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Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics
is is an an interdisciplinary study invention implementation and technology to improve communication analysis knowledge and management of of medical information The aim of of of the study are integration of of data knowledge and technology which is needed for taking effective efficient and accurate medical decisions Software Engineering
M In this concentration students will learn advanced techniques of of software engineering that enable them to to participate in in in in in shaping
the the solutions to to computing and information processing problems They acquire knowledge of of of advancement of of of software engineering: distinctive programming languages dealing with with big data working with with distributed system and cloud technology creating leading edge of of of web apps aware the the advanced aspect of of of software engineering as as as as well as as as as the the frontier technology such as as as Internet of Things and more Computational Data Science LV
This concentration will equip students with programming computational statistics large- scale data data data data processing data data data data mining data data data data visualization data data data data data analytics and machine learning skills skills for dealing with big data data challenges Those foundational skills skills and knowledge will enable students to to create solutions to to to guide data-driven decision making and also prepare students to to involve in in in in the next generation of massive information deployment that can be applied across any areas of industry and sciences LV
: : Lippo Village Campus Campus | M M : : Medan Campus Campus INFORMATION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
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