalan adalah guru terbaik dalam hidup kita. William ingin setiap pembaca bukunya selalu bersemangat, optimis, dan berdaya juang untuk mencapai kesuksesan dan kemudian berkontribusi bagi komunitas. Saat ini William sudah menulis tiga buku (dua buku tentang pendidikan dan satu buku tentang motivasi) dan berkontribusi sebagai co-author dari dua buku (mengenai pengembangan diri dan cerita pendek).

Melalui buku-buku yang Ia tulis, ada ratusan pembaca yang menghubungi William secara langsung untuk sekedar menyapa, berbagi inspirasi, dan mengatakan bahwa hal-hal yang Ia tulis mengena dalam benak mereka. Bagi William, ini yang merupakan satu kebanggaan yang tidak terbeli uang atau royalty. Bicara soal karir, sejak lulus dari UPH tahun 2012, ia sudah pernah menjalani bekerja di bidang komunikasi di beberapa perusahaan, seperti perusahaan multinasional, agensi digital, UMKM, dan asosiasi bisnis.

Perjalanan kariernya tidak terlepas dari proses belajar di kampus UPH, yang memberikan perspektif bahwa ilmu komunikasi merupakan transferable skills yang bisa digunakan dalam perannya sebagai profesional di berbagai perusahaan/organisasi, sebagai teman dan saudara bagi orang lain, dan lebih fundamental, sebagai seorang manusia. “Selain sebagai penulis, saya juga berprofesi sebagai Academic Tutor dan Student Ambassador. Mengenai hal ini, saya merasa bahwa memiliki perspektif komunikasi yang saya pelajari dari waktu saya di UPH sangat membantu saya dalam merancang pesan yang strategis dan membangun hubungan strategis dengan berbagai pihak,” ungkap William.

Graduated Year: 20/09/2012
UPH membangun karakter, disamping juga memperlengkapi saya dengan ilmu yang “up-to-date” membuat saya menjadi relevan ketika menyelesaikan kuliah di UPH.
Joshua A. Dharmawan
Director of PT Square Gate One, PT. Pembayaran Lintas Usaha Sukses (Espay Payment Gateway), PT. Mitra Pembayaran Elektronik (Saldomu)

Kunci Sukses Dimulai dari Diri Sendiri

Responsiblity begins with me” itulah kalimat yang pertama kali disampaikan Joshua, alumni Sistem Informasi UPH 1996, saat menceritakan kisah suksesnya. Kalimat itu, sampai saat ini masih terngiang dan menjadi pedoman Joshua. “Sejak awal saya masuk UPH pertama saya di sadarkan bahwa kesuksesan adalah dimulai dari tanggungjawab oleh diri sendiri. Bagaimana UPH membangun karakter, disamping juga memperlengkapi saya dengan ilmu yang “up-to-date” membuat saya menjadi relevan ketika menyelesaikan kuliah di UPH,” ungkapnya.

Tidak heran bila ia berhasil memimpin PT Square Gate One, hingga meraih penghargaan Best Financial Supply Chain Initiative, Application or Programme, dari The Asian Banker pada 4 Desember 2019 lalu. Perusahaan solusi teknologi informasi untuk perbankan yang didirikan Joshua bersama partner sejak tahun 2006 ini, kini merupakan market leader untuk solusi “Financial Supply Chain Management” di Indonesia dan Malaysia. Joshua termasuk dari sebagian kecil alumni yang masih berkarir pada industri yang sesuai dengan jurusannya sewaktu kuliah yaitu “manajemen informatika”. Kebangkitan ecommerce dan financial technology mendorong Joshua dan tim untuk memberikan solusi terhadap pasar. Salah satu bagian yang selalu digunakan yaitu di bidang pembayaran, sehingga pada Tahun 2015 ia memulai perusahaan yang kedua yaitu payment gateway, dengan nama produknya yaitu Espay.Payment Gateway (PT. Pembayaran Lintas Usaha Sukses) yang saat ini telah memperoleh ijin dari Bank Indonesia.

Perkembangan teknologi yang eksponensial, mengubah kebiasaan, gaya hidup, menciptakan bidang-bidang pekerjaan baru dan menghilangkan bidang-bidang pekerjaan yang lain, membuat situasi dan kebutuhan pasar menjadi “agile”. Kreatifitas, daya-juang, karakter yang bertanggungjawab dan berjiwa pemimpin yang melayani sangat dibutuhkan untuk membawa tim untuk menuju kepada milestone-demi milestone untuk memenangkan pasar. Joshua pun berharap UPH tetap relevan dan tetap mencetak pemimpin-pemimpin dengan karakter “responsibility begins with me”.

Graduated Year: 06/03/2002
Kampus UPH boleh dibilang menjadi rumah kedua bagi saya.
Fernando Sutanto (Travel Industry Management 2004)
Project Manager at PT Multi Project Creative

Melayani dengan Hati


Bekerja di industri pariwisata sudah menjadi passion Fernando sejak lulus SMA. Pilihannya untuk melanjutkan studi di STPPH dirasa sangat tepat. Karena itu Ia memilih untuk kuliah di Program Studi Usaha Perjalanan Wisata, angkatan 2004. Alasan awal memang karena fasilitas yang dimiliki kampus UPH ini sangat memadai. Namun, setelah masuk kelas, berinteraksi dengan teman-teman kuliah dan dosen, Fernando semakin merasa cocok. Para dosen di sini sangat dekat dengan mahasiswa. Sehingga kuliah menjadi suatu aktivitas yang membuat saya senang. “kampus boleh dibilang menjadi rumah kedua bagi saya,” kenangnya.

Ia juga melanjutkan selama kuliah di STPPH, Ia diajarkan untuk down to earth, peduli lingkungan sekitar, melihat yang kekurangan dan memberi/ melayani dengan hati. Pelajaran ini sangat terpakai dalam industri pariwisata. Karena apa yang kita jual dalam industri ini adalah service. Hal sederhana yang dapat dilakukan misalnya berikan senyuman. “Apapun respon dari customer tetap kita harus beri senyuman,” ungkap Fernando. Hal-hal diatas selalu Fernando terapkan dalam profesinya. Baik dulu saat Ia berkarir di MG Group maupun saat ini di PT Multi Project Creative.

Lebih lanjut, Fernando mengungkapkan, bekerja memang untuk dua hal, yaitu income dan juga jabatan. Namun, yang terpenting adalah passion. Fernando memulai karier dari yang level paling rendah, dan kini dipercaya pada posisi manager. Untuk itu Ia terus belajar, karena belajar itu sebuah proses. Bagi Fernando, apa yang telah Ia dapatkan di STPPH Ia kembangkan kembali di pekerjaannya.

Graduated Year: 04/10/2007
Lady Diandra
Project Lead Youth Co:Lab Indonesia at UNDP

Youth Co:Lab, Memberi Ruang untuk Anak Muda dapat Berkembang

Pengangguran masih menjadi masalah utama di Indonesia. Sebagai kaum intelektual, lulusan perguruan tinggi diutus untuk berkontribusi bagi bangsa. Panggilan inilah yang mendorong Lady Diandra, alumni Hubungan Internasional 2014 berkarir di UNDP. Berawal sebagai intern (2018-2019), dan kini dipercaya untuk bertanggung jawab dalam project regional Youth Co:Lab (YCL). YCL merupakan project regional yang fokus untuk memberdayakan anak muda serta mencegah anak muda untuk jatuh kedalam kemiskinan melalui skema impact enterprise. Diadakan di lebih dari 20 negara yang berbeda, YCL membuat debutnya di tahun 2018 di Bali. YCL berawal dari incubator berbentuk bootcamp untuk anak muda di luar Jawa. Lady mengungkapkan, dari satu tahun ini, YCL berhasil melatih 15 anak muda, 10 ide bisnis, 20 partners, dan mendapatkan investasi lebih dari 300 juta, serta mendapat 1 award international. “Dan untuk project ini, saya lebih banyak berhubungan dengan kementerian-kementerian, pemerintah lokal, serta youth organizations di Indonesia khususnya daerah luar jawa. Namun tak jarang kami juga berkoordinasi dan berkumpul untuk workshop dengan UNDP Bangkok serta UNDP Country Offices lain yang juga mengerjakan hal yang sama,” ungkap Lady. Bagi Lady, selama kuliah di UPH sangat membantu dalam karirnya saat ini. Khususnya lewat pelajaran di International Relations yang membuka wawasannya mengenai peran PBB di dunia dan Indonesia. Ditambah pengalaman dalam community service serta leadership dalam organisasi kemahasiswaan UPH. Karenanya moto atau nilai hidup yang sangat mendrive Lady adalah “Dare Greatly” dan Romans 5:3-4 “But not only that! We even take pride in our problems, because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope”.

Graduated Year: 16/03/2018
Vinsensius Dicky Kangen
Facebook Dublin, Irlandia

Working at Facebook Fosters Collaboration and Inclusivity

Prior to joining Facebook in 2019, Vinsen began his career at the US-ASEAN Business Council (US-ABC) in 2017 where he had the responsibility to bridge the relationships between South-East Asian governments and private sectors with their American counterparts.

When speaking about how his first job led him to Facebook, Vinsen who is the alumnus of UPH International Relations batch 2011 said “At US-ABC, I had the pleasure of engaging with Facebook as a company, where I learnt about their progressive vision, inclusive culture, and great cause for the communities. Hence, I decided to seek an opportunity and eventually found a position in Facebook’s Dublin office.” Vinsen said that one of the best things about his current job is the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different departments from all over the world starting from the operations, product, public policy, and engineering.

It is only possible for him to be in this current position because he stays focused on his life purpose, building positive relationships, and being open for challenges and new things—that can support his goals. At Facebook, he strives to put forward the company’s five main values: be bold, be open, move fast, focus on impact, and build social value. “These values just perfectly resonate with my working personality as I am always eager to serve what’s needed by the community, promote inclusivity in the workplace, and be efficient and effective when driving results,” said Vinsen.

As an alumnus, Vinsen also shares the most memorable experiences through his years of learning in UPH as an International Relations student. For example, in 2012 and 2015, he represented UPH at the 24th National International Relations Students Convention (PNMHII) and Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) in Boston, United States respectively. In 2013-2014, he also had the honour to head the UPH Student Executive Board (BEM-UPH). From the classroom itself, he cherishes the opportunities to learn directly from Indonesia’ top political studies practitioners and scholars, such as Prof. Aleksius Jemadu (Indonesia’s International Relations Professor), Mr. Bhatara Ibnu Reza (Commissioner of Indonesia Prosecutors’ Commission), dan Mr. Jerry Sambuaga (Indonesia’s Vice Minister of Trade).

Graduated Year: 10/03/2015
Di sinilah proses communication skill dan leadership saya terasah.
Andrew T. Mogalana
Notary and Land Titles Registrar at Tangerang

Bekerja Pada Prinsip Kehati-hatian dan Seksama

Bagi Andrew T. Mogalana, alumni Ilmu Hukum UPH 2004, proses menjadi Notaris dan PPAT (Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah) bukanlah perjalanan singkat. Harus melalui beberapa tahapan. Setelah lulus dari UPH, Andrew melanjutkan pendidikannya ke jenjang Strata Dua, magang, mengikuti ujian kode etik, dan beberapa tahapan lainnya. Ketika magang, Andrew betul-betul manfaatkan kesempatan dan waktu sebaik-baiknya.

“Saya beruntung mendapatkan mentor yang banyak memberikan kesempatan dan meng-encourage saya untuk selalu haus akan pengetahuan terbaru sesuai perkembangan jaman,” kata Andrew menceritakan pengalaman saat magang. Notaris/ PPAT pada prinsipnya adalah Pejabat Umum yang berwenang untuk membuat Akta Otentik mengenai semua Perjanjian, perbuatan, dan ketetapan yang diharuskan oleh peraturan perundang-undangan dan/atau yang dikehendaki oleh yang berkepentingan untuk dinyatakan dalam akta otentik. Bagi Andrew, marwah selaku pejabat umum harus dijaga. Prinsip kehati-hatian dan seksama, menjadi hal utama. Bekerja sesuai peraturan perundang-undangan, menjalankan kode etik dengan baik dan konsisten, selalu menjadi pegangan dalam menjalankan profesinya.

Untuk menjadi seorang yang berintegritas, Andrew mengaku didapat sejak kuliah di FH UPH. Di antaranya dari mata kuliah Leadership dan Communication Skill yang memberikan dampak besar baginya. Tak hanya itu, ketika kuliah Andrew manfaatkan kesempatan untuk aktif di organisasi Senat Fakultas maupun Universitas. Dulu Ia memulainya dengan mengikuti organisasi BPMU (Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Universitas) mewakili fakultas hukum. Selanjutnya Ia juga aktif di Senat Mahasiswa Fakultas Hukum sebagai Ketua Senat. “Di sinilah proses communication skill dan leadership saya terasah,” tutup Andrew.

Graduated Year: 30/03/2009
Fasilitas UPH sudah sangat berbeda jauh dari pada dulu, banyak mencetak prestasi, memiliki kerja sama dengan banyak organisasi hukum seperti kantor hukum, dan lainnya.
Robbyson Halim
Notary and Land Titles Registrar

Menjadi Notaris yang Beritikad Baik

Masuk pada tahun 1997, Robbyson Halim, S.H., M.Kn. menempuh pendidikan S1 di Universitas Pelita Harapan, dan melanjutkan kembali pendidikan S2 di UPH. Setelah lulus, ia bekerja di kantor notaris selama 12 tahun dan setelah itu mengajukan diri untuk menjadi notaris di Depok sampai pada akhirnya akan mengajukan permohonan pindah ke Jakarta. Robby merasa pekerjaannya sebagai notaris sangat challenging dan tidak jauh berbeda dengan tingkat kesulitan yang ada di Law firm pada umumnya. “Notaris tidak boleh memihak, sebagai seorang notaris juga kita harus menciptakan balance, dimana kita bisa menjadi penengah ketika ada masalah yang muncul. Ini juga salah satu tantangan sebagai notaris,” tambah Robby. Selain itu menurut Robby, adanya banyak perubahan-perubahan regulasi yang sering terjadi juga menjadi tantangan tersendiri baginya. Dimana ia harus memahami regulasi tersebut dan menerapkannya untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaannya sebagai notaris. Disebutnya hal ini sebagai tantangan sekaligus kebanggaan. Selain tantangan, Robby juga bercerita bahwa alasannya menjadi notaris karena dia merasa cocok dengan lingkup kerja yang ada di bidang notaris. Menurutnya yang paling menarik menjadi notaris yaitu ketika bisa membuat kedua belah pihak setuju dan menciptakan suatu kesepakatan, sehingga akhirnya mampu menghindari konflik. “Sebagai notaris, kita kerja harus rasional dan mengutamakan servis bukan uang, karena jika kita fokus kepada uang pasti akan mengubah sikap kita, dan jangan lupa bahwa yang utama adalah hubungan dengan Tuhan, karena jika para pihak tidak punya itikad baik maka pasti perkara yang ada akan tetap terjadi konflik dan sulit tercapai kesepakatan hingga akhirnya harus melalui proses di pengadilan” tuturnya. Setelah menjadi seorang notaris, Robby sebagai alumni Fakultas Hukum UPH merasa pencapaiannya tidak terlepas dari beragam pengalaman berharga yang didapatnya sejak kuliah hingga bekerja. Melihat UPH saat ini, Robby melihat UPH begitu berkembang. “Fasilitas UPH sudah sangat berbeda jauh dari pada dulu, banyak mencetak prestasi, memiliki kerja sama dengan banyak organisasi hukum seperti kantor hukum, dan lainnya. Karena untuk mendukung lulusannya terserap di kantor hukum, universitas perlu menunjangnya melalui kerjasama yang terjalin dengan kantor hukum tersebut, jika tidak, akan sulit, dan UPH telah memilikinya. Jika mengingat pengalaman saat kuliah, banyak mata kuliah yang pastinya bermanfaat. Contohnya saat saya belajar bahasa Belanda, pengalaman ini menarik sekaligus menantang. Ilmu hukum di Indonesia merupakan peninggalan dari Belanda, sehingga banyak istilah yang masih bahasa Belanda. Jadi kita dulu mahasiswa diajak untuk mengerti, paling tidak pengucapan dan artinya,” ungkap Robby.

Graduated Year: 05/10/2004
Yang terpenting kerjakan yang terbaik dari yang kita bisa lakukan, selebihnya rencana Tuhan lah yang terjadi atas kita.
Andy Djojo Budiman (Master of Management 2004)
CEO and Co-Founder PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang (STEM)

Bantu UMKM di Seluruh Indonesia Dengan Ciptakan iREAP – Software Berbasis Android


Pengalaman 17 tahun bekerja sebagai IT professional, membuat Pria lulusan Magister Manajemen UPH 2004 ini, terpanggil untuk memberikan kontribusi lebih besar kepada para pengusaha kelas menengah melalui pemanfaatan teknologi. Berangkat dari keinginan tersebut, Andy Djojo Budiman, Co-founder IREAPPOS.COM & STEM, tahun 2007 mendirikan PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang (STEM), yang bergerak di bidang ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), sistem integrasi untuk perusahaan, mulai dari order processing, inventory, purchasing, sampai manufacturing.

STEM sendiri fokus melayani di industry retail, manufacturing dan distribusi. “Target iREAP POS Lite untuk membantu usaha mikro dan kecil yang masih Mom & Pop store, yaitu yang masih ditungguin sama yang punya warung. Jadi penjual tinggal masukkan master barang di aplikasinya, bisa cek stock barangnya, laporan pembelian, penjualan, dan keuntungannya,” ungkap Andy. Tahun 2016 Andy mengeluarkan aplikasi android yang berbayar yaitu iREAP POS Pro. Aplikasi ini untuk pengusaha kecil yang sudah memiliki toko lebih dari satu dan bisa di cek langsung datanya dari rumah, melalui website. Tentunya bagi Andy, target market dari jasa ini adalah pengusaha kelas menengah, pengusaha mikro dan kecil (melalui iREAP POS Mobile Android, baik Lite ataupun Pro).

Selama 13 tahun membangun Sterling, tentu ada tantangan yang Andy hadapi, di antaranya bagaimana bisa membangun tim kerja yang siap pakai. “Maka tugas kami untuk membangun tim, misal melalui on the job training. Yang terpenting kerjakan yang terbaik dari yang kita bisa lakukan, selebihnya rencana Tuhan lah yang terjadi atas kita. Intinya muliakan Tuhan melalui pekerjaan yang kita lakukan”, ungkap Andy. Sebagai alumni dan juga pengurus dari Ikatan Keluarga Alumni (IKA UPH), Andy berharap dapat membangun ikatan yang kuat dan bersinergi dengan semua alumni. Selanjutnya dipikirkan apa yang bisa dikembangkan bersama untuk memberi dampak lebih besar kepada masyarakat.

Sebagai ungkapan syukur kepada almamater UPH, Andy terbuka untuk diundang berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman kepada juniornya di program sarjana UPH. Diantaranya, menjadi Mentor pada event Startup Competition, yang diselenggarakan Business Incubation UPH, 28 Novemer 2019. Ia menyampaikan pesan kepada para mahasiswa yang nantinya akan terjun didunia kerja, bahwa hal utama yang harus dimiliki oleh seorang entrepreneur dan ataupun professional adalah mental berjuang. “ketika kita memulai suatu usaha atau pekerjaan apapun itu tentu ada fase up and down nya. Namun jika mental berjuang itu sudah tertanam, tentu anda tidak akan mudah menyerah akan kegagalan yang terjadi”, tutup Andy.

Graduated Year: 26/09/2006
Salah satu nilai godly character yang diutamakan oleh UPH juga membuat saya selalu mengandalkan dan mempercayakan segala aspek kehidupan saya, termasuk bisnis ini kepada Tuhan
Monica Aprilia Hermawan
Owner of Lemon Miniature

Tuangkan Kontribusi Di Industri Kuliner Lewat Bisnis Replika Makanan

Monica Aprilia – lulusan Fakultas Pariwisata UPH angkatan 2015, yang mengasah hobinya hingga menjadi karirnya merupakan salah satu lulusan UPH yang resmi diwisuda pada 22 November 2019 di UPH Campus Lippo Village. Bisnisnya yang unik dan kreatif nyatanya menarik minat publik. Lemon Miniature – brand yang dirintis Monica sejak 2016, yaitu membuat miniatur makanan atau bentuk lainnya dengan clay. “Saat kelas 6 SD, saya menyaksikan acara pada stasiun televisi swasta di Jepang yang menampilkan kerajinan miniatur, lalu dari sana saya tertarik dan menjadikannya sebagai hobi. Hingga pada akhirnya saya ingin memberikan kontribusi di industri food and beverages melalui kerajinan ini, dan kebetulan mendapatkan kepercayaan dari customer untuk membuat replika makanan dan menekuni bidang ini menjadi sebuah bisnis,” ujarnya. Dalam berbisnis tentu ada prinsip dan nilai yang senantiasa dipegang oleh Monica. Baginya UPH sebagai tempatnya menjalani studi sangat mempengaruhi value yang dipegang dan pengembangan skillsnya selama menempuh pendidikan di UPH dalam bisnisnya saat ini. “Pada saat saya menempuh studi di Fakultas Pariwisata, saya diajarkan untuk mementingkan customer service. Jadi, hal ini sangat membantu saya dalam menangani dan menjaga hubungan dengan customer, serta meningkatkan kualitas produk. Salah satu nilai Godly character yang diutamakan oleh UPH juga membuat saya selalu mengandalkan dan mempercayakan segala aspek kehidupan saya, termasuk bisnis ini kepada Tuhan,” tutur Monica yang lulus dari program studi Manajemen Usaha Wisata. Sebagai lulusan UPH, wanita yang akrab disapa Monica ini telah membuktikan kontribusinya dalam industri kreatif ini melalui banyaknya karya yang ia ciptakan untuk beberapa perusahaan food and beverages di Indonesia seperti Nestle Cerelac, Pepper Lunch, dan Kokumi. Dia juga mengakui terjun langsung dalam proses pembuatannya yang memakan waktu 2 hingga 3 minggu. “Sebenarnya proses pembuatan replika makanan ini tidak semudah yang dibayangkan. Contohnya saja dalam membuat replika ayam goreng, pertama akan dibentuk dulu dari clay, lalu dibuat tekstur krispi seperti ayam goreng asli, kemudian harus ditunggu kering baru bisa diwarnai. Proses pewarnaannya pun layer per layer. Jadi, dari warna yang muda dulu, dilanjutkan ke warna yang semakin tua di atasnya,” jelasnya. Kini, Monica melihat bisnis kerajinan replika makanan ini sebagai salah satu inspirasi bisnis yang unik dan menjanjikan. “Saat ini masih jarang ditemukan bisnis yang serupa dengan yang saya lakukan. Apalagi saya membuat replika makanan ini secara handmade, dimana orang-orang lain biasanya membuatnya menggunakan mesin,” ucapnya.

Graduated Year: 16/09/2019
UPH memberikan kesempatan bagi saya untuk bertumbuh baik dalam spiritualitas, leadership, dan karakter yang membekali saya bertahan dalam menghadapi tantangan jaman.
Rima Purnama Sinthesia Simorangkir
Youth National Program Director at PT Life Talk Asia

Komitmen Rima Persiapkan Sumber Daya Unggul Melalui Kariernya

Bagi Rima, Psikologi UPH merupakan satu-satunya kampus yang mengintegrasikan value kebenaran dengan ilmu psikologi itu sendiri. Value yang ia peroleh semasa kuliah kini diaplikasikannya ke dalam karirnya di Youth Coach & Counselor di Life Talk Asia. Melalui pekerjaannya, Rima berfokus membangun serta mempersiapkan sumber daya yang unggul dimulai dari anak-anak muda. “Untuk apa kita mengejar posisi, jabatan, ketenaran, uang, dan sebagainya tanpa mengetahui tujuan hidup yang telah Tuhan percayakan dan tanpa ada karakter Kristus di dalamnya. Saya rindu hidup saya mampu menjadi dampak dan membawa perubahan positif melalui pelayanan dan pekerjaan saya,” ungkap Rima. Berlandaskan komitmen ini, Rima melalui Youth Coach & Counselor di Life Talk berkomitmen untuk membantu mengarahkan para generasi muda untuk menemukan tujuan hidup dan passion sejak masih muda. Tidak hanya itu Rima juga ingin para anak muda memahami apa itu hidup seimbang di setiap aspek kehidupan baik aspek keluarga, sosial, masa depan, kesehatan, keuangan dan juga hubungan dengan Tuhan. Hingga pada akhirnya mereka tumbuh menjadi pribadi yang kompeten, berkarakter, bahkan mampu menumbuhkan rasa cinta akan Indonesia. Prinsip dan komitmen yang Rima pegang dalam berkarir diakuinya dipengaruhi oleh apa yang ia telah peroleh semasa menjadi mahasiswa di UPH.  “Menurut saya, melalui proses studi dan organisasi, UPH memiliki peran besar dan terlibat dalam pembentukan pribadi saya. UPH memberikan kesempatan bagi saya untuk bertumbuh baik dalam spiritualitas, leadership, dan karakter yang membekali saya bertahan dalam menghadapi tantangan jaman. Tidak hanya kuliah, berorganisasi, bahkan waktu itu saya juga mendapat kesempatan untuk kuliah sambil bekerja di UPH. Lebih lanjut, Rima juga merasa senang berkuliah di UPH karena atmosfir UPH menurutnya berbeda. “Seperti kuliah di luar negeri” – ini ungkapan yang dilontarkan Rima sambil mengingat beragam fasilitas yang dimiliki UPH yaitu sarana kesehatan seperti gym, swimming pool, basketball court, dan soccer field, hingga perpustakaan yang menawarkan buku-buku yang lengkap. Rima yang juga aktif dalam memberikan pelatihan ke berbagai sekolah, gereja dan lembaga pendidikan lainnya, berharap agar UPH kedepannya mampu mencetak banyak pemimpin masa depan yang hidup dalam kebenaran, berkarakter, serta mampu menguasai ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi.

Graduated Year: 04/09/2013
Mulai segala sesuatu dari yang kecil, dan fokus mengejar apa yang kita inginkan. Terus berusaha dan semangat meraih apa yang kita mau.
Frederik Rasali
Vice President of PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia

Memilih Menjadi Spesialis Bukan Generalis

Frederik Rasali, Vice President PT. Artha Sekuritas Indonesia, sehari-hari mengamati pergerakan pasar modal dan melakukan riset fundamental secara mendalam, untuk ditulis dalam sebuah laporan dan dikomunikasikan kepada calon investor. Keahliannya sebagai financial analysis, spesialisasi di bidang investasi, mengantarnya mencapai karirnya saat ini. Selain membuat laporan pasar modal, ia juga bertanggung jawab pada divisi corporate finance perusahaan. Frederik, lulusan Manajemen UPH 2008, melihat bahwa peluang kerja bagi lulusan Business School masih cukup luas, tetapi cukup tricky, sebab saat ini banyak perusahaan mencari pekerja yang sudah memiliki spesialisasi dari salah satu skill yang diajarkan di bangku kuliah. Karenanya, saat lulus dari Manajamen Business School UPH, ia memilih untuk fokus di bidang investasi. “Bila lulusan business school ingin menjadi generalis masih bisa dilakukan dengan mengikuti program management trainee dari perusahaan terkemuka. Namun, mendalami spesialisasi bidang tertentu jauh lebih penting untuk mencapai karir. Salah satunya, spesialisasi bidang investasi masih sangat dibutuhkan. Melihat meningkatnya middle income level di Indonesia dan masih belum banyak yang melakukan investasi, maka saya tertarik untuk fokus di bidang investasi,” ungkapnya. Meskipun sehari-harinya sibuk dengan tugas di kantor, namun Frederik menyempatkan diri untuk meluangkan waktu mengerjakan hobinya, seperti mendirikan sebuah komunitas “table top miniature games” yang bernama wargames.id, dan aktif menulis di blognya terkait hobi, investasi dan juga kondisi pasar modal saat ini. Dengan demikian ia berharap dapat berbagi pengetahuan dan meningkatkan awareness dari para pembaca blognya. Tak jarang ia juga berpartisipasi sebagai volunteer dalam Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society, sebuah asosiasi dari CFA institute di Indonesia yang berfokus pada industri investasi. Analisis dan opininya sering diminta untuk isu-isu terkait pasar modal baik melalui media masa maupun sebagai pembicara di TEDx. Pencapaian dan kerja kerasnya, patut menjadi contoh untuk para fresh graduate milenial saat ini. Ia pun menyampaikan pesan bagi para fresh graduate untuk tidak takut gagal. “Mulai segala sesuatu dari yang kecil, dan fokus mengejar apa yang kita inginkan. Terus berusaha dan semangat meraih apa yang kita mau,” tutupnya.

Graduated Year: 03/09/2012
Di bidang usaha saya, para pemain terbiasa untuk menjual produk yang monoton dengan kemasan dan kualitas yang begitu-begitu saja. Saya mengubah kebiasaan ini dengan konsep baru.
Ryan G. Limanto
Founder of PT. Satya Dinamika Mandiri

Visionary Entrepreneur: Thinking Out of the Box

Bagi Ryan Giovanni Limanto, CEO dari PT. Satya Dinamika Mandiri, visionary entrepreneur adalah kemampuan seorang entrepreneur untuk melihat dan melaksanakan suatu hal yang tidak atau belum bisa dilihat oleh orang lain (thinking out of the box). Kemampuan ini harus dipelajari dan diterapkan sepanjang waktu oleh seorang entrepreneur demi keberhasilan bisnis dalam menghadapi kompetisi yang ketat dan perubahan pasar yang cepat. Visionary entrepreneur tidak hanya konsep tetapi diwujudkan dalam bisnis yang dijalankan Ryan. Sebagai seorang pemimpin, Ryan selalu menyempatkan waktu berdiskusi dengan staff dari berbagai divisi dan tingkatan agar tahu apa yang sedang terjadi di divisi itu. Terlepas dari hal itu, tercipta koneksi personal sehingga lebih mudah mengarahkan karyawan sesuai dengan tujuan perusahaan. “Seringkali dari diskusi tersebut muncul ide-ide yang tidak pernah terpikirkan sebelumnya atau thingking out of box,” jelasnya. Kemampuannya melihat peluang pasar, membuat bisnisnya semakin berkembang sebagai penyedia kebutuhan household hardware terbaik di Indonesia. Ia pun mengupayakan untuk menghasilkan produk kualitas terbaik, layanan purna jual yang baik, dan harga yang ekonomis. Terdengar klise namun Ryan selalu berprinsip untuk jangan hanya ikut sebagai pemain di dalam pasar, tetapi harus menjadi game changer. Salah satu produk yang dijual adalah kunci pintu dan aksesoris jendela dengan brand Evomab yang memberikan garansi produk hingga seumur hidup tetapi dengan harga yang ekonomis. “Di bidang usaha saya, para pemain terbiasa untuk menjual produk yang monoton dengan kemasan dan kualitas yang begitu-begitu saja. Saya mengubah kebiasaan ini dengan konsep baru, dimana produk saya memiliki berbagai macam tipe yang fashionable, tetapi tidak mengurangi kualitas dan keamanan”, jelas Ryan. Bisnis yang didirikan tahun 2014 ini, diakui Ryan, merupakan aplikasi dari ilmu yang dipelajari dari mata kuliah entrepreneur dan marketing yang didapat saat kuliah di Manajemen UPH. Alumni Manajemen UPH 2009 ini pun memiliki strategi khusus dalam menjalankan bisnisnya, seperti diferensiasi produk (tidak terjebak di red ocean market), harga yang kompetitif, menjaga kualitas agar long lasting di pasaran, dan efisiensi di segala bidang dengan cara menghilangkan kegiatan yang tidak memberikan nilai tambah demi memperbesar keuntungan perusahaan. Terbukti saat ini konsumen Ryan terus bertambah dan jangkauan semakin luas, dari Aceh hingga Papua. Kedepan, Ryan berharap dapat menjual hingga ke mancanegara.

Graduated Year: 11/09/2013
Kemampuan seperti logika berpikir, leadership, kewarganegaraan, English skill, serta communication skill tetap diperlukan dalam menunjang pekerjaan di bidang aktuaria. Semua hal ini telah saya dapat dari saat berkuliah di Matematika UPH.
Rheza Dwiputra Tamin
Senior Actuarial Associate at PwC Singapore

Pentingnya Softskill dalam Dunia Aktuaria

Sebagai aktuaris di sebuah perusahaan jasa profesional terkemuka di dunia, Rheza menilai memiliki kemampuan softskill sangatlah penting. Alumni Program Studi (Prodi) Matematika Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) angkatan 2012 ini bekerja di PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Singapore sebagai Senior Actuarial Services Associate. Menurutnya, kemampuan seperti logika berpikir, leadership, kewarganegaraan, english skill, serta communication skill tetap diperlukan untuk menunjang pekerjaan di bidang aktuaria. “Semua kemampuan itu sudah saya dapatkan saat berkuliah di Prodi Matematika UPH. Apalagi saya mengambil konsentrasi Business Mathematics pada program double degree dengan Prodi Manajemen, sehingga lebih banyak yang bisa saya pelajari,” ujar Rheza. Menurutnya juga, berkuliah di UPH sangat mendukungnya menjadi aktuaris, baik dari segi akademis maupun non-akademis. Ini terlihat dari dibukanya konsentrasi Aktuaria yang tidak dimiliki oleh semua universitas. Dosen pun rutin memberikan latihan soal untuk persiapan menghadapi ujian sertifikasi aktuaris. Ditambah lagi, sekarang sudah ada berbagai kerja sama dengan pihak luar untuk meningkatkan kapasitas calon lulusan aktuaris, seperti kerja sama dengan READI Project dari pemerintah Kanada. Selain itu, ada juga beasiswa yang bisa didapatkan oleh mahasiswa. Hal ini menurut Rheza, menjadikan lulusan Prodi Matematika UPH memiliki kelebihan tersendiri yang bisa menjadi modal dalam bersaing di dunia kerja.

Graduated Year: 13/09/2016
Integritas, tanggung jawab, dan peduli terhadap sesama. Ketiga hal itu sangat penting bagi siapa pun dan di manapun ia bekerja. UPH mengajarkan hal itu kepada saya.
Ivan Kusumo
Marketing Research Specialist at PT Link Net Tbk

Menjadi Pribadi yang Berintegritas

Perkuliahan tidak hanya mempelajari teori semata, tapi juga tentang bagaimana membentuk karakter berintegritas. Hal inilah yang didapatkan oleh Ivan Kusumo selama berkuliah di UPH. Alumni Program Studi (Prodi) Teknik Elektro Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) angkatan 2014 ini mengaku bahwa ia setidaknya belajar tiga hal penting selama kuliah, yaitu integritas, tanggung jawab, dan peduli terhadap sesama. “Ketiga hal itu sangat penting bagi siapa pun dan dimanapun ia bekerja. Secara tidak langsung, UPH mengajarkan hal itu kepada saya,” ungkap Ivan. Melalui UPH, pria berkacamata ini juga pernah berkesempatan mengikuti program pertukaran pelajar ke Rumania selama lima bulan. Ini merupakan program dari Erasmus Mundus yang bekerjasama dengan Teknik Elektro UPH. Selama rentang waktu tersebut, ia belajar banyak hal, mulai dari sistem pendidikan di negara Eropa hingga bagaimana kehidupan pelajar di sana. Sepulangnya dari Rumania, saat ini Ivan bekerja di PT. First Media Tbk sebagai Marketing Research Specialist. Ivan juga bercerita mengenai pengalamannya selama kuliah. Ia mengaku sangat bersyukur bisa berkuliah di UPH. “Dulu saya aktif dalam himpunan internal di Prodi Teknik Elektro. Dari sana saya mendapat kesempatan untuk belajar menganalisis masalah serta mencari solusinya. Tantangan yang saya hadapi juga ada, salah satunya bagaimana menjalankan program kerja yang ada dengan jumlah sumber daya manusia yang sedikit,” ujarnya.

Graduated Year: 14/03/2018
Di UPH saya mendapatkan Christian Worldview yang saya terapkan dalam kehidupan saya, termasuk di kantor.
Daniel Winoto
Senior Actuarial Services Associate at PwC Indonesia

Lingkungan UPH Membentuknya Jadi Lebih Baik

Daniel Winoto, alumni Prodi Matematika UPH angkatan 2013, termasuk mahasiswa rebel. Perilaku tersebut dibawanya sejak duduk di Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA). Namun berkat lingkungan teman-temannya di Program Studi (Prodi) Matematika Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), karakternya semakin dibentuk dan lebih baik. “Terus terang, lingkungan di UPH sangat membentuk saya menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Teman-teman kuliah saya baik-baik, kalaupun ada yang nakal, ya masih dalam taraf normal,” kenang Daniel. Mantan anggota Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi (HMPS) Matematika ini juga mengakui peran besar Prodi Matematika dalam mendukung cita-citanya menjadi aktuaris. Selain pemberian pengetahuan akademik, Daniel juga bersyukur karena mendapat Christian Worldview yang ia pegang hingga sekarang. “Ini juga yang menjadi kelebihan UPH. Mungkin dari segi akademik, semua universitas akan memberikan sesuai kurikulum. Tapi di UPH, saya mendapatkan Christian Worldview yang saya terapkan dalam kehidupan saya, termasuk di kantor. Dengan begitu, saya menganggap bekerja itu sebagai bentuk pelayanan,” ujar Daniel. Saat ini, Daniel bekerja di PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Indonesia, perusahaan yang termasuk dalam The Big Four Auditors dunia. Sejak lulus tahun 2017 hingga sekarang, ia menduduki jabatan sebagai Actuarial Services Associate, sesuai konsentrasi Aktuaria yang ia ambil saat kuliah. Pekerjaan tersebut membuatnya menerapkan semua ilmu yang ia dapatkan di bangku kuliah, termasuk di antaranya kemampuan analisis, logic, dan statistik. “Saya sempat menyesalkan karena dulu tidak terlalu menguasai statistik. Saat di tempat kerja, diperlukan sekali pengetahuan tentang regresi dan statistic time series, terutama dalam mengerjakan project mengenai banking,” ungkap Daniel. Menurut Daniel, Prodi Matematika UPH sekarang sudah mengalami banyak kemajuan. Salah satunya tampak pada peningkatan perhatian para dosen dalam membantu persiapan ujian demi meraih sertifikasi aktuaris. Sertifikasi tersebut dapat meningkatkan kapasitas mahasiswa dalam bidang aktuaria, dan akan memengaruhi dalam mencari pekerjaan nantinya. Daniel juga menambahkan, peluang karir di bidang aktuaria masih sangat terbuka lebar, mengingat masih sedikitnya orang yang berprofesi sebagai aktuaris. “Kuncinya never stop learning untuk mempersiapkan diri memasuki dunia kerja.”

Graduated Year: 01/03/2017
UPH sangat membantu saya. Saya menjadi bertumbuh, baik secara akademis maupun non-akademis.
Gina Karina
Interim Country Manager at Yayasan ICLEI

Menjalani Panggilan Hidup

Berbincang dengan seorang Gina Karina sangatlah menyenangkan. Percaya pada rencana Tuhan, tidak takut gagal, dan mengetahui berbagai informasi adalah kunci kesuksesan alumni Hubungan Internasional (HI) UPH angkatan 2006 ini. “UPH sangat membantu saya. Saya menjadi bertumbuh, baik secara akademis maupun non-akademis. Dulu ada senior yang mengatakan ini kepada saya ‘informasi adalah kuncinya’ hanya kadang kita tidak tahu karena kita tidak aware,” ujar Manajer Interim Country Yayasan ICLEI ini. ICLEI sendiri fokus pada jejaring pemerintah daerah tingkat global. Bekerja di ICLEI merupakan salah satu pemenuhan panggilan hidupnya. Sejak dulu Gina memang tertarik pada bidang isu lingkungan hidup. “Pekerjaan saya yang utama adalah mendorong pemerintah daerah dalam membuat perencanaan pembangunan agar menuju ke arah yang ramah lingkungan, yang berwawasan lingkungan, berketahanan iklim, dan sebagainya,” katanya. Kurang lebih sudah lima tahun Gina bekerja di ICLEI. Sebelumnya ia adalah penerima beasiswa akademik di UPH, sekaligus beasiswa studi ke Amerika Serikat selama satu semester. Sepulangnya dari sana, ia mengabdi pada Prodi HI sebagai asisten dosen selama dua tahun tujuh bulan. Selanjutnya, ia mulai fokus pada bidang lingkungan hidup dengan bergabung di unit kerja Presiden untuk pengawasan pengendalian pembangunan saat era Presiden SBY selama satu tahun. Selama berkuliah di UPH, banyak hal yang didapatnya. Salah satunya adalah soft skill melalui mata kuliah diplomasi yang tetap bisa berguna di bidang pekerjaan apapun, baik bisnis, pemerintahan, bahkan sebagai pramugari. Lalu yang tidak kalah penting, menurutnya selama di UPH, ia banyak bertumbuh secara rohani. “Yang menjadi pegangan saya adalah terus percaya pada rencana Tuhan yang jauh lebih besar daripada rencana kita. Kadang sesuatu bisa berjalan sesuai rencana kita, tapi kadang juga tidak. Dan saat itu saya belajar ‘oh berarti itu bukan yang terbaik buat saya’. Sekarang pun saya bisa mengerti bahwa kegagalan-kegagalan di masa lalu merupakan pintu menuju tempat saya berada sekarang. Walaupun saat gagal mungkin kita tidak bisa langsung melihat tujuannya. Intinya jangan menyerah, jangan melihat kegagalan sebagai jalan akhir,” ungkapnya.

Graduated Year: 06/09/2010
Bertemanlah dengan kegagalan dan rendahkan diri untuk selalu belajar.
M. Ahwy Karuniyado
CEO of PT Mencerdaskan Anak Bangsa atau Widyamedia.com

Memberi Manfaat pada Sesama Lewat Channel YouTube ‘Hipotesa’ dan ‘Neuron’

Keprihatinan terhadap perkembangan media di Indonesia, membuatnya ingin menghadirkan media PT. Mencerdaskan Anak Bangsa. M. Ahwi Karuniyado, atau Edo, alumni Psikologi UPH 2014, sejak awal terjun ke dunia profesional memiliki pemikiran menjadi manusia yang bermanfaat kepada sesama. Keinginan untuk menjadi bermanfaat inilah yang mendorong untuk terus belajar, kritis, dan terbuka dengan berbagai peluang tanpa gengsi harus berkarir sesuai dengan gelar pendidikan yang dimiliki. Minatnya pada media, menggiringnya untuk membangun media berbasis channel YouTube dengan konten edukatif kreatif, Hipotesa dan Neuron. “Hipotesa merupakan channel YouTube yang membahas politik, isu sosial, dan berkaitan dengan social science. Sedangkan, Neuron membahas mengenai kesehatan dan dunia medis secara animatif,” ungkap Edo. Berawal dari Project Passion, Edo bersama rekannya, melakukan riset pada dua media luar, VOX Media dan Kurzgesagt. Mulai dari cara penyajian konten yang disajikan dengan bercerita (story telling), hingga teknik sinematografi dari kedua media tersebut. Bahkan, Jinri Toutiao berhasil menangkap pembaca dengan menggunakan teknologi. “Saat masalah ini kami sadari dua brand pertama pun lahir, yakni Hipotesa dan Neuron,” cetusnya. Di bawah bendera PT. Mencerdaskan Anak Bangsa atau widyamedia.com yang dibangun tahun 2018, Hipotesa dan Neuron, berhasil mendapatkan lebih dari 200.000 subscribers di YouTube dalam waktu satu tahun. Dilandasi visi go-to place saat seseorang ingin memahami apa yang sedang terjadi, widyamedia.com menghadirkan media yang dapat menjelaskan kenapa suatu hal bisa terjadi, tidak hanya memberitahukan apa yang sedang terjadi. Ia meyakini, saat masyarakat berhasil memahami suatu hal maka kualitas pembahasan dan diskusi pun meningkat. Apa yang dikerjakan Edo, diakui tidak terlepas dari peran networking alumni UPH. Lebih dari 80% tim widyamedia.com pun berasal dari alumni dan mahasiswa tingkat akhir UPH. Begitu pula dengan penasihat dan pendongkrak media sosial widyamedia.com pun berasal dari alumni UPH. Pendidikan psikologi yang diperoleh lebih berdampak kepada kehidupan personal, khususnya menjadi bagian dari pendewasaan. Edo pun berpesan untuk para fresh graduate, untuk tidak mudah menyerah. “Bertemanlah dengan kegagalan dan rendahkan diri untuk selalu belajar,” pesan Edo.

Graduated Year: 07/09/2018
Kuncinya jangan berhenti belajar dan banyak membangun network.
Reza Aryabima
Co-Founder and CEO of PT Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan (Brand: Artisan Professionnel)

Membawa Brand Lokal ke Ranah Global


Bagi seorang pria tentunya tidak mudah masuk ke dalam industri yang didominasi oleh wanita. Namun bagi Reza Aryabima, Co-Founder dan CEO dari PT Cempaka Kreasi Sekawan (Brand: Artisan Professionnel), salah satu merek bulu mata yang menjadi favorit makeup artist (MUA) dan selebriti, menjadi CEO dari perusahaan produsen bulu mata bukanlah tantangan utama. Yang utama adalah bagaimana menjadi pemimpin yang mendengar.

“Kuncinya jangan berhenti belajar dan banyak membangun network,” ungkap Reza saat menceritakan awal memulai Artisan Professionnel. “Bisnis ini berawal dari kebutuhan yang partner saya temui di kalangan MUA (Makeup Artist) yang mengeluhkan mengenai sulitnya mencari bulu mata palsu dengan design yang inovatif, dan konsisten dalam ketersediaan stock dan standard kualitasnya. Selain itu kami punya mimpi untuk membawa brand asli dari Indonesia, ke ranah global. Saya dan para partner melihat peluang di industri ini. Kami mulai melakukan research & development yang mendalam, sehingga akhirnya produk hasil pengembangan kami diterima oleh market,” kisahnya.

Bagi Reza bisnis ini memiliki peluang yang cukup besar, dan terus berkembang di Indonesia, dan di banyak negara di dunia. Sehingga peluang untuk ekspor pun juga besar. Ia terus berinovasi untuk dapat scale-up dan sustainable. Di balik kegigihannya membangun dan mengembangkan bisnisnya, Reza mengaku sudah dibentuk sejak Ia kuliah di UPH. “Saya dibentuk menjadi pribadi yang bertanggung jawab dan hidup sesuai dengan nilai yang ditanamkan UPH yaitu, Christ-centered,” ungkapnya. Lewat pengalaman berorganisasi dan terlibat dalam beragam kepanitiaan selama kuliah, membantu membentuk cara kerja Reza sehingga mampu bekerja dalam tim, hingga menghadapi tantangan dan tekanan. Sebagai alumni UPH, Reza berharap agar UPH dapat terus menjadi sarana pendidikan yang dapat dijadikan ruang untuk bertumbuh dan melahirkan lulusan yang penuh tanggung jawab dalam panggilannya.

Graduated Year: 13/03/2009
UPH telah menanamkan ke dalam diri saya untuk tetap berpegang teguh terhadap kehidupan Kristen yang berakar, bertumbuh, dan berbuah dalam dunia bisnis/marketplace.
Chrystian Reynaldo Marulitua Pohan
Head of Human Capital Division at Perum DAMRI

Chrystian Pohan: Pengalaman Luar Biasa Bergabung di BUMN

Urusan dengan sumber daya manusia bukan hal yang baru bagi orang yang berkecimpung di bidang ilmu psikologi. Pendidikan psikologi sudah membekali, di antaranya, untuk dapat mengenali kepribadian manusia, mengevaluasi, hingga mengembangkan SDM. Namun bagi Chrystian Reynaldo M. Pohan, alumni Psikologi UPH 2008, pengalaman pertama bergabung di Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) merupakan pengalaman yang luar biasa. Tugas utama yang harus dijalankan Chrys, sebagai Human Capital Division Head di Perum DAMRI (Djawatan Angkutan Motor Republik Indonesia), membantu membenahi infrastruktur, sistem dan budaya sumber daya manusianya. “Saya harus belajar banyak hal dari segi pengetahuan dalam membangun Good Corporate Governance (GCG), skill yang perlu dikembangkan dalam memimpin orang-orang yang sudah senior dan resistensi terhadap perubahan, serta perilaku santun dan sopan yang perlu diperdalam,” ungkap Chrys. Bekerja di BUMN selain merupakan pengalaman yang luar biasa, tentu ada tantangan tersendiri yang Chrys hadapi yaitu beradaptasi dengan pekerjaan yang diberikan dalam jangka waktu yang pendek dan berkomunikasi dengan orang internal/eksternal secara benar untuk mencapai transformasi perusahaan BUMN yang cepat dan tepat. Kesempatan berkuliah di UPH diakui menjadi tempat ia belajar banyak soft skill yang diperlukan dalam menjalankan karirnya. Di antaranya pengalaman organisasi kemahasiswaan, sosial, dan organisasi kerohanian. “UPH telah menanamkan ke dalam diri saya untuk tetap berpegang teguh terhadap kehidupan Kristen yang berakar, bertumbuh, dan berbuah dalam dunia bisnis/marketplace,” tutup Chrystian.

Graduated Year: 10/09/2012