22 June 2017
Teachers College UPH Collaborated with Habitat for Humanity in Empowering Village Community in Tangerang
On June 12 and 14, 2017 Teachers College Universitas Pelita Harapan (TC UPH) held Students on Work (SoW) in the form of mass Community Service in Tanjung Anom and Margamulya village and was attended by 600 TC UPH students.
TC UPH and the  Community of Tanjung Anom dan Margamulya Village 

On June 12 and 14, 2017 Teachers College Universitas Pelita Harapan (TC UPH) held Students on Work (SoW) in the form of mass Community Service in Tanjung Anom and Margamulya village and was attended by 600 TC UPH students.


According to Suparman, S. Pd., S. Th., M. Th., one of TC UPH lecturers who became the event PIC, the implementation of this mass Community Service is based on several things. First, the vision of TC UPH is to develop Christian teachers who are responsive, reflective and responsible according to international standard, as well as they are able to teach in Indonesian culture context and possess a holistic view toward student learning.

Second, the presence of Habitat for Humanity community which was established to empower the society, especially the marginal with a low socio-economic livelihood. As a community that has been cooperating with TC for a long period of time, TC UPH saw that this community needed to be assisted in implementing its vision, and TC UPH was willing to participate in it.

Third, TC UPH concerned about the village condition in Tanjung Anom and Magamulya that needed special assistance due to the limitations in various aspects of life, such as health, hygiene, economy, education, and much more. And of course, the selection of these two villages was based on the proposal from Habitat for Humanity and survey that was conducted by TC UPH Community Service committee beforehand.

In this Community Service, TC UPH students gave training about health, computer, family financial management, basics of a union, Early Childhood Education teachers training, and the cultivation of family medicinal plants around villagers’ residence. Through these activities, the villagers increasingly have the awareness and can use those training to improve their life quality. As for the students themselves, this Community Service aims to increase awareness toward others in the society and also to be a channel to apply what they have learned on campus.


The benefits of this activity are also felt by students who involved directly with the villagers. Here are some of the students’ testimonies:


Elsa Hutapea (TC cohort 2016, Chemistry Education Study Program, from Medan, North Sumatera)


“As the head of the committee, my main focus previously was on the smooth running of the event itself, I didn’t really acknowledge the most basic context, which is to serve. Seeing what God had done through this activity, I realize that many people who need help, many places need to be paid attention and so many things to be fixed in Indonesia. I also thank God for Habitat for Humanity as His coworker that can help the lives of villagers at Tanjung Anom. I am grateful that through this event His name may be glorified.”


Awni (TC cohort 2015, English Education Study Program, from Wonosobo, Central Java)


“I am grateful, I realize that every knowledge I must channel it to the society. I also realize that to be intelligent is not enough, but to have real action is much more needed because change happens when ideas and action go hand in hand. One of the graduates’ profiles in my campus, “compassion”, is to have an impact toward society and I can feel that strongly through this Community Service.”


For the villagers, they also felt grateful for this activity. They are also enthusiastic in participating every training given to them. Seeing the positive response, TC UPH plans to make this program annually as one of the routine agendas of TC UPH Community Service. 

Suparman hopes this Community Service also can be a channel where lecturers, staff, and students interact directly and interactively with the society so that every party can live out their faith. This kind of Community Service has become the implementation of a responsive, reflective and participative faith.

TC Students Conducting Mutual Cooperation Activities in Tanjung Anom Village 
TC Students Play with Early Childhood Students in Margamulya Village
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