11 August 2017
Student of UPH Mathematics Brought Home Gold Medal from the 24th ‘IMC’ in Bulgaria
This achievement has repeated itself, for several years ago, Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja, a student of UPH Mathematics, has also come out as the first winner during IMC 2012.

Stephen Sanjaya (fifth from left) Won 1st Place in Mathematics for 2017 National ON MIPA PT  


Once again, a student of UPH Mathematics, Stephen Sanjaya, Mathematics 2016, has brought pride for Indonesia during the 24th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) in Bulgaria. This achievement has repeated itself, for several years ago, Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja, a student of UPH Mathematics, has also come out as the first winner during IMC 2012. In this year’s IMC, UPH becomes the first winner and the only Indonesian representative who obtained a gold medal, from a total of nine students from Indonesia.


This year, a total of 9 students from 7 universities have been chosen to become the delegations of Indonesia for the 24th IMC, which was held on July 31 – August 6, 2017, in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. These students are the chosen ones out of many who had participated in the National Mathematics and Science Olympiad (ONMIPA), and who have gone through further selections and intensive training.


This year’s IMC was followed by 331 participants from 130 universities from countries all around the world such as Germany, Holland, England, France, USA, Russian, China, Singapore and much more. This year becomes the 16th year of Indonesia’s participation in this competition.


In this 24th IMC, Indonesia has successfully managed to bring home the First Prize with Stephen Sanjaya, a student of UPH Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology (FaST). 

“This becomes my first time to join a university level competition. But previously, I have already participated in several competitions when I was at school,” said Stephen.


He admitted that he has such a short preparation for this competition. But the support and encouragement from his lecturers and friends have made him go for this opportunity. In the beginning, there were seven UPH Mathematics students who represented UPH for the regional (provincial) selection, and at the end, Stephen Sanjaya and Evan Kurnia Alim became the representatives for UPH in the national competition. During the national competition, UPH has successfully obtained a gold medal from Stephen Sanjaya, who will later be competing at the international level.


 “For this particular competition, if I was looking at the time period, I actually think that I’m lacking preparation, but the lecturers here have encouraged me to take this opportunity. For me, this was not my first mathematics competition, thus I can enjoy this experience, especially because I really like math and has become used to the problems,” he added.


Stephen, who now has entered his second year in UPH, said that he is very interested in Actuarial Mathematics. His interest towards Mathematics has inspired him to become an educator or a lecturer after he graduated in the future. According to him, UPH Mathematics has a quality which can compare to the best universities in Indonesia.

Stephen Sanjaya 


Kie Van Ivanky Saputra

Supervisor and Head of Mathematics Department FaST UPH, Kie Van Ivanky Saputra, completely understands this drawback. Despite that, he felt really proud for his students’ potential. After this, he hopes that this achievement can motivate other students to obtain other achievements through many other competitions in the future.


“Mathematics Department’s students have gotten a number of achievements in international level. During the Mathematics Contest in Modeling (MCM), we obtained the Honorable Mention Award in 2015, Meritorious Winner in 2013, and Honorable Mention Award in 2011. During the ASEANPreneurs Youth Leader Exchange competition, we became the Champion of ASEANpreneurs Business Idea Competition in 2013. Whereas in IMC, UPH has also gotten 3rd Place back on 2012,” said Ivanky.


Ivanky hopes that the Mathematics Department can grow even more here in UPH, and produce more outstanding students because in Indonesia there are still very few experts in this field. Indonesia needs more mathematics experts in order to develop this nation. (rh


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