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International Relations
Transforming society through social innovation
UPH Department of of International Relations
is the first of of of its kind in in Indonesia The curriculum encompasses not only the the traditional studies of of of power politics
but also the the multi-disciplinary nature of of globalized world that includes economics global global business transnational investment and international political economy Students will also learn about diplomacy giving them the the the ability to to negotiate argue and persuade Moreover the the the the students will be able to to enrich their linguistic skills through foreign language electives REGULAR DEGREE
Sarjana Ilmu Sosial (S Sos)
AVAILABLE IN • Full English Program
• Express Pathway Program
S1 + S2 Program
at UPH for 4 5 years
2 | INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Prof Prof Aleksius Jemadu Ph D Professor of of of International Politics Universitas Pelita Harapan
• Faculty members with Master’s degree degree Doctoral as as as well as as as Professor degrees from national national and international universities
• Indonesia Governmental organizations executives
• International Non-Governmental organizations executives
• Respected scholars from national national and international think-tanks
• Activists from various national national community organizations 

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