31 May 2017
The 8th Graduation of Teachers College, First Inauguration of ITC Program Graduates
This time, UPH not only inaugurated 191 Teachers College students, but also for the first time inaugurated 12 graduates of the International Teachers College (ITC) program as the collaboration of UPH and Corban University, USA.
Photo Session of all Graduates with Senate after Graduation Ceremony
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 became a historic day for UPH Teachers College to held graduation for the 8th batch in UPH Grand Chapel. This time, UPH not only inaugurated 191 Teachers College students, but also for the first time inaugurated 12 graduates of the International Teachers College (ITC) program as the collaboration of UPH and Corban University, USA. 
Mr_Sheldon_Wisuda.jpg Sheldon C. Nord Ph.D.
“The first graduation of the first batch of International Teachers College is like a dream comes true for all of us. We long for teachers who not only serve in Indonesia, but also across the world. Our longing is to keep guiding teachers all around the world to glorify God. Seeing this prospect, we also commit to continue our program by improving quality and gaining more prospective teachers,” Said Sheldon C. Nord Ph.D., the President of Corban Univesity.
He also emphasized the difference between ITC and TC UPH with other programs is that TC and ITC program has been always integrating God’s truth in education, so that our students are able to keep following God and to cling firmly to their faith in order to impact their students and society. 


Mr. Sheldon also added that he is confident with the quality of the graduates. “With the good reputation of UPH, the hard work of TC program, and Corban University whose focus is toward God’s glory and truth, these surely ensure the quality of teachers. With this quality, I hope every graduates can keep growing and making difference for God’s glory,” said Mr. Sheldon who also hoped that TC and ITC program can recruit 500 prospective teachers every year.
In this graduation, Rector of UPH, Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M. Eng. Sc. also stated that this graduation is different with more number of students and for it is the first graduation for ITC program students. 
Rektor_UPH_Wisuda_TC.jpg Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M. Eng. Sc.
“It’s all God’s blessing. This graduates are highly spirited to serve in Indonesia or outside Indonesia. I also stated that they are sent by God to be missionaries. Moreover, for TC graduates, they are all remarkable. Every time I met citizens, church community, schools, government or our partners, all of them admit that our graduates are very zealous, creative and have become good examples. UPH hopes that the number of TC and ITC may increase and the students may come from various places and countries to bless the nations even the world. Of course by our diligent effort and through assistance from our partners both from Indonesia and abroad,” he said.
The founder of UPH, Dr. (HC) James T. Riady also delivered his speech and reminded the graduates as a group of people who had gone through a highly rigorous selection, and of course, chosen by God. 
Dr. (HC) James T. Riady 
“All of you had gone through a highly rigorous selection, consistent in undergoing education and increasingly showing your leadership capability. All of us are in critical condition, we are at war with radicalism, anti-God spirit, anti-family spirit, and many more. Only because of God’s loving kindness we still survive, even God had helped us by sending people and partners who are willing to participate and serve together. You as graduates must face these challenges seriously. Fully committed, by always remember the vision, and also have courage. You must have a good management, for yourselves and others, able to do everything well and quickly.  Touch the hearts of every students that you encounter as teachers, continue this field of service for God had known and chosen you beforehand, even God had predestined your calling,” he said.
The graduation ceremony followed by the inauguration of 203 UPH TC and ITC graduates, done by Dr. Jonathan L. Parapak, Connie Rasilim, S.S., B.Ed., M.Pd., as the Dean of UPH TC, Gunawaty Tjioe, B.Ed., M.Pd., Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Sheldon Nord as the President of Corban University, and Dr. Janine Allen, Associate Provost of Global Engagement of Corban University.
After the inauguration ceremony, the event continued by Thanksgiving in which some TC students presented traditional dances representing several Indonesian culture
Inauguration of Graduates by UPH Rector
Alumni's Pledge followed by all graduates.
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