The 448 students of Faculty of Nursing (FoN) UPH are warmly welcomed by faculty families at UPH Festival 24
How my university life would be? What do I need to make my study going well? These are the questions from new students that underlined the Graduate Profile Embodied session in UPH Festival 24
Pada tanggal 19 Agustus di hari ke-4 UPH Festival 24, diadakan Scholarship Day untuk mensosialisasikan berbagai macam program beasiswa yang ditawarkan oleh UPH. Tujuan dari acara ini adalah untuk membantu para orang tua dan siswa kelas 12 yang akan melanj
The largest annual event of UPH Festival 24 was held from 16-19 August 2017. The event was aiming not only to celebrate the new academic year or to welcome the new family of students of 2017 but also for alumni and public. Especially for the alumni, the c