14 March 2017
Tangerang Mayor Encouraged UPH Students to Take Part in Enhancing Tangerang’s Development
Tangerang Mayor, H. Arief Rachadiono Wismansya, talked about ‘Tangerang City Development Strategy’ with the students of Civil Engineering UPH on Civil Engineering Week (CEW) 2017, which was held on March 13, 2017

Prof. Dr. Manlian Ronald A. Simanjuntak, ST., MT., as Moderator during the Seminar brought by Tangerang Mayor, H. Arief R. Wismansyah.


Tangerang Mayor, H. Arief Rachadiono Wismansya, talked about ‘Tangerang City Development Strategy’ with the students of Civil Engineering UPH on Civil Engineering Week (CEW) 2017, which was held on March 13, 2017, at the D501 building, UPH Karawaci, Tangerang. Arief mentioned that the Civil Engineering professionals have a major role in city development, thus he was very enthusiastic upon the thought of giving a lecture for the students and lecturers of UPH Civil Engineering. Furthermore, in this seminar, Arief also encouraged students to undoubtedly share their ideas and innovation upon the development of Tangerang city.


“In developing this city, which extends up to 184 km2, we could not lean on our Regional Development Budget (RDB). Instead, we will need the support from our private sector. Tangerang only has about 4 trillion of RDB, which clearly doesn’t support the development efforts. Certainly, as we talk about development, we could not forget about the civil engineers, especially when we talk about building calculation,” said Arief as he encouraged the students 


Arief also explained about governments’ strategies in developing the city of Tangerang; upon making Tangerang as a developed city, the government has tried various ways. It began with the ‘Tangerang Bebenah’ Program which involves citizen and industries to work together in overcoming issues like slum areas, drainage and bridge construction as means of transportation as well as the icon of Tangerang city.


Some of the strategies pursued have been directed towards Aerotropolis development; it is a metropolitan sub-region where the layout, infrastructure, and economy are centered on an airport which serves as a multimodal "airport city" commercial core. Arief stated that Tangerang has a total area of 184 km2; 10% of the total area was used for Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Thus, the airport must be the center of Tangerang city’s development. 


Furthermore, Arief also talked about another strategy which was called ‘Tangerang LIVE’: a livable, investable, visitable e-city. “Thus, we have to start with the availability of representative infrastructure, where we will need Human Resources who experts in Civil Engineering,” Arief explained. 


"According to Arief, Tangerang should not be a capital buffer anymore, but a city that is as advanced. “To advance the development, we need both professionals and all of you, as students of Civil Engineering UPH.  We really welcome any kind of ideas or thoughts on how to advance the development of Tangerang’s infrastructure, such as making a better and more efficient bridge or any other else. As the government of Tangerang, we would be very thankful if the students here, under the supervision of the lecturers of Civil Engineering UPH, are willing to do a research, update themselves with the ongoing progress in Tangerang so they can work together with us in solving any issues. Together, let us build a quality performance,” said Arief to all the students of Civil Engineering UPH. 


This seminar has sparked enthusiasm in many participants, which was shown by the variety of questions and ideas. One of them was stated by UPH Civil Engineering lecturer, Prof. Dr. Ing. Harianto Hardjasaputra; he responded towards the future optimization of Cisadane River in Tangerang and also the Chinese Cultural Festival (Pecun Festival) as tourism potential. Moreover, he also suggested the reorganization of bridges in Tangerang to turn it into an icon of Tangerang city, which might also become tourism attraction for locals and international tourists.


 Arief gave a positive response towards the proposal and he also encouraged both students and lecturers, to conduct a research regarding Tangerang’s city development in order to become an even more developed city. Students were also encouraged to convey their criticism, ideas and research outcomes through any media available such as LAKSA (Aspiration Service: Your Suggestion Box) and even, Tangerang’s Government social media account, as a mean of direct communication attempt with the government. (mt)


(middle) Tangerang Mayor, H. Arief R. Wismansyah and the Dean of Faculty of
Science and Technology, Prof. Manlian, along with students and lectueres of Civil Engineering UPH


















The Dean of FaST, Prof. Dr. Manlian Ronald A. Simanjuntak, ST., MT., Handed a Placard for Tangerang Mayor, 
H. Arief R. Wismansyah

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