06 September 2017
FoN Engages New Student to ‘Bear Fruit’
The 448 students of Faculty of Nursing (FoN) UPH are warmly welcomed by faculty families at UPH Festival 24
 New Students of Faculty of Nursing are Attending Distinguished Guest Speaker Seminar at Grand Chapel


The 448 students of Faculty of Nursing (FoN) UPH are warmly welcomed by faculty families at UPH Festival 24, on the second day, Thursday 17th August 2017, at UPH Karawaci Grand Chapel.



This introduction became an opportunity for new students to get to know more about faculty members, from lecturers to staff. New students also got an explanation about faculty activities to give a picture about nursing studies. Several lecturers such as; Juniarta Sinaga, M.Sc; Kinanthi Lebawicaksaputri, S.Kep; and Ns. Peggy Sara Tahulending, S.Kep. Mm also gave a motivation and inspiring message at the event.



In the sharing session for students, Juniarta Sinaga shared her experience since she was in college until she set a career in the nursing field.



She encouraged new students to ‘bear fruits’ wherever they will be placed. But in order to bear fruit, she added that the process is needed. The study time she said, is the process for new students to bear fruit through their profession.



“The process is needed to flourish us. Obedience is the part of it. And study time is the time to develop students. It is certainly true that we have a difficult and painful situation. But if we manage it, the result will become fruitful,” explained Juniarta as she quoted from Bible verse, John 15:5. This verse also becomes the theme of an academic year 2017/2018, ‘Bear Fruit’.



Furthermore the seminar explained the importance to ‘bear fruit’. According to Juniarta, be fruitful is not just doing a good deed, but the most important is how to remain on to the vine, He is Jesus.



“To bear a fruit, actually who is an active one is the garden owner, who is the owner of our life,” she said.



In this session, new students were advised to make a goal in the next 4-5 years and to set aside a time for a reflection. This will help to stay focus at the planned goals.  




If the students do not have a purpose, blank or maybe are facing difficulties, she encourages students to come to the lecturers and having a consultation session. She also gives information to the new students that UPH has a lot of useful facilities to help students in an academic or non-academic. The facilities such as are; Hope, Student Service, Dorm Parent at MYC, mentors and etc.



“These days, students are so lucky. Because in UPH, all parties are willingly ready to help students, but it is student’s duty to do their part,” she said while she ending her session. (tm/rh)  

 Kinanthi Lebawicaksaputri, S.Kep; Ns. Juniarta Sinaga, M.Sc; dan Ns. Peggy Sara Tahulending, S.Kep, Mm as a speaker of Distinguished Guest Speaker seminar
 One of the participants Asked to The Guest Speakers
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