06 April 2018
Welcoming the World Book Day, The Johannes Oentoro Library UPH Held the Literacy Study Competition
Welcoming the momentum of World Book Day on 23th April, The Johannes Oentoro Library UPH held the ‘Library Safari Competition’ on 4th April 2018 at UPH Lippo Village.
Participant of 'Library Safari Competition' Taking a Photo Together After the Game
Welcoming the momentum of World Book Day on 23th April, The Johannes Oentoro Library UPH held the ‘Library Safari Competition’ on 4th April 2018 at UPH Lippo Village.

This interesting event themed literacy, about tourism in Indonesia has a purpose to increase the awareness of the importance of the information literacy.


“The information literacy is very important and necessary, it is about how to find a whole range of the information before making or deciding something, and how to do research. As students, for example, they do many studies of information literacy for the needs of their learning process in the campus, and they are required to practice it effectively, efficiently, and ethically. Not only that, the students are also expected to understand more about the tools which used to search the source of information, both the sources that exist in a library or outside the library. Indeed, the ability of information literacy is also used for the various needs in our daily life. So, we think, the literacy understanding will not be enough if it is only given in theory, but it needs the practical way to apply it. That is why The Johannes Oentoro Library of UPH holds the information literacy event every year,” said Esterina Jonatan, the Manager of The Johannes Oentoro Library of UPH.


Interestingly, according to Ester, this is the first time of literacy study conducted in the form of competition and game; it was suggested by the unit of Library. Unlike the previous years, this time the event has a more formal form, such as seminars or workshop.


In this competition, students from the same study program will be grouped and they will practice the study of information literacy and the utilization of technology (smartphone and online applications) to do research relate to information about Indonesia. This theme was chosen because it is in tune with the mission of UPH that wants to contribute to the education and culture progress so that the theme of tourism was considered suitable.


Every group that has been given region themes such as Papua, Riau, NTB, Central Sulawesi, Maluku, and Central Kalimantan must finish the mission in every post. In the 1st post, the groups must make a mind map to focus on the research process. In the 2nd stage, the groups will do the literacy study to fulfill the needs of information. In the last stage, based on the information that has been collected, each group must do a presentation with the poster that contains information about a certain region and then it will be posted in the Instagram account of one of the group’s members with hashtag #LIBRARYSAFARICOMPETITION. Not only that, this competition was also accompanied by some exciting games to train the teamwork of the group.


After going through all the competition, at the end of the event, the winner will be announced. The 1st place was won by Nursing Study Program, the 2nd place was won by Applied Mathematics 2015, and the 3rd place was won by Applied Mathematics 2014. Surely these winners have been considered meet the assessment criteria, those are capable of conducting the study of information literacy so that they are able to obtain the accurate and accountable information, making an interesting and informative poster design, and also a good teamwork.


Indeed, through this activity, the students are expected to be able to understand more about the importance of doing the literacy study in the future, both in lectures and practical activity in daily life.

 Each Group Choose the Topic and
Do the Literacy Study to Collect the Information
For the Team Work, Every team have to do the Game
at UPH Basketball Field
Every team has to Perform the Team Song 
A competition which Every Team has to Do
Second Mission Every Team has to Solve the Trivia with the Barcode Scan
The Cohesive of the Team when Collecting the Informations
Faculty of Nursing Students, The Winner of 'Library Safari Competition'
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