30 August 2017
UPH Prepares DKI Jakarta Team towards O2SN 2017
UPH participated in supporting the preparation of Jakarta athletes who will compete in the National Student Sports Olympiad 2017 in Medan on the upcoming date, September 3-9, 2017.
Stephen L. Metcalfe Motivates the Athletes

UPH participated in supporting the preparation of Jakarta athletes who will compete in the National Student Sports Olympiad 2017 in Medan on the upcoming date, September 3-9, 2017. Some of the activities include soft skill and physical training.


This activity is part of the cooperation that has been established between UPH with Dispendik DKI Jakarta. For 3 days, from 25-27 August 2017, UPH Sports facilitated training in the form of UPH facility use, Training Partner for badminton team of DKI, other soft skills, and also sparring partner where the athletes invited to sparring directly with students who are members of UPH Sport.


The first day is filled with a seminar themed "Building Mental Toughness in Your Athlete" and the next two days will be filled with training activities. The agenda of the seminar is the mental briefing for athletes to be strong mentally especially for the Olympics in Medan starting on 3 September.
The seminar was attended by 110 participants consisting of 9 athletes from 5 branches of sports namely athletic, swimming, badminton, pencak silat, and karate, and 101 participants from physical, sports and health education teachers (penjasorkes) which is the representative of 586 SMK in DKI Jakarta.

In the opening of the seminar, Ir. Budhi T. Yuwono, Senior Advisor to Rector, hopes that the cooperation will be more developed and improved. To the participants, he said that through this seminar the participants are equipped with a student-athlete concept of balance, which is the academic value should be as good as the value of the sport. Not one of the prominent area but the two fields are shall in the balance quality. According to him, the implantation of the holistic education concept is also important, not just intellectual development but also physical and character of how human aspect is developed with a good program in order to spawn the student-athlete achievement. 

In line with the expectation, in preparing athletes and teacher penjasorkes, UPH facilitates the incorporation of a true and strong mental foundation basic through seminar "Building Mental Toughness in Your Athlete" with speaker trainer Stephen L. Metcalfe, director of UPH Sports.

There are three important points that Metcalfe delivered through this seminar. First is the athletic perfection, this does not mean perfection. Rather, an athlete who gives the best of himself every day in every area of life. "Be the best that I can be. Give your very best ".


The second is ‘Process that matter’; is to believe in the existence of a process. Keep growing, changing and developing, never stops. If the process is correct then the results will be right too.


The last point is Eternal; in this case, Metcalfe states that life is far more important than winning or losing. Winning is not the ultimate goal, but the process of the personality development which creates a better character. So, Metcalfe recommends to teachers to encourage the growth of their students' personalities than merely the achievement of victory.


In general, Metcalfe states that success is to understand that himself do the best against the greatest enemy that is himself. “Victory is not the goal, but how to be a better person every day is much more important. What you do every day, practice and sacrifice daily will shapes how a person can be an example. Make the correct thinking is the goal, not the championship,” added Metcalfe.



Furthermore, the initiator of this activity, Grace Salim stated that this kind of activity is the averment of government’s trust to UPH. Adding that, Grace stated activities like this have been done before, but for athletes only. This is the first time UPH provides soft skill development to 100 sports teachers.


"The education office entrusted to UPH both in terms of facilities and the quality of teachers such as coach Metcalfe are able to train both hard skills and soft skills. Of course, this activity is also the real implementation from UPH mission to be a blessing and a light to the outside world. Whatever we can do to get people to know God more, that's what we have to do. "

The enthusiasm of the athletes was felt after this seminar. One of them is Michelle Laurentya, an athlete for athletic competitions, said that she is more motivated if previously she had a mindset to be the champion, after the seminar she changed the way of thinking to be more concerned about how to practice properly and discipline. "We have to keep practice even if we think that we are good enough, never be satisfied with what's been done. I also hope that I can give the best because I have been given responsibility", he said.

Have a good fight!

IMG_1401.jpgThe Athletes Listen to the Explanation from Metcalfe
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