18 August 2017
24th UPH Festival: Freshmen’s Testimonials
The 24th UPH Festival has officially begun on Wednesday, August 16, 2017, with many knowledge and insights about UPH, to share with the new students.

The 24th UPH Festival has officially begun on Wednesday, August 16, 2017, with many knowledge and insights about UPH, to share with the new students. Approximately more than 3000 students participated in the 24th UPH Festival which was held at UPH Karawaci, Tangerang, and as they were equipped with the spiritual message and encouraging advice, they become more motivated to start their studies in UPH. Moreover, they also said that they are very proud and is more than ready to start learning in UPH.


Following are the testimonies of some freshmen during their first day of the 24th UPH Festival: 


IMG_0117.JPG Bryant Oscar, Business School 2017

“On the first day UPH Festival, I got to know so many things about UPH, for example, we were being explained about the Faculty of Liberal Art (FLA). What I got from that explanation was that this FLA class will encourage us to think clearly and critically; the main point is to become a better person as we graduate in the future, and when we have to get into the professional world. Then, we also got to learn about the international class and student exchange program. Aside from that, there is also the devotion that taught me about how we, as human, has to bear a good fruit for the world, just like the theme of this 24th UPH Festival “Bear Fruit”. I got lots of new insights and information. One of them is from the devotion that really motivates me to strive for a better future and to be ready for my time in college.”



Cyntia Virginia, Faculty of Social and Political Science 2017

“I learned about the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA). Turns, out, this FLA class is really important, because the things that will be taught in this class will complete our life skills. During the campus life introduction session, we also watched a video about the Community Service program of UPH students. I think, UPH really cares about its students, because many other universities might have a community service program, but it seldom goes well. UPH proofs that its Community Service program can be successfully done. I was also taught by the sermon at the morning, because just as the theme of this festival, we have to bear fruit, dare to testify, pray and to do something.” 

 Daniel Saptura, Faculty of Law 2017

“I have just known that UPH has Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) and that this class in a compulsory class and we have to pass this course. I come to understand what we will be learning in FLA: there is theology, which is compulsory for Christian students, whereas for the non-Christian students, they will be taking the Christian Worldview course. During the devotion, I learned that our sin is forgiven not with money but only with the love of God, and through our own willingness. Generally, I think that UPH has a great campus life; it supports no drugs, no smoking, and no alcohol life. As a new student who is taking law, I believe that UPH has one of the best law department.” 

 Milania Anjela, FAST 2017

“From the presentation that I heard, I can understand the purpose of the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) which is given by UPH; that is to ensure that UPH graduates aren’t just the good ones, but the best ones. FLA emphasized that although it is included as a general course, if we fail, then we failed, and we will have to retake the class. For the religion class, UPH has two classes, for Christians and non-Christians. But then, UPH allows the non-Christian to join the Christian class if they are interested. From the presentation which has been given, I learned to prepare myself for a life on this campus as a sports scholarship grantee that will be living in UPH dorm. The life in UPH encourages moral, education and religion, thus I’m positive, that the campus life in here is right. From now, UPH has trained me to become the best version of myself until I graduate later.” 

 Kevin Budiono, STPPH 2017 

“In UPH, everyone Is very friendly, and the buildings are very comfortable. I’m really glad to start my time on this campus.”

 Maurent Chandra, STPPH 2017 

“I’m very comfortable here, because it supports such a great campus life, just like the one in the video that we watched during the campus life introduction session. UPH encourages the no drugs, alcohol, sex, and no smoking movement, as well as other positive movements. I also like the devotion this morning; it tells us to be the people who bear fruit, that is good and useful for people around us.” (fj/rh

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