09 July 2018
UPH Introduces Cinematography to the 2018 High School Summer Program Participants
On July 4-6, 2018, Universitas Pelita Harapan held the High School Summer Program
IMG_7812_-_RESIZE.jpgThe ‘Movie Making’ Workshop in the Summer Holiday Program

On July 4-6, 2018, Universitas Pelita Harapan held the High School Summer Program. This is the fifth time the program is held. This program aims to equip students in the 10th-12th grade an experience of university life. Activities include workshops, company visits, and games. In this program, participants are given 3 choices of majors, or clusters – art, science, and social. Each participant has to choose one of these clusters and then will get the chance to explore and dig deeper into the studies in their chosen cluster.



In the Art cluster, participants get a taste of cinematography thanks to J. Baptista Anton, S.Sn., M.Si., senior lecturer of UPH Visual Communication Design (VCD) department specializing in cinematography. Anton began by asking the participants anything they might have known about cinematography, and also about their interest in the subject. The participants, some of them have had experience in film production in school, responded enthusiastically.



The participants are then drilled on the key steps in a film production (pre-production, pre-production and post-production) and production costs. They also learn about the roles, tasks, and rights of the people involved in a film production – the crew (the producer, director, assistant director, etc.) Participants are also introduced to the basic usage of equipment used in a film production – cameras, sound, and lighting.
(left-right) Anton Overseeing a High School Student Acting as Cameraman 1

“In this program, we will talk about the basics of film production. We want the students to experience what it is like to be involved in a film production with the hope that after this workshop, they will understand that in a film production, there are a lot of steps and stages one has to go through – it’s not as simple as drawing; there are a lot of things that they will have to think about, like acting and blocking, to name a few.” Anton explained. 

After drilling on theory, participants are given the opportunity to get involved in a film production. The eight participants of the art cluster are divided to two groups, group A and B. Each team has to pick one director, two cameramen, and one soundman to work on a short film production with a predetermined script. The short film will then also act as a media for the students to learn about editing.


On the first day, the participants are drilled on cinematography theory and also had discussions on the topic of cinematography. The film they produced is then shown and watched by all of UPH Summer Program participants on the third day at the closing of the event.


This event leaves an impression in all of its participants, especially Clayrens, one of the art cluster participant from Cahaya Bangsa Classical School, Bandung. She felt really fascinated by the program – the atmosphere in the classes and the workshops all help participants to be able to really experience film producing. “For me, this program is really cool and interesting – it definitely exceeds my expectations,” Clayrens admits.


At the end of the event, J.Baptista Anton left a message for the participants; for them to continue to create, always. Particularly for those who are interested in cinematography, he declared that “Film is really fun. In the film, age doesn’t matter. Anyone, young or old, can always produce films, and it will never get boring because it is indeed really amusing. So, keeps creating."

A Student from Cahaya Bangsa Classical School Acting as a Movie Clapper
IMG_7979_-_ART.jpgThe High School Students are Guided by the UPH VCD Team in their Movie Editing 
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