20 March 2017
Cinematography of Visual Communication Design UPH Collaborated with Cinemaxx
Along with the 4th UPH Film Screening on March 16, 2017, and MoU signing was also held between the Cinematography Concentration of VCD UPH and Cinemaxx

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between SoD UPH and Cinemaxx by the representative of SoD, Elya Kurniawan Wibowo, S.Sn., M.A., Dean of UPH Faculty of Design (second from right) and Cinemaxx, with Anthony Sondakh, Cinemaxx Deputy CEO (right); witnessed by (left-right) Julia Tan, BFA., Executive Dean of SoD UPH and Alfiansyah Zulkarnain, S.Sn., Head of VCD Department UPH 


Along with the 4th UPH Film Screening on March 16, 2017, and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing was also held between the School of Design (SoD) UPH, through its Visual Communication Design (VCD) Department, Cinematography concentration, and Cinemaxx. The MoU signing was executed by both parties’ representative with Elya Kurniawan Wibowo, S.Sn., M.A., Dean of UPH Faculty of Design as the representative of SoD UPH; witnessed by Julia Tan, BFA., Executive Dean of SoD UPH;  and Alfiansyah Zulkarnain, S.Sn., Head of VCD Department UPH; whereas Cinemaxx had Anthony Sondakh, Cinemaxx Deputy CEO as its representative.


For UPH, Cinemaxx has been a helpful partner in terms of providing a quality means for the screening of students’ works.  On the other side, Cinemaxx really appreciates the creativity that these students have shown through their works. This was stated after the MoU signing, which was witnessed by all students and media partners who were present at the time. 


Anthony Sondakh (second from right)  

 “Cinemaxx supports this whole event thoroughly. Truthfully, this has been the second time for us to do a collaboration with SoD UPH in movie screening – which features a great range of creativity. Through this event, SoD UPH was able to show its capability in educating the future potentials of the movie industry. Thus, we hope that through this collaboration, SoD UPH can keep advancing and together, we could produce great individuals with potentials. Hopefully, this collaboration could enhance these students’ creativity and passion in producing their best work,” said Anthony.


Since its establishment in 2013, the cinematography concentration in UPH Visual Communication Design (VCD) has produced hundreds of short movies, which quality has gradually been upgrading. Furthermore, some works of the students of UPH VCD Cinematography and Animation have passed the selection process for International Film Festival such as Balinale International Film Festival and Los Angeles Indonesia International Film Festival.

According to Anton J. Babtista, Head of Cinematography Concentration VCD UPH, the great thing about cinematography and animation concentration of VCD UPH is its outstanding visual quality. Otherwise, for their academic process, students are encouraged to think critically and to be able to find problem-solving for cinematic aspects.

"Students are taught to master the pre-production, production and post-production processes in whole – for the post-production process, students are taught with detailed precisions. They are also taught in and outside the class. Though it is not regular things to do, the point of this outdoor class is to teach them about problem-solving, because, in the future, there will be problems that they have to handle individually. Whereas for the Animation concentration of UPH, students are being taught about animation thoroughly, both in the traditional and digital process but most importantly, the thinking process in creating a good animation work,” Anton explained.

According to Anton, one of the attempts which have been done by VCD UPH in enhancing the quality of its graduates is by collaborating with related industries in a real-time project such as Corporate Profile Video; and Music Video project with professional musicians.  Aside from that, collaboration with Cinematography major in other universities has also been planned for the near future. (rh)

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