Page 3 - COMMUNICATION Brochure - UPH 2022
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       ASEAN & Southeast Asian Studies
International Trade
Corporations and International Studies
Areas of Specialization
UPH IR’s ASEAN and Southeast Asian Studies is the first in Indonesia. The region is considered as one prominent actor in International Relations due to its dynamic movement and diversity. Students will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the region’s history, economic integration, and contemporary politics. The graduates will have opportunities working at think tanks, government institutions, NGOs, and private companies.
International Trade prepares students to work in the environment where economic theories, financial institutions familiarity, and business knowledge are applied. This includes national and international companies, business consultants, and of course, entrepreneurship.
Corporation and International Security highlights the role of emerging influence of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) as non-state actor in International Relations. Rapid economic development brings unprecedented consequences to human rights, human security, gender equality issue, and causing inter-state as well as intrastate conflicts. Students will be equipped to work at well known MNCs, public and private bodies, and research institutions.

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