09 August 2017
UPH Industrial Engineering Won 1st And 2nd Place on the Regional Level of ASEAN Skill Competition XII 2017
The team from UPH Industrial Engineering has overcome the first step of the regional level of ASEAN Skill Competition XII on August 1-4, 2017

Students of UPH Industrial Engineering (left-right) Steven Wijaya,  Nicosius Geraldi, Ario Nugroho Suprapto, and Jullyam, Participants of Asean Skills Competition XII
along with Ishak (middle) Lecturer  of UPH Industrial Engineering 


The team from UPH Industrial Engineering has overcome the first step of the regional level of ASEAN Skill Competition XII on August 1-4, 2017. The team with Jullyam and Ario Nugroho Suprapto has successfully won 1st place, whereas another team with Nicosius Geraldi and Steven Wijaya has won 2nd place. The four of them are students of UPH Industrial Engineering, batch of 2014, who are now carrying out their final assignments.


ASEAN Skills Competition is a competition held by the Bina Stankomlatker Ditjen Binalattas Directorate of Ministry of Labor Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. The selection process started at a regional level, and those who are chosen will represent their province. Next, the selection will be continued at a national level. Participants who had gotten through this selection will follow a training program for approximately one year, and there will be a final selection process in order to choose Indonesia’s representative in the XII ASEAN Skills Competition (ASC) in Bangkok, Thailand on 2018.


UPH Industrial Engineering’s participation in this competition was not the first. Previously in 2006, UPH had already followed this competition and has successfully come out as champions too. According to Jullyam, their biggest motivation aside from curiosity is the eagerness to “measure” their position among other participants from other institution, including universities, vocational schools, and participants from Balai Latihan Kerja (BLK).


“Aside from luck, precision is one of the important keys that has helped us to win in this competition. The scoring system is per point, thus we try to solve all the problems where we feel most certain rather than hastily trying to finish everything all at once. Slowly but surely, the most important thing is to complete everything correctly,” explained Jullyam.


He also added that the lessons which he has gotten in class are similar to those they have faced during the competition. Thus, they have gotten used to solve the problems given during the competition.

“It may also be called as luck,” Jullyam stated. 


This competition requires both competencies: theory and practice, from the participants; for the theory part, there will only be one round with 20% percentage, and the practice will take up to 80% percentage. According to them, education in UPH is very eminent in facilities, and for experiments, there are lecturers who always encourage their students to make use of the facilities they have. Thus, UPH students are equipped with competencies in both theory and practice. This has been admitted by the alumni of UPH Industrial Engineering as a plus value, especially when they enter the industry.


Moreover, Jullyan and Ario Nugroho stated there were no special preparations for this upcoming national selection. Because these students will have to put all their focus on their final projects as their main responsibility as students, while at the same time they would have wait for an announcement from the committee regarding the topic for the national selection. In the national level, they will have to face four provinces including Bandung, West Java, Riau, and Riau Islands.


Ishak, a lecturer of UPH Industrial Engineering, who was also the adviser of this team, confirms that there was no special preparation because these students have been through various kinds of tests that are quite similar to the ones which they would most likely face the competition. 


“The faculty always encourages students to join competitions, because, through it, our competence and abilities will be put to a test, also how far can we go outside of our own comfort zone. With this achievement, we hope that we could also win at the national level.” Ishak added.


The determination to run for the international competition was also prompted by Jullyan and Ario Nugroho, who will be participating in a national competition soon. According to them, the most important key is solid team work.


Congratulations for FaST UPH Industrial Engineering! Prepare yourself for the upcoming national competition! (tm/rh)


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