Online Learning

Online Learning.

UPH Online Study of Science in Communication, established with permission from the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree, is a distance study program which is within the spheres of Social Sciences, Political Sciences, and Humanities with a Bachelor of Science in Communication degree. It is designed to give the student scientific knowledge and concept about Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). With the mastery of IMC, the graduates are certainly able to apply their acquired knowledge both for scientific development, especially for IMC as a channel of delivering marketing message, and for the benefits of the societies who use it to improve their quality of living as human, as Gods creation, and as accountability of their knowledge to cultural responsibility.

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Graduate Profile.

A graduate who is:

  • Able to develop communication knowledge both conceptually and theoretically in various contexts and communication perspectives
  • Able to explain the phenomenon of communication better for the glory of God and the goodness of fellow human beings.
  • Able to apply Integrated Marketing Communications in accordance with the correct procedures and ethics for the benefit of society
  • Able to work together in teams with the principle of mutual respect for individuals as God’s creation.

What Will I study.

You will learn things which are related to communications, such as:

  • Communication in social activities/interaction
  • Communication for marketing purpose
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Communication media
  • Communication ethics

*For course details, you can see on curriculum

What Will I Become.

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for Communications graduates:

  • Public relations officer
  • Broadcaster
  • Presenter/host
  • Journalist
  • Content writer
  • Copywriter
  • Advertiser
  • Event organizer

Study Plan.

1st Semester
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama-Agama Dunia/Pendidikan Agama Kristen 4
Bahasa Indonesia 2
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan 2
Dasar-dasar Manajemen (Principles Of Management) 3
Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi 3
Pengantar Ilmu Politik 2
Pengantar Sosiologi dan Antropologi 3
2nd Semester
Courses Credits
General English 2
Pancasila 2
Teori Komunikasi 1 3
Berbicara di Depan Publik 3
Sosiologi Komunikasi 2
Pengantar Komunikasi Pemasaran Terpadu 3
Desktop Publishing 3
Semester Pendek/Antara
Courses Credits
Toefl IBT Preparation 2
Logika Terapan 2
Pengantar Sistem Hukum Indonesia 3
3rd Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1/Filsafat Ilmu 4
Etika dan Filsafat Komunikasi 3
Teori Komunikasi 2 3
Komunikasi Massa 3
Psikologi Komunikasi 3
Multimedia 3
4th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2/Etika 4
Metode Penelitian Komunikasi 1 3
Komunikasi Organisasi 3
Komunikasi Lintas Budaya 3
Komunikasi Internasional 3
Komunikasi Antar Pribadi 3
Semester Pendek/Antara
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3/Etika 4
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 2
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 3
5th Semester
Courses Credits
Metode Penelitian Komunikasi 2 3
Manajemen Event 2
Pengelolaan Hubungan Pelanggan 3
Manajemen Komunikasi Pemasaran Terpadu 3
Perilaku Konsumen 3
Perencanaan Media 3
Advertising Copywriting 3
6th Semester
Courses Credits
Kasus-Kasus dalam IMC 3
Strategi Komunikasi Merek 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 3
Produksi Iklan Komersial 3
Kajian Media, Masyarakat, dan Budaya 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 2
Perkembangan Teknologi Komunikasi 3
Semester Pendek/Antara
Courses Credits
Capstone 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 3
7th Semester
Courses Credits
Tugas Akhir Program 6
Integrated Marketing Communication
Courses Credits
Iklan dan Masyarakat 2
Marketing PR 3
Media & Budaya Pop 3
Komunikasi Politik 3
Digital Marketing 2
Wawasan Dunia
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama Dunia
Logika Terapan / Critical Thinking
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran
Pengenalan Diri
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Pengantar Ilmu Alam
Bahasa Indonesia / BIPA
General English
Kecakapan Akademik
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran
Study Fee
Development Fee* Rp16.000.000
Fee Per Semester* Rp5.500.000

*)The first payment includes development fee (special price) + semester 1 fee.

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Our Facilities.


Stella Stefany, S.Sos., M.I.Kom.

Head of Applied Communication Sciences Online Learning

Dr. Hananto

English Language Lecturer and Module Developer

Febrina Melva Irene Siahaan, S.T., M.Art., M.I.Kom.

Communication Practitioner

Pierre Mauritz Sundah, M.I.Kom.

Rambu Naha, S.I.Kom., M.I.Kom.

Rendy Vally, S.I.Kom., M.M.

Esther Ida Krisanti

Christa Olivia Geraldine, S.I.Kom.


Clarissa Adeline, S.I.Kom.


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