Latest Vacancy


NoJob TitlePlacementClosing Date
1Assistant Lecturer of NursingUPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
2Lecturer of Law in Penology UPH Medan31 Jul 2018
3Lecturer of InformaticsUPH Medan31 Jul 2018
4Lecturer of System InformationUPH Medan31 Jul 2018
5Lecturer in Secondary History Education (Expatriate)UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
6Lecturer and Support Position in TESOL (Expatriate)UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
7Lecturer in Primary Education: Pre-K through 5th grade (Expatriate/National)UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
8Lecturer in English Language and Literature (Expatriate)UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
9Lecturer Mathematics Secondary Education: Middle-Senior High School (Expatriate/National)UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
10Lecturer of Management and Accounting for English ClassUPH Medan31 Jul 2018
11Lecturer of Law in Notary UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
12Lecturer of Law in Agriculture UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
13Lecturer of Pharmacy UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
14Lecturer of Communication StudiesUPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
15Lecturer of Nursing UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018
16Lecturer of Psychology UPH Karawaci31 Jul 2018


NoJob TitlePlacementClosing Date
1Purchasing Staff  NEWUPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
2Instructional Technologist OfficerUPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
3Human Capital Information Officer UPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
4Administration Staff of Academic UPH Semanggi31 Jan 2018
5International Office StaffUPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
6Marketing Staff UPH Semanggi31 Jan 2018
7Customer Care Staff UPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
8Marketing Staff UPH Karawaci31 Jan 2018
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