22 August 2017
UPH Shares Tips How to Teach Millenials for Teachers in UPH Festival 24
In the series of UPH Festival 24, on 18 August 2017, UPH facilitated high school teachers with the seminar, “How to Teach Millennial Generations.”
Ririn_Sani_dalam_sesi_seminar_untuk_para_pengajar_How_to_Teach_Millenial.jpgRirin Sani as a speaker in seminar 'How to Teach Millennials' for teachers


In the series of UPH Festival 24, on 18 August 2017, UPH facilitated high school teachers with the seminar, “How to Teach Millennials.” There were about 120 teachers from various schools attended this seminar.


The speaker of this seminar is Ririn Sani, a UPH Psychology lecturer. She shares about how to teach Millennials from the different perspective.


Millennials are the students who were born from 1982 to 1994. Ririn explained that the characteristics of those generations are; tech savvy, is someone who is really keen about modern technology; and also group oriented who prioritized a group of friends, so that they tend to be easily affected; and they are the generation who tend to refuse ideas or theories that they think is outdated.


According to that characteristic, Ririn gives a method to teachers on how to approach millennial generations with 4R methods, such as;


Research, need to understand what method of technology for an active learning method. For instance, fewer lectures and more multimedia. To sum up what is the effective learning or best methods for students. This point is emphasizing to do the research first to know what the excellent methods are.


Relevance, the challenge is the question; are the courses still relevant with the current condition or culture. Are the courses still useful and up to date?


Rapport, millennials are concerned about relation group. This tendency is shown with the fondness of a friendship in a group. So that they feel connected and appreciate it when teachers show the same interest.


The rationale is the importance of giving an explanation to the students of a purpose for the tasks or materials. Millennials are more likely to comply with course policies when teachers provide them with a rationale for specific policies and assignments.


Through this seminar, teachers are expected to have more commitment educating students and keep on innovating in teaching especially to the millennials.


Besides attending the seminar, teachers can watch various activities of UPH Festival 24, such as student’s works exhibition from different faculties and new student orientation programs at UPH Karawaci. (tm)

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