06 June 2017
Coordinator of Region III Kopertis: “UPH Graduates are Already Clear and Clean”
“Graduates of UPH are already clear and clean”. This was conveyed by Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, M.S., Coordinator of Kopertis
Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, M.S., Coordinator of Kopertis Region III Delivered a Speech at UPH Graduation XXXI

“Graduates of UPH are already clear and clean”. This was conveyed by Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, M.S., Coordinator of Kopertis (Coordination of Private Universities) Region III, to graduates and parents as well as guests who attended the graduation ceremony of UPH XXXI on June 3, 2017, at UPH Grand Chapel.


The coordinator of Kopertis Region III praised UPH as a university that always consistent in following government’s regulations through reported given from database. This is highly important since it is related to the verification of graduates so that every graduate can verify themselves through this website: forlap.dikti.go.id.


She also reminded that universities need to pay attention to passing standard according to KKNI (Indonesia National Qualification Framework) because a good curriculum is highly important.


“A good curriculum must meet the national standards set by the government and must meet the standards of each university itself. The government has set the competency standards for graduation. In this case, the preparation of curriculum and its application is very important. Kopertis also expects that universities can meet the recognized curriculum standards at the ASEAN level. In particular, there are 8 scientific fields that have been agreed by 10 ASEAN member countries by fixing the curriculum together. In the end, universities should be able to meet the expected learning outcome of each study program (Prodi). While for vocation program, it is better to use the curriculum with a block system. This is different from undergraduate’s curriculum because the purpose is to improve students’ skill and have competency in a certain field,” said Dr. Illah.


Furthermore, she added that oftentimes the lecturer does not deliver the learning outcome from the study program that will be taught to his students at the beginning of the semester. Therefore she urged that this is reinforced in the learning process that oriented to student active learning.


“The point is so that lecturers and students can measure the learning outcome,” she added.


Related to the readiness of curriculum implementation in accordance with the KKNI standard, Coordinator of Kopertis Region III praised UPH which always do continuous improvement.


“I see that every semester UPH always evaluate the curriculum to measure whether it has achieved the expected learning outcome,” she said.


In particular, she expressed her praise to UPH Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Education or Teachers College UPH.


“I think the UPH Medical Faculty program has a very good curriculum using a doctor competence-based block system. The curriculum of Teacher College’s program is even better for its dormitory system. Teachers are not only trained in their brain but also the heart. This needs a habituation. That’s why a good curriculum with dormitory system is needed. Rarely for a college have dormitories for teachers. Because this system is very effective to form the character of teachers. If teachers have a good character then they can easily transmit good character to the students,” Dr. Illah stated. (rh)

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