Bringing Local Culture and Education Together, UPH School of Design Led the Design of SLH Rote’s Building.

Universitas Pelita Harapan School of Design (SoD) was chosen to design Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH)’s building in Rote, which was inaugurated on November 7, 2020. SoD’s involvement in this development exemplifies their commitment to produce designers that bring positive transformation and impact. This project is carried out as part of the SoD “Collaborative Final Project” that encourages partnership between students and faculty to collaborate on real-life cases.

“The construction of SLH Rote’s building since November 2019 involved faculty members from all SoD study programs and one team of Interior Design students. The building’s design is created based on research on local culture and the education system. The integration between these two themes resulted in the concept of ‘Transformational and Engaging Learning Experience.’ We hope that SLH Rote will become a place where students are spiritually and physically transformed, trained to bring positive impact, and experience a second home,” explained Dr. Martin L. Katoppo, S.T., M.T., Dean of SoD.

Each study program has a unique role in the project. For instance, Interior Design faculty and students from the Class of 2016 – Filia Wijaya, Gloria Stefany, Ivanna Kho, Jessica Novia, Nadya Jacqueline – conducted the research portion.

According to Filia, “We observed the application of SLH’s vision and mission in its Jakarta and Tangerang branches. We also conducted precedent examination to different schools, applied theories from Interior Design courses at UPH and ergonomic theories on the usage of space and studied Rote’s culture to incorporate it in the building design,”.

Through this research, they were able to craft an interior design that fulfills the needs of the school to carry out its curriculum: discovery learning, problem based-learning, and project-based learning. The distinctive identity of Rote was also featured in the ceiling, using Rote’s unique weaving pattern that functions as natural lighting. The usage of local material “bebak” was incorporated in the air ventilation system and applied as decorations. Inspired by architectural principles of Rote’s traditional houses, the team also uses high ceilings and low walls to adapt and respond to the local climate.

“A team from UPH Architecture planned the structure of the building that mimics Rote traditional houses, created floorings that fit the form of the land, and designed the layout of the building using an engaging concept: upfront, it features a green field that spans all the way back with the chapel area at the center, in line with the vision and mission of SLH. Another team from Product Design constructed various furniture that are functional, comfortable, and environment-friendly, to fulfill ergonomic principles. Finally, a team from Visual Communication Design played an important role in highlighting Rote’s identity, through a signage that utilizes the color and pattern of traditional Rote fabric,” asserted Martin.

In response to this, Paulina Haning-Bullu, S.E., Regent of Rote Ndao praises the presence of SLH Rote and hopes that this new building will bring a renewed motivation within the school community to give the best education for students and advance the educational system.

UPH School of Design is committed to implementing its key values: Design Strategy, Innovation, Sustainability and Social Change, and Redemptive Impact to produce designers who bring transformation and light. For high school seniors, join the UPH School of Design and become expert designers through our 100 Billion Scholarship program (Academic Year 2021/2022). For more information, please contact out Student Consultant at 08111632838 or apply now at