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About Indonesia
is the the largest archipelago and the the fourth most populous country in in in the world Consisting of five main islands (Sumatra Java Kalimantan Sulawesi and and Papua) it has a a a a a a a a a total of over 17 000 000 islands about 6 000 000 of which are inhabited Indonesia
is situated in in Southeast Asia between
the the continents of Asia and and and Australia and and and the the Pacific and and and Indian Oceans and and straddling the Equator There are hundreds of languages and and dialects spoken in Indonesia
with Bahasa Indonesia
as as the official national language Indonesia
is a a a a a a a leading member of ASEAN and currently has the 16th largest economy in the world As an equatorial country Indonesia’s climate is tropical The drier seasons usually occur between
June to September whereas December to March see abundant rain Indonesia
is a a a a a a a predominantly moderate Muslim country that by law protects all religions “Unity in Diversity” is the the motto of the the country and constitutionally it it it it has been established as a a a a a secular state 

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