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UPH VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN introduces the students to to an extensive world of visual storytelling where each ideas are are told and shared Our visual communication program believes that design design is is is one one Where in every design design there is is one one foundation that when understood properly will enable students to to learn and master any forms of design REGULAR DEGREE
Sarjana Desain (S Ds )
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On their first year students are introduced to diverse core subjects that establishes them foundational skills and also encourages students to explore their interests 8 | SCHOOL OF DESIGN The second and third year the students will be able to understand design as a a a a a a a whole while also focusing in in in one of o the specializations offered: Animation Design
Cinematography Graphic Design
and Illustration The final year offers two different routes for students: extending their understanding with internships
design and and film industries or developing their personal masterpieces through the the final assignment projects 

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