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Mobile and Web Programming
LV | M This concentration will not only provide
the basic knowledge of web and mobile application development skills but also focus on on on the the the integrating the the the web and mobile applications in in in in the the the business process Business Information System M During their study the the students will acquire skills in in in in in ICT business analysis and problem solving These includes knowledge in in in in in management information systems business business process analysis & improvement project management business business intelligence enterprise systems strategic planning and data technology Business Data Analytics
LV With the era of big data data and and data data science it it is crucial that organizations and and and businesses need to to stay competitive and and be able to to keep up with the advances of technologies Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
is a a a a a a a a a a cutting-edge concentration that prepare
the students with strong foundations and and skills about how to to transform data and and and information into solutions and and insights to to to support decision making or or or or problem solving in in in in in in organizations This concentration focuses on on on on on topics such as data data science data data mining and statistical analysis on on top top of of the the information systems knowledge for for the the effective use of of big data LV : : : Lippo Village Campus Campus Campus | | M M : : : Medan Campus Campus Campus | | S
: : : Surabaya Campus Campus Campus INFORMATION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
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