19 December 2017
UPH Christmas 2018, ‘Born to Serve’
Welcoming the love of Christmas, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held a Christmas event with the theme 'Born to serve' on December 15, 2017.
Choir and Orchestra from the Conservatory of Music With CoM Dean; Antonius Priyanto
Welcoming the love of Christmas, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held a Christmas event with the theme 'Born to serve' on December 15, 2017. This Christmas was attended by approximately 500 UPH civitas consisting of all UPH leader, lecturer, and staff. The Christmas celebration went lively with the Choir and the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music (CoM) and guided by Coordinator Antonius Priyanto, S.Ag., B.CM., M.Mus., as the worship leader and Michael Budiman as the conductor.


Christmas message delivered by Pdt. Sutjipto Subeno, M.Th., who explained that every one of us who wants to be a leader and who can give an impact must be willing to be a servant. As Matthew 20: 25-28 says where God came to earth not to be served but to serve and to give his life to redeem mankind.



Pdt. Sutjipto stated that the first sin that existed in man was when Adam as a human being wanted to be God. Humans want to deny and replace God. But through this gospel of Matthew; God wants to teach a different pattern. God came into the world to serve and be a blessing to people. In contrast to the government on earth that uses its harsh rule to govern the people beneath it. But all power and leadership in this world will eventually disappear from the world as well.


"Let us see in this occasion that God succeeds in becoming a real evidence from 'Born To Serve' God humbles himself, and let us follow God as an example and how we will strive to bless others through our community," said Pdt. Sutjipto.



After the Christmas message, the event continued with a holy night song that goes with wisdom. The cover message was delivered by the UPH Founder, Dr. (HC) James Riady who reminds that Christmas is not just a sentiment of a beautiful feeling at the end of the year. But we must realize that today the world presents a paradox where many people are increasingly skeptical of whatever is in the scriptures.


IMG_6717.jpg  "We are challenged to be able to testify to our belief in the Word of God that has absolute truth. Convinced that from the beginning of the book of Genesis to Revelation, it contains the great concern of God and especially about the work of redemption. Let us contemplate the Birth of Christ, "concludes James.


The series of Christmas event continued with awards to the lecturers and employees who have been faithful working at UPH, and with the solidarity events at UPH Basketball Field. This event is complemented by various contests such as 'Feed My People' contest, dance and motion song of ‘Jesus Pokok’, orange tree planting competition which has been planted by each faculty, and Video and Photo assessment with the theme of 'Born To Serve' conducted by faculty and units.


Through this Christmas and solidarity, UPH wants all citizens to understand the Christmas message of 'Born to Serve' and together as a unity serving with the heart to be a blessing. (mt)

Founder UPH, James Riady along with Pdt. Sutjipto Subeno and other UPH Leaders
Lighting the Main Candle for the Holy Night
Holy Night at UPH Christmas 2017 Takes Place with Solemnity
 IMG_6839.jpgUPH Solidarity Event, with its Various Competitions
One of them is 'Feed My People' Contest
Other Competition is the Dance and Motion Contest ‘Yesus Pokok’
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