10 April 2017
UPH Business Leader Speaker Series Encourages Students to Utilize Internet Based Business Opportunities
Once again, UPH Business School UPH held the 2nd Leader Speaker Series with Rudy Ramawy, Vice Chairman Mataharimall.com and Venturra Capital Managing Partner
fP_RUDY_RAMAWY.JPGRudy Ramawy Presented his Ideas on Internet Based Business Opportunities  

Once again, UPH Business School UPH held the 2nd Leader Speaker Series with Rudy Ramawy, Vice Chairman Mataharimall.com and Venturra Capital Managing Partner, on April 10, 2017, at Grand Chapel UPH. This event talked about internet-based economic business opportunities in Indonesia for all young generation.

According to Rudy, by the end of 2015, the economic growth of the internet in Indonesia has reached 1.75 billion dollars, and in 2025 it will rise up to more than 45 billion dollars. This is a promising business opportunity that can’t be missed.

 This momentum could only come once in a lifetime for a nation. Moreover, the economic development of internet knows no boundaries of either region or time, thus it becomes a promising attraction that needs special attention.

During the Leader Speaker Series, Rudy talked about a business concept that could be used by young entrepreneurs; and that is the Iteration concept. This knowledge was also shared to all participants who are interested in starting an internet based business.

Rudy also explained that unlike the previous times, where planning concept for business establishment was done linearly, now, everything is done with the iteration concept; starting from deciding the concept, conducting market research, analyzing cost-benefit and investment, product or service development through market testing up to the launching phase. The iteration concept itself is a process which includes several steps: ‘plan, build, release or launching’ and the process is repetitive. Then, it doesn’t stop at the final launching. Instead, this concept encourages repetitive steps in order to develop and to fulfill customers’ needs. Through this repetitive process, entrepreneurs are able to do several re-launching in order to provide a better service and to show greater development for any product of service they have offered to the customer. Certainly, this iteration concept requires details in each of its steps. 

Rudy Ramawy 

“Aside from that, in relation to the iteration concept, internet and connectivity have become the two main aspects which enable us in enacting the iteration process quickly and with fewer costs. With the internet, the process of gathering research material and feedback for our business could be easily done. Thus, entrepreneurs are able to evaluate the result in order to make another planning. This planning is for product developments purposes,” Rudy added.



 According to him, young entrepreneurs have such major roles in supporting the development of internet economics

“For those of you, especially students, who want to start any kind of business, starting from now on, you should not be stuck in the planning phase for too long. Start now, you can start with an online business or probably internship program; therefore, when you graduate, you’ll have an added value, compared to your other friends. Moreover, now with a higher chance in the internet based economy, you don’t really need any office or fancy infrastructure, what you’ll need is the ability to make use of the opportunities offered by unlimited internet access,” said Rudy.

Rudy also appreciates the effort which has been made by UPH Business School, who has been actively interacting with industries, enabling students to be exposed to the industrial world and its development since early years of college; and not just learning from textbooks, and this is what I would describe as ideal.

The second series of Business Leader Speaker was attended by more than 1.100 participants from various backgrounds such as students, parents, public and invited guests from SMAN 8 Tangerang who also joined the event. 

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