28 February 2018
UPH Students Represent Indonesia in HNMUN 2018, Boston USA
In order to enrich the experience of international cultural exchange, Pelita Harapan University (UPH) supports students to take part in the global arena.
1519041316098_edit.jpgThe UPH team of International Relations and Communication Studies program became the HNMUN Delegation 2018

In order to enrich the experience of international cultural exchange, Pelita Harapan University (UPH) supports students to take part in the global arena. This time the event that followed was Harvard National Model United Nations 2018 (HNMUN).


HNMUN is a conference established since 1955, it is the largest, oldest and the most prestigious conference. HNMUN collects 3000 students and faculty members from universities around the world to simulate the activities of the United Nations. The HNMUN, which is a program of Harvard graduates, offers a unique opportunity to share challenges in international negotiations and diplomacy.


Through this great conference, delegates will gain insight into how the United Nations work by actively participating in the resolution of the important global issues. Besides, participants work with hundreds of other students who are also motivated by the same goal to continue international awareness and build consensus and work in a vibrant social environment.


This year the conference was held in Boston on 15 - 18 February 2018 and four of UPH students from International Relations and Communication Studies, consists of Adiputra Kaban (HI 2015), Annemarie Sieraphin Minaesta (Ilkom 2015), Raissa Siswanto (HI 2016) and Oki Fadjrin Martios (HI 2016). This is the third time HI UPH has participated.


The teams were asked to represent the country which is chosen by the organizers.


For this time, the UPH team was asked to represent the country of Cyprus and discuss the topic of Effects of Climate Change on Human Health in the Council World Health Organization. Meanwhile, the second team discussed the topic of the Rights of Linguistic Minorities in the Council of Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM).


Indeed, this experience is a valuable experience for UPH students, where they meet delegates from around the world and share insights and open their worldview together.


It is also experienced by Adiputra, he shared the most precious and memorable experience. "Yesterday's experience for me was the most rewarding and memorable experience. We can get a chance to get acquainted with people from different countries. Brazil, Canada, and Somalia are some examples. Being there is really an eye-opening to my mindset in many ways where I can talk and exchange ideas with delegates who have different backgrounds and perspectives on the issues we are now facing.


In response to the participation of students in this event, Elyzabeth B. Nasution, Chairman of the FISIP UPH International Relations program, is proud and grateful to Adi, Esta, Raissa, and Oki for their commitment and efforts during the preparation and implementation of the HNMUN 2018.


He further hopes that this activity can be consistently followed by many courses, not just International Relations, and Communication Studies since HNMUN is multidisciplinary. With optimal preparation, both substance and technical, International Relations program are optimistic that HI UPH students will gain more achievement in the event in the coming year. (tm)

UPH Team with Delegates from Other Countries
Adi (left) and Annemarie (right) with one of the Delegates from Brazil
UPH Media Relations