21 Oktober 2016
A Visit from SMA St. Louis Surabaya to UPH
On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, UPH welcomed a visit from the teachers of SMA St. Louis Surabaya. There were approximately eight teachers who were welcomed by Budhi T. Yuwono, Senior Assistance to UPH Rector.

Discussions between UPH, Teachers of SMA St. Louis along with UPH students who was also an alumni of SMA St. Louis, led by Budhi T. Yuwono


On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, UPH welcomed a visit from the teachers of SMA St. Louis Surabaya. There were approximately eight teachers who were welcomed by Budhi T. Yuwono, Senior Assistance to UPH Rector and Lorensia Soegiarto, Director of Marketing and Admission UPH, at the Rectorate Office, Building A, UPH Karawaci. This event is an annual event of SMA St. Louis, where they visit campuses that their alumni goes to continue their studies.


During this visit, there were 11 alumni from SMA St. Louis who has been continuing their studies in UPH. In last two years, there are about 30 students of SMA St. Louis who continues their studies in UPH.


The event began with a profile video of UPH and Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (YPPH), continued with an explanation about holistic transformative education in UPH.


 “UPH bears the transformative holistic education, because we believe that only through such an education can our nation change for the better, and this is the uniqueness of UPH,” Budhi explained, continued with his explanation about the scholarship program and the current activities at the campus.


On the same occasion, some teachers also asked questions to the speaker, some of them talked about the science departments, advantages of the Medical Faculty in UPH compared to other universities and also the requirements for scholarship bearer.


Upon answering the question, Lorensia explained about a number of science departments in UPH, such as Biotechnology and Food Technology. “There are differences in character while we’re talking about students who got into Biotechnology and Food Technology. Biotechnology students tend to like research more, while Food Technology students tend to pay more attention to the process,” Lorens explained.


Even with many flaws, the Medical Faculty of UPH has a lot of gain for its students, said the alumni of SMA St. Louis. “The facilities provided for students’ learning process in the Medical Faculty of UPH are very comprehensive and the lecturers are very competent too. The Medical Faculty of UPH is also the only one who has ever held a 3D public lecture in Medical Field. This learning method could not be found in any other Medical Faculty. Even more, according to Prof. Eka, the Dean of the Medical Faculty of UPH who was also the speaker for the 3D Public Lecture, such a lecture is the first one in the world,” said Tiffany Khongo (Medical UPH 2015).


For the admission system, UPH uses direct admission system which refers to the scores in students’ report card in 10th and 11th grade during High School as well as their Junior High School National Examination Score. “We believe that through this system, we are able to see the academic potential trend of prospective students, and of course, their school origin becomes comes into our consideration. While for some departments, we require a number of additional documents for the selections and for the Medical Faculty, there is a written test,” Lorensia explained.


This event was ended with a campus tour. At the end of the session, some of the teachers gave their testimonies regarding UPH: 

Rm. Emanuel Ditia Prabowo, CM. – Teachers in SMA St. Louis Surabaya

“I think that UPH is a comprehensive university because their faculty is quite complete and the networking here is pretty strong, thus it will be easier for students to choose their preferred fields. Students here are very active, not just in academics but also in other activities, therefore, they are very open-minded. Especially in terms of spirituality, it is very well kept. Undergoing holistic education is not an easy thing, but in UPH, it is practiced very well. That’s what differ UPH and other campus.”

 Maria Viciati - Physics Teacher in SMA St. Louis Surabaya

“I’m very interested with the Food Technology and Biotechnology department in UPH. It turns out that here, these departments has its own uniqueness. I also have just known that UPH has Actuarial Science specialization for its Applied Mathematics department and I heard this from my students, who are very interested to learn the subject in UPH, because, there are only a few Universities which have the specialization.”

Souvenir Handover from SMA St. Louis Surabaya to UPH  

Photo Session with teachers from SMA St. Louis, Lorensia Soegiarto, Marketing and Admission Director (left), Budhi T. Yuwono, Senior Assistance to Rector (third from right) and an Alumni of SMA St. Louis who now has become a student of UPH

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