11 May 2018
UPH Conducted 'Tela[A]h' Exhibition as the Final Project of DKV Students
Twelve works of Visual Communication Design's students were exhibited at UPH Campus Lippo Village, at the first floor of Building B – SoD Multifunction Room, on May 9th-16th, 2018.
Suasana_Pameran_Telaah_DKV_UPH.jpgThe situation of UPH DKV Students' Exhibition
Twelve works of Visual Communication Design's students were exhibited at UPH Campus Lippo Village, at the first floor of Building B – SoD Multifunction Room, on May 9th-16th, 2018. This exhibition was conducted by UPH DKV cohort 2014 as their final project. Those twelve works were the representative of each program of DKV (Cinematography, Graphic Design, and Animation).


With the topic 'Tela[A]h' as the theme, Nita Virena as the lecturer of UPH Animation and also the supervisor of this exhibition explained the value of the theme.

IMG_0858.jpg  "The theme contains two meanings, which are 'telah' and 'telaah'. 'Telah' itself means that the students have reached the ending of their college and they should be proud of it. 'Telaah' means that they have to review all of the processes that they have done before: Do their works impact the others? Do their feelings of pride that they feel through their works can be also felt outside? The most important thing is the impact," explained Nita.


Nita also explained that all of the works in this exhibition have been processed by the lecturers. The assessment given by the lecturers approximately is based on how the first concept can be actualized into a real work as the way of communication that people can understand. Besides that, how is the compatibility and relation between the theme and all of the aspect of the works with the audience as the target, and also how is the final result of the works. Not only assessed by the lecturers, but the visitors were also able to choose, which one of the works that are attractive enough for them through voting. This voting will have been done and announced on the last day of the exhibition, May 16th, 2018.

"Why did the visitors have to join the voting? Because we want to look from another point of view objectively from the visitors and be neutral as well. We want to know the most interesting work based on their views and what they can get from the works," said Nita.


From the faculty side, UPH SoD (School of Design) also appreciated this exhibition very much. This thing was delivered by Dr. Martin Luqman Katoppo, S.T., M.T., - Pj. Dean of Faculty of Design.


"This is the 4th year we conducted the exhibition, and I appreciate the hard work of the students very much. I see that this exhibition has a clear focus and able to represent all of the programs of UPH DKV. But I hope that the students are not only become the storyteller; it means that don't just be a teller through works but also become the agent of changes in this popular culture, and also be a professional designer. I also support all of UPH students to become different with other graduates from another campus. They will have a servant heart which is more precious than just a great skill," explained Dr. Martin.


The opportunity to take a part in this exhibition became a precious experience for those who have finished their final project. One of them was explained by Cut Adina Zhara Farah Alyssa, the students of UPH DKV Cinematography program, 2014, with her short movie 'Sempurna'.


"It was fascinating to make this work as my final project at UPH. My final project is a short movie with 'Sempurna' as its title. It was about the twins who have a very different destiny. One of the twins, which are the poor one, determined to do bad things. At last, besides of applying the knowledge that I earned from UPH, I also want to share the message that we should be grateful for what we already have, and don't ever regret such a thing without a grateful heart. That is all I want to communicate through my works and display in this exhibition," said Cut Adina.


In line with Adina, Averini Carissa, the student of UPH DKV Graphic Design program, 2014 with her work 'Komik Si Put On'.


"My work was inspired by the circumstance where the culture is about soon abandoned and not really important, meanwhile there are a lot of positive values that we can learn from the culture. For my work, I chose Tionghoa cultural with 200 cultures as the first sample, and I also chose 3 cultures that have a festive tradition and I chose the idea from the original comic 'Si Put On', the first comic in Indonesia that was published in 1930. I think this comic has a very good value, so I have to make this work with my best. I was also supported by the knowledge that I got during my college at UPH. The lecturers were also taking an important part for me, and I think the lecturers of UPH DKV are very friendly, therefore I can discuss a lot with them and they help me a lot for this work." said Averini.

Through this exhibition, we hope that it can be an instrument to show the quality of UPH DKV. Alfiansyah Zulkarnain, S.Sn, the Head of UPH DKV Study Program also has the same hope. He wants this exhibition did not only become a celebration, but also the opportunity to prove the quality of UPH students with the real action. Besides an exhibition, the array of Tela[A]h exhibition also presented a lot of other events, like talk show and sharing session that come from DKV industrial.

One of the visitor is taking a picture of 'Sempurna' Short Movie's Display
The Display of 'Selamat Sehati' Christian Reflection Book 
The Display of 'Si Put On' Comic
The Display of 'Pohon Impian' 3D Animation
The Display of 'Signage' Design for Transjakarta Halte 
The Display of 2D Animation 
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