05 September 2017
UPH Festival 24: Messages from Graduate Profiles to the New Students
How my university life would be? What do I need to make my study going well? These are the questions from new students that underlined the Graduate Profile Embodied session in UPH Festival 24
New Students Listening Sharing from Graduates at Graduate Profile Embodied



How my university life would be? What do I need to make my study going well? These are the questions from new students that underlined the Graduate Profile Embodied session in UPH Festival 24.


Graduate Profile Embodied session is the event which presents the chosen alumnus to share their experience back then in UPH, and also to give advice for the new students so that their study experience is more likely to be successful.


4 Alumnus who invited as speakers are;

Linda Lusiana Setiawan, S.Pd., M.Ed., graduated from Science Education Faculty UPH 2010. Currently, she officiates as a Math Program Coordinator and Mathematics MYP teacher of Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village.


Dr. dr. Jovita Irawan, MHA. graduated from Doctoral of Law UPH 2016. Currently, she serves as an Administration Director of Pluit Hospital.


Ellen Nio, S.Kom., M.Eng, graduated from UPH 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in School of Information Science and Technology. She was appointed as an Indonesia Country Manager for Investing in Woman.


And the last one is dr Daniel Richard Kambey, M.Med, from Medical School of UPH 2009. Now he is the Head of Indonesian Young Health Professional’s Society.


They shared 3 important points that students need to prepare before the study. The 3 things are mental, independence, and commitment.


Parallel with that, Dr. Jovita said since the first day in university life, students are needed to set a commitment for themselves. “The commitment is to finish and have a passion for the subject you have chosen. For example, if the journey is not as smooth as you think, but with a commitment, I am sure you all can do it.”


According to that statement, Daniel also suggested that students should not give up before graduate, therefore a strong persistent is needed for those who walk on the path. “Even if there were any obstacles or problems in your study time, such as broken heart or family problem, do not give up. Be a mentally strong person. Your goal is to finish and be the best”, he added.


Adding to that, Ellen and Lusiana pointed out about independence, they suggested that students need to be proactive and be smart in managing the time. “Besides active in student activities, students should have to be smart in managing the time. Do not let student activities take too much time than study so that students cannot graduate on time. So keep the balance,” explained Ellen.


Through this session, UPH hopes that the alumni testimonials can be an inspiration and motivate new students, and prepare them to become the future leader who can give a true impact for nation according to their calling.


Here are the testimonials from alumni:


“I am grateful for the opportunities to share with the new students. I hope the students will become independent students. Independence is not to about success or fail, but independence is the ability to manage ourselves so that we can reach the purpose or the goals, according to the purpose they already set before they enter the university. Special message for FK students, do not give up and do not be afraid to expand the network since that is the important thing in working life”. –dr Daniel Richard Kambey, M. Med.


“I hope my sharing session can help them, bridging the gap between university studies and working life. But besides happy, I feel a little burden on my shoulder, because it means that I am chosen to be a good example as a graduate profile. I believe UPH new students will be a good example as hard workers too. I have seen many graduates who work on multinational companies and I wish that they can follow their path someday. Even though they study in an equipped campus, but I hope it will not make the students lazy and spoil but to be a great leader. UPH has a lot of activities who can facilitate students to work and study about leadership. So that I have seen many UPH graduates are more confident and bold. What I get from my lectures time is very equipped me. I remember one of my lecturers who advised me to give the presentation as if for the real client. So we are already taught to always position ourselves in a real situation as in a working industry, not in an academic field.” – Ellen Nio, S.Kom., M.Eng.

(ki-ka) Dr. dr. Jovita Irawan, MHA.;  Linda Lusiana Setiawan, S.Pd., M.Ed;   Ellen Nio, S.Kom., M.Eng;  and dr Daniel Richard Kambey, M.Med. As Speakers
of Graduate Profile Embodied