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Interior Design
Interior Interior Design
School of Design
UPH is the only place where you learn Interior Interior with an an approach of Design
- Human Centered Design
in in in in which to produce Design
with Sustainability and have Redemptive Impact REGULAR DEGREE
Sarjana Desain (S Ds )
The curriculum is internationally base to the the Council of of Interior Design
Accreditation (CIDA) and and answers to the the needs of of local and and international design industry as as it it is based on on on 4 core studies: Design
Humanities Technology and Profession 12 | SCHOOL OF DESIGN
We are proud to have many alumni who work in International Design
Firms such as Licht01 Germany Germany KMLS GmBH Germany Germany JD & Partners Singapore Sou Fujimoto Japan Renowned National Design
Partner: Studio Ton Ton Ton Ton Han Awal & Partners Metaphor Interior Interior Architecture Architecture TSDS Interior Interior Architecture Architecture Graha Cipta Hadiprana 

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