08 March 2018
Career Expo UPH: Collaborates with Alumnus to Awaken the Entrepreneur Spirit in Students.
On 8th March 2018, UPH held a seminar of Entrepreneurship for Students with the speaker Ryan Maneka, which took place at MYC MPR UPH Lippo Village.
The speaker, Ryan Maneka Sharing to the Students


On 8th March 2018, UPH held a seminar of Entrepreneurship for Students with the speaker Ryan Maneka, which took place at MYC MPR, UPH Lippo Village. This seminar was part of the Career Expo program series = held on 5th March until 10th March, by UPH Career Center. The series of this activity consists of a talk show, workshop, and seminar. Ryan is a UPH Master of Management 2007 alumnus who has become an entrepreneur in an array of industries such as silica sand, batik, printing and also house graphic design. This seminar took place at MYC MPR UPH Lippo Village and was attended by 30 students from various majors and batches.


In this seminar, Ryan shared about entrepreneurship through sharing, motivation, and the ways or paths to start or build the students’ own business. According to Ryan, this ability has actually existed in everybody’s talents, it just needs to be put to use, so that the students realize what they actually have.


“At campus, usually, students formally attend lectures from the first until the last semester. This is quite monotone. Students spend their time working on essays or having apprenticeships. After graduating, most of the students get confused about whether to work or continue their studies, have an apprenticeship, or continue to work on family’s business. Their future is not yet clear. Back then when I was still a university student, I didn’t have any idea about what business I should start, in which sector, or in what discipline I will build a business. It cannot be forced. Maybe it also happens to you. So just let yourselves grow in the sectors that you are interested in. This is a digital era. This era is different from the past. Even when we have not graduated yet, we can have an online shop, managing our own business. We can learn to have a business as early as possible. To achieve success, you don’t have to work for other people first. If you have a keen instinct, just do it. Don’t be afraid”, said Ryan.


Also, through this seminar, Ryan wanted to significantly reduce apathy, because he thinks that an entrepreneur needs to be aware of its surroundings.


Because of this, Ryan, through this event, shared that IKANI UPH (Alumni Association of Indonesia) will give media that can facilitate alumni and the prospective alumni of UPH who have a business idea for guidance, training, or financing.


Ryan himself expects that through this seminar, the students can be more motivated to innovate and become an entrepreneur.

The participants were very enthusiastic when listening to the shared explanation. This is seen through the number of questions they asked. (tm)


These are the testimonies of some participants:

“The seminar is very informative. It is suitable for the students who just graduated and have some ideas to start up their business but feel confused about the financing. Very interesting. I am motivated to learn more about how to be an entrepreneur and learn more about other sectors, for example, the economic terms. Moreover, after hearing about the facilities provided, I become more excited.”
Yulita, Biotech 2014 


“The seminar has a very good speaker – everything shared is very important. Everything gives an impact on the students. Specifically, I am more motivated to become an entrepreneur. 
David, Management 2014
 UPH Media Relations