10 October 2017
UPH Presents Industrial and Engineering Workshop at Cahaya Bangsa Bandung School
Bandung October 6, 2017, at Cahaya Bangsa Classical School school was held a career day that aims to open the horizons and prepare the students in grades 9 to 12 to enter the world of lectures
Students of Cahaya Bangsa


Bandung October 6, 2017, at Cahaya Bangsa Classical School school was held a career day that aims to open the horizons and prepare the students in grades 9 to 12 to enter the world of lectures. This event presents various of educational institutions to provide information to the students and parents who attend.



UPH representatives are present in this career day event along with 56 other educational institutions both domestically and overseas including from Singapore, Malaysia, America, Australia, Japan, China, UK, to Canada.



According to Martin, Mathematics teacher of Cahaya Bangsa Classical School as well as Event Coordinator for this Career Day, he explained that this event is not only for the students but also parents. Because many parents who see the education from their perspectives when they were students. While currently, the era has been growing.



"We hope that through this event the students already have a picture and will equip parents with the different perspective. Today is different. Therefore we want parents to be aware of their children's passion. Do not overly force them to take a major that they think it will become the promising job. Lots of new and promising kind of jobs where students can work with their maximum talents and abilities ", explained Martin.



There are a various set of activities to support the goal. Such as; college adviser information, is a socialization of existing jobs, and also Aptitude test, a test to find out the talents and strengths of the students. This test will continue with a discussion on how to read the test results, is how to start thinking and synchronizing the results with the choices of majors.



To give illustrations practically, a variety of workshops are presented by the university to introduce the application of science in the everyday lives and various professions.



In this session, Industrial Engineering UPH presents Sorting Machine workshop hosted by Laurence, MT. It is a principal simulation of the sorting process principle in the industrial world.



In this workshop, the students consisting of 9 to 12 grades were asked to assemble a machine with a certain angle calculation and material considerations, vibrations and so on. So when turning on the machine it will automatically sort the items from their respective categories.



"The workshop itself aims to make the participants have a better understanding of the quality principles and product design in the industry. Understand that in fact, many things around us are using the principle of a quality. But we are often unconscious, even in simple things. And what they learn in high school about angle and vibration, it is valid and can be applied in everyday life," explained Laurence.



Besides Industrial Engineering workshop, UPH also brought a workshop from Civil Engineering which was facilitated by Dr. -Ing Jack Widjajakusuma, UPH. Where students are invited to build bridges by utilizing materials optimally and efficiently. They are given a brief theory of design and optimal calculation in making a bridge to be able to withstand a certain load, with spaghetti material.



"The principle is the formation of a substance which can withstand heavy loads such as 40 times the material weights. The bottom line is how the application of an efficiency principle the optimization of a material ".



The Workshop of Civil Engineering aims to introduce Engineering Technic deeply and to foster the interest of students in the engineering field from an early age.



"Because we know that the main factor of the economy or any production starts from the engineering. For example, to grow the economy requires the increase of an infrastructure as much as 3-4 times. If you want to improve the progress of a region, transportation is a priority. Therefore, it needed the expertise from engineering", explained Jack.



The enthusiasm of the participants was felt. After completing the workshop session for almost 2 hours, they took pictures together and brought home the hard works. (tm)


Seminar Session 'Discover Excellence in Students' yang by Ina Liem
Felix, Assistant of Civil Engineering Lecturer Give the Explanation about  Bridge Competition Workshop
The Team that Consist  Grade 9th-12th, Started to Build The Bridge
The Participants Had Photo Session with Kelby, The Teacher of Cahaya Bangsa (the 4th from left) with Jack (the 5th from left)  with their Spaghetti Bridge
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