09 March 2018
Social Media as an Effective Promotion Media for Indonesian Tourism
The use of technology as a media to search for information is becoming easier with the presence of social media that enables the communication or interactive dialogue.


The use of technology as a media to search for information is becoming easier with the presence of social media that enables the communication or interactive dialogue. The development of technology also enables the contents to be delivered well. These contents, such as; text, picture, audio, and video are able to give the clear information about a product or service which is offered. Including the social media which is used by the tourism industry.



The potency of social media as the interactive promotional media for Indonesian tourism becomes an interesting and required topic for research in the effort to increase the tourism industry.



A research about the use of social media toward the intention of Indonesian travelers’ behavior is also conducted by Theodosia C Nathalia, a lecturer of Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Pelita Harapan (STTPH) in her dissertation “Investigasi Peranan Motivasi Dalam Memediasi Faktor-faktor Pendorong Penggunaan Media Sosial Terhadap Intensi Perilaku Traveler Indonesia”. According to the survey of Indonesian traveler respondent in this dissertation, Instagram is found as the social media which is mostly used, and the second is Facebook. The reason is the travelers like to use this social media because the content of Instagram is more interesting with its display of layout, high quality of picture and privacy. Another reason is that of the characteristic of Indonesian travelers who like to use the social media to keep the memories.



The content which is posted by travelers in social media gives an enough significant contribution, not only to the tourism business, but it also gives benefits for the tourists who will do the tours, those benefits are the information about the service quality, experience, and the interesting variations of the price.


To achieve the goal of the tourism, the characteristics of the message which is delivered through the social media takes an important role in establishing the conviction on the information which is given. It is proven in the dissertation by Theodosia, that in context of the information fulfillment for the travelers, the quality of an argument has positive and significant influence toward the motive of information searching. Indonesian travelers need information which is completed with accurate, relevant, and complete data with a clear consistency of information, to help the travelers to sort out the useful and desirable information. Besides that, another important factor in information searching by the travelers is the source’s credibility. The interesting point of this research, Theodosia found that the competence is not always based on knowledge and source expertise only, but the existence of a person’s influence to others, for example, mostly of the responders' interest on the information which is shared by a public figure.


Through her dissertation, Theodosia recommends the professionals in tourism to participate and contribute to various tourism forums and socialize the use of social media maximally as the media to introduce the tourism destination in Indonesia. Further, she recommends the government to use social media actively by using brand ambassador that is a public figure with good ability and influence so it increases the interests of society on tourism destination in Indonesia.


Dr. Theodosia C Nathalia


UPH Media Relations