22 February 2017
‘Experience UPH’ an Event to let High School Students Know UPH Better
The Marketing Team of UPH always has its own creative approach towards High School students. This time, UPH Marketing Team presents a series of event called ‘Experience UPH’

The Participants of  'Experience UPH' for the Communication Department, were Facilitated by the Head of Communication Department, MarsefioSevyone Luhukay, S.Sos., M.Si.


This time, UPH Marketing Team presents a series of event called ‘Experience UPH’, an event where High School students are able to learn about the departments available in UPH through general knowledge, theories and practice. Hopefully, High School students who were able to take this opportunity could learn and obtain new experience about the learning process in UPH, so that they can choose what they will take in college later on. The first program of ‘Experience UPH’ was held for Communication Department and the Faculty of Law on February 18, 2017 at UPH Karawaci, Tangerang.

This event was facilitated by the lecturer team of Communication Department UPH and UPH Faculty of Law Moot Court Team. Approximately, 53 High School students became a part of this program. For those who are joined in Communication Department, they were given lessons about communication sciences in general and also in relation to the three concentrations offered in UPH, Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Broadcast Journalism. Taking DKI Jakarta’s Regional Heads Election (Pilkada) as a case study, these High School students were encouraged to become a part of Public Relations division who will have to make Press Release in order to raise the positive issues, which functions as Image Branding for each candidate. After that, for Broadcasting Journalism, students were taught to practice the role of a journalist who has to work in the field to make the news or as News Anchor. The final result of this practice was students who are able to understand the role and function of each field in communication.

Briefing and direct practice were facilitated by the Head of Communication Department, Marsefio Sevyone Luhukay, S.Sos., M.Si., Head of Communication Lab., Jumadal Simamora, Diana, as an instructor in Communication Lab and  Sigit Pamungkas, a Lecturer in Communication Department.


Unlike the one in Communication Department, during ‘Experience UPH’ in the Faculty of Law, High School students were given various explanations and moot court briefing by students who are joined in UPH Moot Court Main Team about law and judicial terms in Indonesia and foreign countries. After the lessons, students were divided into two groups for a moot court practice. These two groups were divided according to two different roles: as attorney and prosecutor. The moot court was based on a previously prepared case: a cyanide homicide, with panelists from UPH Moot Court Team. Through this moot court, each student was encouraged to understand the seated case as well as the role of an attorney and how to become a prosecutor. 




Students Preparation before the Moot Court


Moot Court Simulation during 'Experience UPH' for Faculty of Law



Most of the students seemed to enjoy both ‘Experience UPH’ series, held in Communications Department and the Faculty of Law. This was concluded as for all participants said that they really enjoyed this event because they could get a variety of information that focuses on their preferred field. In the near future, ‘Experience UPH’ will be held on this March for School of Hospitality and Tourism UPH.  

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