15 September 2017
UPH Engages High School Students to Conquer Technology through PROLOG Competition
Programming and Logic Competition (PROLOG) 2017 at Senior High School level was once again held by School of Information Science and Technology Universitas Pelita Harapan (SISTECH-UPH) to hone the ability of Programming and Logic at high school / vocation
Para Pemenang Lomba Berpose bersama Para Panitia Prolog FIK UPH 2017


Programming and Logic Competition (PROLOG) 2017 at Senior High School level was once again held by School of Information Science and Technology Universitas Pelita Harapan (SISTECH-UPH) to hone the ability of Programming and Logic at high school / vocational school level. This national competition was participated by 83 teams from 65 schools from various regions in Indonesia such as Jabodetabek, Semarang, Lampung, Tapanuli, Kupang, and Makassar.



Dion the chairman of PROLOG 2017, said that this race is not only about programming, but more emphasis on logic. Because to develop a program requires a strong basic of logic.



"This basic logic capability is essential to equipping students who will continue their studies in computer science. Unfortunately, today more and more students are interested only in computer users, whereas the strong logic is needed for the development of a new technology. Even with the mastery of programming and logic, it will greatly assist students in exploiting technology for business opportunities such as the number of applications that are developing today,” marked Dion.



The questions that discussed in PROLOG relate to algorithms and mathematics, which are divided into 3 rounds. The competition begins with the preliminary round on August 28, 2017, to work on multiple choices question online with UPH Moodle system. In this round, UPH also introducing students the progress of learning management system of technology in UPH.



Further on the next stage, 30 teams are filtered to enter the semi-final stage. On this stage, the competition was held on the campus of UPH, Karawaci, 13 September 2017. Challenges are given in the form of Logic Race interactively. Participants must work on specified posts. Each post consists of issues in the form of a game, programming, logic or the combination.




The issue must be completed within a certain time period with a jury that will conduct a live assessment on the spot. The purpose of this round is to improve the interaction and experience related to the contest with intense competition.



10 teams were elected to the final round. In this round participants must complete a paper test for programming and logic, but this time the programming questions have bigger portions.



This competition ended with an intense victory from SMAK 1 Penabur Jakarta who won the first prize, SMAK 5 Penabur Kelapa Gading as the second winner, and Dian Harapan Daan Mogot School as the third winner.



The enthusiasm of the participants was exquisite, especially at the 'Logic Race', some even admitted that they had to run and climb the stairs along 5 floors manually. But they are satisfied, especially if you get a victory as a bonus, as what Kristoforus Jason, the team member from SMAK 1 Jakarta shared as the first winner:




Actually, we did not expect to get the first champion, because we had the last rank in the logic race. Though we have to run the competition. But we keep doing our best. Probably because we have often joined the race so it's very helpful and good for practice.




Besides we also practice a lot by working on the problems that exist on the internet. The most important thing, is to multiply the exercise”.



Throughout this round, the PROLOG committee aims to equip students in the field of computer science to be studied in college.



This training is important for students who will continue their studies in computer science. Because most students who join computer program do not have a concrete picture and purpose yet. If they already have the introduction and insight in the field of computer technology which is growing rapidly today, they can add interest and enthusiasm in learning this field,” added Dion.



PROLOG Competition is an annual event which had vacuum since 2006. But in 2016 starting to be re-activated and is expected to be an ongoing event and evolved into the icon of SISTECH UPH. Previously PROLOG only followed by schools in Jabodetabek, but this year the scope of the competition will reach in various regions of Indonesia. Of course with an online allowance system will allow participants from different regions to participate. Indeed, with an online elimination system will allow the participants from different regions to participate. 




In accordance with UPH mission to educate evenly, the participants who did not pass the finalist stage still got the Arduino workshop delivered by Kusno Prasetya, Ph.D. Chairman of the Information Systems Department - SISTECH UPH, in computer studio UPH Karawaci Building F.


He expects through the workshops that are delivered, the students are not conquered by technology but instead become a tech conqueror. (tm/rh)

Team of SMK Yayasan Abdi Karya 5 when Working on the 'Logic Race' Quiz
Dian Harapan School Team, Stunned and Excited when they hear the Announcement as the Third Winner

High School / Vocational High School Students are Listening to the Explanations from

Kusno Prasetya, S.Kom., MT (Hons), Ph.D. in Session Workshop - Prolog 2017
SMAK1 Penabur Jakarta Students as the First Winner are Posing together with FIK Dean, Hendra Tjahyadi, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
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