Product Design

Product Design.

Our Product Design program equips students to produce innovative, creative and functional designs for products that can bring solutions and improve quality of life, while still upholding aesthetic sensibilities. Our curriculum covers many technical design skills such as drawing, design methods, photography, technical drawing, prototyping and computer modeling, as well as digging into related disciplines such as art and cultural history, engineering principles, arts and crafts, ergonomics, socio-cultural studies and furniture design.

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Graduate Profile.

A graduate who is:

  • Able to apply the knowledge and skills of the discipline to design and create products in the professional or crafts industry.
  • Able to take the risk to develop a business around innovative and environmentally-responsible products that improve quality of life for others.
  • Able to develop and teach product design skills and discipline through the framework of a biblical worldview in academic institutions.

What Will I Study.

You will learn things related to product design, such as:

  • Product photography
  • Making an abstract model to simulate the behavior and response of a wide range of systems and prototypes
  • Principles in product engineering
  • Crafting techniques and its implementation
  • Designing furniture, jewelry, automotive, etc.

*For course details, you can see on curriculum

What Will I Become.

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for Product Design graduates:

  • Junior/Senior Product Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • 3D Modeller
  • Design Consultant
  • 3D designer
  • Project manager
  • Production team
  • Production Administrator
  • 3D Visual Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Design Coordinator

It All Begins Here.

  • UPH mendukung proses pembelajaran melalui fasilitas, dosen yang mendorong pengembangan diri, dan Ketika berkuliah saya bebas mengeksplorasi kesukaan saya di dunia furniture.

    Cynthia Margareth

    Product Design 2014 - Heaf of Design - Kayunara

  • Kuliah di Program Studi Desain Produk UPH berperan penting dalam membentuk konsep kreatif dan cara berpikir saya.

    Lily Suryani

    Product Design 2009 - Visual Merchandising & Store Planning South Asia of Richemont

Study Plan.

1st Semester
Courses Credits
Logika Terapan 2
Pengantar Ilmu Alam 2
Gambar Teknik 4
Fotografi Produk 2
Studio Desain Dasar 1 4
Gambar 1 4
2nd Semester
Courses Credits
Bahasa Indonesia 0
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama – Agama Dunia 4
Pemodelan Komputer 4
Purwarupa Digital 2
Studio Desain Dasar 2 6
Gambar 2 4
3rd Semester
Courses Credits
Pancasila 2
Presentasi Desain 1 2
Material dan Proses 4
4th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu Pengetahuan 4
Prinsip Rekayasa 4
Kriya 4
Ergonomi 1 2
Sejarah Seni & Budaya 1 2
Desain Produk 1 4
5th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika 4
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 1 4
Desain Mebel 1 4
Ergonomi 2 2
Sejarah Seni & Budaya 2 2
Desain Produk 2 1
6th Semester
Courses Credits
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran 4
Bahasa Inggris 2
Sejarah Desain Produk 2
7th Semester
Courses Credits
Desain Produk 3 4
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 2 4
Desain Mebel 2 4
Metode Desain 3
8th Semester
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan 2
Mata Kuliah Pilihan 3 4
Desain Berkelanjutan 4
Desain Sosial Budaya 2
Desain Kewirausahaan 4
Presentasi Desain 2 4
9th Semester
Courses Credits
Desain untuk Komunitas 4
10th Semester
Courses Credits
Kerja Praktek 2
Pra Tugas Akhir 4
11th Semester
Courses Credits
Tugas Akhir 6
Mata Kuliah Tambahan
Courses Credits
Styling Otomotif 4
Permodelan Otomotif 4
Keramik: Teknik Konstruksi Dasar 4
Keramik: Produksi Masal 4
Desain Perhiasan Mode 4
Desain Perhiasan 4
Wawasan Dunia
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Agama Kristen / Pendidikan Agama – Agama Dunia
Logika Terapan / Critical Thinking
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 1 / Filsafat Ilmu
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 2 / Etika
Wawasan Dunia Kristen 3 / Sejarah Pemikiran
Pengenalan Diri
Courses Credits
Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Pengantar Ilmu Alam
Bahasa Indonesia / BIPA
General English
Kecakapan Akademik
Kesehatan dan Kebugaran
Study Fee
Development Fee* Rp41.000.000
Fee Per Semester* Rp20.100.000

*)The payment includes development fee (special price) + semester 1 fee.

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Our Facilities.


Devanny Gumulya, S.Sn., M.Sc.

Head of Product Design

Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Product Service System Design, Mrs. Devanny is the Head of Department for Product Design, mastering in design theory & history.

Susi Hartanto, S.Sn., M.M

Deputy Department of Product Design

Graduated from Pelita Harapan University in Product Design & Retail Management, Mrs. Susi is the Deputy Dep. Chair of Product Design, specializing in furniture design & computer modeling.

Tania Jocelynn Trisnadi, S.Sn.

Ruben Haris Lukito, S.Sn.

Michael Christoffel Limahelu, S.Sn.

Ingrid Dianita Indah, S.Sn., GIA AJP

Sheena Yngre Liman, S.Sn.

Rio Ferdinand, S.Sn., M.T.

Geoffrey Tjakra, BFA, MFA

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