05 November 2009
Information Technology committee of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta visited University of Pelita Harapan Faculty of Medicine.
UGM IT Staff team and UPH FASD team.


Karawaci (04/11) – Information Technology committee of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta visited University of Pelita Harapan Faculty of Medicine, in the context of a comparative study of e-learning systems. UGM IT staffs evaluate e-learning system in UPH is more advanced so that they are interested to learn, especially the e-learning that is already underway in FK UPH.

"We are looking for universities that implement e-learning in Faculty of Medicine. We browsed and UPH suited to be our model for e-learning system, because e-learning in UPH especially for Faculty of Medicine is more advanced than UGM’s," said UGM IT Committee Secretary Faculty of Medicine Anis Fuad.

E-learning system in the UGM Faculty of Medicine began to be applied since the last three months with the name of Gadjah Mada Medical e-learning (Gamel). They consider this system needs to be developed because UGM Faculty of Medicine students are computer literate now, but up until this time, it is only in trial stage.

The discussion atmosphere.

UPH Faculty of Application and System Development (FASD) team also share experiences about UPH e-learning. Rianto as FASD Manager describes e-learning organization focused on FASD, there are no web master in each faculties." So the infrastructure and services of e-learning for all undergraduate and graduate faculties centered on the UPH campus Karawaci," he added.

Thus, FASD is limited in providing support in terms of technology, while the content must cooperate with the relevant lecturers. "Lecturers themselves who will determine what is the suitable material for e-learning. We recommend the long term material because the process is also time-consuming," said Rianto.

E-learning system is basically just a supporter of the face to face meeting in the classroom. Usually the material that made for e-learning is the one that need visualization. Rianto give an example, "Like Food Tech professor who wanted to explain about the carbohydrate. For convenience, we make it in flash presentation so that students can quickly understand. Then we added a quiz at the end of the explanation to test the student understanding."

All the seven IT staffs from UGM was satisfied with the explanation of UPH FASD team. "It is very useful. We do not miscast UPH as a place to do a comparative study. We really learned a lot for the development of e-learning to our campus, especially for Faculty of Medicine," said Anis. (cynruslan)

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