20 September 2017
Cornerstone Initiative 2: UPH’s Commitment in Providing Christ-Centered Leadership Training For Student Leaders
Cornerstone Initiative - also known as CSI - serves as a foundation for student leadership, aiming to develop Christ-centered leaders.
All Participants of UPH CSI 2

Cornerstone Initiative - also known as CSI - serves as a foundation for student leadership, aiming to develop Christ-centered leaders.


Students are encouraged in discovering their calling in life and enriched with strong foundations of character before they step into more advanced leadership trainings or serving in any organization in UPH. Emphasizing the fact that being a servant leader means stewarding their gifts to shepherd others in Christ, students are equipped with a pedagogical training rooted in a biblical perspective.


Room D501 was packed with approximately 500 participants during the weekend of 15th-16th September 2017. These are our future leaders, including current organization leaders in UPH and mentors.


Through the overnight stay in campus, Mr. Curtis J Taylor, Mr. Christian S. Jaya, Mrs. Gunawaty Tjioe, and Mr. Andry Panjaitan provided content-rich sessions in laying the framework of the leadership training. The leaders were pleased with the enthusiasm. To ensure that the content provided will be applicable in their daily lives, participants were given time to share their concerns and experiences regarding the topics within their mentoring groups and through several activities.


As the year progresses, our focus for Cornerstone Initiative graduates remains the same. We hope that through CSI, future leaders would be Christ-oriented leaders, taking their gospel mandate with them wherever they go. This is not the end - we are looking forward to enrich more student leaders in the years to come. (GE)





Catherine T. Roeroe, Head of Committee – “As student leaders, they are in the most strategic position to extend the UPH vision to the entire student body, and as an institution, we must be intentional in creating this echoing effect. The ultimate goal of the Cornerstone Initiative is to lay the biblical foundation for leadership; leaders with an understanding of their true identity and calling, serving Christ by stewarding their God-given talents to shepherd others. Leaders that lead with a vision of transformation and do so because they have been commissioned by Christ, the true Cornerstone.”



Trsiya Christine, CSI 2 Participant - “CSI 2 is a very impressive and necessary leadership training for UPH students. We were treated as students who are mature enough and encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves. I am blessed with my friends’ stories during the discussion and mentoring time, that shows the work of God's hands in their life. I realized that it's never about ourselves but instead, everything in our lives is only about God. A leader is all about being a model, how we become a role model in everything we do. For example, while approaching our coworkers, solving problems, giving impact, bringing a change, leaving our comfort zone and staying in our strength zone, relying our life to God, and becoming exemplary role for others. I don't regret spending my two days in CSI 2 at all.”




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