Committed to Creating Excellent Human Resources, UPH Partners with California Baptist University, United States of America.

In the age of globalization, educational institutions must keep innovating and be globally competitive to produce qualified human resources. To achieve this, on Friday, July 1, 2022, Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) signed a cooperation agreement with California Baptist University (CBU) in the United States. This partnership/collaboration covers the areas of education, research, student exchange, short-term summer programs, and others.

The agreement was signed by the CBU’s Dr Larry Linamen, Vice President of Global Initiatives, and Dr Virgo Handojo, Professor of Psychology, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, and the Rector of UPH, Dr. (Hon.) Jonathan L. Parapak., M.Eng., Sc. Witnessing the signing were other UPH parties, Binsar Pandiangan as UPH Vice President for Marketing and Growth, Dr Eric Jobiliong Ph. D and Dr Hendra Thamrindinata, S.Si., M.Div., M.A.(Th.), as UPH Associate Provost.

UPH students can benefit from this collaboration by gaining the opportunity and experience of studying abroad. CBU can send students to conduct cross-cultural study programs in Indonesia that will later be served by UPH students who are members of the International Community for Student Exchange (ICS).

Responding to this partnership, Dr Larry Linamen stated that the shared values ​​between UPH and CBU convinced him that there would be many programs to improve the quality of education for both parties in the future.

“We know that UPH is very focused on setting high educational standards – a value we also share. Thus, partnering with UPH is the right move. This partnership is very important as it goes beyond just formalities. I hope this partnership will continue and create various new programs. We also hope that many students will share their experiences when participating in UPH and CBU-designed programs,” he said.

In agreement with Dr Larry, Dr Virgo Handojo said, “UPH is one of the best universities in Indonesia with whom we have long wished to collaborate. I also hope that this collaborative program between the two best universities with similar spiritual values will further grow, particularly in preparing students to face the 5.0 society,” said Dr Virgo Handojo.

UPH Rector enthusiastically welcomed this collaboration, stating that it is one of UPH’s strategies for developing the quality of international standard education.

“UPH will remain committed to developing transformational education that meets global standards.” Collaboration with the best universities in the world that share values with UPH’s, such as CBU, is part of our effort to implement the Kampus Merdeka Program from the Ministry of Education. “UPH hopes that students who participate in this collaboratively designed program will have the best experience possible so that they may gain global recognition for their knowledge and skills,” said UPH Rector.

Giovani Prayitno, Manager of Global Partnerships and International Office (GPIO) at UPH, responded positively. This collaboration could be the main entry point for expanding partnership networks with various universities in the United States.

UPH will continue to develop transformative and relevant learning programs to produce quality graduates through various partnerships with companies, organizations, and other foreign universities.


Global Partnerships & International Office UPH

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