19 March 2018
Psychology Village 2018: Unravels The Generation Gap as A Threat in Family
When children are still young, parents look like a hero for them. But when they are growing up as adults, the situation started to change and that hero figure was soon abandoned.
When children are still young, parents look like a hero for them. But when they are growing up as adults, the situation started to change and that hero figure was soon abandoned. From Hero to Zero. What happened?

That topic was discussed in a talk show which was held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Psikologi UPH in their annual event, the 9th Psychology Village, on March 15th, 2018 at MYC MPR. The seminar titled ‘Generation Gap: Family in Threat’ was delivered by Dra. Charlotte K. Priatna M.Pd M.Min., an educator and the founder of Athalia School who has many experiences in teaching children and parenting, discussed three important things, started from the characteristics of each generation, what causes the gap and how to solve it.


The speaker who has been contributing in the education world for 30 years and has been involved in parenting class for the last 20 years, began the discussion with the changes that happen from generation to generation when technology and rapid internet emerge in children’s life. Furthermore, she explained the gap that occurs between parents and children, who were born in a different generation, and moreover, the differences are too obvious.


“Generation nowadays changed rapidly, especially the technology advances at such a speedy rate. Because of the social media and the technology also, the interpersonal is not sharpened and it impacts the intrapersonal. For example, when play and hang out we don’t need to meet up directly with people. This could be the biggest threat to family relation. How to win children’s heart is more important than just to please them. It is parents who have to be sane first. Children are those who were born in the reality of this generation, and we cannot pull them back to the old era. Therefore, how to do it? It is parents who have to mingle and play with their children. Playing games together, the aim of it is to win children’s heart and build up the relation,” said Charlotte.


We can conclude that both children and parents should understand and respect the difference between them. The different perspective between parents and children of the generation gap is not something bad, but how to bridge the gap. Both children and parents have to learn how to win each others’ heart with communication and interaction. Parents have to learn about passion and courage, and children have to learn about wisdom and also experience. They have to learn together.

This seminar was attended by 77 participants. Besides the students, there were also parents who attended this seminar. Here are testimonies from some participants:
Nadira Elvira along with her mother

"Parents should know such as this information, and that is why I asked my mom to come over here. This is useful for her, moreover, I have a brother that has just gone to Senior High School and he is in puberty period. My mom usually gets angry at my brother. She rarely gets angry with me maybe since my puberty had already passed. If we cannot do the right things at home, then how could we do the same outside? How to build a firm foundation at home is very important.

Nadira Elvira – Psychology 2016
I thought I was the one who misunderstood. Actually this is right, there is a gap, where children and parents have a different will. From this seminar, either me or my children could learn together and know our own mistakes. I also learned how to bridge the problems between children and parents.
- Ira Sulianti- Nadira's parent.
Yuliana, UPH Psychology lecturer as a Moderator when Hand in the Plaque to the Speaker
Some of the Participants Taking a Picture Together after the Talk show
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