24 May 2018
Chosen UPH Alumni Project Entered in Design Book ‘Collected’ by DGI
As part of the ‘Tela[A]h’ event held by UPH Visual Communication Design as a final project, Ismiaji Cahyono – Bureau Chief of Desain Grafis Indonesia (DGI) came to promote his latest book, ‘Collected’
(left-right) Ismiaji Cahyono – Bureau Chief of Desain Grafis Indonesia (DGI) with UPH Visual Communication Design Alumni;
Kristin Monica, UPH VCD 2002 and Evan Wijaya, UPH VCD 2013.

As part of the ‘Tela[A]h’ event held by UPH Visual Communication Design as a final project, Ismiaji Cahyono – Bureau Chief of Desain Grafis Indonesia (DGI) came to promote his latest book, ‘Collected’, which is a collection of the work of Indonesian designers with international standards. This event was held on May 15th, 2018, in the School of Design (SoD) Multifunction, on the first floor of UPH’s B building.


Interestingly, Aji stated that UPH is the first venue for the book ‘Collected’ to be introduced to the public. Formally, the 240-page book isn’t even launched yet.


In ‘Collected’ are also included some work done by UPH Alumni, one of them being the work of Evan Wijaya, UPH Visual Communication Design student of 2013 and Kristin Monica, UPH Visual Communication Design 2002, one of the designers representing Feat Studio. This is why Aji chose UPH as the right place to launch ‘Collected’. 

“Their work is definitely good, because it is complete and is also already curated. Every piece of work in ‘Collected’ DGI wholly represents the uniqueness of Indonesia,” Ismiaji explained, when asked about what he personally thinks about the work of the professional designers.

Ismiaji, better known as Aji, told about how ‘Collected’ came to life. It started in 2016, when work was curated from professional designers. ‘Collected’ is the attempt to look for designers already having ‘masks’ on – meaning those who already have their own specific uniqueness, characteristic, and maturity in producing work.


“This book is a collection of work done by 35 designers, both done individually or representing their design studios. It started with an open submission, where designers can freely collect their work to be assessed, and also spreading invitations to several designers asking them to participate. Both works from the open submission and the invitations have to be assessed – filtered through a curation –by judges of high quality, both from Indonesia and overseas. The Indonesian judges are Gauri Nasution and Sita Subijakto, while there are also those from New York, Eric Baker and Rafael Esquer. The involvement of these foreign judges is to give an objective, international view,” Aji explained.

Aji added that collecting work through a book, like what he did, is important. He thinks that the work of Indonesian designers does not have any recognition overseas yet. Only a few are known and have the quality of their work approved. Therefore, this book is hoped to make Indonesian designers known overseas, and because these are curated by international-quality designers, it is guaranteed that the work presented in this book is on par with international standards.

Both Kristin and Evan think that taking this step is really good and beneficial.


“Since a long time ago, I have been concerned with design books, but there were always way more books from overseas than from Indonesia. So, when an effort was made by DGI and the people who work hard for this book - collecting the work of Indonesian designers, made maximally and is really presentable, I am really enthusiastic and I wanted to participate. This participation certainly is also able to bring the betterment of the work of Indonesian designers,” Kristina said. 

Evan feels this precious opportunity is his chance to work as a designer. After all, he just graduated from UPH’s Visual Communication Design and is entering the industrial world. 

“I joined the open submission for ‘Collected’ when I was still a student. I feel like I needed to join this kind of activity because I think that in the future, there will be more Indonesian designers born to the industry, so I think I need to stand out. My participation through my work can be an effective step to gain exposure, so that I can develop and grow. This work can also an open opportunities for me in the future,” Evan explained. 

Through this event, it is hoped that the students attending can be even more exposed to the Indonesian graphic design universe. In the future, Aji, Evan, and Kristin hope that there can be an increase in the appreciation of the Indonesia graphic design. Aji also wants students to always have the willingness to participate in various work opportunities to help with their networking.
Averini Carissa, UPH Visual Communication Design 2014, the Head of Event, with the 3 Guests

UPH Students and Visual Communication Design Lecturers with the Guests of the ‘Collected’ DGI Talkshow

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